Summer of 93’ Borrow Him Part II

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Summer of 93’ Borrow Him Part IISummer of 93’ Borrow HimPart III was stretching in the swim spa, Maggi and Natalie came out both naked and giggling. Nat seemed much more comfortable being naked while walking around our home. Even though she had been intimate with Maggi for over 18 months in our home, she never reveled herself to me before. Nat sat on the edge of the spa and spread her legs, Maggi sat next to her and did the same, Nat said, “Pete, I want to ask you a question and I want a serious answer”. She Continued, “what would you say if I said I’m in love with you?” Maggi smiled.I answered, Natalie, “I’ll never hurt you, I’m incapable, I love you Nat, I also love Maggi.” Nat jumped in and put her arms around me and kissed me, “just get use to me saying I love you, I get it now,” Nat said smiling as she kissed me over and over. Maggi jumped in and Nat kissed her, then Maggi kissed me and said, “Oh Pete if I could take what you have and bottle it, we’d be millionaires.” Maggi said, “what now, it’s dinner time?” Nat said, “let’s order pizza, I’ll pay for it.” Maggi said, “oh, you’re bad Nat, you – are – bad.”Shaking my head I said, “what am I missing?” Nat responded, “Jeff, (My Ex) manages the place when he sees my name on the order and credit card he’ll deliver it, I know he will.” “Then what?” I queried. “Then, you and I answer the door in our bath robes and mine will accidentally fly open. Oh, and leave your garage door open, I want him to see your Harley and your boat.”Maggi and Nat started laughing loudly.Maggi was lookout, she sounded the alarm when the pizza car pulled up, Jeff (Nat’s Ex) was indeed driving. {I have a three car wide driveway and the asshole pulled up on my lawn, on a sprinkler.} He rang the bell and Nat answered in a skimpy silk robe of Maggi’s (one I bought for her in Japan when I was in The Navy). I stepped up and the guy was pretty shocked, standing 6’ 5” in very good shape I could be intimidating if I wanted to be. I was genuinely angry and told him I would expect his company to pay for the repair if he broke my sprinkler head. I took the pizza and Nat was handed the slip to sign, as she turned back her robe slipped open revealing her hourglass figured body. I yelled back to Nat, “C’mon Honey, table’s set and the wine is ready. There’s no dessert? Nat responded, “I’m your dessert Pete!”Nat told me later that her asshole ex left her for an 18 y/o pizza maker at his store.When the door closed we waited for him to pull away and had a great laugh together hugging each other. Natalie grabbed my hand and put right in her pussy and said, “I really am your dessert Pete, in fact Maggi and I have a surprise for you!”I acted cool, but inside I was jumping up and down.The three of us sat down and Nat pored each of us some wine; Nat stood ordu escort up and said I want to make a toast, to the two people I love most in the world. Nat said, “Pete I know you don’t drink but take a sip for me”. Nat stepped over to me and French kissed me passionately, she stepped over to Maggi and said, “I love you”, then kissed her the same way.I looked at Nat, she was smiling and said, I just wanted to kiss you guys before the pizza, it has onions on it.” We laughed and started to eat. Maggi looked up at me while we were eating and with a dead serious face said, “Oh By The Way, we’re going to give you a night you and your dick will never forget.After dinner Maggi and Nat got up, Maggi said, “Nat paid, you clean and we get the master bath.” “Yes Mam”, I responded. I washed up in the hall bath and went to the spa, waiting for the ladies. I was distracting my mind by swimming and thinking mundane thoughts, when Maggi and Natalie came walking out freshly showered holding hands completely naked. “C’mon out, you need to rinse off and dry off, Maggi instructed. I pulled myself out of the swim spa, Maggi and Nat turned around and went into the living room. I went into our shower and ran straight cold water and rinsed off the chlorine, brushed my teeth again and put on a little deodorant. I toweled off and walked out to the living room in my bath robe, Maggi and Nat had spread out towels on our sectional sofa and there were about 20 candles burning. They were sitting next to each other with their legs over one another’s and each of them fondling the other’s body. Natalie was the same age as Maggi 26 y/o, they were friends for more than 15 years. Maggi would never say (specifically) what she and Nat did under the covers, I just know the sheets needed washing when they got through and there were some spent tubes of k-y jelly once in a while.Maggi said, “I know you want to know what we do in bed.” Nat smiled and said, “let’s see what’s pitching the tent under that robe and we’ll play show and tell.”I stood up and took off my robe, facing both beautiful women. Maggi pulled her legs around and stood up and hugged me. We kissed deep and she slid down to put the head of my cock in her mouth and motioned Natalie over, I stood there and Nat engulfed the head of my cock to most of my 7” in her mouth. Maggi had a small mouth and was not known for being a great cock sucker. Natalie on the other hand seems better equipped with a larger mouth.The girls put their lips together on either side of my cock and slid up and down on my shaft. It was an awesome site, like something out of a porno movie, (I’m sue that’s where they got the idea).They sat me down on the corner of our sectional so we were facing each other, Maggi and Nat spread their legs again pushing their bodies ordu escort bayan together.Natalie said, “Maggi’s always telling me you want to know what goes on in the guest suit when I’m here, well were going to show you, but you have to tell the truth with us and play along.”Maggi said, “do you jack off that big cock when we’re in there together?”Me, “Abso-Fucking-Lutly”Nat said, “Good, Now Watch, and jack off”.Maggi laid back first and pulled her legs back so her ankles were almost by her ears, Nat started rubbing Maggi’s pussy lips and licking her clit. Plunging two, three or four fingers into her hole.Maggi started saying, “she’s been a bad pussy hasn’t she?” Nat replied, “oh yes she’s a bad pussy, she wants that big cock in her and she want’s to be full of CUM.” Nat was slapping Maggi’s wet pussy lips saying “Bad Pussy”. They went on with this exchange back and forth. Maggi queefed and Nat Said, oh you want to cum don’t you?”It was fucking awesome then Maggi and Natalie switched roles. Maggi was saying the same things but said, “you’re a bad pussy you haven’t had any cock because you’re a bad pussy.” Nat replied, “No I got a big cock to fill me up today, that big cock made me cum and filled my hole full of cum.”They went on and worked me into the game. Nat said, “Oh look there’s that big cock that came in me, I bet it wants your pussy Maggi, I’ll bet it wants to put it’s cum all over both of us. Maggi and Nat wound up on the floor pressed against each other side by side with their beavers in the air while they were kissing each other. Maggi said “you better lick those pussies if you want to fuck them.” I lubed them up well. Nat said, “stick just the tip in me!” She started opening and closing her pussy, “SHNAP – SHNAP”. She could make her pussy snap, I was loving this! They had me alternate pussies saying to each other I want his cum, no I want his cum.I said, “this COCK is Going to CUM!” I was in Natalie’s pussy, she screamed, “FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK!” She screamed loud, (like I was worried about the neighbors loud). Maggi got up and started slapping my ass and saying, “I want that cock, I want that cum!” Maggi could tell I was coming and Nat said, “I can feel his cum in me.” This went on until we were all laying down together kissing each other. Maggi said, “Ok, can we all just agree that my pussy is next?” Nat started laughing, “we have neglected you Maggi.” Nat spun around and kissed Maggi’s pussy. She said with authority, “Pete, Make your wife CUM, Maggi Make me cum!”Nat laid with her ass on the edge of the sofa, Maggi got on all fours, I had Maggi’s wet beaver in my face (where it belongs I might add). I slid under Maggi and she lowered her clit right on my mouth, she had her face in Natalie’s wet cum filled pussy and began.Years escort ordu ago probably watching VCR porn of the early 80’s I discovered a method of pussy eating that has no equal and will guarantee, that not only will your woman cum, she will worship you. I call it “The Venus Butterfly”. The woman is on her hands and knees, you are laying under her in 69 position. You stick your two index fingers into the vagina opening, the thumbs are used spread the inner labia right below the clitoral hood and the middle fingers (if long enough) can stimulate the perineal area (The Taint).Maggi was licking Nat’s pussy filled with my cum and I was performing the “Venus Butterfly” on Maggi. When ever I do this we’re always alone, with this I opened a door that can never be shut.Maggi loved eating pussy and she really loved Natalie, she was really doing a top pussy job from the moans and “Oh I Love You Maggi”, “You’re Amazing Maggi” and many other praises. Maggi was beginning to experience the thrill of the build up of what would be an incredible orgasm.Now here’s a word of caution: If performed correctly the “Venus Butterfly” as I describe will cause squirting (even if the woman has never squirted before), you must be prepared or drowning may occur. (You’ve Been Warned)As I continued I could tell Natalie was about to cum, Nat kept gasping, “I’m About To Cum!” Maggi was going full throttle in her clit as only a woman can, Nat Came with a gasp and a string of “I Love You’s”. Maggi continued cleaning the cum from her pussy as she began breathing really hard, her pussy, asshole and urethra dilated (remember what I said about the drowning hazard). It began, Maggi pushed back and forth, every muscle in her core was undulating, her eyes rolled up into her head, her face fell on to Nat’s pussy and with a contraction that would push a golf ball through a garden hose a stream of cum shot out of Maggi’s Pussy 6 feet aft, hitting the other side of the sofa sectional. Maggi collapsed.“What The Fuck Just Happened You Guys?” Natalie asked with her eyes open like she just saw a six foot stream of cum shoot out of a woman’s pussy. Maggi was still catching her breath, I slid out from under Maggi stood up with my dick hard and said, “Natalie you just witnessed what no other person has ever seen, me performing a secret love method for my wife called [The Venus Butterfly].” Natalie stood up and hugged me putting her pussy right across my hard dick, rejuvenated from before. My face probably looked like a glazed doughnut, I had Maggi’s cum all over my upper body. Nat rubbed my chest and arms, “wow you are ripped”, she said. One thing about the “Venus Butterfly” as I performed it, One must be able to support your woman’s lower half with your arms and chest muscles, do your push-ups.By this time Maggi had rolled over on her back, still not able to form sentences she mumbled, “Peter, it’s gets better every time”. Natalie looked at me, then kissed me and said, “Oh God, I Want That.”Folks this was just Friday of our weekend…

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