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Taking PicturesNatalie was really nervous now. The thought of what she was about to do made it incredibly hard to even swallow. It felt like her heart was in her throat.The pretty teenager was used to being in “situations” and even found some pride in being in trouble sometimes. She was a rebel and proud of it. Only this time, things just might have gotten a little out of hand, she thought.Riding up in the elevator of the big flashy hotel, Natalie thought about the events that had led up to this moment, and swallowed, trying to get a grip on her nerves. She remembered that she had complained to Brad and Livia that she never had any money, and couldn’t do anything fun any more. She also remembered Livia flashing all that money in her face.-=*=-Both Brad and Natalie had gasped at the sight of so much ready cash being waved around. Natalie wanted to know where it had come from, and was shocked when her best friend and confidant since the fifth grade told her that she had sold her body for it.”What do you mean, ‘sold’ your body?” Natalie’s voice had cracked with excitement.”I fucked this old guy for money, and it was easy, and I enjoyed it.” Livia answered, laughing at her friend’s shocked silence.”Eeeww! That’s gross!” Natalie squealed. “I can’t believe you did something like that, and with an old guy too.”But Livia had her attention. And maybe a little admiration at the audacity of what her friend had done.”Tell Livia, tell us what you did! Come on, tell all!”Brad just sat silently on Natalie’s bed looking at the two girls. He wasn’t sure if he liked this new revelation. After all, wasn’t he and Livia supposed to be going together? But as he sat listening to her tell about how she had “earned” the money, he noticed that he had a raging boner forcing a peak in his jeans. Crossing his legs, he hoped that no one else had noticed.”…yeah, and all I did is stand there. He came up to me and breathed his alcoholic breath in my face and said, ‘Baby, you want to earn 50 bucks?'””I said, ‘Who do I have to kill, mister?'””The stupid drunk just chuckled, and grabbed at me.”Natalie couldn’t contain herself any longer and, bouncing onto the bed by Bradley, she yelled, “I can’t believe it, you fucked an old guy! What did you do next? How did you guys get naked, how did it feel? Where did you do it…?”Shut up for a moment Nat, and I’ll tell you!”Livia moved to the other side of Bradley, looked down at his crotch and smiled. “I see Brad likes my story so far.”Both girls looked at poor Bradley’s tented jeans as the boy sat uncomfortably between them. Bradley said (as his face turned red), “C’mon you guys, leave me alone, and tell your stupid story Livia!”Livia, taking pity on her boyfriend, enthusiastically leaned over his lap and began to recount to Natalie what had happened next.”I told the bozo that I was a virgin and that if he wanted to pop my cherry, it’d cost him a hundred dollars.”He seemed to get really excited that I might be willing to let him have sex with me. I didn’t really think he was serious, but when he pulled out this big old wad of bills and started to peel off twenties…I couldn’t believe it!”Natalie, being Natalie, couldn’t contain herself and started firing off questions at her friend.”How old was this guy? Where did you guys go to do IT? How did it feel? What was…””SHUT UP NAT! If you keep asking the same old stupid questions, I’ll never get to the good stuff!”Having said that, the pretty petite red-head placed her hand on Brad’s jeans-covered crotch and squeezed. Brad jumped, and squeaked in surprise. “And even if you don’t care to hear my story, I think Brad does!””Okay, okay, I’m listening, please go on Livia. I can’t wait to hear what you did next,” Natalie said as she squirmed on the bed next to Bradley, all the time watching Livia’s fingers massaging the boy’s boner through the material of his pants.”Well, just so you’ll quit asking, I’d say the guy was maybe 30, and we went to the Motel 6 on Bell Street. I still couldn’t quite believe that he was serious. I mean, no one would just come up to a total stranger and ask to fuck them! But then I said I would, so I don’t know, maybe the whole thing was just so strange I couldn’t believe it was happening and just went along.”So, to make a long story short, we went to the motel and stripped and I lay on the bed and he got on top of me and fucked me. It felt strange, having this stranger poking me. It was really crazy, him humping away at me grunting and groaning, and me just lying there.”But you know what was neat about the whole thing? He popped off in less than a minute and I earned a hundred dollars. I mean for a lousy minute I made $100 cash.”After he shot his load, I just rolled him off me and cleaned myself off and left! The guy was half out of it anyway.”It was just too cool.”Natalie smiled as Brad’s body tensed and a moment later, tore Livia’s massaging fingers away from his crotch as he got up to run to the bathroom. “Looks like Bradley really did like your story Livia!”Both girls laughed at Brad’s hunched figure as he disappeared through the bathroom door.-=*=-Natalie’s elevator stopped on the 10th floor. The pretty brown-haired girl stood clad in jeans and a red checkered shirt staring out into the empty hallway. Did she really want to go through with this? It could be dangerous; maybe this guy was a psycho, who knew?But after a moment’s hesitation, Natalie took a deep breath and stepped out, letting the elevator doors close silently behind her. She quickly checked her face and hair in the mirror mounted on the wall across from the elevator, then looked at the little plastic signs that directed people one way or another depending on the room number.10227 was down the hall to the right, and the pretty teenager walked briskly, almost jauntily, down the hall to stop in front of the room where her “customer” was.She had only met the man an hour before. They had met at Sam’s, a local club that catered to the “beer guzzler’s society” (that’s what all the high school k**s called the guys that frequented bolu escort Sam’s). Most were disillusioned married men who worked 9 to 5 and then drank until midnight. Most nights they would just stumble home, but every once in a while, one of them would get lucky. That night, Natalie had decided that she would try the same stunt that her soul-mate Livia had done. Besides, she could really use the money.Slipping out of the house after dinner, Natalie had met up with Brad and Livia, and the three of them had gone down town to stand outside of Sam’s. Both Livia and Natalie had k**ded Brad about his prospects. They had chided him about maybe running into some nice gay guy, or maybe some old spinster that could use a nice young stud.Actually, Bradley had taken all the k**ding pretty well, because being a teenage boy of 17, he was up for just about anything that had to do with sex. He wasn’t inexperienced. He’d had sex with both Livia and Natalie and other girls too. But standing outside this club with even the vague possibility of getting “Picked up” was making him so hard it almost hurt.Right at that moment a man stepped outside and strolled in their direction. He didn’t look intoxicated like the usual patron of Sam’s. He looked like he had just stepped outside for some fresh air and would go back inside in a moment or two.Livia nudged Natalie with her elbow and Natalie stumbled forward. Brad and Livia walked over to the other side of the street to watch their friend pick up this strange man.”Hi mister,” Natalie said.”Hi sweetie, what are you doing out here this time of night?” the man answered.”Looking for some fun, I guess,” Natalie said, mumbling on the “I guess” as she ran out of breath. She felt like she might faint at any moment, she was so nervous.”You’re kind of young aren’t you?””Yeah…so?” Natalie looked at him with her hands on her hips and defiant flashing eyes.”Nothing, baby, it’s okay. Don’t get mad, I was just wondering why a pretty young thing like you was out here hooking is all.””I need the money mister, and I wouldn’t mind fucking you for it,” She said that for its shock effect, but the man didn’t seem shocked.”I might want to take some pictures…, You into that kinda thing sweetie?””Whatever, as long as I get paid 100 bucks, I don’t care.” Maybe that’s all he wanted was pictures, she thought.Natalie breathed a sigh of relief. Until that moment, she hadn’t realized how scared she really was. Doing it with some stranger was scaring her numb. She didn’t understand why she was so frightened, after all it wasn’t like she was a virgin, but she had never just walked up to a strange man before and offered him her body.”You meet me in an hour at the Hilton on 3rd Street, my room is 10227, that’s the 10th floor, room 227, okay?””Sure, umm, what about the money, mister?” she asked, worriedly.”Paid in full when you show up. You don’t expect me to give it to you now do you?”Natalie blinked and said, “Uh, I guess that would be stupid of you wouldn’t it?”She smiled at him and said, “I’ll see you at 8:15, that’s exactly an hour from now, okay?””See you then, baby.” The man said as he turned to go back into the club.-=*=-Bradley looked positively giddy as Natalie told her friends what had transpired. Natalie had committed herself. And she was going to get $100 for having pictures taken. Bradley said, “You mean he’s gonna take naked pictures of you? I don’t know, you could end up on the Internet, you know.”Natalie looked at her friend and said, “So what’s your point, Bradley? — Who cares, it’s not like my parents know anything about the Internet, or any of my teachers. The only people that I know who would see pictures of me on the Internet are k**s our age. I don’t care if in boys my age see me. As a matter of fact, I kind of like the idea! Think about it! All the guys at school drooling over my hot pictures, I think that’d be great!”After walking her to the Hilton, Livia and Bradley waved at Natalie as she ascended in the glass-fronted elevator. They could she their brown-haired, blue-eyed friend looking down at them, then the elevator doors opened behind her and with a wave she spun around and disappeared from sight.-=*=-“Hello sweetie, nice you could make it.” The man stood in the doorway of room 10227 and looked her up and down. “You’ll be a beautiful model. C’mon in.”A little nervously, Natalie walked into the suite. It was a big room with a couch and a door leading into a bedroom. Natalie pretended that she wasn’t afraid and skipped over to the couch and flopped down.She smiled up at him with all the confidence she could muster, “You got anything to drink in this place, mister?””Sure, what’s your pleasure?” the man asked.”Something strong,.” she said, trying to sound grown-up.”You’re not old enough to drink hard liquor, are you?” the man asked reprovingly.”I guess if I’m old enough for you to take nude pictures of me, then I’m old enough for a drink or two don’tcha think?”He threw his hands up in mock defeat and made the little teenage vixen a whisky sour, “extra strong”. The potent drink made Natalie pucker with its tartness. “Boy, this IS strong,” she said as she took several more large gulps.After a few minutes the man said, “My name is Stan, what’s yours?””I’m Natalie. So Stan, what is it you are going to want me to do?””Well sweetie, I guess we’re going to take some pictures, and then I’m going to fuck your brains out! Is that all right with you?”Natalie’s heart was suddenly throbbing in her throat again. She had almost convinced herself that all this man really wanted to do was take nude pictures of her. She could still back out, but what would Livia say? And she really wanted the money.Steeling her nerves she said, “Well then, let’s get moving, ’cause I have to be home by 10, or my ass is grass with my Mom.”All right. Why don’t you take off your shirt for a start, and I’ll go get my digital camera.”He turned and went into the bedroom.Natalie unbuttoned her shirt to the waist. She heard a gasp, and looked up to see the man standing in the door. Natalie bolu escort bayan held her shirt wide open as she stood in front of the man and stared back at him.”What?” she asked.”You are absolutely beautiful k**, do you know that?””Yeah sure I do. Why do you think I’d let you take pictures of my nude body if I didn’t think I looked good?”She smiled confidently. One thing she was sure of in life was that men liked her body just fine.”Oh baby, I’m gonna enjoy this,” he whispered.Natalie stood coltishly before the mature male, pretending to be shy. But her words destroyed any illusion her appearance might have caused.”Sorry Stan, but you don’t get to enjoy anything unless I get paid first!” She reminded him.With a wry smile, he handed Natalie a hundred dollar bill. “Okay?”Natalie didn’t say anything, she just started to undo her jeans.”No, wait, I want to get this all on film. Come into the bedroom and pose for me by the bed.”Natalie stood by the bed and popped the top button on her pants. Stan instructed her to pull her shirt back onto her shoulders and to tug her pants down, all the while taking pictures. He was encouraging the young girl to pose after each adjustment of her clothing.Natalie could tell that he was getting a hard-on. As she stripped and began to offer him more and more daring poses, she could she him become bigger and stiffer. His cock was pushing against his pants in an effort to break free.As Natalie exposed more and more of her body to this stranger, she felt herself becoming aroused. Showing her body off to a strange adult male, a guy who was almost old enough to be her father was really perverted, she thought. The idea made her instantly wet. A little embarrassed, she tried to surreptitiously look at her pussy to see if she was leaking.Stan saw her glance at herself, and noticed that she was wet. “Yes, raise your legs baby, and show me that neat little twat!” he said.Natalie looked at him as he clicked picture after picture, feeling the heat rising within her body. She began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with this grown man. Was he bigger than the boys she’d been with? Would he be skillful?The picture taking went on for many more minutes, until Natalie finally lay back on the bed and said, “From the look of that boner in your pants, it’s time for more than pictures don’t you think?”Stan could see the young girl’s body moving rhythmically as she breathed. She was so perfect, her legs parted…waiting. He realized that that tight little cunt was all lubricated and waiting for him, and instantly forgot about taking pictures.Natalie watched as her “soon to be lover” stripped. He was definitely bigger than Brad, bigger around and IT looked older. Natalie couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but this man’s cock “looked” more experienced than the boys she’d been with! She could imagine it having been in many women, women her mother’s age.As he stood over Natalie, she reached up and took his cock in both hands, rubbing the soft velvety skin in a gentle jacking motion. She marveled at the girth of his tool, “Mmmm, nice,” she murmured as the man before her groaned softy.Natalie looked up at the his face, his eyes where closed and she smiled to herself as she bent forward and engulfed his male shaft with her mouth, closing her lips tightly upon it and running her tongue around and around.Still looking up at his face she saw his eyes fly open as she tongued his stiff cock. She would have smiled, if it were physically possible with a man’s cock in one’s mouth. Instead, Natalie began to bob her head, taking him as deeply as she could, over and over again. Finally, she stopped as her adult playmate began to groan loudly. Pulling her lovely head away, and allowing his swollen cock to “pop” from between her lips, Natalie sat back on her elbows, legs spread wide, looking up at the big strong man in front of her.She looked at his big gnarled boner pointing directly at her, the heavy balls in their sack beneath it swollen with seed, and licked her lips subconsciously. He tasted so good, and the texture of his cock was so fine. She had the urge to take him into her mouth again, let him come between my lips she thought as she excitedly moved to take him again.”Nooooway sweetie, you do that for one more second, and you get a real blast down the throat,” he chuckled.”I don’t mind Stan, really.” Natalie said, eagerly reaching for his stiff cock. She began to rub the head of his meat against the front of her teeth, then engulf his shaft again, and then pulled back lapping the underskin with her tongue. It became important to her to make him come. For some reason, Natalie wanted to taste his come, wanted that most intimate of orgasms…to swallow him.As the teenage girl worked on him in desperate haste, Stan felt the wonderful familiar surging deep within his crotch. He tried to pull the young girl’s mouth away, he couldn’t hold out much longer. But Natalie wouldn’t stop, she was almost beyond hearing as she eagerly worked on the cock buried between her lips.Then she was choking, her eyes began to water, as she fought to swallow. Stan was coming in huge spurts, the first one going down Natalie’s throat as she took a breath. She tried to pull away, to catch her breath, but the man in her was lost in his orgasm and held her face tightly to his crotch as he emptied his seed down the throat of the sputtering teenage girl.Finally his senses returned to him and he released Natalie’s head; she jerked back releasing his cock from her sperm-coated lips. She was still choking and sputtering. For the first time, Stan noticed her discomfort. He leaned forward and patted her on the back, asking if she was all right.Natalie began to laugh at the situation. It was just too funny. They both sat on the floor at the foot of the bed and recovered for a while. Stan watching Natalie’s marvelous body, occasionally touching her here and there. The girl quickly recovered from her coughing attack and lay back against the bed closing her eyes as her lover captured a nipple escort bolu between moist lips.She loved it when guys sucked on her nipples, it was the second best thing about sex. She had a flash memory of several weeks before when Livia had sucked on her nipples. They hadn’t actually had sex with each other, but what they had done was fun. As the man continued to suck her nipple, Natalie relaxed and pretended that it was Livia doing the sucking.Natalie loved Livia like a sister. A fly-away red-haired, white complexioned Irish tempered lass, that’s what her father called her. Natalie agreed with that assessment.As Stan sucked, he began to rub her stomach, then moved his hand down between her legs, massaging her pussy, trying to gain access to that little hooded area with her sensitive clit button. He knew that she would respond to his every wish if he could just reach that one spot.Natalie sighed contentedly, and slowly opened her legs. She continued her little dream about Livia — she was massaging Natalie’s thigh, then her small warm fingers found her wet pussy lips and slipped between the folds of firm flesh. Then ohh, so wonderful — as her lovely red-headed Irish lass found her clit, and gently touched the swollen, hot, sticky flesh that would send Natalie to heaven in ecstasy.Again a soft touch, as Natalie pictured in her mind’s minds eye that delicate finger rubbing a gentle circle around the top of her girl button. Natalie squirmed joyously as her “Irish Lass” bent forward and began to lap at her clit button with her tongue. Natalie gasped and grabbed handfuls of rich frizzy red hair and pushed Livia’s lovely face into her slit, moaning loudly as she came on her best friend’s tongue.”Mmffft… hey, hey baby, you trying to get even with me?” Stan chuckled, as he fought for breath.Natalie looked sheepishly at the strange adult sitting naked next to her and blushed. She looked into his eyes and could read the renewed lust that was shining out of them and decided that she actually liked this guy. Sure, he was probably 30, almost twice her age, but strangely, in the buff, and playing sex partners, he could have been any of the boys she had slept with in the past.’Well, I know he can give good head,’ she thought. ‘Now let’s see how he is in the screwing department!’Natalie stood up, straddling Stan, letting him reach up and feel her sopping pussy. She wanted to make sure he knew she was ready.Without a word, she climbed onto the bed, and lay on her back. In a flash, Stan was lying beside her, massaging a breast. Natalie was determined not to say anything; she just looked into his eyes while he touched her body with abandon. Then after he had seen and felt his fill, he rolled over on top of the pretty teenager, positioning his cock at her opening.In the moment before he shoved into her, he felt her wet opening lubricate his head, her slick fluid felt hot as molten lava against his sensitive skin. When he thrust into her, he made a soft “Uhhh…” sound as her teenage love tunnel form-fit around his invading adult cock. She was so tight and hot; it was incredible, unlike any woman he’d had before. Maybe it was just the moment, but he was convinced that it would never be better than at this moment and this time, as he held himself tightly inside Natalie. He could feel her heart thumping through her little cunt walls… throbbing around the tight skin of his buried cock.Then unable to take the intensity of the moment, and desperately requiring release, he began to thrust into the teenager. First once, deeply. Then again, and again. His whole being was centered on the intimate contact between his male cock and her incredible female interior.Natalie lay there, filled and enjoying it. ‘This guy really knew how to do it,’ she thought. He wasn’t in any hurry, and he filled her so incredibly full! She felt like she had just eaten, it almost felt like he had invaded her all the way up to her stomach. Then he began to thrust into her. He was assured and strong, and she lay there submitting to his superior experience, his manly control.She began to wonder what it would be like to have her father, or even Livia’s father doing this to her. Natalie’s parents had divorced when she was just five. She had only seen her father on holidays and for two weeks each summer. She had never thought of him “sexually” before, just a big strong man, someone she always felt good to be with.This new experience made her wonder. What was her father like? He certainly was handsome, and strong, and she certainly loved him. She’d be 18 by summer vacation, and she knew that she was accomplished in the subtle art of seduction.She smiled as her giggled each time the man on top of her thrust. She loosely hugged him as he humped; he was beginning to grunt with the effort. Natalie lay under him looking at the ceiling with a far-away look in her eyes. Her father would be shocked, she thought. Her smile became broader.A strangled groan came from Stan. She could feel his cock expand and retract as he released his seed in her. She fantasized that it was her father, that his wonderful thick cock was spurting his white molten cum deep inside of her. The thought made her crazy for a moment, and the friction of the man’s swollen pumping cock within her brought her to another marvelous orgasm, making her arch her back in ecstasy. One sharp scream, “DADDY!!” and she slumped back to the bed shivering in tiny aftershocks of pleasure, perspiration making her body shin in the light of the bedroom lamp.-=*=-Brad said, “Look Liv, it’s Natalie!”Natalie stepped out of the elevator and walked over to her friends who had been waiting in the lobby for her. She held up the $100 bill and performed a joyful little pirouette in front of her friends, happily displaying her reward.Livia said, “Boy Nat, it sure took you long enough, I was about to call the Marines to break you out of there. You know it only took me a minute to earn my hundred!”Natalie smiled at her best friend and said, “Yes, but I had MUCH more fun!”All three of the teens walked out of the lobby of the Hilton in animated discussion. Livia was determined to hear every detail.And Natalie just couldn’t get the image of Livia’s tongue on her clit-button out of her mind, no matter how hard she tried.-=*=-

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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