Taking What I Want

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Taking What I WantThere comes a time in every man’s life that he gives into his desires and emotions. For example: just recently Tiger Woods has received unwanted public attention about giving into his, it’s about time I share mine. However, with mine I needed a little help to avoid disaster, and achieve success.It all started with my mother; from how she carries herself to how she dresses, or lack of dress around the house that slowly but surely pushed me over the edge. A son can only take so much temptation before he either finds release somewhere else, or decides to give into those temptations and take what he really wants. For me what I wanted was my mother and I finally had enough; I was and will take what I want.Mom is a good person all and all, but with that she has a tendency to flaunt herself around the house. Whether she is walking around in her boy shorts and tight short t-shirt, or just coming out of the shower in a very short towel and just happen to be bending over to get something out of the fridge knowing full well I can see her clear as day. She keeps rubbing it into my face what I can’t have: so she thinks.It took some planning but I finally figured out a way to get what my desires needed, I just need a little help from a good friend and a reliable sleeping pill. The pill I speak of is something my mom whom has been taking for years to help her sleep. She didn’t need it all the time, just usually took it when she really wanted a long rest; I kind of figured this out with living her for so long, and noticing her snoring louder than usual during those times.My partner in crime is also my friend Charlie whom wanted my mom as much as me if not more. After laying out my plan to Charlie he was in, and I took steps to make sure our secret would be taken to our graves: trust me I am very careful.It was a Friday night and I told my mom I was going out with Charlie; this was also after I learned that she was going to stay in and read a book. Knowing my mother usually enjoys a nice glass of wine with her book I knew that was the night that my plan would finally take place. Going into the zip-lock bag that I kept hidden for so long, I removed half of one of my mother’s sleeping pill, just enough to knock her out but not too much that she would be sleeping all night. I crushed it up, and mixed it in her wine while she went to pee. After she came out of the bathroom I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went out to meet with Charlie.Parked around the corner Charlie and I waited the estimated time I figured that it would take for the pill to kick in. About 30 minutes later we slid in through an unlocked window that I prepared before I left. Grabbing the ski masks, and the several pieces of rope I had previously hidden we began our journey to my mother’s room. With Charlie following close behind I quietly checked on our soon to be victim. Turns out I was right about how long it would take for the medication to have it’s effect on her for I found lying on to of her covers with the book on the floor while wearing one of her baby-doll tops with her yellow thong on.Giving Charlie the signal we quickly took action securing my mother to all four corners of the bed. Using the rope we secured her legs and arms to both ends of the bed posts and began phase two of the plan. Using ammonia we quickly brought my mother out of her slumber with her quickly realizing she was bounded to the bed and being looked upon by two guys dressed in black, which resulted in a look of terror on her face.”What do you want?” she asked.Not saying a word we began to take position: Charlie on one side of the bed and me on the other. Climbing with confidence on both sides, we reach out and began to slowly caress and feel up those smooth legs that I pictured so many times over and over again wrapped around my head as I ate her pussy. Those legs were a thing of beauty: tan, long and defined. She really could have been a leg model, if not more. Hell, on days when she wore heels and a long skirt with the slit on the side to weddings that she dragged me to, I couldn’t tell you how man times I caught the men in the place and even ladies stealing muğla escort bayan glances of wonderful assets that she ran so many miles to achieve.”Stop touching me. What do you want? Money? Take it’s in my purse in the kitchen.” my mother said louder.Ignoring her we continued to caress her smooth silky tanned legs while watching them quiver in fear and anticipation of what we were about to do.”STOP TOUCHING ME!!! STOP IT! My son will be home any minute” she said with a tear in her eye.Knowing full well she was lying I continued my caresses while Charlie began to slide up her nighty releasing her full luscious breasts for our eyes to see. Those wonderful hills of flesh were her second if not her 3rd wonderful asset: close competition for her tight curve rear. But it was quite obvious her rear was the last thing on Charlie’s mind for while I was working my way between her legs Charlie was taking a more of a sitting position on her stomach but controlling how much weight he put on her toned belly, and leaned over and began to tweak her nipples.While letting Charlie have his fun with her tits, I began to get comfortable between those luscious legs, and admiring the yellow V that I begin to notice showing signs of secretions. Easing my head down lower to get a better view I suddenly hear…”STOP PLEASE STOP…PLEASE YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THIS! There is no need for this. What have I done to you to deserve this” she says as she begins to whimper.”If you only new” I thought to myself.With Charlie as well as myself ignoring her pleas for us to stop, I remove the Spyderco folding knife I kept hidden behind my black long johns, and using it I cut all three straps of her thong. Pealing back the pieces I start to pull the thong in an upward motion causing the thong to forcefully slide between the crack of her ass as well as her pussy.”Mmmmmmmm….” A sound that came from mother.Thinking to myself, did I hear her right? There is no way I just heard her show signs of not approval but rather signs of sexual enjoyment.” Thinking about this some more “What kind of mother is she to actually having signs of enjoyment?”Then again who am I to complain let alone over think such things. For crying out loud I am the one in a ski mask, secured my mother to a bed, and cut off her thong, and on top of that it was all against her will. Then again, maybe I just need to stop thinking and start doing, for it turns out Charlie is way ahead of me on that one.Right before Charlie enters her mouth, and I was about to take my first lick after rolling up the ski mask just enough to get some air and give room for my tongue to extend I hear mother saying, “OOOO God please stop. It’s not too late, I won’t say anything to anyone. Whoever you are just stop. Please please please just stommmmmffffffffff” It was at that point that Charlie took that opportunity to shut her up with his long hard piece of man meat. I have to give the k** credit, he definitely inherited a nice size tool; granted mine isn’t that bad either, but Charlie’s, well let’s just say I don’t think it’s his looks that kept him a virgin, it’s his dick that scare most of the young girls away. Most think he will rip them apart with what he has between his legs; there is something to be said about being too big.While Charlie is having his way with her mouth, and possibly her throat, I finally get to experience what I so longed for: tasting that sweet nectar of mommy’s juices. Turns out her juices are much sweeter than I imagined. It doesn’t tasty musty at all like you read in the stories, it’s almost as sweet as a bottle of my favorite juice. Lapping up her juices, I come to realize that if she is flowing like she is, I can only come to one conclusion, she is actually enjoying this. My mother must be one kinky woman to be getting on off being dominated or for a better word ****d.While working my tongue, which is longer than the average one, I was able to reach her asshole without having to lift her legs. Using the juices as lubricant I was able to slightly penetrate her second hole, and really working it as hard as I can.”MMMMMMmmmmmmm” I hear from my mom.Not escort muğla sure if it’s the tongue in her ass, the cock in her throat, or a combination of both, but I was not expecting that at all. Moving from her ass I begin to really take action to her hole fucking her with it with all I got, and causing her to shake and gyrate like crazy.Several minutes of this I hear Charlie moaning and trying to not say anything to alert my mother on who we are I begin to hear what sounds like signs of Charlie about to cum in mom’s mouth. It’s that sudden realization that he is about to unload into my mother that really gets me riled up and after noticing how hard her clit is I attack it like a Hoover vacuum. Sucking and nibbling making my mom go buck wild that I have to hold her down just so I can keep a tight connection on that hard nub.After Charlie finally finishes dumping his entire load into her throat, he pulls out, and quickly gets off her and takes a seat in the chair in the corner of the room. I look over noticing him breathing really hard, and just sitting there with juices dripping off of his cock. Still I don’t let that distract me from doing what I planned out to do, and that was to get my mother off, and as well as me. I resume my attack on that clit of hers, and what do I hear:”OOOOOO GGGGODDDDDDD! Please stop…Please stooooooopppp!””Are you fucking serious? You must be joking?” I think to myself. She is here, with a clit as hard as a pebble, juices flowing, and she really wants me to stop. It’s time to shut this bitch up. But first things first, I really want to get her off, and since she clearly like my tongue in her ass, how about a finger, or two. Using two fingers, I lube them up using her juices as lubricant and shove them straight in her ass while sucking her clit as hard as I can.”AAAAA GGGGODDDD! JESUS CHRIST……I SHOULD NOT BE ENJOING THIS, YOU FUCKERS ARE r****g ME….AAAAAA I’MMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!” she is screaming or moaning, I can’t really tell at this point and then she goes “AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGG”It’s at that point she cums so hard and bucks so much that she knocked me right off of her clit. Watching shake and squirm I quickly take action.Never in a million years did I think that this would result in her cumming from this. I knew she was a horny woman for I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard her masturbate listening from the door, but this, well this was past anything I ever expected. If I didn’t know better I would say my mother had a **** fetish.Without a care in the word that she just came, and is trying to catch her breath I carefully positioned my knees on both sides of my mother’s head while facing her pussy, lowered my cock to her mouth and trying to get it in. However, it turns out she still has some fight in her for at first she keeps her mouth shut and her head turn, but I had a back up plan for that. With my mask still rolled up enough to let me use my mouth I attack her clit but this time I use my teeth to inflict some pain, and let her know who is in charge here. As I am nibbling and biting harder and harder she begins to get the message that she better suck it or she will not like what I have in stored for her. Granted I wasn’t going to take it as far as biting the thing off, but I wanted her to at least think that. Still she continued to resist and making a grimace on her face, so I had to take a more direct approach. While biting and tugging on her clit I take my right hand and tighten my fingers into a cone like position, and with all the force I could muster shove it up her fucking cunt up to where my finger connect with me hand.”OOOOOOOHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK” she screams from deep within.It’s the moment I planned for and without hesitation I drop my weight, using my other hand to hold the cock in position and jam my man meat right down her esophagus. Using my weight as my strength I barely pull up and begin to drop down at a rapid rate. Hearing nothing but whimpers and gurgles I continue my assault on both her cunt and her throat and loving every minute of it. Still it doesn’t pass me by that she is showing clear signs of her own muğla escort enjoyment being that I was finally able to get my entire hand in her pussy with the help of the juices that are so readily flowing out of her.Pummeling away at her pussy and her throat she just continues to groan, shake and buck the entire time. Finally reach my limit, I feel the explosion within wanting to be released but I need to be careful to make as little of a sound as possible so she doesn’t recognize it’s me. With all my might, I painfully bite on my tongue as I blow my load and experience one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Pulling my hand out of her pussy, I use it as support so I can bend further down to observe the cum just leaking out of her mouth, while noticing the movement at her throat of the impressions my cock is making in addition to the swallowing she is attempting to do.When I finally am completely depleted of all the juices I had in me, I quickly roll down my mask, hop off the bed, grab Charlie and make a break for the exit leaving her there. While quickly running from the house ski masks and all, Charlie asks, “Are we just going to leave her there?””Charlie, it’s not like we ever planned an exit strategy, and I had to think fast. I’ll figure something out.” Which in fact I did. While we slept I thought about it over and over in my head what I can do about having her released. We disposed of all the evidence in Charlie’s parents fireplace, showered, and probably jacked off a few times as well thinking about the whole event, but it’s still bugging me how I was going to get her released, and not let her on it was me. Thinking “what if she knew it was me? She would probably kick me out of the house, or worse call the cops.” Not that I could blame her.Deciding to sleep on it, I enter a very deep sleep that can only be caused by such the excitement I experienced earlier. Waking up in the morning I just decided that I would come back home, without a care in the world, and call for her. Whether she screams she is in there or doesn’t respond, it would not be abnormal for me to look into her room to see how she is doing.Trying to put my best performance on, I stroll into the house putting all my effort in being normal and natural. Remembering the things I usually do I start to call out for my mother but I don’t get a reply. Looking around no sign of her. Getting kind of worried I call out for her again, but still no reply. Trying one last time I scream, “MOM ARE YOU HOME???” I then hear a faint “Josh? Is that you?”Walking to her door, I ask “Are you decent, can I come in?” to which she replies “Honey I am far from decent but it’s out of my control. Come in here and help me.” Opening the door I try to put on my best performance finding her completely naked looking sexy as ever tied to the bed. Using what acting ability I do have, I begin to ask her what happened, who did this, basically the typical stuff I assume one would ask in such a situation.”Honey, someone came in here, tied me up without waking me up some how, and had their way with me.” Coughing from what I can tell sounded like something was stuck in the back of her throat she continues to say, “Look honey I really don’t feel like talking about it, just get me out of these ropes so I can get some clothes on and take a shower.” Offering to call the cops she surprisingly declines and says she will deal with it.Being confused as all hell, I accept her decision, give her what help she needed, and leaving her to fend for herself. At some point reflecting on what happened, and if I did everything right I hear mom calling me down for breakfast.Walking into the kitchen I notice she is wearing a short silk robe, and based on how the robe is creeping into the crack of her ass, I can only wonder if she is still nude underneath. Leaning over to place the bacon and eggs in front of me I get a clear view that answers me question. I clearly see that she is not wearing a bra, or anything for that matter, and also notice that her nipples are quite firm. This really wasn’t what I was expecting considering what was done the night before but I didn’t want to give myself away either so I try to act like I didn’t notice her state of dress, or undress for that matter.Reaching over for my orange juice I begin to take a sip when I hear, “So how did you like that blowjob I gave you last night?”The End

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