Tales Of A Slave pt. 5

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Tales Of A Slave pt. 5I studied my slave Donna’s adorable face for a few short moments, seeing the pleasure behind her submissive eyes as she knew she was thoroughly trapped under me and being tied to the bed, knowing she’s completely at my mercy. “You look so cute when you’re all tied up with no where to go,” I teased her,”I can do whatever I want to you now, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”I chuckled in delight teasing her like that.”Mmmm yeah Master, you can…” She replied biting down on her lip,”Just please be gentle with me…” She pleaded sheepishly.”Hey!” I snapped back, “I do to you whatever I want, HOWEVER I want! You don’t have any say in the matter, you’re just my slave and you WILL submit to your Master and be very grateful for everything I do to you!””Mmmmmm..!” Is all she could groan with a shiver of pleasure hearing that.”Just for that, I think you better take what I give you in your mouth, and suck on it, maybe that’ll stop you from saying anything else you’ll regret!” I commanded as I moved myself further up her body ’til I was sitting over her with my now fully hard cock resting in the warm narrow space between her tits.”Oh, that feels real nice and comfy there.” I stated looking down to my cock.I then covered her perky irresitable tits with my hands, the palms of which resting on her erect nipples and playfully massaged them for a few seconds before I then pushed them onto my hard cock, squishing it between them as hard as I could and began to gently rock back and forth, pushing my cock in kastamonu escort and out of the real warm soft heavenly gap between them. She watched the thick head of my cock poking out up between them with each thrust I did forward, and opened her mouth expecting to recieve it at any second.”Do you want it in that hot naughty mouth of yours?” I seductively asked.”Mmm-hmm I do Master.” She replied.”And just how badly do you want to suck on it?” I inquired.”Sooooo bad!” she responded unable to contain her desires,”Please let me have it Master, I’ll suck it very good for you…!”I chuckled at her pleas, “You still haven’t learnt have you, you must always await for my permission first before you are allowed to do anything.”She just looked up at me, with puppy-dog eyes, I was unable to resist.”Ok slave, now you’re going to take ALL of me in your mouth, every single inch of me, even if it makes you gag, and you ARE going to suck it hard.” I demanded.”Yes Master!” She excitedly responded with a big smile now on her face, “Thank you.”I moved up just a little further, so I was now sat over her chest and I commanded her to open her mouth wide, which she did instantly, and I slid every hot thobbing inch of my engorged cock into her warm wet mouth ’til my solid helmet pushed onto the back of her throat, and her lips, which she had wrapped around me, pressed against my body around the base of my cock.I felt her struggle to contain her gag-refelx as the sensation of my cock tickled her tonsils going deep down her throat, kastamonu escort bayan but she held on like the good little cock-sucking thing that she is.”Now suck it good.” I ordered.She moaned in delight as she began to suck on me with all her might, also massaging my shaft with her tongue, and while she did that I held onto her head with my hands, and began to thrust myself on her, fucking her mouth like as if it was her juicy pussy instead.No matter how hard I was thrusting, it didn’t faze her at all, she just took it all and was sucking like a true pro, I moaned aloud in pleasure as did she.She was so good at it, that within a few minutes I felt that awesome pleasure that I’m about to shoot my load of hot creamy cum in her.”NO!” I thought to myself, “Not like this…”I quickly pulled my raging cock out of her mouth, as I did I saw a lot of her saliva mixed with my juicy precum stringing from her lips to my helmet, and as the string broke and all that sticky mess snapped back towards her mouth, she slurped and licked it all up and swallowed, moaning in pleasure as she did.”Oww why did you stop, Master?” She inquisited with a tone of disappointment.”I’m real close to cumming, and I don’t think you deserve my cum like that…”I teased.”Oh but Master I want it real bad! Pleaaaseee give it all to me.” She began to beg.”I said, ‘not like that’!” I responded, “You only deserve to have it by waiting patiently with your mouth wide open ready to recieve it all.””Mmmmm ok Master, that’s what I deserve…” She escort kastamonu submitted to me.She held her mouth open just as I told her to, and I moved myself up just that little bit further so I was now lifting myself up onto my knees, my crotch hovvering over her face a little, and placed my hand to my throbbing cock and began to jerk off real fast. I moaned as that pleasurable feeling of being close to an orgasm got more and more intense ’til I suddenly couldn’t hold it back any longer.”Ohh fuucckk..!” I groaned aloud as I felt the muscles inside me force what seemed like loads off the creamy white stuff out of me. Most of which landed right onto my slave’s awaiting tongue, but with each splurge shooting forth from my cock, some of it landed onto her cheeks, her forehead, near her lips and some over the bridge of her nose. Her face now looked like she had been in a foodfight with white yoghurt!She dared not complain about it though, she just took it all with a big smile on her now creamed up face and licked up as much as she could and swallowed every drop that went into her mouth.”Mmmmmm Master you taste delicious!” She told with delight.”I know,” I replied smugly, “You look a mess now though!” I teased her chuckling while I then tenderly wiped my cum off her face onto my fingers, which I then made her lick off.”Well now that you’ve satisfied me, I think maybe you’ve earned yourself some pleasure…” I praised.”Oh really?” She excitedly asked as I nodded, “Ohhh thank you master!”I looked down at her and grew a cheeky smile as I knew just how I was going to please her, and sensing that she bit down on her lip anxiously as she awaited for her master to give her a nice reward for all her efforts.Little did she know though,what I had in mind wasn’t quite what she was expecting…!

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