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Teacher to performChapter 1Just after 7.30pm Zara knocked at the door It was in a bad part of town but she had agreed to meet Phil for a ‘just friends’ meal after he had got her car started at lunchtime.Zara was 27 and was a teacher. She was white about 5′ 9″ fairly slim with small tits and and ass that was a little wider than she liked it to be. She had black hair that had a natural slight curl to it. (If you waant to see photos of Zara try http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/1020580/dressed.html). She was in a steady lesbian relationship. Her co-workers all knew this and were comfortable with her sexuallity. The only slight problem her had had after starting at the school two years before was from the janitor Phil.Phil was single about 60 and black. Black didn’t bother Zara at all, but the fact he was fat and rather crude did. He had asked her out for a date shortly after she started and she had politely refused explaining she was in a steady relationship with her girlfriend.This refusal did not sit well with Phil who thought she was racist.He had not asked anymore but Zara was frequently aware of him watching her around the school.This particular day Zara had gone to her car at lunchtime as she wanted to go to the shops to get some food in. Her girlfiend was away for a couple of weeks on business. So it was just some food for herself.When she tried to start the car it wouldn’t. She had been trying for a couple of minutes when Phil walked by. He stopped by her window and asked if he could help. Zara said that would be great and she popped the hood. He messed about with the car for a few minutes. She didn’t watch because she knew nothing about engines. Phil got it started for her. Zara was really grateful and asked if she could pay him for his trouble. Phil said she could buy him a meal this evening ‘just as friends’; no date or anything like that.She readily agreed as she was so pleased about the car being fixed.As Phil had no car and bussed to work each day, she arranged to pick him up from his home.Zara had to work late this day and wouldn’t be leaving school until 6.30pm. Phil was finished at 5.30pm so would go home and meet her at 7.00pm.She had then gone off to the shops. Thru the afternoon Zara had become a little concerned about agreeing to meet Phil even for a just friends meal. But she decided it would all be ok as she has known him for almost two years and he had not pestered her even if he had watched her more than she was comfortable with. She didn’t tell any member of staff about the meal as she really didn’t want them to think she might be interested in Phil as a ‘boyfriend’. She hoped he wouldn’t say anything to anyone.Phil on the other hand had no intention of telling anyone at the school. He also had no intention of telling anyone how he had fixed the car so it wouldn’t start that lunchtime.Zara waited for a short time and knocked again. She was rather hoping Phil had forgetten about her calling round and buying him dinner. She was just opening her handbag to write him a note saying she had called when he opened the door.We’ll let Zara take up the story now…Phil was still dressed in his janitors uniform. I wondered why he hadn’t changed.He said he had just being fixing his fridge door as it was loose and that he would be ready in a second. He just had to fix the last couple of bolts.He asked if I would mind stepping in for a moment so I could pass the bolts to him as he held and fastened the door back in place.I said no problem. He stepped back from the door and I folowed him in. The room was poorly lighted by I could see the light in the kitchen was bright.He was about half way across the room and I had just cleared the door when it was closed quickly behind me.I spun round as I thought we were alone.There were two more black guys behind the door smiling. I turned back toward Phil and he was smiling too. I realised they were working together just at the same moment the two behind me grabbed my arms. They were about 60ish and far too fat like Phil but were both very strong. I stated to speak and one of them pushed a rag in my mouth.Phil said “Keep quiet bitch”. One of the others holding me put a knife blade to my neck and asked my how loud did I think it would be if he finished me now with the blade. I was terrified. Phil said “No one knows you’re here. Your car will be gone shortly I’ve arranged for it to be ‘stolen’. So you’re all alone no one is coming to help you. Your only chance of leaving here alive is to keep quiet and do just what we say”. He paused to let his words sink in. Then said “I will remove to gag now so keep quiet. Do you understand?” I nodded yes.The gag was removed but the knife was pushed closer to my neck. I kept quiet. I was too scared to speak any way. I just looked at him smiling.He said “That’s a good girl.Now it’s time to see how much we can trust you”. The knife was removed and I sparted to breath again. The guys behind were still holding me tight.He said “Now the knife’s away we can all be real friendly”. I heard the key turn in the door behind me and the lights were turned on. The room was surprising large but quiet dirty and unkempt. Just like it’s owner I thought.My arms were then fastened behind my back with plastic zip wraps and the two guys behind me pushed me onto a chair.Phil say “Let me introduce you to your new best best friends. This is Carl and this is Rat.” They both just grinned stupidly at me. I got the impression they were both very dim. Phil continued “But it wouldn’t be a good party without a few more guests now would it? So I’ve asked a few more guys round to make friends with you this evening.”He called across the room towards a door. It opened and more black guys came in. There were 12 or 13 or so.Phil said “I won’t tell you their names yet as you’ll probably forget, but these guys are going to be your best friends too!”He spoke to the one called Rat “Where the white racist bitch’s hand bag”. Rat passed it to him.He stated going thru it as the other guys came over to where we were. They were wearing stupid grins too. Their ages were probably about 35 to 60ish. None of them were goodlooking and some just plain ugly.Rat got his huge bulk sat down on the floor next to the chair I was sat on and started strocking my ankle. I was still dresed in my normal school skirt and top.I did n’t like him doing it but I didn’t dare move my leg away.Phil was looking in my bag. He said “Us new friends want to know you a little better so I’ll ask you some questions. You answer them quick and truefully and I won’t give you a slapping. You understand?” I nodded yes.He asked how old I was (27). Had I ever had sex with a man (yes). Was he black or white (white). This one didn’t go down well with the guys. Phil said to the guys stood around “See I told you she was a racist stuck up bitch. We got some hard work on here I think.” The guys were mostly not smiling now. I said “I only had sex with a guy once years back when I was at college and really didn’t like it. I am lesbian, I just prefer girls that’s all.”Phil said “Did any black guys ask you out”. I said “Yes”. He asked “and did you go out with them?”. I said “No. But that wasn’t because they were black it was only because I only went out with girls.”He said “Your present girlfriend is white. Have you been out with any black girls?” I said I hadn’t but that was because no black girls had asked me out.He turned to the guys and said “Told you she was konya escort a stuck up racist bitch. And now she’s admitted it. You all heard her didn’t you?”. There was angry looks and murmering around the room. I said “No. I’m not racist.Really I’m not!”Phil said ” Quiet bitch. You’re just making it worse”.Phil went back to my handbag. He pulled out my money and gave about $50 to one of the guys to go for some beer. He smiled and said to me “Good firends like to pay for the beers. You would like to buy us all some beers woouldn’t you?” I said yes “I would”.He went back to my bag “Where you tampax? All women have tampax even racist les ones do.” I said “I’m in the middle of my cycle and don’t need any with me”.Phil said “That’s good” I didn’t know what he meant by that. He then asked were my cards were. I said the atm card is in the side pocket. He pulled it out and said to the other guys they would make full used of it later. There were more smiles at this.”Where’s your credit card” I said it was at home. He said he hoped for my sake that there was enough on the atm card.He finished searching the bag by turned it all on to the floor.He said “Where’s your pills?” “What pills?” I asked.”THE PILL you stupid bitch”. I thought he was going to hit me but did’nt. I said “I’m not on the pill. I don”t need them. I’m les remember.”At this, a huge smile spread across his big ugly face. He said “Now that’s the best news I’ve had in ages.”Chapter TwoThe guy with the beer returned. As they all got started on the beer, I hoped I might be forgotten but Rat was still stroking my ankle. He said “I want to see Miss Bush naked”.It was the first time any of the other guys had spoken to me at all and it now became apparent that Phil was in charge here. Rat was certainly not of normal inteligence and looking round I didn’t think that many of the other’s were either.Phil looked round and said the Rat “Stop stroking her leg. It’s bad manners unless you ask if you can do it. So you ask Miss Bush if it’s Ok for you to touch her leg.” Phil smiled and looked at me “Think real hard about how you answer Rat”.Rat asked me if it was OK to touch my leg. I paused and thought about how I could say no without being accussed of being a racist again. I coldn’t think of anything so I said “You can stroke my ankle if you want.” Rat went back to stroking my leg but now he was going up to my knee.Phil grinned wider “I think you’re starting to get the idea. If you carry on learning at this rate you are going to have had a good time by the time you leave here!I’ll get you a beer as everyone else has got one. By the way what’s your atm number. I’m going to have to send one of the guys out for more beer and food and stuff and we need more of your money. Good friends like us don’t come cheap you know.” Again I tried to think of a way not to give it to him. Ithought about giving him the wrong number. Just then he said “Write the number down. As you can see some of your new friends are a bit slow. “Educationally sub-normal” as people like you say” I wrote it down as I dare not do otherwise. He turned and gave the paper to one of the guys and told him to draw $500 “I’m sure this white bitch can afford that”. The guy he passed it to said don’t start without me.” and he left.Phil told one of the guys to remove the zip wraps from my arms and said to me “Don’t try to go. Your car is gone by now and we know the area and you don’t. Plus when we got you back we would have to use the knife on you to convince you not to do it again. The deal is you do what I say and you live. It’s as simple as that. No other options. Got it?” I just nodded. How bad did I wish I was at home now.Phil called a guy over and said ” This is Carl he’s a cleaner up at the hospital. Carl get Miss Bush a glass and some beer. You can see she’s a real lady and wouldn’t want to drink from a can like us rough types.” They both laughted and Carl went off to the kitchen. I watched Carl go off as with all the other guys was was black, tall and really skinny with a rat-like face. Phil carried on speaking to me. Carl is real bright by the standards of most of my friends. As you can see most are what you would have in a “remedial class”. But they are real keen to improve themselves with some lessons from a classy white teacher like you. You will be doing the teaching and you will pay each of them $10 dollars for each lesson they attend. That’s why I wanted Jack to fetch some more money you see. Now tell them are you pleased and happy to be giving your new friends some lessons? Speak up loud and clear so they can all hear you.” I said ” I am very happy to be giving you some lessons.” Phil smiled again “You really are getting the hang of this”.Carl came back from the kitchen and handed me the glass of beer. It was about half full. Phil said “Drink it all up. There’s a good girl.”My throat was dry with fear and I nearly gagged on the first mouthful. I drank the rest down gratefully. I passed the glass back to Carl and said thanks. Carl just grinned and took it.Phil had a wide smile. Then he said to me “I think Rat was right. Real good friends, like you are to us, should be more sociable. I think you should loosen up a bit.” He gave instructions to the others to push the sofa’s back to the walls and shift the table out the way. He said “You can’t have a party without some beer music and dancing. Carl bring the video camera we want to enjoy this in years to come.” Phil took my arm and moved me over to another guy “This is Pete he cleans up at a loacl garage. He has stolen some inspection flood lights for us to use for our party lighting tonight. Say thank you to Pete for all his trouble for you tonight and give him this $10 dollars .” He passed me a note that he had taken from my bag. I gave it to Pete and thanked him as I was told.Phil then turned on the portable floodlights which were pointed towards the grubby ceiling and the far wall which had been cleared of furniture. They were very bright.Now Phil said “You guys get sat down now.” As they sat down on the two sofa’s and pulled up chairs I was able to see that there were 16 of them (Jack still hadn’t got back from the atm machine).Phil said ” Now we all know that Miss Bush is a stuck up, white racist bitch, but tonight she has agreed to come here and give us all some lessons. I’ve seen her walking around the school like she owns it so we know she likes showing off too. Isn’t that right Miss Bush?” I nodded yes. He said “I’m sorry Miss Bush we didn’t hear you. Speak up bitch.” I said “That’s right.” The others all laughted.Just then Jack turned up. Phil said “About time. Did you get the money?” Jack said “I did it twice and got a $1000.” Phil laughted and said “Good work Jack. Pass it here.” Phil turned to me and said “Say ‘thank you’ to Jack for getting your money for you and give him this $10 as payment”. I did as I was told. Phil said “Good. I’ll just keep this for you as you need to pay your students, sorry I mean your friends for attending your lessons later.”Now he took me by the arm and lead me in front of the wall that had the floodlights pointing at it. He had me face the wall.He then let go and moved away. I heard him muttering something then he said “That’s got it. Now Miss Bush we know you’re an exhibionist beacuse you told us so. Isn’t that right?” I nodded. He said “now I want you to turn around and face your first remedial class” I turned but couldn’t see anyone really because escort konya the lights were too bright.Now he said “Take off your shirt” I paused but what could I do but obey. I started to unbutton my shirt. It was white. I removed it and held it in my hand. I was wearing a white bra but I only have ‘B’ cup breasts. Phil said “drop the shirt, you won’t be needing it for sometime.” I did as I was told . He said “Now off with you shoes and tights.” I removed them and dropped them with my shirt. Phil shouted to someone “Turn up the air con it’s getting warm in here”. I was not feeling warm at all. If anything I was feeling cold, but that was probably just fear.Phil said ” Now take off your bra.” I did and realised immediately why he had turned the air con up. As soon as my nipples were clear of my bra they went stiff. I dropped the bra quickly and tried to cover my breasts. Phil said “Move you hands you stupid bitch. How can we see you exhibiting if you cover up. Put your hands on your hips like you do when you a telling your students off.” I did as I was told. “Now hold still while I just zoom in on your little tits. I just love your nice big stiff nipples. We’ll all have some fun with those later.” Then he told me to ” turn around nice and slow so your new friends can get to know you a little better.”When I was facing my “class” again he told me to stop and remove my skirt. I dropped the skirt to the floor. I was stood there in just my large white pants that I use for school. I have a large and wide pubic triangle that even with these quiet large pants shows out the leg sides. With normal sized pants it shows over the top of them as well. I tried to cover my pants with my hands but was told to put my hands back on my hips as before. I did it but my face was burning with embrassment as I could hear some of the guys laughing and making comments about the size of my pubic spread.I could hear Phil laughing. Then he said “Just stand still for a bit I want to get the vid to zoom in on those big white pants and all that nice black hair coming out the sides.” I seemed to stand there for ages before he finally told me to turn and face the wall. I did and was then told to bend straight over and touch my toes. When I had got into position he told me to put my feet 3 feet apart. I still had my pants on but I knew I was showing a lot of hair out the sides. Again he told me to hold still whilst he zoomed in. I waited whilst he videoed me. He told me to stand up and face my remedial class again. When I was facing them he told me to remove my all my rings so that he could sell them later. I did as told and dropped them with my clothes. “Now” he said ” lets get those pants off you. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to say that to you!!”. I started to pull my pants down. As soon as the top of the waist band started to move the top line of my pubic triangle started to show and I could hear several of the guys gasp in surprise. Phil just said “Oh that’s soooo good. Just keep pulling them down bitch. Then your hands back on your hips.” I did as I was told and waited again while he zoomed in. My eyes were starting to get used to the bright lights and I could make out most of the guys had got their phones out and were either photographing or videoing me stood there naked with everyting on show. Again I seemed to be just stood there for ages when Phil said now put your feet about 3 feet apart. I did as I was told. And there was a long pause again whilst I was being videoed. Then he said “Move your left foot to the left as far as it can go.” I moved my left foot until my hips started to hurt. Phil told one of the guys to bag up all my clothes and rings while he finished videoing me. My clothes were taken away and I realised any chance of escape was gone. I was here until they said I could go.Chapter 3 “Let’s push the old armchair into postion now” said Phil. It was pushed behind me and I was told to sit in it. It was old dirty and didn’t smell too good. I sat down on the front edge not wishing to sit any further into it. Phil said “That’s good. Now keep your ass where it is and lean back until your shoulders are resting on the back. Yes that’s good. Now lift each knee over the chair arms.” I paused and he yelled “do it bitch the camera is still rolling don’t fuck up my video.” I lifted my knees over the arms as told and I felt a new wave of hot embaressment wash over me. My nipples were still rock hard from the cold aircon and to anyone watching the video without sound it would look like I was really enjoying showing off. The full extent of my pubic hair was now being shown to the ‘class’ and to the cameras. There were more comments which kept me blushing. I heard someone say “She may be white but it looks like she’s got some real big big lips down below.” Phil said “You’re right. Pull those big lips out for us to have a proper look at Miss Bush. They all hidden by the hair.” I started to reach down when Phil stopped me and said ” I want you looking straight at the camera while you do this. And keep smiling all the time. Don’t forget you’re having a great time at this party with all your friends watching you show off. You’re an exhibitionist remember. Look even your nipples are stiff.”I blushed some more and reached down with both hands and parted my pubic hair. So far they had only seen how large an area was covered by my pubic triangle. Now, as I parted my hair they got to see just how thick and deep it was too. As my labia started to come into view it showed just how much hair there really was down there. One guy said “If you shaved her you could restuff that old sofa of yours.” That got a lot of laughs. I had now parted my hair back away from my sex lips. I held the hair back by spreading it with two fingers of one hand whilst I took hold of the labia with my other hand. I eased my lips slowly out as I could I didn’t want to show any more than I already was. Phil told my to hold the hair back as I was now, but pull the lips out until he told me to stop. I pulled as far as I could. But he said “pull till it hurts”. I did and he made me hold on for about 30 seconds then told me to let go of the lips and move my hand out the way of the cameras while he zoomed in again. I have large labia that normall hang well down from my body. Thay are thick and meaty to the touch. They have nice texturing and at the outside edges they are brown and as you get closer in to the vaginal hole they become more pink. Now my labia were on display. They were getting even more rude comments. The one that got the most laughs was “I’ve seen smaller flaps on a truck.” Phil said “Keep looking and smiling Missy. I want to zoom in nice and intimate like. That’s great stuff, your face is just as lovely with your legs spread. Now lets have a look up your pussy. I want you to take one lip in each hand and pull them back as wide as they’ll go. Yes that’s good. I’m getting some really good shots of just how hairy you are. It really is massive and jet black. Those lips are great, the change in color is really nice. That’s it, keep blushing I’m getting the blushes on video and they look just like a sexual flush. Along with those nice hard nipps. Now just hold as you are.””Keep looking and smiling. Don’t want you being all unhappy at your party do we. Now for a special treat that I thought up for you. A couple of weeks back we was here having a beer and talking about what we would do with you when konya escort bayan you arrived and such. When someone says, Jesus after all that talk I could use a wank. Now that set me thinking. I’m the thinker here you see. I thought if all these guys, when they was at home wanking and thinking of you. Why waste it all. After all it belongs to you as you made them cum. And it’s only fair that they saved it all up from all the wanks they had thinking of you and bought it all with them tonight so that you can have it. Now just take a look around at these guys and you’ll see that they ain’t the smartest or best right. Now non of these looser’s is married or even had a girlfriend has hasn’t had to pay for. Look at them what women in her right mind would look at this lot twice. They certained wouldn’t have sex with them in case they got pregnant. Who would want a moron’s offspring in their belly nine months! So these guys don’t get a lot of sex right. So I had this idea they have lots of private wanking time on their hands.”Carl works at the hospital like I said. So he stole me some sample bottles from there. By the way you own him $10 dollars for them. Don’t worry, I’ll give him the money for you. I don’t want you moving now your all nice and comfortable. There you go Carl and don’t spend it all on loose women. Hell now you don’t have to, you got one here!””So I says to Carl get Miss Bush some sample bottles for all her cum to be collected. Carl comes up with the goods. And last week all the guys went home with a few bottles each to fill with cum for you. They have kept it in the fridge to keep it nice and fresh and kicking. Now when we were thinking about what we wanted you to do with. We first thought was ‘up the puss’. But then we though no point in that. You need fresh stuff up the puss if you want any lasting result. So we thought again. And Carl here has this theory. That when a women swallows cum it makes her pussy more wet. Now we thought this is a great experiment. If it doesn’t work, then you have got all the spunk you’re owed by us and no harm done. And if it works you are all nicely lubed up for later. See! Great idea! Everyone benfits, and you get what you’re owed by us. Ya see that’s how friends like us look after each other.””Right Carl your the technician here. Go got all the stuff from the fridge.”I thought I was terrified before but this was a whole new level. I started to move and felt the knife touch my neck again. Phil said “You have no choice. I told you before. You cooperate or we force you to then you die. Choose now!” I nodded slowly and said “Cooperate”.Phil smiled again and said “Keep how you were for now. Nice and comfortable, lips spread. Yes that’s right.”Carl returned with a steel hospital tray covers with a white cloth. He pulled off the cloth to show me what was there. There was an empty beer glass. A speculum and loads of sample bottles. Some totally, and some partially filled with sperm.Carl said “Right hold you lips open with one hand. You’ll need the other for the bottles. Good your lips are good and wide. “”Are you getting all this Phil? Good. Now I want you to tighten your pussy and now realease it. Yes that’s good. Do it a few more times. Right now I want you to relax it and hold it open with just your pussy muscles. Yes that’s good. Hold it like that until you can relax and your hole stays open all by itself. Yes that looks great. Now stay exactly like that. I don’t want you tightening your hole unless you happen to cum.””Phil is her puss hole all nicely in focus, and have you got her face in frame too?”Phil nodded.Carl continued “Right. Now let’s start the bottles. Miss Bush the way this is going to work is like this. I will open the bottle and you will take it. Wether the bottle is full or not you will first sniff it to get the full aroma then pour all the cum into your mouth in one go. You will move it around with your tongue until I tell you to stop. You will swallow it all. You then open your mouth to the camera to show that your mouth is now empty. You will then smile nice and then lick out any cum left in the bottle. I will take the bottle of you when I think you have got it clean enough. Have you got all that?” I nodded.He said “Good lets start. I have no idead whose these are from as there are no labels. But you don’t need to worry about whoose spunk your are swallowing. Your job is to do as I say. OK. Off with the first cap. I want no spillages or you now are in for some serious pain. Phil has been too light on you so far. Don’t mess with me or you’ll end up pleading to die. Now smile nice for the camera”I looked with digust at the pale grey slimy liquid inside the first bottle he had picked up. I couldn’t help wondering which of these morons had filled it to brimming for me. I had never smelt or tasted sperm before so I didn’t know what to expect. I took it with my left hand while I held my sex lips open with my right. I put it up to my nose and took a tentative sniff. It didn’t smell too bad just sort of ‘dry’, musky maybe. All the time the cameras were capturing my responses on both my face and my vagina. I sniffed again deeper this time and Carl nodded for me to pour it into my mouth. I opened my mouth and poured it all in. The taste was not as digusting as I expected just sort of ‘salty’ but no real taste. Carl from off camera indicated that I should start swilling it around with my tongue. I closed my eyes and did as I was told. I had been moving the slime around with my tongue for maybe 10sec when I started to get a warm sensation inside my vagina. Suddenly my vagina tightened of it own accord and I had an orgasm. I was so suprised by the speed that it happened that I accidentally swallowed most of the sperm. I opened my eyes terrified that I was going to be hurt. I just blurrted out “Sorry! I just had an orgasm and swallowed most of it.” The guys were all clapping and cheering. I went from terrified to just humiliated. I had just been filmed with my vagina wide open drinking some stranger’s sperm and I had just had an orgasm and admitted it all in front of some leering morons. (Later Phil insisted on showing me the recording of the first bottle swallowing. What you could see was me smiling and naked and laid back in the chair with a leg over each arm of the chair. My vagina hole was open and with the bright lighting you could actually see up inside my vagina. My vagina was moist but not wet or running. You could see me take the bottle sniff and pour the contents into my mouth. You could see me swirling the sperm. Then my hole gave a slight spasm and clear lubrication juicy start to flow out of my hole. Suddenly my vagina had contracted a couple of times and then as the orgasm passed it sort of relaxed back to open again but with small open and closing movements inside. Carl said it looked like a fish gasping for air. I knew what he meant, I could see the similarity myself. It was very humiliating. By then my vaginal muscles were relaxed to an open position. I wasn’t holding it open, it was open, and appered to be waiting for something to be inserted, of it’s own accord.)My labia were now holding in the full spread position by themselves so I was told to remove my hand as it wasn’t needed and got in the way of the camera. It seemed that my vagina and lips had decided they wanted to show full spread.After I had finished apologising for swallowing too soon. Carl told my to open my mouth to the camera to show how much was left. Then I was to swallow the remains which I did. I then had to lick out the last of the sperm from the bottle and swallow it. When I had got the bottle clean Carl took it from me. It was time for the next one.

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