That Mirror: AdamNCourtneyB Part 2 Body Swap

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That Mirror: AdamNCourtneyB Part 2 Body SwapThat Mirror: AdamNCourtneyB Part 2 Body SwapWe are going on three months now, time continues to fly by. My wife and I haven’t stayed in our own bodies for more then a few hours. Just long enough to goto work complete the day and rush home. We have hardly left the house, I dont think either of us wanted to spend a moment away from each others company.That is until this week, my wife has a old friend and her husband going to stay with us, It had been planned for nearly a year. Its a annual event, last year we had all stay at their place in Atlanta. So this year they were coming to stay with us. They were good company; But I dont think Courtney or myself were really ready to give up our time together to entertain. Of course I was sent to the airport to pick them up, a three hour drive there, the waiting time for them to debark and find my car; then another three hours back home. It wasn’t what I wanted to do. Thankfully they had choose a red-eye flight, heading into Seattle was great at night with very little traffic. As i arrived at the airport I parked the cellar phone pickup lot. A new feature that they were doing, but it made the parking free and easy. It wasn’t long before my phone rang, they were coming from the E7 elevator. I fired up and headed to them, I have to always say wow when seeing them. Amy is a very good looking 30 year old, shes 5’4 about 130 pounds. Gorgeous is the word, she was a very fit brunette with long legs for a person of her height. But it had to be her ass and tits that really got me. Of course I knew the tits were fake, but that ass was all her. Sean was very different, 38 year old very tall black man. He was at least 6’6 and 240 pounds. He was from Africa and had the darkest skin I had ever seen. After my last few months experience, to say other considerations were evident to me now. He looks strong, a lot more then I had ever noticed. Build would be the word for him, He had a Shaved head and a closely cropped beard. Dressed is a business traveling suit, I could actually make out his package. Wow I had never thought about him that way before. It scared me, Until just now the feelings towards the male sex had only happened when Courtney and I had swapped bodies. I haven’t had any carry over to my own body. As far as I knew she hadn’t either.Sean” Hey Adam, Hows it going? “Adam” Me I’m doing well, got a great new book on audio so the drive was good. How about you two? “Sean And Amy ” LONG FLIGHT “Adam” No issues. You guys can grab some sleep on the drive home, Or grab coffee and watch the mountains. “Amy” I need to sleep, Someone Snored the whole 9 hour flight, Plus I want to feel refreshed when I see Courtney. Its been too long, I wanna see my girl. ” Sean ” Coffee and NOT starbucks! ” Adam” Sean I wouldn’t dream of giving that stuff, Its Washington and we have many options. “As we loading their luggage into the trunk, i noticed myself checking out Sean again. Thankfully he didn’t notice me, but I had to get my mind clear. Now on our way we stopped in Bend, WA at a little drive thru Coffee shop. Really one of the best places. I saw Sean checking out the girls, it was one of the things we always did on the way home. These little coffee shop really have great coffee, but the servers are young girls and lingerie. I have to say I enjoyed them, but not as much anymore. Sean however loved the places, I know they didn’t have them back in Atlanta.The three hours passed with OK time, listening to my latest sci-fi audio book. Sean was pretty quite, He liked listening to books too; but I dont think he was a sci-fi nut like me. We arrived at the house, pulling in I could hear the girls nearly yelling they were happy to see each other. Me i was just trying to be rhythmic complete this task and move on to the next to keep my mind clear. I don’t know what was really going on, And i know I wouldn’t have a chance to talk to Courtney until late tonight. We hadn’t given up hope of using our little mirror, I mean after all Amy and Sean are going to be here of a month. Courtney and I both agreed that was to long. Since that first experience with our mirror we had learned a few things, a lot of our own; but during my work day Courtney had been researching like a mad-women. She has called nearly every Museum and School the studied Arabic artifacts. There was a lot of information out there. but once she found Ghayat al-?akim a book about ancient Arabian of astrology and occult magic. we had what we needed. Inside we found all the answers, The mirror was old, dating back to the 10th century. Once belonging to a Tagavor Cilician Armenia king. It was stolen by Malika Arabic for Queen on the night of union that would join the two rival tribes. The king had cursed the mirror, to always change the person she saw in it. Needless to say the curse back fired, and she used the mirror to gain control of his tribe. Then proceeded to kill them all. The mirror then passed down until stolen by the English in mid 14th century. Instructions for the mirror were easy after a good old google translate. Courtney as the purchaser was in control, all she had to do was look into the mirror. The next person to look into the mirror would swap bodies with her, if she held the handle with one hand well gazing into it the swap would last one day. for Each finger she removed it would take 1/5 of the time off the swap. We had tested this laying it on the bed, and having her touch it with only one finger well looking into it. That time the swap only lasted about four and half hours. if you she held the mirror with both hands the swap would be permanent. Something we had talked about doing, We both actually loved the feelings of being the other person so much that we were really considering making a permanent swap. The only thing holding us back was my business, Courtney didn’t have think she could run everything on her own. So I was considering selling to another firm that had been interested ever since I landed a huge contract that they wanted. They had lots of money to spare already, so I knew that would ordu escort buy. I was just waiting for the right time. 1st Night NOT ALONECourtney had made a spread, I mean a huge meal. She always like to show off her cooking skills, and for good reason she was queen in the kitchen. We all sat down having opened 3 bottles of good wine before dinner everyone was just on the tipsy side. But dinner lead into the normal conversations, how are you?, hows the new job? , you saw who last week?, and so on. Then. Courtney” So Amy remember that trip we took to Armenia? “Amy” Yeah like yesterday LoL………. no I’m k**ding, I remember it was like ten years ago not much for details now “Courtney ” I was just thinking about it, I ran across a book talking about that mirror. You know the Malika Mirror that Dr. Ryzen was going on about. “Amy ” I remember Dr. Ryzen. “Courtney” REALLY you were in his classes for like 2 years, did you ever listen to him? “Amy” NO. I found it hard to think around that man. ” Courtney ” I know what you mean, that is until I found out he was gay “Amy ” No FUCKING way…….. I had to change my panties after every class, I didnt think he is gay ” Courtney ” Has a Boyfriend now “The words wet panties grabbed Sean and my attention, and now we were hooked to hear. Courtney ” Well besides that I have sparked a interest in that old mirror legend again. “I couldn’t believe my ears, Is she trying to blow everything that we have been doing. Letting the secret out; just the idea made me feel dirty. The conversation continued all the while Sean was drumming on about football and god knows what else. Courtney wasn’t giving details. Just a general direction to keep Amy heading to the mirror conversation. I didn’t understand why, I know Courtney had learned about the mirror on that trip, and that Amy was there. It had to be a shared interest, but both girls had gone in completely different career directions after college. Courtney was a historical Art restorer, and Amy was a swim suit model. Even though she had a great education, She had a better body. As I saw the night coming to a end; Sean had already ran off to bed, I helped the girls clean. I was planning to stay up and talk to Courtney but she had other plans. In the sitting room, I was having a drink letting the girls have there time. That is until they joined me. Me“ So whats off this about I figured you’d be off talking about boys or sewing patterns. “Courtney“ Really Adam, We were still talking about that Magic mirror. Thinking over the possibilities. “Amy“ I cant believe the things this girl wants to do…. “Me“ I already know, She has discussed this about 50 times a day. “Not to mention been able to try many of them out. I wish I could openly talk to Courtney about these feelings, but as long as they keep the conversation up I can hint I guess. Me” So are there side effects to this mirror you two are talking about? “Courtney” I’m not sure, It wasn’t used over really long periods of time. not to mention that it has been missing for near 200 years “Amy ” Not to mention its not real. “Courtney ” So you think, I happen to KNOW that its real. “Amy ” Proof ” ” I think not. ” Just then Courtney pulls the dang mirror out, I mean she had the damned thing in her hand bag right next to the chair. Courtney” Because its right here. “Amy ” That’s just some old mirror, its not a magic body swapping mirror? “But that sounded more like a question than before. But with out missing a beat Courtney holding the mirror with 2 fingers looked directly into it. Me” Wait “But it was too late, she turned it on me so quickly, I never had a chance to react. On our first night the swap happened while we were sleeping. It was the first time she had used it. But after the countless times we had used the mirror, now the swap was near instant. It was happening and I could feel myself getting dizzy. My eyes closed for just a second and bang, I was sitting across the room. Courtney’s body now my body felt light and I could feel she was already horny. She had to have been working up to this all night. Thank god Sean had gone to bed already, I didnt want him to see me like this. Amy” stop playing around, it isn’t funny. And I can’t believe you are in on this Adam “She said the last part looking at my male body, but I wasnt there it was Courtney’s body now. Courtney” You can ask me anything, I am Courtney, and that’s Adam sitting over there in my now his body. ” ” how about your birthmark on you pussy lip, it looks like a small drop of red wine. That’s why you don’t completely shave or haven’t ever done nude modeling. “Amy” I can’t believe she told you about that. Her and Sean are the only two that have ever seen it. “Courtney ” i mean it i didn’t tell anyone. Let alone Adam, remember he doesnt arrrgg and now will know we slept together “I actually figured that out a long time ago. Plus I knew that when Sean and I left the girls alone they did it still. Sean I’m sure doesn’t know he isnt very open minded. But me I care less, Courtney always came home to me. It wasn’t like cheating it was always just girls. Me ” Really Amy, I’m not Courtney. I’m Adam, but dang it Court what were you thinking. This was our thing, why did you do this now? “Courtney ” I’ve been waiting 3 months for this day. I have been planning this, ever since that first night and I told you about the more experiences you could have. This was what I was talking about. It’s not going to be just a experience for you but me too. “Really i had no idea what she was getting at. We had great, amazing experiences. But she wanted more. Courtney ” Tonight I spiked Sean’s drinks, he will be out for at least 20 hours. I also spiked us threes drinks, but with something different. Girls got a pink libo pill female viagra. As for Adam’s body he got a double dose of viagra. You both should be feeling it by now. I know I am. “She was right I was feeling really horny, much more then normal. I wanted to be fucked really badly, I can feel my little pussy contract as it started dripping. Amy” I’m not having sex with your husband, or his body whatever. escort ordu “Courtney ” don’t worry you will want to ” ” I can see you dripping down your thighs already ” “plus you really won’t be fucking Adam’s body. “She had the mirror, I saw them swap so quickly I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea that you could swap twice like that. But there was Courtney’s in Amy’s body and Amy is in my body. I didnt have much time to react and Courtney was over sitting by me. She started…. Firsts… I was kissing Amy, but it wasn’t her in control. I had fantasized about Amy’s body a lot, but always as a man. This was different. Kissing was soft, slow, and much more intimate. I don’t know if it was the pills; or just a dream come to life, but my pussy was gushing. I started quivering as our bodies pressed together. She was kissing down my neck now, as i was unbuttoning her shirt. Amy hadn’t worn a bra tonight, I could feel her nipples like two little spikes. I knew mine had to be just as hard. Courtney ripped open my shirt, exposing my naked tits. She wasted no time, sucking one and twisting the ring in the other. Last month we had gotten them pierced at my request. I felt like I was going to explode. Finally I had her shirt open, I had longed to see Amy’s tits for a long time. They didnt disappoint, D cup and perfectly round. I have them in my mouth. I could hear her moan, that soft southern voice was a huge turn on. She had my skirt hicked up now, it was soaking wet cold on my back. But that was second to the hands now spreading my pussy lips apart under my panties. She had her thumb running up and down my clit, and I could feel my orgasm coming. Having a female do this to me was much different. My old body; especially with Courtney in control was amazing, but this was a different level of intimacy.Our bodies were woven together, sitting on the little love seat she made my cum five times with her fingers. Never did she put them inside even when I begged. Courtney ” now that we are warmed up, I think it’s time to show Amy some attention. “For the last minutes I had completely forgotten that she now he was there. The transfer had Amy u*********s sitting in my chair. Courtney ” it will still be a few minutes before he wakes up, and I dont wanna give him a excuse to back out. Let’s go give him a blowjob I know once your mouth gets on the cock Amy can’t say no. “I stood up, pulling the skirt and panties off. I didn’t want a barrier between us tonight. Then I got on all fours crawling over to my old body. Courtney stripped, and I got to see Amy’s body completely nude for the first time. I have to say WoW it is amazing. Tight, toned, but with shapes. That ass looked better then I could have believed possible. But what got me here pussy was tiny, I know Sean was a big guy, but he would have to use a gallon of lubes to get his cock in that little hole. I grabbed my old bodys pants, now Amy’s and undid the belt and button. Pulling then off was hard; I forget that my strength isnt the same, but once Courtney got over we managed to get them and the boxers off. Courtney ” Now show me how to suck this cock ” Me” she he is knocked out, there isnt much finesse. “His cock was rock hard, thanks to the two blue pills. But i was a experienced cock sucker now. Once Courtney found out how good it felt, she made sure I got lots of practice. I had all 9 inches down and was licking his ball with my tongue when he woke. I love looking at my face while I sucked my cock, so even when he was passed out I did it. When he woke the surprised look was going to forever be burned in my mind. I didn’t stop, I could feel his pulse quickening and knew I was about to receive his cum. I learned that I loved sucking this cock dry, the taste was worth it alone. But the feeling that I made him cum and with that much pleasure made me feel proud.I could feel the hot precum shoot into my mouth, pulling back and wrapping my tongue around his shaft, now giving him long deep strokes. The burst hit me hard, I haven’t used viagra before I heard it makes things more ntense. But his reaction was something else. His body was shaking almost convulsing. I let him fill my mouth completely full . I looked around for Courtney, and there she was lowering herself on his face . I was shocked Amy didn’t even stop us. He just started eating Courtney’s little pussy. Her moans started instantly and my pussy started quivering. I swallowed, and started to clean off his cock. It was going down tonight, and my cunt needed to be fucked. Sleeping pills or not Courtney was gonna wake Sean up. Her moans had turned to screaming and so loud our neighbors will hear. Seconds later she fell back, shaking like made. Courtney ” climb up there babe, Amy eats pussy better then anyone alive, I’m getting first go on that cock anyhow. “After that I figured I’d try, I mean I’ve never seen Courtney cum hard from getting eaten out. I climbed up, and Amy positioned me. My ass on his face looking down at Courtney trying to stand up. Amy was already going at it, licking my lips, teasing my cunt hole, and just brushing my clit with the tip of his tongue. Then Amy was licking swirls on my asshole, my god I didn’t think that would feel so good. I burst squirting all over both of them, I had a racking convulsion into a squirting orgasm again. Then he slowed, I think so I could watch Courtney lower herself down on his cock. They both let out moans as his cocks head entered Courtneys little cunt. I could see the surprise on Courtney’s face, it hurt. But it didnt seem to be stopping her, she lowered herself inch by inch. Amy was grunting. Courtney had a tight pussy, but she’d had 3 k**s. She was broken in sort of speaking. Amy however wasn’t, I could see the pussy stretching as Courtney struggled to get passed 5 inchs. Courtney leaned forward pulling out until just the head was in. Then she slammed down, taking about 7 inches. Courtney ” awwww fuck yes ” Again she pulled out and slammed down, she didnt get much farther then before. Amy” your hitting my ….. I mean I’m hitting your wall. The cervix. “Me ” Amy as she goes ordu escort bayan down thrust into her “I saw it happen, my cock well Amy’s cock. Thrust passed Courtney’s wall, she had all 9 inchs deep inside. Courtney was screaming now. Courtney ” fuck me “Amy must have used strapons before, she knew at least how to move. Pulling back and pushing in just before popping all the way out. Courtney’s body was rocking back and forth bottomed out. Amy started focusing on my asshole again, I was orgasming again when I felt Courtney’s mouth on my clit. I couldn’t help it I was cumming, squirting, shaking, and I couldn’t stop screaming. Courtney was loud but Amy’s body was a little sweet southern girl. I wasnt, my scream most definitely woke the neighbors. We lasted about 20 minutes like that, really I was about to fall over and had to stop. Courtney climbed down. Courtney ” your turn adam ” ” I know you’ll love this “I laid down on my side with Amy behind me, I reached back grabbing his cock to push into my cunt. I was aching for it at the point. But I couldn’t believe how wet it was, at first I thought Courtney had came a lot. But no she had apparently applied lots of lube to Amy’s cock. Courtney was there lining him into my ass. This we hadn’t done yet, I really wasn’t ready until now.Me” slowly babe “Courtney ” just me I know this ass is a virgin, but I figured with all your pestering you’d get to try it first. “I could feel his cock pushing in, and I wanted it. Concentrating on relaxing, he entered my little ass. It hurt but thanks to all the stimulus it actually felt good. I could feel my ass gripping his cock, pulling the foreskin back tight. At about 6 inch he slid back, push forward again. He hit nerves I did know existed,Me” awwwwww.. awww.. awww… oh myyyyyy godddddd “I came. He hadn’t even got all the way in yet. He keep going in and out only about 6 inchs. My hips were thrusting, and gyrating every time he pushed back inside. I was going to get that cock all the way inside. But I didn’t have wait long, he pulled me over my back against him. He was laying flat on the couch now sliding my ass balls deep. My cunt was like a fountain squirting with every thrust. I could feel Courtney opening my leg, which didnt want to open. But she was persistent, and she climbed between them the second they opened enough. I hadn’t seen what she was doing the last few minutes, she had pulled a strapless dildo from Amy’s bag. It was huge, 10 inch long at least 4 wide. She was sliding it into my open cunt. The feeling was insatiable, I couldn’t get enough. That’s when she clicked the remote on. This thing vibrates, inside my, inside her, on my clit, and on my ass which was occupied by Amy’s cock. I felt the orgasm coming, just as I felt Amy explode. The feeling was new but familiar, it had more effect in my ass then I thought possible. With Amy’s cock exploding deep inside ass, and Courtney pounding my pussy, my orgasm came. It racked my whole body into convulsions. I passed out, waking minutes later both Courtney and Amy still pounding away.We continued fucking like this for hours changing positions, but not partners. I thought that was going to be a great start to my new friendship with Amy. We were pretty spent, laying on the couch I was sucking Amy’s cock clean before we turned into bed. That’s when it hit me, Courtney was in Amy’s body. Me” how are we going to do this sleeping arrangement? Amy cant goto bed with Sean, least not in my body. “Amy” That would be a real surprise for him in the morning. “Courtney ” I hadn’t thought that far a head , I guess it will have to be me. I am in Amy’s body. Me ” um “Amy ” Adam no worries, Sean doesnt touch my body, likely he will already be on the floor. We having been intimate in three years. “Courtney ” what the hell Amy, you said things weren’t great but you never said it was that bad. “Amy ” it isnt bad, least not the way you are thinking. ” ” we just dont have sex, it’s a issue for both of us. “Courtney ” He isnt that old, he shouldn’t have erectile dysfunction. If he did they have pills for that. “Amy ” it isnt that, couldn’t you tell? You rode this cock with my body, Adam’s cock it big, I was surprised you could handle the pain. “Courtney ” It hurt yeah, but only for a few minutes. “Amy ” That’s the point, I cant handle Sean. I never could, you have to remember he was a virgin until our wedding night. That deep religious stuff. We didn’t have sex until that night, and I felt like I lost my virginity that night not him. “Me” But you have been married for 8 years now. “Amy” I know, and we try every now and again. When i work up my courage. Mostly I jack him off, sometimes i suck his cock but i can’t fit it in my mouth. “Me ” um what about you? From Courtney’s stories you had a running record of guys and girls before Sean. “Courtney ” Yeah you had to buy a new belt you had so many notches. “Amy smacks Courtney’s ass, the reaction was almost comical. Courtney’s reaction was a small kiss. I know they were playing but it was really hot. Amy ” ok so I was experienced, but that ended. I masturbate, and visit Courtney. Sorry Adam if you didn’t know. That’s what these trips were really about for me and her at least. “Me ” I’ve known; it didnt bother me. “Courtney ” I didn’t saying anything “Amy” Doesn’t matter; Sean however is clueless. I’d like it to stay that way. “Me” That’s between you guys. “Courtney ” Yeah; but we better get the bed now. “We still had hours remaining until the swap reversed. Yet I could tell she was jetlagged. I helped her up and we both showed. Amy’s body was amazing, and I helped her lather up. After we put on pajamas, and I walked her to the guest room. One more long kiss before i headed to our room. I found Amy just getting out of the shower. Laughter still ringing from the room. Amy” I keep swinging this cock into everything, it gets in the way a lot. “My cock was still hard, that viagra was still working. Me” normally I dont walk around hard like that. Much more manageable. “Amy ” Well I like it. It makes me feel strong, plus seeing Courtney face I mean it’s your face cumming so much… it was a real pick me up. “Me ” Ah, I know that feeling. “I did, it was always a pleasure watching Courtney cum on my cock. But I’ve learned, it’s far better to be her cumming on that cock. Part 3 coming soon..

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