The Baby Sitter Part 1

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The Baby Sitter Part 1Simon wasn’t looking forward to this job. He had been asked by the family next door to babysit their 15 year old daughter Cheyenne. Normally this would be fine – he had known Cheyenne all his life and babysat her many times before. She was always well behaved and never made any trouble. Tonight however, she was having 3 of her friends round. This would be much trickier! He knew they could be a real handful but he was being rewarded nicely for it so he wasn’t going to complain too much. In the run up to his A-Level exams, Simon had lots of work he needed doing so planned on getting at least some of it done. And, being a horny 18 year old, he was also very excited about the prospect of watching the porn previews on Sky!Simon arrived shortly after 7 and Cheyenne and her friends were all there already and up in her room. He settled down in the front room with his work and turned on tv. After 10 mins or so, he decided he should go up and just say hello to the girls and let them know that their parents ground rules wouldnt apply as long as they didnt make much trouble. (Cheyennes parents had left a long list of thing they could and couldnt do! Be in bed at 10, no noisy games, no TV after 9 etc etc). As he eryaman escort approached the door, he heard the girls voice drop. He quietly knocked and the door and poked his heard into the room. All of the girls were sat in their pjs in a circle in the middle of the room. Simon was blown away by how gorgeous they all looked. He had never noticed before quite how well defined Cheyenne was. She was certainly a beautiful young girl! As for her friends, they were certainly just as gorgeous.”Hey girls” Simon said. “Just to let you know that as long as you don’t get loud or whatever tonight, I don’t care what time you get to bed. Just try not to disturb me. Is that ok?”All the girls nodded and Cheyenne called “Thank you Simon.” With that she jumped up on to her feet ran across the room and gave Simon a peck on the cheek. She made sure that she wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his crotch area just a little bit. “We promise to be good Simon. Thank you.” She just stood there in her tiny pjs and beamed at him. Her beautiful breasts were barely covered by her top and Simon could clearly see her nipples standing up through them. He felt his cock hardening and quickly shuffled out of the room and back down the stairs.Simon escort eryaman spent several hours watching TV but not really paying any attention to it as he had his head in biology text books. But he couldn’t concentrate on work as all he could think about were Cheyenne’s breasts and he let his mind wander imagining what the rest of her looked liked. He looked up and noticed that it was now 11.30. Cheyenne’s parents were going to be gone all night and not back till morning so had said he could sleep in their bed. As it was so late, and because his cock was very hard with the thoughts of Cheyenne, he decided he’d head to bed. He headed up the stairs. As he passed the girls room he could hear lots of giggling and whispering. He assumed they were playing a silly game so walked into the master bedroom. It wasn’t the first time Simon had stayed over night here and the master bedroom was just as he remembered it. Cheyenne’s mum had put clean new sheets on the bed and folded the corner of the duvet back. It looked very inviting but Simon first made a beeline for the dresser. Opening the first draw he found Cheyenne’s mums lingerie just where he expected it. As on the other occasions when he had stayed, there were a couple of eryaman escort bayan particularly sexy thongs on the top of the pile of more ordinary underwear. Simon undressed and got into bed taking the thongs with him. He wrapped them around his (now throbbing) cock and began to stroke it up and down! He was working up a really good rhythm when he heard a scream from Cheyenne’s room. He suddenly came to his senses, dropped the thongs on the floor and reached for his boxers. Not thinking he ran to the girls room in just his boxers and burst in through the door. What he saw took his breath away. There on the bed was Cheyenne, naked, having her pussy licked out by her friend Hannah who was also naked! Cheyenne’s two other friends, Jamie and Miranda were sitting on the floor their eyes glued on the action on the bed. Jamie had her hand inside Miranda’s shorts and Miranda was feeling Jamies boobs. Simon just stood in the door way looking at the scene in the room. He was so hard he felt he might cum then and there! After what seemed like an eternity Cheyenne screamed again as she came very very hard. After her orgasm calmed down, she turned her head and looked Simon dead in the eye. She just smiled as she ran her eyes down his body and onto his cock!”You heard me then?” She said with a grin on her face.To be continued………..Hope you like this story! I’ve written a couple before on other sites. If I get good comments then I’ll post more!!Ciao for now!Simonxxx

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