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THE DAY I WILL NEVER FORGETIt was around ten at night and I was walking to my car after finishing an afternoon shift. I was set upon by a number of guys who jabbed me with a syringe after I was dragged into their van. I thought I was dreaming as I regained consciousness and became aware of my predicament. I was in a strange room with a naked guy wearing nothing but a black leather hood and up to his balls in my arse.A sudden rush of adrenalin surged through me. I tried to extricate myself but was prevented by the apparatus I was shackled to. It was a contraption they referred to as “The Stocks.” I was on all fours and my wrists and ankles were firmly held by leather straps to the horizontal support bars at both ends of the device. These bars gave the “Stocks” their stability and acted as spreaders.A padded rectangular platform supported my chest and my neck was secured to the front end of the pad by a heavy leather collar. I was facing a large wall mirror and through the gloom I was shocked when I realized my head had been shaved and I was wearing what looked like heavy eye makeup.I’d been fitted with a leather ball gag harness and my mind raced; what the hell was happening to me? My cherry had been popped while I was out of it and I’d felt no pain which was probably a blessing. The only sound I could identify was the labored breathing of this guy who was r****g me. I was filled with fear and dread but decided that surrender might be the prudent option. The burning sensation emanating from my rear definitely forced me to focus and I desperately searched my brain for an answer. Stupidly, I wondered if my r****t friend was using a rubber and deduced he probably wasn’t. I had no idea how long he’d been fucking me but he didn’t seem to be betraying any signs of imminent ejaculation. Like he’d read my mind, he slapped my right arse cheek very hard a couple of times and with a loud groan emptied his load. He lay on my back and let it soak for a while. I realized I had a hard on and it disturbed me. I believed I was a God fearing heterosexual and it made me think. I didn’t think for too long however eryaman escort as my spent lover removed himself and a rush of cold air blew up my arse as he pulled out; I wondered if I was damaged. A guy wearing a Master’s harness and ghoul mask replaced him; his cut cock was long and thick and I believe he was wearing what I know now as a cock ring. He rubbed his hand along my arse crack and chided the previous guy for making such a mess. The laughter indicted that there were a number of people in the room and confirmed that he definitely hadn’t bothered with a rubber. The new guy slid his shaft along my wet crack a few times and without any warning pushed in up to his balls. The pressure and pain made me groan and he slapped me across the back of my head and told me to “Shut the fuck up.” I groaned again and an implied threat in the form of a baseball bat was placed in my line of sight. He joked that my bum was like a cunt and he suggested I was probably enjoying having a cock up there. He said “Now that you’ve had it, you’ll always want it.” The truth was, I was enjoying being fucked and I wished they’d remove my gag so I could tell them before they caused me serious harm. I couldn’t move my head and try as I might my situation seemed hopeless. Someone else in the room announced that I had a hard on and the oohs and aahs were followed by laughter. The guy fucking me shot his load and whispered in my ear that I was a lovely fuck and I could be his girlfriend. Someone else present coldly and quietly informed me that they would remove my gag only if I promised to stay quiet. He threatened they would kill me if I yelled out. I tried to nod and the second guy removed my harness and quickly fitted me with a blindfold. The same cold voice, now closer, demanded I suck his cock. He again threatened that any biting or unnecessary noise would bring about my demise. I felt a cock being pushed against my lips and I opened my mouth. By accident the tip of my tongue flicked his slit. I tasted pre cum and it prompted the owner to push a good portion of his length into my mouth. He reminded me escort eryaman not to do anything stupid and started thrusting slowly. While this was happening someone was behind me and preparing to fuck my hole; it was surreal. In a heartbeat I was getting both ends and in spite of what may have been in store after, I was in the moment. I’d never sucked a cock before and could only draw on my experience with women who had worked me. He pushed to the back of my throat and I gagged so violently I nearly vomited. He decided to unshackle my neck restraint and it allowed me more control. I thought if I made noises while sucking that demonstrated surrender and submission, it might help to avoid being bashed or worse. I made approving noises that seemed to get him stirred up. He said “Suck it bitch, suck my cock you slut whore.” The tension in the room was palpable and someone blurted out “Make the slag swallow, Skip.” Everyone was quiet and focused and I felt the guy in my arse go rigid and loudly exclaim “This bitch is hot” which prompted him to empty his sack inside me. A split second later, the guy in my mouth spurted and I coughed a spluttered as it was totally unannounced. He screamed at me to swallow and I did as ordered. There was so much of it and contrary to what I thought; I didn’t find it at all revolting. Immediately there was someone new in my arse and a fresh cock was pushed in my mouth. It seemed to go on forever and it wasn’t till everyone had had their fill they said they started discussing how to get rid of me. I freaked out again, and I pleaded with them not to hurt me and that I’d do anything for them. Someone ventured “What else could there be?” They all laughed and leaving my blindfold on, they released my wrists and ankles and dragged me to my feet where I immediately collapsed. They demanded I stand up; I was hit in the face and called a slut. I felt all that cum running down the insides of my legs and I struggled to keep my balance.They stretched my arms out and I was grabbed by the balls. A low voice confirmed that they knew where I lived from my driver’s license eryaman escort bayan and any police attention would result in my death. He told me to nod if I understood, and again I did as I was asked. He squeezed my balls so hard that it caused me to cry out and fall to my knees. Once more I was hit in the face and something was tied around my waist.I was hit repeatedly while being dragged along and I nearly lost consciousness once more. I remember being in a moving vehicle before being unceremoniously dumped back at my car. All my clothes were thrown on the pavement with me and my belongings were s**ttered about. I was alone in the parking lot and although still dark, I knew it was early morning. I was naked save a pair of black nylons and an old garter belt that had been untidily tied around my waist. I found my car keys and wallet (which was empty) and scrambled into my car. I look in the rear view mirror and there was black make up smeared all over my face. Someone had written “Whore” in marker pen on my forehead and I was bleeding from two cuts. I could taste cum and my seat was wet underneath my butt which was burning and sore. I drove home as quickly as I could and went straight to the shower. I carefully washed away the mess as the events of that night raced around inside my head. I soaped my sphincter which was so stretched it accommodated three of my fingers. That guy had said it was just like a pussy and he was right. As I retraced the night in my mind I became rock hard and just had to masturbate. Inexplicably, I fantasized about being fucked while I jerked off and my climax was incredibly powerful and copious. I decided to stay away from the police.Being ****d and abused had made me realize things about myself. I totally identified with the submissive role. Being fucked had promoted feminine urges that I’d never felt before and I struggled to interpret. I kept the nylons and garter belt from that night and used them as a focus for masturbation. That evolved into cross dressing at home having sex with men when dressed in drag.I started using make up and wearing wigs while I keep my head shaven to remind me of that night. I joined a number of online contact sites and met a married guy through one of them. We’ve been lovers for four years now and I love the way he treats me like a girl; I play the part admirably.

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