The Expanded Back Story Of Sarah, A Girl From The

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The Expanded Back Story Of Sarah, A Girl From TheIn the 2 years I spent as a bartender there were only two girls, Sarah and Kelly, that I fucked just to fuck. The other 13 I actually liked in some way or another, I mean I didn’ want to marry them or anything, but they all had some charm. But not Sarah. Sarah was hot alright, in fact I ranked her at the top 3 of the hottest girls I fucked while working at the bar. She had nice long dirty blond/light brown hair, a very respectable body, I’m not talking rail thin or anything, but the meat was in all the right places. mainly her tits, a nice 36C if I remember correctly and a fine tight ass that I enjoyed making jiggle while we fucked. Now, Sarah liked to hang out on most weeknights with her “friends”. She would usually show up around 10pm already “tipsy”, or as I later learned sometimes stoned. She was a junior in college when I first started fucking her, and I got the feeling she had been around. The reason I put friends in quotes is because most of the time she spent bitching about what ever girl wasn’t there that night, or cock blocking them time and time again. She had an attitude around her, and although her good looks got her lots of attention from the guys, a lot of nights she left alone after pissing off everyone around her. Lets just say booze and her didn’t always work well together. How these chicks put up with It for as long as they did, I’ll never know.Anyway, as a bartender you are a shoulder to cry on, a friend to talk to, and sometimes a lover to fuck. You also listen to the lives of countless people unfold. A silent partner to their sadness, anger, love, and life.SO, WHO CARES?Ok. So here is how I ended up with Sarah.She was drinking with some “friends” one saturday night, I walked out to smoke a butt, and when I came back in, the shit had hit the fan, her two girlfriends and one of their boyfriends were chewing her out, rightly so I’m sure about her being two faced, and bla bla bla bla…They left after a huge shit match, and let poor little Sarah at the bar with no ride home.She had flirted with me before, as most chicks did, mostly hoping for a free drink, but on this night I decided she was just right for the fucking… I mean picking.I listened to the play by play of this nights drama, and just nodded and agreed with everything she said. after a while of playing the shoulder to cry on, I offered to “help”. I told her I’d give her a lift after close if she wanted it, and that was all it took. for the next 3 hours she sat there driving me nuts with all her sob story bullshit, and as a good bartender, I gave her that crutch she needed.I also dropped a bunch of seeds, “oh your such a cutie” ” oh if you were my girl, I’d take care of you” bla bla bla. I don’t remember the B.S. , But I could tell it was working.At close, I took her to the car, and off we went. We didn’t get a mile towards the apartment she shared, when she asked “you wanna hang out some more?” And that my friends was all it took.We got back to my place at about 2 in the morning. Way Way past my adult bedtime, but in college, some nights are just getting started. By this time in my bartending life My roommate was used to seeing me buca escort show up with some random, or sort of familiar chick. He was passed out on the couch when we walked in, and even though he was already starting to stir, I used him as an excuse to get her in the bedroom. We went down the small hall of my place, and headed into the room, I sat on the bed, and she just stood there looking around. My Room had a small desk and chair for my home work, a 19inch tv, one of those old all in one stereos, and two small dressers. It was a cluttered mess, and it was always a pig sty much like any college age guys room is going to be. I’m thinking I’ll be fucking her in 10 minutes, but in fact it took over an hour. She sat in the chair, both of us chain smoking, and drinking more beer as she retold the same fucking story over and over again. Guys this shit was getting old real fast, and it was looking like I was going to get shot down.I got up to take a piss, Trying to think my way out of this. When I got back in the room thankfully she was crawling into bed. I asked her If she Wanted a ride home, and she said something to the effect of… I’d like to stay with you.BING! We have a winner!I decided my next move would be bold and quick. With the lights on, and before I said a word, I started to undress. She said nothing. I remember crawling under the sheets with just my boxers on, and I went right for her. No more stupid talking, just face to face full on making out. This is when things turned around. She had been bitchy all night, and a real pain in the ass, but once my tounge was in her mouth it all faded away to just passion. This chick had some. she grabbed and I grabbed, she pulled and I poked, it was like high school for a good 20 minutes. sucking on he great tits, and her trying to give me a hand job half assed.That first fuck was acutally nice, she never complained. I started out right by eating her pussy. She came hard, and after that she was up for what ever. I had her quivering in bed with that pussy liking, and when I came back up to start fucking her, I said nothing, I just slid it in and fucked, banging her missionary style for at least another 20minutes before pulling out and Cumming on her belly and furry bush. Most chicks get up and clean off right after sex, but not Sarah, she laid there with my jizz all over her for like 5 minutes till I decided to do something freaky, taking my hand and rubbing it around and up over her tits. I remember looking at her damn near perfect tits glistening with my jizz covering them and thinking. I’m going to have to do this again and again. I can put up with a lot of shit for some fine pussy, and Guys, right here was some of the finest. She missed her first 3 classes, and I wasn’t in school that semester, so when we got up at like noon, I went straight back into fuck mode. I wanted more of this girl incase she was done with me. I skipped most of the foreplay from the night before. This was going to be more like hate fucking. I took off the mask, and fucked her in every postition I could think of. She said nothing, just turning over to let me fuck her from behind. The lights were off, but the noon buca escort bayan day sun let me have my first real look at her near perfect ass. It was a creamy tight pile of goodness, and I was fucking dying to get into it, but I did nothing yet. I continued to move her around the bed. fucking with her on top to get a great view of her bouncing tits, putting her on her side so I could fondle those tits while I plowed her pussy, and over and over again putting her in the positions that I would fuck her ass in when I got the chance. Now if you’ve read my other stories, or seen my videos, you know I have a thing for Anal. It wasn’t so bad at first, but by the time I met Sarah, it was about all I really wanted from these girls. Her ass was all I could think about, so as I rode her from behind, I finally started talking. I started to move her into all the positions again, and asked her “have you ever done it like this? ” move her to side fucking “how about like this” then to the cow girl again “like this?”She was giggling not sure how to handle being asked about her previous lovers, and her sex life by a mostly stranger, but she played along. As I suspected she was no prude. she had done most of the things I was doing to her.Next I moved her back into doggy style. I started fucking away, and put my thumb on her butthole. she said nothing, so I started to play with it a bit. She squirmed a bit so I stopped. After a few more minutes of fucking, I asked her if she had ever tried anal. She admitted that she had tried It once in high school. That was all I needed, With out really so much asking as doing while I was asking, I took my dick out of her pussy and pushed it right up to her butthole. I had no lube, but my dick was mostly wet from the regular fucking we had been doing. I then sort of asked what to try it again? she started to give some excuses, And I started to hope she had shit when she used the bathroom earlier because I started to push the second the first word had come out of my mouth. By the time my head had breached her asshole she had finally said something to the effect of “Not really”It was to late. my shaft was half way in by the time she got it all out, and by then I was asking for the same thing a different way. Hey guys, this Is how you get your dick in a girls ass.By the time She could respond again, I was all the way in and starting to pull back out at bit. This time all she said was “Well, Unhh”. I started to fuck her ass as gently as my raging hormones would let me. I asked her, I shit you not, If she was sure it was ok. She was already getting fucked in the ass, and just said, “OK”Now It was on. I spent the nect 15 minutes pounding her ass first in the doggy style position, then towards the end, by placing her face down flat on the bed and ramming away till I cam. When I cam I came right in her. There was never anything better then leaving a load in a girls ass back then. Other then Laura, I could never cum in any of these girls pussies. The last thing I wanted was a k**, so cumming was reserved for mouths or asses, and I preferred asses!She complained some that first day, mostly about her sore asshole then all escort buca the positions I kept putting her in, but the funny thing was she did what ever I asked. I decided to try and hang on to this one as long as I could.I started to fuck Sarah quite regularly. She would come over on my days off and we’d spend them fucking. She’d come over after work, and we’d spend them fucking. I don’t remember ever really doing anything else with her. I never went out with her other then to campus, I never remember eating out anywhere. I just fucked her, and told her what ever she wanted to hear when I wasn’t fucking her.She would complain when we had a lot of sex too, always reacting to things like Reverse cowgirl “I don’t really like that too much” Bam! I’m fucking her that way. Girl on top, girl on bottom, doggy, belly fuck, side fuck, ass fuck, finger fuck, in the kitchen, in the shower while I watched the game… It was all the same.”Can we not do this?” Bam, I’m pounding that ass in the shower before she goes to work. “No baby, I’m on the rag” Bam, I’m Switch fucking her pussy and ass back and forth for half an hour straight. By the time 2 months had gone by She must have known It was never going to work out, or if she didn’t she was clue free. I was fucking her like it was a job. I wanted to use that shit up. I fucked her in the ass for a week straight during spring break. Every day that week from Saturday to Saturday, I fucked her ass. It had to be broken, but it still felt great. With her I liked to play a little game in the shower. I’d shower with her after I got off of work, and when it was time to plow that ass, she was always asking if I was using lube. Now as adult, I know this was a dick move, but at the time My cock made all the decisions.I would grab the lube, and squirt it onto my finger for her to see, then turn her around and stick another finger in her ass. That’s right, no lube I must have played that trick a dozen times. Her ass never felt any different with out lube, but it was a mind thing. It felt somehow better to push my cock in her un-lubricated ass then it did if it was all greased up. She took it like a trooper though, never pulling back, or freaking out, she just let it happen. She was awesome.If your out there Sarah, Sorry about that lube thing.As time went by the complaints in general started to get worse.”Oh,baby You just tore it open yesterday” That was my favorite. She liked to tell me that I’d “torn” open her asshole and that it needed time to heal. Bam.I’m jack hammering that ass with drunk dick for an hour. She liked it, It gave her something to complain about. This shit was great. I mean here is what I call a sport fuck, that is someone I can’t stand, and she has givin me a reason to stand her. FUCKING!That was all I needed. I hung on to sarah for almost 5 months. hell she even stayed at the house for two weeks once at the end. There was a month I only had sex with like 3 women because I was so busy fucking Sarah. Sadly little by little the complaints got worse, and the fucking got worse, and then she started talking about moving in. She wanted things to get real. My roommate was moving out and she wanted to move in. You know once she was away from her girl friends, she was alright. Since she let me do anything I wanted to her, it kinda made up for all the other shit, plus she was pretty hot too. But in the end, I had to bail, but I got a bunch of fuck sessions on tape before I dumped her.So thats Sarah.

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