The fantasies

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The fantasiesHe lived on an eyesight-beeline, directly across from my office’s daydreaming window.I had not been into men ever really, though in recent times, I would venture into the occasional quiet bi fantasy that would make me cum. Mostly those fantasies were framed with a woman in a trio, but more and more, certain bared-male photos I would see in my porn cruising could cause me to whisper to a certain corner of my consciousness, “If I was there, and he was game, I would take that hot body for such a ride…”.The first sighting of him was accidental, as I was dirty-daydreaming on a long break, while gazing northward. Initially, I was annoyed at being taken out of a vision of a certain young woman I’d recently met submitting to my wicked charms. But there was a hypnotic, sensual eloquence to the movement of his self-pleasuring going on in his bed, that arrested my senses, then lit a fire in them.The view from my perch wasn’t exactly clear, but it felt like I was watching some hot, erotic personal porn from the distance of a few rooms away. As much as it surprised me, I soon discovered that watching him toy with and get lost in his own sex stirred something deep and downright dirty in me.After a couple of days of unplanned and purposeful voyeur-ings, I decided I should bring a pair of binoculars from home; a pair that had been a gift that I’d nearly thrown out numerous times, since all it ever did was gather dust.I’d never watched another man pleasure himself like that. His technique had a little bit of an intense orgasm-denial play in it. He would bring himself to the edge and then grab the sheets with both hands and let his pelvis rise off the bed while his perfectly-proportioned cock pulsed and twitched as it begged, and as best I could see, it would drip profusely.At each rise I almost didn’t notice how hard that it made me to see that in live action, and not far from me. And when he came.. holy hell, it was in wildly arcing streams, as his body arched with a ferocious thrust, and shook from the tremors deep in his bones. That visual alone made my cock jump up and beg.His playtimes seemed to match my break and lunch times. I wondered about his work and life, and made little stories up in my head about him. I wondered if I might see him bring a lover or two home sometime, and watch them go at it. Maybe he’ll have a girl kneel by his open curtains while he rocks his hard flesh into her willing throat and feeds her his huge load. Or maybe I’ll witness this guy exploring another man, swallowing one another in a slow motion in a hot man-to-man 69, until one had to finally mount and fuck the daylights out of the other.The fantasies got to me more and more, until one day I found myself watching him masturbate while he was sitting near his window, and without thinking, I also caught myself locking my door, putting calls on hold, and unzipping my own pants to join him secretively.I could almost not believe what I was doing, and I nearly let myself illegal bahis begin to wonder what it meant. But I knew better. Pleasure was pleasure, I reasoned. And why the fuck not? “No labels now”, I whispered between cock fondles and purrs, “No labels.”I was losing myself in this, in him, when I gasped aloud. He had stood up and was facing me, never missing a stroke. He knew that I was watching him. I could see him bite his lip and toss his head back when the sensitivity got more intense. When his gaze returned, he smiled at me.Suddenly, his arm was motioning. I didn’t know what it was at first, until I realized that he wanted me to stand too. He wanted me to join him, to mirror him. I swallowed hard, looked around as if to see who was watching me – a silly notion in a locked room. Then I stood, my cock in hand, dripping and flushed with a little bit of shock at myself and on fire with an incredible rush of arousal.He was clearly waiting for me. I dropped my binoculars, then my pants. Then he and I began to slow-stroke at first, keeping our eyes locked across the open air, and continued to match one another in rising rhythms and strides. At one point, it almost looked to me like he was going to fuck his window pane and I found myself nuzzling my cock’s head on my plate glass as well.I could tell when he was about to explode and I was right there with him. His muscular body arched back and big shots of white cream spattered his otherwise clean pane again and again and again.The first spray set me right into my spewing eruption, and soon there were running puddles of dirty white lust streaking our respective looking glasses.Again, I was half in disbelief that I’d just buddy-cummed with a man I don’t know, and in my office, no less!! I doubted that he knew it was my first ever, because I came as hard as he did.I watched him kneel and lick some of his own cum off the window and without thinking, I did the same. He signaled for me to use my binoculars, and when I managed to focus them and my eyes again, I saw his lush ass winking at me. I wondered what he was up to.When he turned back, he held up a sheet of paper with a phone number on it. “Text me sometime”, it said, after the number.When I got the nerve a little later on, some of our convo went like this:*Me: That was a first for me. And pretty… great.Him: I had a feeling it was new for you. Glad you enjoyed.Me: I did. Yes. I did.Him: Honestly, so did I. Loved it. Much better not doing this alone.(a pause as I pondered the surprising come-on that was forming in my mind)He continued:Him: Do you only like to watch, or do you play too? You can always watch me with someone else too, if you prefer.”Me: I’m somewhat new at much of this. Are you…(this text got accidentally cut off and sent early while I was looking for a tasteful way to ask. Thankfully, he understood.)Him: I like both sexes and both sides of the coin.(a long pause)Me: I like that.(another long pause)Me again: I have to illegal bahis siteleri go, but I’m glad we, ummm, shared. Perhaps again maybe? Soon?Him: I’m here tomorrow about the same time. Maybe I should get binoculars too.(that made me smile)Me: Thank you. Til then…*I felt like a right idiot for not asking his name, but once I cleaned up myself and my window, and re-opened my phone lines, I got distracted on purpose, and only ever lost myself in thoughts of my own filthy deed of the day, the titillating shock of my own behavior, and questions about where it might lead.I was tempted to text him at night, but I resisted. One thing I could not resist was reliving the lewd bravado of the day, and this time I came loudly all over myself, as I imagined watching him fuck a guy and a girl and then invited me to join them all.Yeah, I knew I was in trouble and there was no point in resisting any longer. I had already gone there in my mind, and then, across the street in mid-air, as it were, earlier this very day.The next day arrived, and I watched the clock with a half a hard-on the entire morning. I could feel the wetness of my precum in my boxers when I walked. I almost thought to masturbate without him beforehand to take the edge off of the ache.I intently lost myself in work again until I looked up just as he approached his window. He was wearing only a pair of burgundy briefs and he looked more attractive than I thought a man should look to me. He was also early, but not by much.His text tone made me jump:*Him: If you’re busy, I can wait.Me: Just finishing.Him: KayWhen I stood I watched him lift a pair of binoculars, he later told me he’d borrowed from a friend. Another text:Him: Very nice closer-up, you are. Can you be naked there?Me: Not here.(A very long pause. My mind was going somewhere I wasn’t sure I was ready for, and yet it would not stop spinning that way. I think he knew.)Finally…Me: Only where you are.(a pause)Him: When?Me: Now.Something in me took over in my head, and shook off the resistance.Him: You know the building. I’m in 1232. Text me and Ill buzz you in.Me: After which, unlock your door, then stand as you are now. Tug your briefs down a bit for me too. Please.That ass was the stuff dreams were made of, I thought, and I wanted to see that first. The lust would cause me not to shy out of this tryst.*I was vibrating in the elevator, wondering what bisexual dom had just taken over my senses. The “please” was the other part of me apologizing. Then again, I kind of liked the feel of this taking command thing.I walked into his place, found his bedroom easily enough, and there he stood, posed as I’d asked him to be, looking, well, surprisingly beautiful and fucking delicious to these newly-opened bi eyes.I wanted him instantly – another hot shock to my system. And his body was clearly was a willing offering to me. And that ass made my cock stand up and cheer.I tossed my coat and tie, unbuttoned most of my shirt, as canlı bahis siteleri I eyed this lush, muscular male flesh awaiting my touch, and my voice’s will.I walked to him, wrapped myself around him from behind, knowingly forming a fist about his thickened shaft and u*********sly began to kiss and bite his shoulders, as I felt my rigid cock pushing through my pants to get to his perfect taut hole.”I hope you won’t mind me leading a bit at first… unless you need to show me something.” I said as I devoured his skin and studied his erection.”I’m game”, he offered.And off we went…I lost myself in the feel of his body. It was soft and hard all at once. It was fierce and pliable and it begged me to take it wherever I wanted to go.As I kissed downward, I found my face buried in his ass and suckling his balls as I hot-stroked his dick, spurred on by the feral, dirty sounds and gyrations he was making. He was loving this and I was but a novice.I took a moment to turn him towards me and taste his pre-cum. It was sooo good. Like mine, but better because it wasn’t mine. I took his cock into my mouth and toyed with it, learning the feel and sensations. I knew, if he let me later on, that I would suck and swallow him. But right now……what I really wanted was to have him kneel and suck my cock, at the window, and he did so brilliantly, drawing it out for seeming ever, while not letting me peak too soon and definitely not letting me cum yet. He was clearly the experienced one.As I surrendered to this orgasmic succulence, I fell into one of those fantasies of mine and thought to myself, “Do it!”.I pulled him up, kissed him deeply to taste my sex on his wicked tongue, then pushed him onto the bed and mounted him in reverse. I so wanted a whack at that man-to-man 69 play, cum and all. I never realized how much of a fantasy that was for me. And he was the perfect cocksman for me to make it orgasmically real.I looked back as I dangled my wet cock in his face and smiled “We’re good at mirroring already. Why not see who makes who cum first?”The tug-of-sucking-war was breathtakingly erotic and filthy, a back and forth competition that ended with both mouths being rammed and teased and soon filled to the grinning brim with the cream of the other’s crop.When we tumbled right-side up, we stroked one another as we watched each other swallow all that we could. Then, the sticky kisses and the trading of secrets ensued.We found ourselves planning threesomes and even foursomes with a couple of girls he knew, and with one possible who I knew (though I’d have to let on my new secret to do so). As the talk and touch and cock-grabbing reignited things, he said, “You may want to call your office. Tell them you’ll be late. Maybe ask them to watch from your window”We laughed and I quietly worried, as I wondered who else could see us now. Something in me suddenly didn’t care anymore.”If I ask them to watch, then I want my first time to be fucking you against the window.”Our eyes locked, and he said, “Do it.”I wasn’t sure about inviting watchers, especially from my workplace, but I was sure that I was about to fuck his ass into oblivion at the window. If nothing else, that memory alone would make my day whenever I looked over here again.

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