The forrest.

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The forrest.It was a raining sunday, and i had been teasing daddy all day in the naughty way, but without it leading to sex, i knew daddy loved it. I know when i tease him like this he suddenly explode in a rough way and this was what i wanted.Being in latex/rubber most of the day was a normal thing to me, daddy loved me like that, daddy`s sissy girl should always be in latex also when i sleep, and over time i had a pretty awesome collection, daddy was spoiling me with latex presents.As expected, daddy got rough and commanded me to get dressed from top to bottom in latex and when i was done, i should come to him, for the last finish as he described it, so now i knew, something good was about to come, but what did he had in mind.))I didn`t needed to add much, a pink catsuit, long stockings, gloves and of cause, my pink/transparent latex hood, but i wanted to add a little extra, rubber Bloomers and my tight black corset, yeah, that was it, so now i could go into daddy.He was waiting for me in the living room and asked me to sit before him, yes blowjob time i thought, i just loved daddy`s big cock in my mouth, but nope, that wasn`t it. He gave me a collar on, leather cuffs on hands and feet and a belt where he placed the leather cuffs on my hands to and now the gag ball.Get up daddy said, he gave me a raining coat and hat on and closed it, rubber boots, now we are taking a ride daddy said. I tried to protest, but he ignored me and pushed me out to the car, forced me inside on the backseat and gave me the safety yalova escort harness on and then closed the door. He started the car and started driving, now i was lost, what did daddy had in mind, i was excited at the same time, it could only be good.))It looked like we were going to the forrest, daddy drove in and parked the car, excited daddy said, i couldn`t make my self clear with the gag ball, even though i tried. He came to my side of the car, opened and pulled me out, let`s go for a walk he said while turning his headlight on, i have a surprise for you. It was dark now, i couldn`t see much except what daddy`s headlight on the path, i could feel i was a bit unsecure walking in public like this, full covered in latex, but again, how many would i meet in this darkness, not many, but there where still a chance. It seemed we arrived at the place daddy wanted, he pulled me aside into a spot by a lot of trees, sit down bitch daddy said, and i did as he commanded. He had a chain in his pocket he pulled out, tying me to a tree and placed a lock on the chain, then he left me. I couldn`t scream for help, i was all by myself in a big black forrest. I was telling myself daddy would come back for me, he wouldn`t leave me here, like this, he couldn`t.It felt like a long time, alone, i could hear branches break, was i all alone or, i could two men talk, they came closer to me, it was daddy coming back to me, but with another man, what, what was going on, but heard daddy said, here, this is my sissy bitch, you can escort yalova do what you like with him, he can`t fight it he said and laughed. So this is your toy the man said and he touched me all over, wow Peter, your toy is covered in rubber, lovely, i love it he said and removed my gag ball, you like me to place my cock in your mouth do you, can you be a good girl and suck my cock he said and pulled his cock out. He was slapping the cock in my face, on the lips, smell it he said, kiss my cock he said and it touched my lips. His cock smelled like piss, and now i had to clean it for him, but okay, i love sucking cock so i kissed it, licked it, i felt pretty fast he liked it, he was getting hard and it entered my mouth, i was now sucking a strange mans cock, the thought made me horny, i was amazed by myself, i was a slut for real, yes mister, i want your deep inside my mouth and then i started sucking, he was big, it felt really nice, it was just as big as daddy`s cock.Mister laid his hand on my head, i could feel he wanted to control the speed and how deep it came, daddy just stood there, but now he pulled his cock out too, i now knew where this was going, i was ended up in a sandwich. Mister was forcing his cock deeper and deeper, swallow it mister said, Peter said you loved it rough, so be a good girl and taking it deep and then force it down in my throat, he kept it deep in a firm grip, ohh this feels so nice and released me again, i was gasping for air, and then down it went again and again, i was yalova escort bayan getting facefucked pretty good. Daddy said something to Mister, and then daddy removed the chain, come here bitch daddy said, be a good girl and come here, suck daddy`s cock. I tried to crawl, but my hands was locked to the belt and then the rain coat over, so i crawled on my knees over to daddy, got his cock in my mouth and sucked it big, daddy slapped my face, Mister started grabbing my ass, slapping it harder and harder, i just loved it. Mister opened the zipper to my ass, he was licking it, licking my ass pussy, and it just felt so good, i could almost come, damm it was good. After a while with Mister licking my ass i was sucking daddy like never before, i wanted daddy`s cock deep, so i force it down my throat again and again, Mister stopped licking, i could feel something big pushing to get inside me, and in it went, wow it felt good, Mister had a huge beautiful cock, and then he fucked me. I was moaning of joy, i love daddy slapped me from time to time, Mister was slapping the other end, this was heaven, i didn`t want this to stop, ever.Daddy pulled out and said to Mister, let`s switch places, like to fuck my girl and got on his back, i had to sit and ride daddy while sucking Mister. Daddy was turned on and i felt how hard he was pumping the cock in and out, it was like sitting on iron, i was filled out, and i was sure daddy would come inside of me soon. Mister`s cock was r****g my mouth, and it was hard not to be able to use hands, so i did what i have been learned, work it good, riding and sucking until i could feel hot cum in my mouth, Mister almost stuffed it down my throat, i had to swallow it. Daddy came inside of me. I will never forget this day……..

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