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the holidayThe story that follows is completely true, only the names have been changed to protect their identities.I was almost there. I was almost at the end of a long bus ride home for christmas break. I was meeting my ex-girlfriend, and spending the holidays at my brothers house. After about a week, my ex asked me to stay with her. I styed with her through the rest of my stay before going back to college. She told me she had a suprise for me, for new yers eve. We went to dinner, and then she directed me to a motel she had booked a room at. Little did I know, until we went to the room, that it was a master suite. She sat me down, and said this is only 1 part of the suprise. She then sat and said that since I had told her I was bi, she felt that she could finally live out a fantsy. She then told me she had invited a friend that we had, that we knew was also bi, and had expressed an interest in me, and her. She said that she hd called him while I was in the bathroom, and he was on his way over for a few drinks, and whatever.He arrived about 15 minutes later, and sat as she offered him a beer. We chatted for awhile, also watching a movie(naughty, of course). She suggested a game of cards to continue the mood, and he,and I said sure. We started with the usual games, 21, poker, and then she said,” lets play strip poker”. We both looked at each other, an said”why not”.She said the rules were, first one naked looses, then after the last one is naked, we play for dares. Well, that was fine by me, nd I looked t him, and he was just grinning. We were playing for about 15 minutes, and I was aliağa escort down to my boxers, and pants, he ws down to his boxers, and she had bra, and panties on. On the next hand she had to remove her bra, and he lost his boxers. On the next hand, I lost my pants. By this time I was hard as a rock, and my cock was trying to get loose.The last hand for that round, she won. Off with my boxers, and then I heard a gasp from my left. It was from my friend, he was staring right at my hard cock, when linda asked him if had seen one that size, and ben said,”no”. I looked at bens cock, and it looked to be about 7″, where mine is bout 9.We took a break, and had a drink, when linda said”lets get back to the game.”We cut the deck to see who would deal, linda won. We played that first hand, and she won. She wanted to see ben, and I kiss. We kissed a quick peck, and she said ” not like that, a real lovers kiss, with tongues.” S we kissed again, french kissed. At first gentle, then with a little more passion. The next hand ben won, and told her to give me a blow job.She was really starting to get into it, when after 5 minutes, ben called a time on it. She sat back up as ben started to deal.I won that hand, and told linda to suck bens cock. I gave them the same amount of time. The next deal was mine, and wouldn’t you know, I won that hand as well. I told ben that he had to eat linda’s pussy for 5 minutes. He jumped right down between her spread thighs, and started eating like a starving man.As the 5 were up, I could tells she was getting very turned on. She dealt the next, and won. She said escort aliağa she wanted me to suck bens cock for 5 minutes. I got on my knees in front of him, and slowly wrapping my lips around the head of his cock. I at first thought it would taste kind of off, but the taste was actually quite good. I started swirling my tiongue around the head, and started sucking. He let out a deep gutteral moan, and I started to move my head slowly down his shaft. I started a slowl up, and down movement with my head. I was enjoying it so much, my cock was leaking pre-cum. She stopped us after the 5 wss up. She then sid for us to move to the bed, where we would have more room. As we were climbing onto the bed, ben said “I am a bottom when it comes to making love with a man.”He then said” I really would love for tom to fuck my ass tonight.” Linda said ” we will make sure you get your ass fucked by him, and maybe more.” with that, he just smiled, and moved farther onto the bed. Linda then had me lay next to him, with her then on my left. She then said that no more words were needed, and let’s just make love.For the next 4 hours, we engaged in extreme foreplay, with lots of kissing, touching,licking, and sucking. She wanted me to fuck her from behind, and she told ben to get on his knees in front of her. I slide my cock into the hottest, and wettest pussies I have ever felt. Ben knelt in front of her, with his sis pointed right at her face. She told him to move back, and push his sshole to her mouth.He did that, and moaned as she started rimming him. Her pussy just got hotter, and wetter. As I was aliağa escort bayan thrusting slowly in , and out of her, she in tern, was shoving 3 fingers gently into his ass. She looked back at me, and said” don’t cum, I want you to come in him as he is fucking me.” We then switched positions, her with a pillow under her lower back. Him on top, witch put him slightly on his knees, and me on my knees entering him doggystyle.We got into rythm, and we got sweaty. She orgasmed massively, and was done for awhile. I was not close to blowing, so, ben turned over onto his back next to her, and said” come put that big cock in my tight ass, and fuck me until we cum.” I slowly slid back into him, and he pulled my face down to his, and started to passionately kiss me. All the while, thrusting his tight ass onto my hard cock. Then linda is next to me, kissiong my neck, and whispering in my ear” just feel his tight ass on your cock. I want you to fill that ass with your hot cum.” As she was saying this, 2 things happened, she lightly pinched my nipple, and his tight ass convulsed in his orgasm, which set off mine. He shot a few good ropes onto his chest, and belly. His ass squeezing my cock, making my cum explode into his ass. He moaned out tht he coukld feel my blsts deep in his ass. I slowly pulled oput of his hole, and collpsed next to him. Linda said she could see my cum leaking out of him. He got up, and went to the bathroom, and got cleaned up.He came back out, and thanked us for great new year. He then started getting dressed, to go home to his wife. After he left, linda asked if I enjoyed it. I said”hell yes.” She asked what I was thinking, and I said” I was thinking about your tight, hot, sexy ass, and how much I would like to fuck it.”” Another time, maybe.” she said as we both drifted off to sleep.Hope you liked.

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