The Hotel Dirt

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The Hotel DirtYou’re waiting in the motel room in the position in which I’ve instructed you to await my arrival: on your knees with your ass and cunt up in the air exposed to whatever I have in mind, your head and shoulders down, pressed against the bed, your face turned to the side. Again, per my instructions, you’ve left the light on, but you yourself are blindfolded. I told you when to assume the position, but not when I would arrive. You’ve been in the position long enough now that your hips are beginning to ache, but your tight cunt is getting wetter and wetter in anticipation of my arrival; even with the discomfort you dare not disobey my instructions.You hear a click, a key in the door and the slight swish of the door as it swings open. Footsteps, muffled by the cheap carpet, approach closer and you can feel my presence, knowing that it is your Master simply by the way in which we are tied to each other. Good slut, I whisper as you feel a hand, gentler than you’d have thought trace a path across your buttocks, forcing you to quiver slightly from finally being able to enjoy my touch. My hand slides down your thighs and then comes around to your tummy, over your breasts, around your neck, checking every part of your face. My fingers reach your lips and I don’t have to tell you to part them to allow my fingers inside. I push in two to begin with, playing with your tongue then sliding deeper to test your gag reflex and you force yourself to concentrate so you don’t let yourself down. A third finger joins the others to push you a little, but you manage to take them all. Impressive slut, I whisper again and withdraw my fingers. I move back to your ass to take my measure of your cunt and asshole the way I have the rest of your body.My fingers are still slick with your saliva and I force two of them into your tight puckered shithole, making you gasp with the sudden filling intrusion. I hold them there inside you, enjoying the feeling of your asshole sucking on them. My other hand moves towards your cunt and spanks it hard, making you cry out as much from the unexpected force as the pain and pleasure the strikes affords you. Voice down slut, I tell you. I work the two fingers in your asshole out a little and then fuck them back into you at the same time as two fingers from my other hand slide effortlessly into your soaking cunt. I fuck both your holes in unison, swirling them around as I do it so that they feel each other through the membrane that separates your slut cunt from your slave asshole. You try not to whimper at this, afraid to give voice to your pleasure lest I punish you by making it stop, even though at the back of your mind you know there’s no way that I will let you cum yet.The fingers probing you do not let up and you can feel your orgasm building, confusing you because it feels like I’m going to make you cum and yet I haven’t given you permission to do so. You want to cum don’t you slut, I ask sneeringly as though reading your mind. Please Master, you gasp half into the bed. Not yet slut, I reply and the fingers invading the holes reserved solely for my pleasure slow down and slowly withdraw. You hear me walk away from the bed and return. Stay still slut, I instruct and you feel industrial tape being wrapped around your left ankle, which in turn is pulled slightly outward as I extend the tape to attach it and secure to the base of the bed. I repeat the process with your other ankle, exposing your holes even further. Your hands follow and then I run tape across your back to ensure that your shoulders and head remain flat again the bed. Finally, you feel me attaching two small piece of tape to each of your cunt lips, attaching the other ends to your thighs, permanently spreading your cunt apart for me.Now you’re ready slut, I inform you as you hear the door swish open again. You know immediately what that means, although you can’t believe that I’d invite a third person the first time I use you, the first time that we’ve done anything other than exchange orders and photographs virtually. Part of you is disappointed, but part of you knows that you could have expected this. You think of complaining, but realise that will only make your situation worse and you only have to tense your muscles slightly to realise how tightly the tape has you bound to the bed, how utterly powerless you are to do anything other than submit to what I have decided to do to you.You’ve presented it well, you hear a husky female voice tell me and you can almost feel her eyes surveying you, taking you all in, trussed up ready for whatever deviant purpose I devise. She’s been a good slut so far, but I presumed nothing less, you hear me respond and you’re both pleased and relieved that you’ve met my expectations. She’ll still need spanking though and hard at that, I trabzon escort continue and your mind is again conflicted as you wonder why that should be, but feel yourself getting even more aroused at the thought of the pain you crave, answering your own question. I came prepared, the woman replies to me and you hear the rustling of something being pulled out of a bag. You wonder anxiously what the woman has brought and my low whistle does nothing to allay your apprehension. The woman asks me whether I would like the privilege of spanking you first and you’re secretly pleased when you hear me reply in the affirmative.There’s a moment of silence and then the first blow lands hard against your ass, pain sweeping over you, but not as much as you expected. Only my hand, slut, I inform you, this is just a warm up. Again my hand crashes against your ass, harder this time, stinging you more, pushing you forward, only the tape keeping you in place. The slap is followed by more, harder and harder, quicker and quicker against your increasingly raw ass, building the pain each time, especially when the odd slap hits you lower, strikes at your increasingly gushing cunt. Somehow, throughout it all, you manage to prevent yourself from crying out even though your ass stings more than you could have believed and the blows upon it seem unrelenting. Eventually I stop, although only for a second to make you think it’s over, before then suddenly spanking you hard again, which makes you gasp but again you manage to keep your control and prevent yourself from crying out. You hear the woman tell me that you’re well trained, giving you another moment of satisfaction, pleased that you have impressed her and made a good impression for your Master at the same time. Not a sound from it, the woman continues, but we’ll soon change that.The warmth of my hand on your beaten ass is replaced by something cold, which feels almost pleasant until you work out that it is metal and studded at that. This is something beyond anything you’d envisaged or we’d discussed and you can’t help yourself from shrieking out a no, to which you hear the woman laugh. Not that well controlled after all, slut, she spits at you and you can hear the venom in her voice, adding to your fear. Master, please, you begin to beg before I cut you off. Silence slut, my voice calm. Only five, you hear me instruct the woman, the authority in my voice unmistakable. And if there’s any blood the consequences for you will be severe, I add to the woman and you’re comforted knowing that she is only my tool and is not in control here herself. This will hurt, slut, my voice directed at you again, but we both know that with the pain comes pleasure. Give yourself over to it.You brace yourself ready for a pain that you think will be beyond your imagination, but before it comes you feel something pressing against your mouth and open it willingly, realising that it is my hard cock. You feel its heat as it invades your entire mouth and you’re pleased that I’m so hard, so turned on by using you for my pleasure. You try to swirl your tongue around it as I slide it slowly in and out of your mouth, fucking it like I will fuck your other holes. A small reward, slut, I whisper to you and leave the head of my cock on your tongue so that you can suck out my pre-cum. You wrap your tongue around the head, doing your best to please me, hoping maybe that you’ll make me cum, give you that small victory. You even think you can feel the head of my cock expanding slightly as though I’m getting ready to fill your mouth with my hot load and increase your efforts, swiping your tongue all over it, dipping the point into my pisshole as though you’re trying to fuck it in turn; but you know I cannot allow you to make me cum yet, that you haven’t earned it and you’re not surprised when my cock withdraws, although the slowness with which I do it gives you some satisfaction.You’re about to close your mouth when you feel my fingers forcing it open again and immediately comply, but this time finding something hard and round, which your tongue tells you is plastic, pushed inside. Your immediate reaction is to spit it back out, but I am holding it firmly in place and you can feel me slipping some rubber over your head to keep the ball gag in place. Don’t want to scare the neighbours, my voice mischievous as I step away from the bed. I’ve only taken a pace back when the woman slams the metal studded paddle in your ass and cunt. The pain sears through you, making you feel like every nerve is on fire, a crippling heat, the epicentre of which is your ass. You can’t help but scream, which only comes out as a muffled moan through the ball gag. You expect some respite before the second blow, but it comes quicker than you expect, seemingly doubling the pain stabbing escort trabzon through you. Your mind is incoherent even to yourself and your only thought is that at least there are only three to go and you wonder if you’ll pass out before then.Strikes three and four come in rapid succession, but whilst still searingly painful, seem to hurt less than before, as though the pain you’re able to experience has now reached a peak and is beginning to be over-powered by your arousal. You’re aware of how wet you are and the smell of your own cunt pervades the entire room. You’re almost looking forward to the fifth blow and feel a sexual warmth shiver through you to compete with the pain of it when it lands, even though it’s obvious the woman has tried to put more force into this final stroke that any of the others. Fuck, you think, one more of those and I might cum and you’re almost disappointed that the ordeal is over. Give her another one, you hear me command and you can’t help but groan at the idea of it. She spanks you hard again with the paddle and this time there is no denying it, the pain comes with a soaring pleasure of pure sex, the fire in every nerve joined by a tingle that signifies that you are going over the edge and your orgasm crashes through you hard, taking every tingle and combining them into one single feeling of ecstasy, your cunt feeling like it owns your entire body, dribbling so much cum that you feel it rolling down your thighs.You’re panting, trying hard to recover and regain your senses, when you feel my hand stroking your hair. Well done, slut, I whisper to you, removing the ball gag. She’s absolutely fucking soaking, the woman informs me, her fingers clearly now inserted in your cunt. You’d better fuck her then, you hear my reply. More rustling around in a bag, during which time you feel my hard cock again at your lips, forcing them apart before sliding into your mouth. You feel almost too exhausted to do anything and now that your orgasm has subsided and the pain from the paddle has lessened, you’re more aware of the constant aches that your forced position is inflicting upon you. You know it would be a bad idea not to give it as much effort as you can though and you carefully start to apply your tongue to my cock as it slowly slides in and out of your mouth, making you take the whole length until your nose touches the side of my pubis before withdrawing so that you’re left only the head and my pisshole with which to play.I’ve only been fucking your mouth a small while, when you feel something hard rubbing against your cunt and the woman’s stocking covered thighs rubbing against yours. The plastic cock rubs up and down your splayed cunt lips, before you feel it beginning to push at your anus. You’re startled by my gruff shout of no. Only I fuck her arse, you instruct her, fuck her slut cunt. The woman doesn’t hesitate and you feel the full length of the plastic cock thrust into your slick cunt in one go. Now the woman and I begin to use you for our pleasure, alternating our thrusts into your holes, taking you completely between us. The frenetic way in which the woman fucks you betrays how much she’s enjoying making you her bitch and you can tell by the hardness of my cock that I’m both enjoying the ministrations of your tongue as well as the sight of you being fucked by this strange woman. You can feel your orgasm beginning to build again, the lewdness of the situation in no small way adding to the sensations in your cunt and mouth. The woman is slamming her strap-on into your waiting cunt over and over again and my cock has increased its thrusting into your mouth; it feels like we’re all heading towards the abyss together.Inevitably though I begin to slow my pace and the woman does similarly with her plastic cock thrusting into your cunt, obviously taking her cue from me. Prepare her shithole for my cock, you hear me command and you feel the dildo slip out, replaced by her fingers, which start smearing your cunt cream around your asshole, two of them forcing themselves inside painfully and deliciously. Not your fingers, you hear me say wearily, use your tongue. There’s only a moment’s hesitation before you feel the slickness of the woman’s tongue start to circle around your asshole, taking in every little bump before slowly sliding inside, worming its way into you as deep as it can go. The woman’s chin is against your cunt and combined with her tongue in your asshole you start to feel the fire building again and even bound you try and grind your cunt and ass back against her until a light slap across your face and a growled command reminds you to be still.I instruct you to stick your tongue out, swiping my hard cock back and forth along it when you do so, occasionally spanking your face with it; all the while the woman trabzon escort bayan works your asshole over and over, widening it with her tongue, depositing more and more of her saliva in and around your shitter to make it ready for the assault of my cock. You’re trying hard not to cum and just as you think you’ll fail to control yourself, the woman abruptly stops and informs me that you’re ready to be buggered.You feel me move away from you and the woman’s presence leave your behind, replaced by mine only moments later. It’s obvious we’re switching positions because you soon smell cunt other than your own close to your face. Your head is still turned to the side, so the woman d****s one thigh over your neck and the other falls on the bed wide of your crown, making her more able to mash her lightly furred cunt against your face, her prominent labia already kissing your lips. Lick her cunt well, slut, I command you as my cock presses against the tight ring of your sphincter, slipping it’s full length inside your anal canal more easily than you would have believed possible before today; the woman has prepared you well and you’re actually eager for the anal fucking you’re about to receive, gasping into the woman’s cunt with that first thrust. You don’t want to disappoint either of us so you extend your tongue to her fleshy cunt lips, testing them, running your tongue up and down them, dipping it into her wet hole, tasting her sweet cum, before sliding it back up to her clit.You can feel that she wants to cum fast because you want to cum fast. The sensation of being filled provided by my cock in your asshole is turning you on more and more and you can feel your orgasm building; my cock seems to thicken inside you and it’s clear that I can’t be far away either. I begin to piston my cock quicker and quicker into your shithole, slapping your ass cheeks as I do so, telling you both what hot sluts you are and how much I’m enjoying using you. The woman responds by grinding her cunt closer to your face and it’s as much as you can do to keep your tongue on her clit, but you somehow manage it and maintain a rhythm back and forth across it in time with the cock thrusting into your entrails. Harder and harder I fuck your ass and you press your tongue harder against the woman’s clit in response as you lick it. My cock thickens again and I tell you both that I’m about to cum and that you’d better both do the same, no spoken threat being necessary. Fuck, here I cum, I shout as I shoot wad after wad of cum deep into your asshole, the thought and feeling of which is enough to set off your own orgasm and you feel it roll across you, not as intensely as the first one but still a sweet ecstasy. You’re almost too gone to realise that the woman has also cum, spasming and smearing your face with her juice as she does so.There’s a momentary pause, a silence broken only by our combined deep breathing. My cock is still buried in your asshole, throbbing slightly. Do you need to pee, I ask the woman and she responds in the affirmative. Come over here and straddle her ass, you instruct her and the feeling of her cunt against your face disappears. I still haven’t withdrawn my cock and you think she must be facing me, her cunt practically in my face, which makes you slightly envious. Are you ready to piss right now, I ask and again she responds with a yes. When I withdraw my cock from my slut’s asshole it will gape and I want you to fill it with your piss, you hear me instruct the woman and you think to yourself that I really am the dirtiest man you have ever had the good fortune to meet. My cock slowly withdraws from your now loose asshole and you immediately hear the sound of the woman pissing and feel the warm liquid hit your anus and begin to flow inside you, filling you again, but this time making you feel bloated with the piss enema. The woman seems to piss forever and you can feel some of its warmth cascading down your back and thighs. Eventually the stream tapers off until she stops completely, at which point you sense her move from above you and climb off the bed.You can leave now, you hear me tell her, my voice completely dismissive. Thank you sir, she responds and the only sounds you can hear for the next couple of minutes are those of her getting dressed, followed shortly by the sound of the door opening and closing. Her piss is still in your asshole, kept there by your position and your asshole, which is now beginning to regain its tightness. You feel me beginning to unfasten you, removing the tape surprisingly carefully. Eventually you’re completely free and I help you to your feet, where you wobble a little unsteadily, afraid that the piss will begin to start gushing out of your asshole. I pull away the blindfold and you can finally see me in person, although you don’t dare to look me directly in the eyes. You see me smile though, partly charming, partly malevolent. Come on slut, into the bathroom, I instruct you, I want to see you squirt that piss out of your asshole. We have a long night ahead of us.

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