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The HusbandSally met her hubby when she was young but even though he controlled everything in her life he was good to her and loved her. He loved showing off her sexy body. She was very small with big tits and a great round ass. He always wanted a sexy wife and she was perfect. Many times when they were driving in the car he would tell her to get naked because he wanted drivers to see how sexy his wife was. He wanted her to show off her big boobs for all the truckers who drove by and looked in their car. He also loved taking sexy pictures to post on the porn website. The more he posted the sexier they got. It was not long before he was posting totally nude and very erotic poses of her. He took Sally to a piercing parlor and had her nipples and pussy lips pierced to make the pictures even sexier. The man doing the piercing was amazed at her big tits and did a lot of touching as he put the hoops through each nipple. Then the man kept her tits exposed as he pierced her pussy. Her husband had three diamonds and a hoop pierced on each of the plump lips. He asked the other man what he thought and if they could pierced anything else. The man told him a bar right above the clit was very popular and very sexy. So they added the bar. The man asked her husband if he could take some pictures of the piercings as she had a great body and he wanted to use the pictures as some advertising for his shop. This excited Sally’s husband and he told the man to take all the pictures he wanted. The man then asked Sally’s husband if he ever considered a tattoo on her sexy body. He thought it over and then they put a tattoo on each of Sally’s tits and on each ass cheek. The man did a tattoo of ivy around each nipple and across her ass he did a rose and had the stem go across both cheeks. Then the pictures began. They took Sally’s tits and ass at first. Then her husband spread her legs and they took pussy shots. Before they were done the husband used the guy to take some very erotic pictures of he and Sally. He sucked her tits, fingered her pussy and even finger fucked her ass. Then he had Sally suck his cock and they took pictures of that. Sally’s husband noticed the man had a big erection just watching the two. Bob decided it was time to make videos later with Sally. He was going to make her a porn star.Bob then asked the guy if he would pose with Sally. The guy was only too happy to be with the sexy wife. They put the camera on a tripod and the illegal bahis siteleri man got naked and the camera kept snapping as the men sucked Sally’s tits and fingered her cunt and ass. Bob then took some pictures of the man pushing his cock in Sally’s mouth. Also of him holding her head as she deep throated his cock. They shot very graphic pictures most of the afternoon. Bob could not wait to get them posted on the porn site. Before they left he asked the man “Would you like to fuck my wife?” The man answered “You bet I would. I would love to push my cock in that sexy cunt.” Bob put Sally on her hands and knees and the man got behind her and shoved his cock deep into her tight cunt. As he fucked Sally Bob took pictures of the two of them. When the man filled her cunt with his cum Bob took a picture of the cum dripping out of her hole. Bob told the man. “I am going to get a video camera and I may be back for some more films of you and my wife if you are willing.” The man answered “Any time. I love fucking your sexy woman. Any time is great with me.”Bob had sally ride naked home so he could see her piercings and tattoos. She looked so beautiful and so sexy. He stopped and bought a video camera on the way home. Sally waited naked in the car. When Bob got in the car he hand the camera all ready to go. He took some of her sitting naked next to him and then when they got home he told her “Walk in front of me so I can film you going into the house naked.” Once in the house Bob took several rolls of video of Sally. He had her play with her tits and finger her pussy. Then he took some of her pushing a big cucumber in her cunt. He knew these were going to be great on the porn site. He loved the piercings and tattoos. When he posted all the new pictures and videos on the site it went crazy with the men watching them. One man asked Bob to put her on cam. They wanted to see her in person.The next night Bob had his cam set up and put Sally in front of it and had her do a sexy strip for the men watching. When she took off her bra the men went wild. Then she stripped her panties and they went even wilder seeing her pierced pussy lips. Bob sucked her tits and fingered her cunt and even showed his fingers in her ass. He licked her ass cheeks where the rose was tattooed. He fucked her cunt with many things, a carrot, a cucumber, a candle, and decided he would go to the sex store and get more things to use on the cam. The youwin giriş next night on the cam he played with Sally’s tits and cunt and ass but the real excitement happened when he brought out the toys. He hooked bells to the hoops in her nipples and her pussy. He had her stand and shake her tits so the bells would jingle and the same with the pussy bells. Then he laid her down and began to use the toys. He had a huge butt plug and shoved that in her ass. Then he used a long thick dildo that had bumps on it and shoved it in her cunt. He fucked her with it as she came for him and the cam. He then posed her so her cunt was close to the cam and got out the vibrator. He ran the vibe all over her clit and Sally went crazy. Her cunt was pulsing fast as she kept cumming as he ran the vibe over her clit. Then he turned the vibe on high and ran it from her clit down to her hole and began fucking her with it and she was screaming and cum was rolling out of her hole. Bob then pulled out the butt plug and grabbed another big vibrator and turned it to high and shoved it in her ass. He now was giving both her holes the hardest fuck she had ever had. As Sally kept screaming bob shoved a gag ball in her mouth and kept fucking her ass and cunt. The men watching were loving this show. They kept texting to “do it harder. Fuck her harder. Fuck that ass and cunt.”Then Bob pulled out the gag ball and straddled her face and shoved his cock in her mouth and began fucking her mouth at the same time. He let the cam see his big long cock go all the way in her mouth then pull out and go all the way back in again. He was now fucking all three holes for the men watching their cam show. Bob filled her mouth with his cum and told her to open her mouth and show the cum before she swallowed it. Then he told her to lick his asshole. As she licked his ass he kept fucking both holes with the vibrators. Then he told her to spread his ass hole and tongue fuck him and as she did that his cock got harder and harder. It wasn’t long before he had his cock back in her mouth and down her throat humping her face. He fucked all three of her holes for over two hours before he turned off the cam. He loved showing his wife on the cam for the men to watch. Bob took Sally to a nude beach and as they lay in the sun he spread her legs wide so any one walking by could see her clit and fuck hole and her piercings. The men kept staring at the beautiful Sally canlı bahis and Bob would run a finger over her clit as they stared. One man stopped and watched Bob finger Sally right there in the beach and as he stared Bob spread Sally open and asked the man “Want to touch my wife’s pussy? You can. It is so gorgeous I know why you want to look at it.” The man nodded and sat by Sally and Bob took the man’s hand and put it on Sally’s pussy. The man rubbed her clit and ran his finger over her piercings on her lips and then went to her hole. Bob told him “Finger fuck her hole. She loves that.” The man then pushed his finger in her and fingered her deep as Bob saw the man’s cock get rock hard. Bob then told the man “I will let you fuck my wife if you let me video it.” The man answered “Sure.” Bob got out his camera and turned it on and first filmed the man’s hard cock then filmed as the man fucked Sally deep and hard. The man was ramming her cunt as he grabbed her tits and squeezed them. It didn’t take him long to cum. Bob had the man pull out and spread Sally open and showed the cum on her hole. He then told the man “Now suck your cum out of her cunt. Use your tongue and get every drop as I get it on film. Tongue fuck her cunt for me.” The man went wild tonguing and sucking her cunt. It also made Sally cum fast too and Bob filmed it all. That day Bob filmed three other guys fucking Sally. His favorite was a young muscular man with at least a ten inch cock. Bob got a great film of his cock going in Sally’s cunt and he fucked her like a dog in heat. He had great stamina and fucked her for a long time. His huge balls slapped against her ass as he pounded her hole. When he was done and eating her cunt Bob asked him “Would you like to make more films fucking my wife with that huge cock? You can fuck her cunt and ass and mouth and I will video it and put it on the porn site. A huge cock like you have will make a good video. I can’t wait to see her ass stretched with your cock in it.” The guy agreed. He loved fucking the sexy big titted wife. He couldn’t wait to shove his cock down her throat. He sat with Bab and Sally a long time as people went by and looked at the naked sexy gal and the man with the huge cock and big balls.Bob and Sally got ready to go home and Bob was happy that he had found the perfect cock to make his wife a great porn star. She deserved to show off her sexy body and make men want her. In the car he told her “Suck my cock all the way home. I am so horny watching all those cock fuck you that I need my cock sucked bad. Take me deep like you do and put that finger into my asshole. See how many times you can make me cum on the way home. I just love my sexy porn queen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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