the journey to anal addiction. . .

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the journey to anal addiction. . .As of to date, I’ve only had my ex wife take me. Pegging if you will. She spent years getting me to the point of anal play. (but that’s a different story) Everything had been set up for that night, planned out, prepared for. We both knew exactly what was going to take place. This was one of her fantasies and I was there to be rode. So as I laid there on my stomach, with a pillow folded and placed under my hips, forcing my ass up for easier access, spread eagle, tied up tightly so I couldn’t move. And then she surprised me with the blind fold. Turned up the radio so loud that I couldn’t really hear her moving around.After what seemed like an eternity, I felt her climb on top of me and whisper in my ear to get ready. Next thing I felt was some very light tender strokes against my quivering kütahya escort opening, not seeing, or being able to hear what was going on, this just sent my head spinning and my body tingling. Eventually I felt something huge pressing against my hole. Instant clamp shut, begged her to wait. As a loving wife she didn’t push any more, but she didn’t pull away either. Just stayed exactly where she was. As I slowly relaxed, her strap on slowly opened me up, causing me to moan slightly as the head slowly eased into me and she lightly pushed a little at a time. after what felt like forever, I suddenly gasped at being fully opened and feeling of the head slip in. As she gently pushed her cock in to the hilt I involuntarily groaned. She gave me a few moments to adjust to being stuffed full of her 2″ wide cock, before escort kütahya she started to slowly fuck me, shortly after, my moaning must have told her to just go for it because soon she was ramming her cock into me fast and hard. It felt so great, she had me moaning, breathing so hard and fast, one would think i was hyper-ventilating. My back arched, trying to get every inch she could thrust into me and more. Every nerve in my body was tingling and I couldn’t get enough, she slipped out several times and every time she just rammed her cock back into me, pushing me right to the edge of orgasm and leaving me there. I finally came what seemed like gallons.That was the most intense orgasm ever. after she untied me, I laid in bed just quivering for half an hour as wave after wave of orgasm rocked my entire kütahya escort bayan body. Riding what felt like electricity shooting through me, for almost 2 hrs afterwards I was still getting what she called aftershocks that would randomly just cause me to quiver while we watched tv. for the next 2 days my ass was so pleasurably tender, it would get me turned on and make me quiver with anticipation of the next session whenever there was any type of pressure on that area. One thing we never counted on was me turning into an anal addict. All this pleasure from some awkward thrusting from someone that’s not genetically programmed to do the fucking.I guess at this point I could be considered bi-sexual, I’m not attracted to men, but I’m infatuated with cock, I want to experience a real cock, to have a man take me, to surrender myself, submit if you will, to be used for someone else’s pleasure and to feel what its like to be fucked by someone that naturally just knows how to fuck. At this point, if this sounds like something you’re up for, hit me up. I have so many things I want to try

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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