The Matriarchy – Aimee Brodeur

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The Matriarchy – Aimee BrodeurPMB – Year 0The Matriarchy is written by Dawn, a journalist and author. This extract is a first hand account from her best selling book, “Dawn of the Matriarchy” . Dawn asked members of this new society to write about their sexual experiences after the boundaries of the Matriarchy were introduced around the globe. If you read the series, please message dawnofthematriarchy your favourite extract and why. She may be persuaded to write an entire book based on this persons experiences.It was my 18th birthday, four weeks after the Matrairchys new regime began in France. It was a confusing time in my little french village of Eguisheim, Haut-Rhin, but god knows I’d never been more excited for a birthday till then. True to their word. The new law, boundary 1, meant that all women 18 or older would recieve a female friendly (orgasm giving) strapon. All sexual intercourse from now on must be a woman using this GIS government issued strapon (GIS) on whomever they wish. I wasnt sure who I wanted to use it on first. I remember doing a rehearsal for drama class. It was 4th period and me and a handsome lead boy in my class who will remain nameless had 5th and 6th period off. I was doing my finals and he was my acting buddy for the drama exam. I asked him if he wanted to continue rehearsing after class. I remember joking around with him and not getting much work done. I guess you could say I felt for him, he was as fit as the rugby lads just much more handsome. He was just sweet and kind unlike most other boys my age and I knew if I chose him. He’d be gentle and willing. I flirted with him and the idea a while in my head before deciding. Plus… he had a beautiful arse.During the heated scene I could tell he wanted me. So I played with him. Getting closer and closer to him in the scene. Despite the fact I said we would only kiss on the night, I kissed him during rehearsal. I leant into him smirking. Being the most popular girl in school, this drama nerd had no idea of his luck. I could feel his cock against his jeans. The scene ended. It was a rocky end as hed forgotten most of his lines. His blood was in his cock not his mind. We sat down, he stuttered and tried to be cool. I laughed and toyed with him. I told him my birthday was a few weeks away and that I was a virgin of course. All true. He gasped at the thought of me being, so beautiful, hottest girl in school and yet still a virgin. He told me that he thought we weren’t kissing till the night of the exam. He told me he wanted to keep rehearsing after school that day. I knew what he wanted. He may have been a nerd but he wasnt stupid. He knew the elections were coming up and that the matriarch would win. He wanted me the traditional way…My long dark flowing hair swished in front of him as I stared him down. Behind the scenes in the amphitheatre I smirked again. My big chocolate brown eyes, innocent yet devilish eyes staring into him. He looked away. He said it was just an idea. And that he should probably get going. I, being quite petite stood close to him. At chest height. He looked down at me. He did go to the gym and was quite a specimen. I said, “bonne répétition” placing my hand on his chest I walked backwards biting my lip. We rehearsed for another month together. The Matriarchy won the elections and they truly changed the face of the country for good. Women everywhere walked with confidence and boundary 60 had stopped a lot of male v******e in the cities. Industry was booming because of gender equal businesses and soon other eu countries followed suite making us the most prosperous continent.My birthday arrived. As did my GIS. My heart fluttered as the door bell rang. I was in the middle of curling my hair for school when my mother knocked on my door and entered. She handed me the box and put a glass of water and my breakfast, toast and jam on my bedside table. She ignored the fact I was in my bra and panties. She looked me up and down and said “Quelle femme”. “Merci” I courtseyed. She looked me in the eyes and held me by my shoulders, “femme se bat pour cette opportunité depuis des siècles. trouver votre pouvoir.” I yawned and closed the door on her.I turned and stared with intrigue at the box. Then looked at myself as I took my curlers out. My long hair bobbed and curled perfectly. I took my stool and put it in front of the mirror. I took a razor and shaved my long thin legs. I took my panties off moved yalova escort bayan the stool and lay in front of the mirror spreading my legs. I looked to see if there was yet any hair there needing removed and enjoyed looking at my tight abdominals and neat pretty pussy. All looked beautiful. Nails had been done the night before. All that was left to do was my makeup before I went to school for the day. As i widened my eyes with eyelash extensions and ripened my lips with lipstick I wondered why i wanted to look so fucking hot on my birthday…I think it was two things. I wanted to be the hottest girl in my school ever. I wanted that legacy. I wanted guys jaws to drop today but also I wanted fuck my classmate with this new toy and make his first time unforgettable. He knew he didnt have the social status to ever be with someone like me and the power kind of excited me.Standing in simply my bra, my ample young breasts practically spilled over the out of date brazier. The box lid off, a little note from the Matriarchy wishing me life long happiness. The wrapping removed, it lay there. My new cock. I try it on, the panties have their little buttons that line the inside of the pants and they nuzzle into my cute pussy waiting to be turned on for the first time. My manicured hand caresses my pink cock. Its bigger than I thought it would be. I put my hands on my hips getting used to it. It looks great. I can feel myself getting wetter but resist the temptation to touch. My mum shouts from downstairs that it’s time to leave. The church bells ring and school starts.Its 4th period, drama, the boys havent stopped staring at me all day. Jocks and cool k**s all have wished me “bon anniversaire” and I have thanked them coyly knowing none of them will be picked. The boy in my class and I complete our scene. The class cheer as the scene was very intense and impressive. He is a good actor. We bow and leave the stage. I ask the teacher if we can leave and keep practising because our exam is tomorrow. She agrees and we go back stage. I take his hand and tell him we are going to practise at home because it’s too crowded here. We slip out the back of the school. It’s a five minute walk to the house. My parents are still at work and so I know we have hours of fucking ahead of us. I let him drone on about the scene and how it might be improved till we reach the door. We wipe our feet and I take him upstairs to my pink and white room.A princess’ tiara sits on the head board of my bed. He picks it up and puts it on my head. My tight school shirt and tie. Tartan skirt and tights hardly matches the tiara. But he tells me that hes not flirting, hes just being honest and that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. That he knows he has no chance with me but that I should know. I ask him to repeat it. He says, I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. I smirk and kiss him. He is taken aback. Yet faces the new reality kissing me back. I jump on to him and he holds my tiny body up. He falls back on to the bed as we kiss passionately. A lot of tongue as young lovers often do. Looking back it was a very sloppy kiss but fun nonetheless. The bed being massive befitting a princess like me I go down and pull his belt off. I pull his tie so he is now sitting up. I slink off the end and pull his trousers and pants off. Be fittingly to his size, he has a huge cock. I wonder if its bigger than mine I thought to myself. The cock looked beautiful. I grabbed it at the base with my delicate small hand and sucked on it vigorously. I may be a virgin but I’m not above pleasure giving.I’ve sucked a few cocks at house parties and learned a lot. Within moments he was writhing on my bed helplessly. Despite the Matriarchy frowning upon this act of submission I felt we were friends and wanted us both to have fun on our first time. I sucked his cock till I felt his balls rise. Knowing that’s when most guys are about to cum I stopped. Serviced his balls a moment I then pushed his legs up and delved my tongue into his arse… that was something new to me!I knew I’d have to lube it up some how and felt so naughty doing it that my pussy started getting wetter the deeper my tongue went and the louder his moans were. Sufficiently lubricated I put a finger in his arse and went back to servicing his cock. Two fingers and then three. I loved feeling his hole twitch with ecstasy. I stopped. Looked up at him and after what felt like escort yalova an age said, “tu sais que j’ai une surprise?” He nodded. My three fingers leave him gaping. I go to my box. I take off my panties and replace them with my GIS. My cock protrudes from my tartan skirt. I stand afore him. Tiara still on, his trousers round his ankles. His shirt collar pulled tight with his tie. Cock standing at attention. I flick my hair behind me and slowly unbutton my school shirt. He goes to his knees before me. “Que voulez-vous que je fasse?” He asked. “suce ma bite” I surprised myself. I didnt really plan for him to suck my cock! He wrapped his lips round the end of my new appendage. To my surprise the buttons on the inside of my panties buzz and I lose myself. My shirt half unbuttoned. I grabbed his hair and started to push him down. As he went down deep it felt like a cock was entering me. I started to force his pace. He gagged and I apologised. But I desperately wanted more. I stared him down just as I did in the amphitheatre. He took the hint and started again. It was sweet. I smirked as I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt. I threw it to the washing pile. My breasts fell out as I unhooked my bra. It followed my shirt to the pile. I stroked his hair and closed my eyes. His palm grabbed and squeezed my full youthful breasts. I stood him up and demanded he get naked as soon as possible… that I’d time him. I smirked enjoying the game. Before I could blink he was naked. He looked great. I was still in my school stockings and tartan skirt, my cock and his meeting like a draw bridge between us. He grabs my tits again as though he’d never seen a pair before. Maybe he hadn’t. We kissed passionately and we fell on to the bed. I lay on top of him. Kissing him. Unsure which position I’d like to take him.I went to my knees and pushed his legs up. Missionary should be the easiest. I couldn’t quite hold his legs and navigate my strap on. He noticed this and held his legs to his chest. He was a kind boy. I slotted in and he and I let out a sigh together. He spread his legs to see me and as my pace began to increase we smiled at each other. I took his hands in mine and we made love. His leg slowly started to push down on me and I fell out of him. I being much smaller than him tried to kiss him but only got to his chest. I kissed his chest and looked up to him. “retourner bébé” I asked. He did as he was told. I enjoyed his submissiveness and I enjoyed seeing his ass presented to me. But again he was taller and so I needed to shift his legs so wide his arse would be at the right height. I tapped his lower back with my palm until it was just right. I scratched his back with my pointy red acrylic finger nails. He shivered and his back rose as did scratch marks. His ass low but his head high like a wolf in howl.I held on to his hips with one hand and directed the strapon with the other. It disappeared into his ass easily. His butt eating it hungrily. I went in and out. There was no noise from him so I went faster. Till finally he moaned so loudly, his head flopped to ground. He has been holding his breathe taking it. He was now bent over limp. I scratched him again to see if he would rise but he didnt. He was completely enraptured by it. I took both hands and held on to his hips. My thumbs on his dimples on his lower back. I leant back and went to town. Really fucking him hard. His moans could have brought the house down. The buttons on the GIS were in overload as I pounded away.I thought I heard the door go. Perhaps mum was home… I stopped. As did he. Though his gasping was still intense. Our hearts like a rabbit in head lights. Silence. I took my hand and reached around. His cock met my hand. Despite being much smaller than him it was easy to find it cause it was so big from the prostate stimulation. I held it at its base as I entered and exited him slowly. His cock was an entity of it’s own pulsing in desperation to be stroked. I scratched his sides with both hands and pulled him by his shoulders. My cock as deep as could be he moaned and rose. I would have liked to whisper in his ear but couldn’t reach. I commanded for the first time in my life, “je veux que tu me chevauches” he did as was told. My cock slipping out of him then drooping waiting impatiently to be used again. I lay back. Put my hands behind my head and removed my tiara. I smirked as he got into position. My large youthful breasts yalova escort stayed buoyant despite laying on my back and gravity wanting to do its work. I could hardly see over them so sat up. My abs gleamed from sweaty excursion. His cock still at attention almost between my breasts I grabbed it. He reached back and pushed the dildo into himself as he sat deeper and deeper on it. I watched it all in the mirror. I let go of his cock and grabbed his ass. He started to bounce but it was slow and awkward. I pulled him close to me and watched in the mirror. I raised my hips and watched it sink in. I lowered them and then he sat up. Arching his back and angling his ass nicely in line. I began. This position was unlike the others. I watched his face and body tense as I fucked him from underneath. I guess I just like seeing his reaction as I immediately started feeling close. I started hearing the clapping of my hips on his ass and he began moaning like a bitch. His cock dripping with precum. He started jerking himself. I stopped him and stopped all together. I put my hands on his hips and pushed him back and forth. He got the picture and started writhing on my hips. Unnatural at first but he got into it. He held my left breast with his hand and closed his eyes. Getting faster and keeping the rhythm. Our bodies rocking from his actions the four poster bed shakes. My pussy felt like it was only a matter of time he straightened up and truly used his hips. My pussy was soaking my strapon pants and the vibrations were in overload. I held on to his hips as they went. His cock slapped off of my stomach with the motion. Thin ropes of precum built up from his cock end to my stomach as they met each other over and over. My nails dug into his legs as he and I went. I held my breathe and with only a few more waves of pleasure my body was on fire. Convulsing and relaxing every nerve ending exploding. He stopped of course admiring his work. I pulled him in and jerked around underneath him in elongated pleasure. Eventually they subsided and we kissed.I asked him to get off so he did and lay at the top of my bed. I sat at the end took a drink from the glass of water on my bedside and stretched. I looked in the mirror at him and his wanting cock. He was waiting for me to return to him. I was honestly exhausted. I had two choices. Mum would be home soon so I had every opportunity to say that he should leave and we could do it again some time. Or I could get back to him, an enticing idea as it was so much fun. But this is a woman’s world, I looked at myself in the mirror. I’d be having a party with the rest of the school later and I needed to have a shower and get ready for that. I looked back at him. He was so sweet looking I decided I’d help him cum. I told him to go on all fours quickly. That my mother would be home soon. His arse rose in the air for me to penetrate. I said no, turned him round so we were facing the mirror. I wanted to see myself in all of my glory. He did as he was told looking at me in the mirror I guided my cock to his hole. It was harder to penetrate this time.The time spent on me recovering must have given his ass time to relax. With a sudden jolt I was inside him. He groaned in pain. I pushed him down and told him we didnt have much time. He started pulling at himself. He was face down biting the sheets as I fucked him at a reasonable pace. I wanted to see the pleasure as he came so i pulled his hair so i could see his face in the mirror. I tried to match his rhythm but the buttons in my GIS had me going faster. I could feel myself getting lost again in his ass. He whispered, “je viendrai” I watched his face, “Excusez-moi”, I asked. “je viendrai!” He yelled. “dis-le plus fort” I demanded, the bed felt like it was swinging. “JE VIENDRAI” “erin je suis à la maison” my mothers voice. I pulled out of him and through my GIS near the washing pile. Quickly I put on my shirt. I turned round and he was still on all fours. “se lever” I hissed at him. “Ma maman!” He frantically searched for his trousers and pants and before my mum could enter the room he had his trousers and shirt on. She looked judgingly at both of us. She could see I wasnt wearing a bra and that his cock was still stiff. She smirked and left.We got dressed properly and fully embarrassed I didnt let him cum. He must have been dying but this is a womans world and I figured I could satisfy him soon. He stayed for dinner and it was all very awkward. I always promised myself I’d have him again and let him reach climax but before I knew it exams were in the way and I was off to university. Anyway, thats the story of my first time!Maybe I’ll text him, see if hes around.

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