The night my Dad Bathed me

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The night my Dad Bathed meI was the product of a carefree woman, a beautiful and well educated girl, with a slight addiction to men, of all ages.My mother was dropping her panties so often, she soon just forgot to put them on. She perfected the act of showing her toned thigh muscle, side on, and then put the idea into Paul V, the director of Sharon Stone’, ‘Basic Instinct’. Mummy was doing the ‘Chinese Smile’, long before Sharon made it famous.One wonders if they ever met at boarding school.I grew up with the ignominy of being a bastard, daughter of a bare-assed whore, so where the danger of low self esteem, first manifested itself, I grew a pair, and became a sexually charged aggressive. Then one day, the cock that helped produce me, just walked back into my life, a knock on the door, and there he stood.I must say I was immediately turned-on when I saw him, before finding out who he was in the grander scheme of things, but ashamedly, I did have the odd wet dream, and secret tryst çanakkale escort with my finger, as I mentally submitted to his advances, and his huge penis of course.Of course mummy was none too happy by his reappearance, but when I walked in on them having a good roll on the living room carpet, I guessed mummy had forgiven him, or his cock at least.Most c***dren balk at the thought or in reality of seeing their parent fucking, I cant say I was indifferent, both were beautiful to look at, and coupling has always fascinated me, I suppose I could trace my voyeuristic fascination with daddies cock kissing mummies uterus, I closed the door ever so slightly, and did an unthinkable act, I can still remember daddy coming all the way out, and triggering my own moment of shameful bliss.Mummy, true to natures calling, soon started cock hunting again, variety was her spice of life, and daddy was strangely tolerant of her behavior, but then why should he not, he had a daughter that escort çanakkale was as loving, and daring, so daring one night I called him into the bathroom where I bathed, ‘Wash my back and talk to me’.He smiled looking down at me, ‘All grown up’, he remarked, I smiled as he knelt beside the tub, ‘When my tits grow daddy, then you can call me grown-up’.He started to roll his sleeve up, as I drew my knees under my chin, ‘Take it off’, I said throatily, I was naked in front of him for the first time in my life, and I was horny for him in equal parts, I was i****tuously in heat for my own father, ‘Lie back’, and I did so, with my knees sticking out of the water, my shoulders high enough to show the budding beauty of my puffy nipples, I shamefully reveled in showing myself, as he rubbed the soap to lather up, and start sliding the length of my open thighs, our eyes locked unblinkingly, he descended to my Venus Mound, parted my labia, and slid into me, I could not help çanakkale escort bayan myself, I splashed and bucked, I had a true orgasm, as daddies fingers knuckled out against my open vagina.He was soaked as the bath water splashed, he held firm, I could feel his two fingers moving inside me, not in and out just turning around.I held his wrist in a grip like fashion, I was bouncing my bum of the bottom of the bath as I came, and when I succumbed to a second and third, in rapid succession, ‘You’re just like your mother’, and he reached down and prized my fingers open, so he could withdraw from me.That was the start of our i****tuous relationship, I neither felt guilt nor shame, and when he expressed his liking of the younger female, I became his pimp, and brought home an never-ending supply of willing friends.When Mummy found out she kicked him out, ‘Your fucking half the school, she attends’, I wondered what she would say if she knew I was hanging onto his cock as well, but that’s daddies for you, the more loving they are, the less respect they get from overtly highly sexed teen girls, and the crueler they are, the quieter we are during those drunken mid morning visits, where we just happen to sleep nude, how convenient, dont you think?

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