The perfect birthday gift! Final part

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The perfect birthday gift! Final partRachel couldn’t believe her luck, she had just gotten a face full of pussy juices, her pussy was being fingered hard and roughly, Her breasts and nipples was being squeezed and yanked. For her this was truly the begining of heaven, but it was the same for the other girls, Sarah, Karin and Maire loved how open Rachel had been and that had inspired them all to engulf themself in their own desires they wanted to stay together and do all kinds of nasty, naughty things with eachother. What they didn’t know was that in just a short period of time things would become alot better. Sarah was still panting slightyl while she enjoyed the afterglow of the best orgasm of her life when Karin asked what to write.”pussy licker, she’s amazing, you have to tre it girls” she anouncced as she smiled at the girl between her legs, who was still teasing her pink flower happily. That was when she noticed that even just one beer for dinner went through her, she had to pee so Sarah made an atempt to get up.”Rachel,sweetheart I would love another one. But I really need to pee!”But Rachel only tightend he grip around the other girl’s legs, smiled and shock her head. “your not going anywhere,slut! I’m still thirsty!”The blonde girl blushed deeply when she figured out what that meant, and she had wanted to riddicule amazing girl? Fat chance. She nodded, starting to empty her golden juice into the brunette’s waiting mouth, who inturn swallowed as amuch as she could in greedy gulps. Rachel loved it, she had started kırşehir escort to drink her own since she was 15.Karin giggled at Sarah’s suggestion abd wrote it in big letters across the curvy girl’s stomach, and when she noticed the other blond was peeing into Rachel’s mouth she added as she spelled it out load. ” Piss drinker!”This was getting her so fucking wet and horny, she couldn’t wait to make Rachel lick her and drink her own piss, so with one hand in her pj-pants playing with her slit and clit, she was waiting for her turn. loving every mintue of this.Marie on the other hand was moaning in a craving sort of way against Rachel’s wet and hairy cunt, she loved the humiliation part almost as much as the brunette did, she also wanted to get peed on and get dirty stuff writen on her. but most of all she wanted to pee her own panties and pants, and suck on tits like a little k**. Fortunantly for her the girl she curently was fingering and licking knew exactly what a moan like that meant, she had almost suspected the big breasted blond to be like her. This was just getting better and better.Thats when the phone rang, Sarah jumped up, some pee still dripping down into Rachel’s face. She had totally forgoten that her parents was supose to call her, she ran out thong still slightly to the side of her croth. to answer, just giving the other girls a hasty sorry, got to take that before she disapeared. Rachel liked her lips happily, moaned loadly as Marie sucked hard on her clit and forced her fingers escort kırşehir as deep in faster and faster, and thats when her own orgasm exploded inside her, making her buckle and spasm in excasy, panting licking the last of Sarah’s juices of her chin, she squirted all over the blond’s face, But before she could get any rest, Karin had sliped out of her own pj’s and panties and straddled her face.”Time for the main course, lick me!!” she purred, and lowed her pink slit with just a nice lite patch of red hair above it. Rachel was more then happy to do the redheads order, circling her wet clit, teasing her lips and folds with long light strokes of her tongue. Very soon the girl on top was moaning and panting heavely, Sarah had been right, she was amazing, not like silly boys and their rough moronic hands and mouths. It didn’t take long untill the red haired girl was feeling like a waterfall, she was shaking with lust and exstacy but she still had the wits about her to write SLUT on Rachel’s forehead, it ended up a little shaky but who cares right. And this was when everything happened at the same time, Karin buckled like a girl riding a horse as a orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks, sending shocks in every fiber of her body it seemed, losing all control her bladder decieded that the brunette was a perfect place to empty on, so she pissed all over the moaning girl’s face and hair. Rachel was moaning since she also came hard from Marie’s talented tongue and fingers, she tried to drink as much of the girl’s kırşehir escort bayan yellow warm juice but most of it soaked her hair. Marie on the other did cum but she did let herself go and soaked her pink panties and pj pants with her wee, this was the night of perversen and forfilling lusty dreams. Sarah came back in that moment, g-string still hanging around her ankle, she looked dazzed mouth hanging a little a skewd. “hmm…eeh” She tried to say somrthing, but couldn’t really find the words, the other girls was still in their lust pile, panting and giggling happily. They did all tilted their heads and looked at the birthday girl.”Who was it? what happened, Sarah?” she looked at them, swallowed, opened her mouth then closing it again trying to wrap her mind around what she just heared, one final deep breath and then she spoke. “ehhhm it was my parents… they gave me my present…. it’s the house.. and a million dollars!” she was flushed, confused and paused a little before she asked something that came to her just then. “So do you guys wanna live her with me?”The three girls on the floor, jumped up as one, orgasm tiredness all forgoten, they bounced, screamed and congratulated the fourth girl, and all of them obviously wanted to live there, this was the house they could live out their fantasies so why wouldn’t they love to live there. One hour later, three calls and alot of negotiations later it was decieded the four girls was going to live in this house together from now on. The rest of the night was spent buck naked, drinking, and so many orgasms they all lost count before they passed out in the master beroom. “I love you girls!” was said in union as the pile of naked females snuggled in._____________________Anyone wanna know what will happen in this house?

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