The Punishment – Short Story

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The Punishment – Short StoryLucy Sky, 24, happily married with two c***dren, had a very straight religious up-bringing. She learned already very early in life, that as a true believer you have to condemn the sin but to love the sinner – and she definitely seems to love both of them equally. She is a conqueror, a temptress and a teaser, but only in her erotic fantasies:»You were masturbating in the dormitory again – sister Noris heard you! How many cautions did you get already?« »Two, Father Anselm!« »And: do you confess?« »Oh yeah, Father Anselm, I do?« »So: all my prayers were in vain? You still are a naughty woman and I certainly have to discipline you! Do you accept the punishment, Miss Sky?«He is so cute when he tries to be serious! But I don’t know what he does with his sparkling masculinity? Is he celibate or does he have a wive? I would like to know then I think he likes me! So I say: »Yes, Father Anselm, I certainly do!«He sits behind his huge desk and his eyes are glued to the twin bulges in my grey sweater. »Alright!«, he states, »Then, please lock the door and come over here – we better have good look at the sinful part that troubles you! Please take your skirt off and place it on the desk!« Oh shit!, I think as I’m standing right next to him, he is coming straight to the point! But I never liked that scratchy knee-long kayseri escort skirt anyway, and I’m not greedy with my charms! His eyes narrow to small slits as he stares at my fire-red laced panties. »You’re a bad woman – you know that this sort of teasing lingery is not permitted in this institution and therefore has to be confis**ted! Put them on the desk too!«His eyes jump nearly out of their sockets as he stares at my shaven crotch, as if it was the devil in person! »You’re an evil woman, Miss Sky! I will make sure that you will find back onto the right way: the path to god!« With these final words he stands up and cleans up one side of his desk. And I’m not dreaming, I can see the big bulge in his trousers – he really likes me! I like him too, and nothing I would rather do than to undress him too! He smells so nice from after-shave and I can imagine his broad and hairy chest under his suit. He takes the wooden two-feet ruler out of a drawer and taps my naked bottom with it. »When you’re ready, Miss Sky, please lie over the desk!«, he tells me with his purring deep manly voice that sends tremors up my spine. »You will receive then strokes whilst you remember the holy commandments!«, that is the verdict! Damm it – just for being sexy? And as he ponders my snow-white bottom, tautly stretched and vulnerable bare escort kayseri I’m sure that my shaven mouse peeps out of the crack and my bottom rose is in beautiful view!Then he hits me, but not as hard as I had expected. The second blow is even softer, and by the stroke number seven the punishment is decreasing into a mere caress that makes my extremely horny. I can feel my mouse itch and dribble, and I hope he realises, what he does to me! I hide my face in my hands, not to give away any hint of pleasure. I wimper and sniff, as if begging for mercy: There is nothing more despictable in my opinion than to arouse a woman without satisfying her!After the punishment he inspects my poor hot bottom as a trickle of my personnal secretion makes is slowly down my tighs. I’m sobbing quietly and hope that this would soften his heart. »You’re all wet, Miss Sky, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you!«, he wispers nearly unhearable to my frustrated mouse as he apologetically caresses the rosy cheeks around it. My strong female scent must have weakened his defence! Then he helps me up . There is shame in his face and sweat on his brows. He checks out my glowing red head and looks rather cocerned. »You’re all hot, Miss Sky, I’m so sorry!«, he wispers again, »Let’s take that jumper off for a little while!« He stands so close kayseri escort bayan in front of me that I can feel his hard-on on my belly. The arousing sight of my little breasts in the tiny red bra sends a jolt into his pants that I answer with a firm pressure of my hairless pubis.He doesn’t seem to like that then he moves back against the wall and I can make out the contour of a very healthy erection in his trousers! Slowly I take my red bra off and put it to my undies. His eyes grow bigger, and so his penis! He breathes: »The devil gave temtation the body of a ripe woman! But then: she is still a creation of god and deserves our love and forgiveness! You’re a very lovely woman, Miss Sky, I was always very fond of you!« That sounds pretty nice, but if you wait for men to make the first move you can grow old and grey! My hand brushes over the bulge in his pants. He flinches and tells me, that mankind can resist the carnal urge. Fine, but I wouldn’t give him a chance! I kneed his hidden a****l through the fabric as I tell him, that it was actually him who undressed me and made me so horny! He blushes and pants as I unzip his trousers and finally set his a****l free – it is friendly and it even smiles at me!By now he seems to be aware that he would be a complete coward not to finish what he had started. The throbbing erection in my hand tells me that he can, so I let go, turn around and lie over the desk again: Shy men like to take women from the back! And I don’t have to wait long until I feel his strong hands on my hips and his hard a****l on the entrance to my horny soul . . .

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