The Saving Grace of Chatrooms

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The Saving Grace of ChatroomsHave any of you – males of females – ever been on a date that did not result in sexual activity only to go home, get online, and hook up with someone else that very night?Now that I think about it, it’s probably not the rarest thing in the world. In fact, I’m sure many of you have some great stories of rendez-vous that came about from that exact fact pattern.I certainly have had this happen to me and I’d be glad to share one of my experiences. I went on a blind date with a woman mutual friends set up. I don’t even remember this woman’s name, but I remember finding her mildly attractive. We seemed to have a nice time so when I dropped her off after our date, I leaned over to kiss her. I had hoped it would be well-received and that she might invite me in, but, alas, she turned her head and let me plant one on her cheek! She said something like she was sorry, but it was too soon for kissing. I was, of course, a gentleman and told her I understood. We parted amicably, but privately, I could not understand how a 22-23 year old woman could make some sort of a rule refraining from so much as kissing a guy after a first date. I figured she was either: a.) prude; or b.) not into me, so I decided then and there that I would not be calling her back for a second date. No hard feelings, but it just didn’t seem like a good use of time, especially since I was only “mildly” attracted to her.It was probably 10:30 at night when I got home, so I hopped on AOL. I usually looked at local members’ profiles who were online at the time and send IM’s, but this time I went into a public chatroom for singles in my town and boldly wrote, “23 m just back from lousy blind date looking to meet more fun f tonight.” Of course, publicly, I got ribbed a lot, but sure enough privately, I got a message from a 24 year old woman who sincan escort stated (ironically) that she had just gotten back from a bad blind date. I half-wondered if it was the woman I was just with, so I asked to trade pics very quickly. Fortunately, it wasn’t, and from the picture, she, in fact looked more attractive than the earlier date! She remarked similarly on my pic stating subtly stating that if her date looked like me she wouldn’t be online right now. I decided to speed things along while not overplaying my hand. I simply said, “Why don’t we meet at a local bar? Even if we just talk, it can’t be any worse than our respective earlier dates.” This seemed eminently logical to this female whose name I do remember – Rebecca – and we met at a bar that would be open late night that she suggested.Of course we hit it off. The bar we chose had these awesome old fashioned barrel booths; we were fortunate enough to nab one. Rebecca was just as pretty in person as she had appeared in her photo. She was thin up top with small yet perky breasts, but had very sexy, wider hips – what you might call a booty. In essence she was oozing sex appeal. The conversation, going well, I leaned in for a kiss and was met with enthusiastic acceptance. I remarked, that already this date had gone better than my first. She agreed. I asked if we could take a cab back to her place. She said there was no need; she lived two blocks away. We get back to her apartment and as soon as the door closes, we’re pressed up against it kissing. I could feel with my cock that her pussy was steaming. I started rubbing between her legs over her black, rayon pants. My fingers feel her hotness and a hell of a lot of dampness too! She spreads her legs further apart and starts moaning as I rub her. She pauses only to say, “Let’s go to my bedroom.” She leads me there. escort sincan We disrobe and I turn on her lights. Rebecca is lying on her bed with only her panties still on. I’m totally nude still standing near the light switch with my fully erect cock pointing straight at her. “Wow, that other girl missed out,” was her response. I said, “I don’t know why you left your panties on, but I find nothing more erotic that taking them off.” We were really made for one another because she said, “Somehow I knew that.”I slowly took off her panties to reveal a beautiful black bush flanking gorgeous magenta labia. Pubic hair all along the lips to her anus just like I love. There’s a pool of white pussy juice waiting to be licked out of her opening. I slurp it up. She tastes delicious, smells delightfully musky. A very strong odor but by no means foul. At this point she gets on top of me and we’re 69-ing. Her fellatio was awesome and I thought she was trying to make me cum from 69-ing, which would have been fine by me. Turned out Rebecca had other plans. She said, “I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I really want to fuck tonight.” At the time I was still trying to make a habit of using condoms, but I didn’t have any. (Frankly, I had hoped I’d get lucky, but I didn’t think I’d get this lucky.) I told her this and she said, “I know I’m clean, as long as you are too, I still have my diaphragm in from earlier.” Since I was free from STD’s and I wanted too much to take her at her word, I got her on her back, spread her legs apart and inserted my already quivering penis. We both groaned at first penetration. I laid motionless inside of her – her pussy was as heavenly inside as it looked on the outside, and I was afraid I would cum too soon. About a minute later I recovered and started plowing. Missionary turned into spoon. Spoon turned sincan escort bayan into glorious reverse cowgirl. As much fun as it was seeing her hot pink labia gripping and riding up and down along my shaft, I knew I didn’t want to cum without trying doggie-style with this shapely girl. Remember – she had that awesome wide set of hips and round ass. I managed to crunch upward in a kneeling position, she on all fours. Rebecca’s intuition was at play again because she said, “Oh yeah, can’t leave out doggie-style.” I was so into it at this point that I was barely able to articulate agreement. I said something that I hope sounded like “Yeah,” but it was more of a male grunt you’d hear in a porno. So at this point, I’m taking long, slow thrusts deep into her pussy. I have my hands gripping those lovely hips, and I’m gingerly pulling them back and forth. Now I’m getting so close that I start to flick her clit to make sure she orgasms first. Again, her intuition … she says, “Don’t worry, you got my g-spot in spoon. I already came. But if you keep doing that, I might have a clitoral orgasm.” I flicked and flicked and sped up my thrusting because the slow thrusts were just too stimulating. About three minutes later, she said, “That’s it, I’m cumming!” Because Rebecca’s pussy was so awesome and creamy, I knew that I could cum on cue. I said, “Just give me five strokes, and I’ll be right there with you.” I brought back the long and slow strokes again, and as the first one plunged deep inside her love chute, Rebecca said, “One.” She counted the remaining four and like clockwork I orgasmed. Having the same reservations about diaphragms as condoms and the potential for minute holes, I pulled out and ejaculated all over her sumptuous ass. Feeling 7 or so jets of my hot semen on her ass cheeks and lower back she said, “Ahh, you saved it for me … “Rebecca and I saw each other several times thereafter, but eventually she got back with her old boyfriend. But it was a brilliant end to an otherwise dull evening and a beginning of a brief yet passionate relationship.

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