The Searchers – Chapter 2

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The Searchers – Chapter 2Jack and Chance woke up sometime in the middle of the night to find Kelly lying between them in the huge bed. She was asleep on her side facing Jack with her back to Chance. Kelly was as naked as they were with one arm across Jack’s chest and the other extended downward with her hand between her legs as if to protect against intrusion. Jack looked over and noticed Chance was also awake. “Think we should?” he said with a sly smile. “Sure, as long as you are willing to confess that it was all your idea if she wakes up pissed,” Chance said, making sure Jack was willing to be the one to get his dick pulled off if Kelly did not find it all amusing.”Hand me the lube then, buddy. I’ll drill her pussy and you take her up the ass.””Sounds good to me. Better pass the lube back this way when you are done with it.”Both men lubed their hard cocks. Jack slowly slid Kelly’s hand from between her legs. She was sleeping soundly and didn’t even stir as he lifted her leg to get access to her pussy. He licked his fingers and slid them around her opening to find that she was already moist. This was going to be a piece of cake, he thought.”Let’s start at the same time. She is going to wake up as soon as you start pushing your meat up her ass, so she might as well be getting drilled in rhythm.” When Jack lifted Kelly’s leg to access her pussy, it also gave access for Chance to penetrate her asshole. Both men were poised at their respective entries. Chance nodded that he was ready, Jack returned the nod and both pushed slowly into her holes. She stirred a little, mostly as if she were trying to make it easier for them. It took Jack three pushes to bury his shaft in her and it took Chance five. He marveled at her tight, yet willing opening. Once they were both in all the way, they began slow strokes in unison. By the third one, Kelly, without opening her eyes, said, “it’s about fucking time you took advantage of the opportunity. I’ve been laying here for over an hour and almost fell asleep.”The men laughed at being the ones caught by surprise. “Well so much for the element of surprise, Chance. Looks like she has us right where she wants us.””Yeah, nothing we can do but fuck her brains out, Jack.” With that, they started pounding her ass and pussy, driving in and pulling out, leaving her empty, then packed to the brim in a steady routine. Flesh smacking flesh as the three bodies joined at Kelly’s mid section sounded a bit like a muffled snare drum. Chance one hand wrapped over Kelly’s chest, squeezing her tit and pinching her nipple. Jack had his tongue in Kelly’s mouth, fucking her mouth with it at the same pace his cock was fucking her pussy. Kelly had her hands on Jack’s ass, pulling him into her. She did not fuck him back because she did not want to throw off Chance’s pummeling of her asshole. It felt perfect for Kelly. She loved taking on two cocks more than just about anything else unless it would be having a third cock stuffed in her throat. She was determined to make that happen at some point. Kelly could feel her orgasm building rapidly and used her pussy and ass muscles to clamp down tight on both cocks, intensifying and speeding up her race to climax. When she came, Jack still had his tongue in her mouth and she screamed into his mouth as the waves of her orgasm swept over her, taking away any sense of control over her body. She shook and shuddered and every muscle went limp except for those contracting around the two cocks sliding in and out of her. Chance was next, his cock stimulated beyond his self-control from her tight ass, and began spewing his hot cum like rocked jets up her ass. Jack could feel not only Kelly’s climax, but he could feel the pulsing and throbbing of Chance’s cock as Chance was launching his cum and that put him over the edge. Jack filled Kelly’s cunt to overflowing as his cum shot up inside her and the squished out and down her thigh as he continued to stroke. Without giving it a lot of thought, both men sandwiched Kelly even closer and reached beyond her to grab a handful of each other’s ass. They smiled at each other knowingly, still keeping their softening cocks buried in Kelly’s special places.”Well, boys, I would roll over and let you each have sloppy seconds, but we need to get cleaned up and pack your RV. We have an afternoon appointment in Albany with your first encounter in search of the perfect fuck. Her name is Susan. She is a redhead, about 5’11”, 40D tits, and enough ass for three men. She pole dances for a living and makes more money without fucking to get it than probably any other woman in the country. I told her about you two and she said she would be more than happy to entertain you, giving you whatever you want. She is pretty sure your trip will end there.” Jack and Chance grinned from ear to ear. Both could feel their cocks begin to harden inside of Kelly again.”Oh, no you don’t. Pull out your playthings and let’s get showered. Let’s make it a group shower. That way I can make sure you are fresh and clean when we get there,” Kelly said with a devilish laugh. The three of them got out of bed and stepped into the shower. It was equipped with multiple shower heads so no one had to stand around getting cold while someone else was getting cleaned up. Both men were three quarters hard as they stepped in and all three of them began to lather up with soap. Kelly soaped her hands and stroked their cocks clean. By the time she was done, both were completely hard again and trying to fuck her in the shower.”Nothing doing, boys. If you want to fuck now, you are going to have to fuck each other. We have to give Susan a fighting chance to prove she is the best fuck you will find and she can’t do that if you are both drained. The men looked at each other, winced a little since both of them were suffering a bit from sore assholes after the previous night’s activities together, and tried to get their minds off of their hard dicks.About an hour and a half later, the three of them had everything packed in the RV and set their course for Albany. Once they were on the open road, Jack asked Kelly how she had come across Susan. “We went to school together. Neither of us finished college because we were too busy fucking and eating each other’s pussies. We majored in sex, but that wasn’t a degree the school offered. She had the sweetest tasting pussy you can imagine. Which reminds me – she said you have to eat her before you can fuck her. That goes for both of you. No tongue, no pussy. Just sayin’.” Both men shrugged as if that was far from a show stopper. They stopped for lunch about an hour from their destination, keeping the meal light so as not to overload themselves sakarya escort before all of the afternoon exercise they hoped to get. Before leaving the restaurant, Kelly called Susan to let her know when they would arrive.”It’s game on, fellas. She has been stretching all morning so she will be ready for you. I sure hope you two can handle her.” Kelly leered at them after her comment to see if her mild insult had the desired effect. It did.”Fuck, Kelly, we could handle three like her without breaking a sweat,” said Chance.”Hell, yeah!” echoed Jack.Right on time, they pulled up in front of an upscale apartment building and once Kelly double-checked the apartment number, she simply walked through the door, pulling the two men in with her.”Don’t you believe in knocking before you just barge in, Kelly?” chastised Jack.”No, do you believe in asking permission before fucking a girl?” Kelly asked, referring to earlier in the morning. Jack shut up. Just as Chance closed the door behind them, Susan walked in and the two women squealed with delight at seeing each other again and embraced, giving each other plenty of tongue as they kissed their greetings to each other. Susan was quite a bit taller than Kelly and she was everything Kelly had described. She was nearly 6′ tall, long, shapely legs, wider than average at the hips without being at all overweight, broad at the shoulders as well, with a narrow waist and huge tits jutting out through her emerald green leotard. She was well tanned with no signs of a tan line so far. Her hair was shoulder length auburn red with a matching shade of lipstick and nail polish. Otherwise, she wore no makeup and didn’t need it. She walked up to each man, one at a time, and gave them a deep kiss and a sultry look that would have melted a block of ice in the freezer and stiffen the cock of any man with a pulse. Chance was pretty sure that when most women met Susan, they would wish, however briefly, that they had a cock to use on her. Either that, or they would do everything possible to make sure their husbands never saw her.Susan stepped back, knowing that both men had diamond cutters between their legs now. “Kelly tells me that you two are searching for the perfect fuck. And when you told her that, she said I was the first person she thought of. Isn’t she sweet? I would have figured she had already proven to be the perfect fuck to you two long ago.””Oh, I have, Susan. I have. They just don’t know it yet. That is the reason for the road trip. They are lucky so far that I didn’t have to run an ad in the paper the first time to get them laid. It is not going to be easy, though, to find anyone that can top the two of us.”Both women laughed as if the joke was on the men. Susan finally suggested that they all move their fun to her workout room. Jack and Chance exchanged quick WTF glances, concerned that they were going to have to perform gymnastics to get this fuck, but they were pleasantly surprised when they entered the workout room to find only a dancer’s pole, a gymnast’s pad on the floor on one side and a king bed on the other side. “I assume Kelly has told you my ground rules?” Susan said, with one eyebrow raised.”She has,” said Chance. “No problems from our side.”Good!” said Susan in almost a cat-like purr. “Then we are all going to have ourselves a marvelous time. I suggest we all get our clothes off and get acquainted with each other.”Kelly quickly stripped. The men were down to their tented undershorts as Susan looked on, pleased with the promising view they offered. She stood on the padded mat, spread her legs, halfway into the splits, and then reached between her legs and popped the snaps of her leotard. Then she reached behind herself and they heard the zippered back slide down and watched as her tits spread the leotard in front, pulling the shoulder straps halfway down her upper arms. She grabbed the leotard at the hips, crossing her arms in doing so, and lifted it up and over her head, revealing with no tease at all the most striking figure either man had ever seen, including the nearly unbeatable figure Kelly had. Susan resumed a normal standing position and walked over to the two men, who had totally forgotten about removing their shorts as they watched Susan undress. Jack and Chance were standing side by side and Susan walked up to them and took a firm grip of their still shrouded boners. “Feels like you both have something to be proud of. Don’t be shy. Let’s see if these things look as good as they feel!”Susan reached down and yanked their shorts to their knees in one quick motion and their cocks sprang forth, pointing up at her tits.”My, my! What beautiful cocks you have! Oh, poor baby. Look at this one. It’s crying.” Jack looked down to see that he was leaking pre-cum. Susan ran a finger over the tip of his cock and lifted it to her auburn covered lips and tasted it. Kelly had a bemused smile on her face at Susan’s teasing. Okay, guys, time for dessert. Who eats first? The one willing to eat my ass first gets the first fuck. The only other rule I have is that when you cum, you have to pull out. I don’t care where you shoot your wad so long as it is not inside me. I only say that because when I fuck more than one guy, I don’t want the second one to feel like he is getting less than my best. On the other hand, if you two decide to fuck my slot at the same time, you can shoot it as deep as it will go. Up to you. But first, dessert!”With that, both men were oozing pre-cum and Susan walked over the the dancer’s pole, put her ass against it and then swung one leg straight in the air with ease so that her legs formed a perfectly straight vertical line up the pole. Chance moved to her backside and bent over to wedge his face between her ass cheeks. Jack took the front side and bent over to bury his face in her completely smooth-shaved pussy mound. Susan hung onto the pole with one hand and motioned for Kelly to come to her. Kelly knew what she wanted and moved in, spread her legs, and allowed Susan to begin lapping at her pussy. Chance licked Susan’s ass from her region between her pussy and asshole up and over her asshole to the top of her crack to get started and gradually settled into probing her anal opening with his tongue. It smelled of musk and perfume and it warmed him all over like a potion that sent his mind into another realm. He could have spent the entire day just tongue fucking her asshole. Jack experienced the same sensation eating her pussy. He had eating many a girl’s slit over the years, but none quite captured his mind like this one. He sucked on her larger than average clit and slid a finger up inside her. Susan moaned into Kelly’s pussy as escort sakarya she lapped at it from her horizontal torso, still holding onto the pole with one hand. The only sounds throughout the apartment were the low moans of the two women and the lapping sounds of those enjoying the exotic taste of another’s love holes. Chance decided to slide a finger into Susan’s asshole and wiggled it around inside her, eliciting even louder moans. Neither man could imagine Susan being able to cum in that position, but Susan could feel her body begin to quiver from the stimulation. While the men may not have conceived of a climax while hanging onto the pole, it was actually Susan’s favorite position to be in when she came. She often fingered herself to orgasm while in this exact position. The tension on her body only intensified her cum and she loved it. She loved it more when a select guest would provide the source of pleasure. Man, woman, didn’t matter. If they would eat her or fuck her at the pole, her climaxes would always be the most intense of any she ever had.Kelly was the first to cum. Susan always was able to get Kelly off quickly and frequently. No one could eat pussy like Susan, unless it was Kelly herself, according to Susan. In some ways, they seemed made for each other more than any other. Kelly played with Susan’s larger than life globes of tit flesh and tugged hard on her nipples until they stood erect from her tits by nearly a full inch. Just like Susan liked. Kelly let out a low scream as her body shook and she struggled to remain standing through her orgasm. She managed only because she balanced herself with a firm grip on Susan’s tits. Then Susan gave into her body’s needs and screeched as she came hard. Her legs trembled, shaking the pole she held in her hand, and Chance could feel her sphincter muscle tighten on his fully inserted tongue. He squeezed her ample ass cheeks and pushed his face – and his tongue – as far into her ass as he could. Jack shoved a second finger into Susan’s pussy and lightly clamped down on her clit with his lips, using his tongue to “slap” her clit back and forth. Susan’s climax lasted for nearly three minutes and the men were nearly exhausted from the effort to keep up the stimulation to assure her of the best cum they could give her.Kelly had already collapsed to the floor and now Susan allowed herself to gracefully take a place on the floor beside her. The men slumped to the floor, back to back, resting against the pole. It was totally quiet for a couple of minutes other than the sounds of heavy breathing. “Well, gentlemen, you have earned your fuck. What’ll it be? Both in my pussy at once or one at a time? Or, one of you can have my ass while the other fucks my pussy if you want to DP that way. Your call.” Susan was fearless when it came to sex and was set on proving it.Jack looked at Chance and Chance looked at Jack. They both smiled, reading each other’s minds, thinking of the night before, when they were cock to cock fucking Kelly. Jack spoke up. “We are both going to fuck your pussy at the same time.”Susan smiled. “I hoped you would say that.”Kelly interrupted. “Susan, since you are going get split in half by these two dancer poles, I think we should do what we did a few years back with those two guys we fucked at the frat party.””Fuck no! Number one, they weren’t hung like these two. Number two, I was stoned when we did that. And number three, I was sore for a fucking week afterward.””That’s a pity, babe. I thought you wanted to prove you were the best fuck in the country.” Kelly said with a pouting expression.Susan rolled her eyes. “Bottom drawer over there. But you have to promise to go easy. These guys are carrying a pound apiece and they aren’t taking any prisoners, so you be gentle.””Yes ma’am!” said Kelly, happy again. Jack and Chance just looked at each other bewildered at the strange conversation they heard.Susan led them to the bed and positioned them just as Kelly had done with them the night before. Jack was afraid he would cum before he could even get inside of Susan’s pussy. Once his shaft rubbed against Chance’s, he knew he was going to shoot. But he managed to hold back. Kelly retrieved a six inch dildo from the drawer along with a bottle of lube. She had the honors of lubing up the cocks and guiding them to Susan’s waiting pussy as she straddled them both. Jack was grateful he did not understand the need for the dildo. His attempts to figure out where it came into play took his mind off of his throbbing cock and he regained control of himself.Susan slowly lowered herself onto both cocks. She felt like she would split in half as she felt the large, hard shafts of man meat force their way into her pussy. She had not taken two at a time in her pussy since the night Kelly had referred to. She had wanted to try it again, but not with a combined 17″ of cock meat that took two hands to encircle.To her surprise, the gradual penetration of the two cocks quickly brought her to another orgasm and everyone had to wait until her cum subsided before they could continue. Finally, both men were fully embedded in her ultra tight pussy. Susan rose and lowered her pussy on the cocks for a few strokes until she finally felt comfortable. Meanwhile, Kelly had strapped on the dildo and inserted the hook like curved end of the dildo in her own pussy. Susan was facing Chance and leaned forward just enough to rest her hands on his chest. She stopped leaning before it made Jack uncomfortable from bending his cock too far the wrong way. She fucked them like that for a few strokes and then nodded at Kelly, who then straddled Jack’s abdomen with her ass resting on his chest. She moved forward and pressed the dildo into Susan’s asshole just a little bit at a time. Jack and Chance could not believe what they were engaged in. Their cocks were tightly pressed against each other and were now pressed together even more tightly as a third member came in the back door. This woman was taking three cocks at once between her pussy and her ass. Chance had the pleasure of playing with Susan’s huge tits and lifted his head to nurse on her huge, rigid nipples. He buried his face between them and squeezed and kneaded them. Then he felt Susan begin fucking. She rocked forward and backward on the cocks and the dildo. Kelly held her position and let Susan control the motion. At first, Susan bit her lower lip to keep from crying out from the initial discomfort of being packed too tightly. But she began to relax and found a rhythm and pace that worked for her. The sensation and knowledge that she was once again fucking two cocks with her pussy and taking a fake one up her ass had sakarya escort bayan cast a sexual spell on her and she was fucking now like she did stoned some years back. Her head began to roll from side to side and then forward and backward. Jack and Chance could feel their balls rubbing together and their cocks wedged together as if fused from the sexual heat the foursome was generating. Jack licked his index finger and surprised Kelly by inserting it up her ass. She lurched forward just enough to surprise Susan, who grunted from the additional fucking action she had not expected. Susan quickly recovered and continued fucking everything packed inside her. After a few minutes, Susan was going at it like she was just fucking one cock and then she let out a howl as another orgasm overtook her. Kelly grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard with the dildo and Jack and Chance were doing all they could to hold off. Their balls tingled and their cocks twitched. Both were about to shoot the loads of a lifetime into Susan’s talented, hot channel. Kelly came on the curved end of the dildo with Jack’s finger fucking her ass. Her toes curled and she leaned back to the point that Jack had to hold her up. Throughout the combined orgasms of the two women, the sounds in the rooms were like that of two cats in heat in the dark alley in the middle of the night.No sooner had the women’s orgasms subsided was when Chance and Jack began cumming themselves. They could feel the convulsions of each other’s balls as much as they could their own and the same was true for the throbbing, lurching of their cocks as they shot thick streams of cum at the same time deep into Susan’s pussy. She continued to stroke up and down on their hard shafts, making squishing sounds and their cum began to find narrow paths around and between their cocks and down her thighs into a thick, sticky pool of white cream onto the legs of the two men who had created the mess to begin with. Kelly turned around to face Jack, the dildo just a tongue’s length from his mouth. She smiled at him deviously and stuffed the dildo into his mouth. “Clean this off, fuck toy. I want to see you suck some cock.” She was playfully forcing it in his mouth, but he went for it just as playfully, turning Kelly on in the process. Meanwhile, Susan was equally playful and straddled Chance’s face with her cum soaked pussy and thighs encouraging him to eat some of the cream pie he and Jack had made inside her. Chance indulged her and licked her clit through the cum until she nearly reached another orgasm. They all finally quit playing and lay in a pile of human flesh on the bed relaxing, arms and legs intertwined like discarded mannequins piled on the bed. Susan lay there fully satisfied and the other three totally gratified. Susan looked around at her old and new friends. “You can stay the night if you would like. I have a spare bedroom and I think I might be up for a little one on one with each of you, although I am a little tender, if you know what I mean.””Yeah, we know what you mean,” said the other three almost in unison. Then they laughed, each for different reasons. Jack and Chance both were a little sore from ass fucking each other and Kelly was a little tender from the two different kinds of DP her men had given her. “I think one on one, face to face, would be a really good idea,” said Kelly. “Maybe we can swap sometime during the evening or night.”I wouldn’t have it any other way, kitten,” said Susan. “As long as I get some time with you as well.”Jack and Chance liked that last comment. That meant they might be able to sneak in another round together themselves. At least blow jobs, since their asses were a bit tender.Jack volunteered to take the group to Susan’s favorite restaurant of choice for dinner. They had more than enough to drink with their meal and came back to her apartment just a little tipsy. Susan assessed the situation. “Why don’t you boys go take a nap and sleep off the liquor for awhile while Kelly and I have a little privacy. And I am locking my door so you pervs don’t get any ideas about watching.”They all laughed and the men headed for the spare room and locked their own door. They quickly shucked off their clothes, revealing erections that further aroused the other. They got on the bed together and agreed their best option was to give each other head tonight. Chance got on top of Jack, who took Chance’s throbbing cock into his mouth and began giving it a tongue bath that had chance moaning before he could get the first mouthful of Jack’s thick cock. They ultimately decided to lie on their sides and give each other long, slow oral treatments, taking time now and then to study each other’s man meat, looking for similarities and differences between the two cocks compared with their own. Both had prominent veins coursing up and down the shaft. Jack’s balls were a little larger and Chance’s cock was a little thicker. Jack had a larger mushroom head and Chance’s was slightly more tapered. Otherwise, they were nearly identical in length and straight as the shaft of an arrow. They took their time sucking cock, not wanting to rush things. They gently toyed with each other’s balls and even ventured to their tender areas to rub fingers gently around each other’s assholes. Each slowly began to thrust into the mouth of the other, indicating to each other they were ready to face fuck and cum. Both were prepared and wanted to take their first mouthful of cum. Jack shot his load first and Chance struggled at first to keep from losing it out the sides of his mouth. Jack had his hand on the back of Chance’s head and thrust his cock to the back of Chance’s throat, shooting most of his cum down Chance’s throat, only having a little bit leak out the corners of his mouth. Just before Jack finished pumping his load, Chance began shooting his cum into Jack’s mouth. He, like Jack, put his hand on the back of Jack’s head and shoved his cock into Jack’s throat and emptied his balls completely.Susan and Kelly spent the better part of an hour just kissing and fondling each other. Kelly went down on Susan and gave her the best oral treatment Susan had had since the last time the two of them hooked up. They loved each other’s big tits and hard nipples and they loved eating each other’s pussies. They sat on each other’s faces to give head and then they fucked each other with the strap on dildo that Jack had cleaned with his mouth earlier. Then they ass fucked each other with it as well until they reached the point where they knew they needed to stop if they were to have anything left for the men. By morning, the foursome had completed a round robin of fucking the night away. They slept until noon and Susan waved them off as they headed for their next encounter, wishing they could have stayed indefinitely. Time would tell if she was the best fuck in the country, but she was pretty sure she would win the contest…

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