The Simpson Twins

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The Simpson TwinsThe Simpson twins were hot-to-trot and they zeroed in on me.I was new to Denver and knew no one except my co-workers, who I’d just met. So, being twenty-five and horny, it hit some of the popular nightspots. I quickly noticed that all of the attractive girls were hanging on to boyfriends or husbands. I frequented three nightclubs one Friday night and didn’t see a single girl who was alone, except ugly ones.So, the next night I found three more clubs and was about to call it quits when I passed a booth with two very gorgeous blondes sitting alone. I played it cool, smiled, and walked on. Then one of them pinched me on the butt. I turned around to see that the blonde nearest to me had to be the one who did it.”Hello, ladies. I just got a nice pinch on my ass and I know that one of you is the culprit. So, which one of you gorgeous girls did it?”Of course, I knew which one it was. I just wanted to see if she’d own up to it.Then they both started laughing and both said, “It was me.”“No. It had to be you,” I said and pointed to the culprit.“Okay,” she said. “It was me. Would you like to sit down?”“I thought you’d never ask,” I replied as I slipped into the booth beside the culprit.Both girls were gorgeous with long blonde hair and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. And the only way I could tell them apart was a difference in the way they parted their hair.“You two have to be twins!”They laughed and said, “You think so?”“Yes, I do, because you’re both so gorgeous that I can’t tell you apart.”The one next to me said, “I’m Shelly and my sister is Kelly.”“Oh! That’s easy to remember.”Then Shelly put her hand on my leg and said, “We go out every Saturday night looking to get laid. We can rarely find a good-looking guy who can satisfy us both. Do you think you can?”I was stunned but managed to say, “Um…well…I’ve never tried to satisfy two gorgeous blondes before. You can never find two guys?”“No. We have a ‘thing’ about sharing one guy in bed.”“I see! Well, I’ll certainly give it the old college try,” I said as urfa escort I tried, unsuccessfully, to imagine fucking those two gorgeous blondes.Kelly said, “Great! Then let’s get out of here.”I followed Kelly in her car while Shelly rode with me. The whole time she was rubbing the bulge in my pants and whispering things in my ear like, “I’m going to suck your cock so hard that it will grow by two inches.”But it’s already nine inches,” I responded.“Oh, you lovely man! I need a fat nine-inch cock inside me. You’ll be fucking me first.”“I can’t wait.”- – – – -When we got to their condo, Kelly said, “Shelly gets to have you first, but you’d better save yourself for me too.”“Surely you must realize how hard that’s going to be.””I know because Shelly is a good fuck! But so am I. Just remember that. Now, you two run along and be quick because I’m really horny.”Shelly put her arms around my neck and gave me an unforgettable French kiss, then led me to her queen-size bed.Then she said, “I want to give you a quick blowjob first, then you can fuck me. I love doggie!””That’s my favorite too,” I said as Shelly knelt and got my pants down.She took my hard cock deep into her mouth as I took her blonde head in my hands. She was moaning and gagging as I fucked her face. I looked down as her beautiful face with my cock sliding in and out of her mouth and wanted to shoot off. But if I was going to fuck her doggie style, I’d have to stop short of cumming.“Stand up and lay face down on the bed with your feet on the floor,” I said as I helped her stand up.“But I wanted you to cum in my mouth!”“I know, but I want you from behind now,” I said as I moved behind her and spread her legs apart. Then I positioned my cock at her entrance and pushed it in.“Oh god! You feel so hard!”I grabbed two handfuls of her blonde hair, put them on her shoulder, and pushed all the way in until I felt her cervix.“Mmm! Do that again!” Shelly moaned.So, I started to ram into her cervix with every thrust. I pulled her hands behind her back and pulled her escort urfa up off the bed as I continued to pound into her.“Fuck me! I’m cumming!” she yelled.So, I put my hand over her mouth and pulled her head to my shoulder. I ran my tongue through her soft blonde hair and whispered, “You’re a good fuck, Shelly.” She just moaned and went right into an orgasm. Her body stiffened and quivered as she continued to moan loudly.When her orgasm was over, I gathered a mouthful of her silky blonde hair in my mouth and began to shoot off, filling her body with cum.“Mmm. Mmm,” she moaned when she felt it and pinched her nipples, sending herself into another intense orgasm.When that one was over, I let her drop back down on the bed like a rag doll I was through playing with. I’d used Shelly’s beautiful body to fuck, now it was time to move on to Kelly. But I had to recover first, so I laid down on the bed, and Shelly crawled into my arms.“That was so wonderful, Bill. Can you spend the night with us?”“Sure! That would be nice.”“Good. Kelly has a king-size bed and we can all cuddle in it.”“I need to fuck her first.”“I know. I’ll get you ready for her,” she said, then she moved down and took my flaccid cock in her skilled mouth and within minutes, had it sucked back to its full size again. I took her head in my hands and fucked her mouth for a few memorable minutes, then pulled out.“Oh. I wish you could shoot off in my mouth,” she said sadly.“I’d love to, but Kelly is waiting.”“I know, but expect me to suck you off later.”“I look forward to it,” I said, then went looking for Kelly’s bedroom.I found her stark naked in her king-size bed, knees up, and rubbing her clit.“I heard you and Shelly and got so aroused that I started without you.”“I can see that,” I said as I crawled onto the bed and buried my face in her wet snatch.“Mmm, fuck! I’m about to cum already,” she said as she grabbed my head and thrust up against my tongue. After only a couple of minutes, she groaned loudly, dug her fingers into my scalp, and had an earth-shattering urfa escort bayan orgasm.“Fuck!” she cried as it ravished her gorgeous body. It seemed to last a long time and my tongue was starting to cramp.So, as Kelly’s body began to relax, I quickly moved up and pushed my cock so far into her that she groaned and went into another orgasm. These two gorgeous blondes, which I was lucky enough to meet, were going to wear me out in just one night! What was I going to do if they wanted me to spend the whole weekend with them? They were like a tag-team! One would fuck and suck me, then the other one would take over!When Kelly’s orgasm was over, I let my cock explode.“Mmm. You’re cumming,” she moaned and pulled me close. “I want you again and again. The way you pushed your cock into me when I was coming down from an orgasm, was so amazing! You really know how to fuck a girl.” Then we kissed and fell asleep.At some point in the night, I woke up briefly when Shelly crawled into my arms. I then had a gorgeous blonde in each arm with their heads laying on my shoulders. I thanked my lucky stars that I’d found them and went back to sleep with Shelly stroking my cock.But when she started to suck me off, I woke up, pushed her head down, and shot off in her throat. She coughed and gagged a couple of times, but I didn’t care. She needed it.- – – – -I did spend the weekend with Kelly and Shelly. We spent most of the time in bed doing sixty-nine, doggie, and missionary. I don’t know how it did it, but I was always able to get it up when one of them wanted it.They begged me to move in with them, which I briefly considered. After all, having two gorgeous blondes, ready and always available, would have been great. But I decided and they agreed, that I would spend my weekends with them.We’ve had that arrangement for three years now and I never get tired of their blowjobs or the feel of their legs around my waist. They compete for my affection and it’s delightful to watch them try to out-fuck me.I guess if I had to pick just one, it would be Shelly. Her deep throat blowjobs are better than Kelly’s and she seems to love the missionary position more now. I think I’m in love with Shelly, but I’m reluctant to tell her. I don’t want to mess up a good thing.

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