The Sweet Taste Of Deep Desire

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The Sweet Taste Of Deep DesireWe’d walked back upstairs, not hand in hand like lovers would do after fucking greatly, but we walked side by side. I could see his lip curl beside me and I spun on him, as he jumped back so fast that he hit the wall and I stared at him. “No one can know about this, we just fucked, that’s all.” I snapped and he stared at me in awe and desperation. He nodded and I smiled, walking past him toward the weight training room. I tossed him the ice pack and he pretended to limp behind me as I opened the weight training room door and everyone was still continueing to lift weights and use the machines as music blasted in the speakers of the room. “What took you two so long?” Mr. Richard said, giving us both a suspicious eye and i turned toward him, shrugging. “It took awhile since he was limping so much,” I said hastily, eyeing Matt as he grinned and smacked the grin off his face as he groaned.”Well, you better get back to your partner,” He said and I nodded, walking past the machines and I saw Shyla sitting with Megan and Murry. I walked over to her and a smile lifted to her face, being glad to see me. She stood up, fluffing off her blue tank. Murry glanced at me, another smileto his face as he stared at my pulsing tits. “So? How was it?” She asked and I frowned at her, giving her a confused look. “Whatever could you mean?” I asked and I went over to the Peck Deck, setting the weights to 185 and I began to pulled the arms of the machine, over and over again. “Don’t be silly. I know you guys did something-“”Nothing happened Shyla, stop fanticizing.” I snapped and she stopped talking and nodded. She sat down at the Bicep Curls and began to life 50 pounds. “Okay everyone, switch partners, time to get a chance to make a different friend.” Mr. Richard chuckled and Shyla sighed, walking over to Megan giresun escort and Josiah and Murry ran up to me. I raised a perfect brow, continueing to lift the heavy weights and every time I flexed my arms, they both stared at my moving tits and I laughed slightly and stopped lifting. “Boys, do you know how desprate you look? Instead of staring at my boobs, just ask to be my partner.” I smiled and their faces tried to turn serious. “Partner?” Josiah asks. “Hey, partner?” Murry says at the exact same time. I tapped my chin and looked around the room and noticed everyone else had a partner. “Well, since everyone else has a partner and if I leave one of you out, I’ll just be a bitch so I guess you both can be my partners, but I pick what we do, got that darlings?” I say and they both nod and I stand up, walking in between them and past them to the hallway where a few skipping ropes were set upon the table. As I grabbed one, the door shut behind us and we walking to an open space area and unfolded the tied up skipping ropes and began to skip. I began counting in my head. Josiah grabbed the other pair and Murry stood, leaning against the wall and watched me, paying no attention to Josiah. Once I counted to 134, I stopped skipping, panting and I handed the skipping rope to Murry and he thanked me and began skipping. I stared at them both and noticed that Josiah was still skipping. Lets turn up the heat, I thought to myself and I went over to the window and sat on the window sill, folding my legs and pulled my phone from my pocket and bent over and rested my elbows on my knees, giving them both a clear sight of what was under my shirt. I heard Murry start to skip faster and so did Josiah. I tried not to giggle as I readjusted my bra and my breast flipped out of my tank and Josiah stumbled and stopped skipping. escort giresun “Oopsie!” I quickly said as I pulled it back into my shirt. “Oh look at you guys,” I smiled, jumping off the sill and they both stopped skipping, just standing before me and I looked at Murry’s deep blue eyes and Josiah’s emerald green eyes. I stood in front of Murry, smiling and he seemed taller for a second but he was just about my sight and I looked down at his cock and he noticed that. Then I looked over at Josiah and noticed his huge cock was bulging and I tilted my head and I spun my back to them toward the door and walked over. Locking it, I glanced at my watch and I noticed we still had twenty minutes till the end of class. I grinned, walking over to Josiah and our faces were an inch apart. “You guys wanna fuck, right?” I said and they blinked, surprised but I could tell their slight nods meant a yes. “Well? What are you waiting for than?” I said and I slipped off my tank and grinned as they both stared at my bra and I removed it. A few minutes later, we were all in a position where I was on my hands and knees and Murry was behind me also naked, licking my wet pussy and Josiah stood in front of my naked, with his cock in front of my mouth and I grinned, pushing my head forward and his cock bursted into my mouth and I brought a hand to stroke it and rub it. He moaned, leaning his head back and I could tell they both were in a good place right now and Murry stuck his whole tongue inside of my pussy and I gasped in huge pleasure and began to give Josiah a harder blow job. His cock got much harder in my mouth and I brought the six inch cock out of my mouth and glanced back at Murry’s five and 1/2 inch cock getting harder. “Go ahead, stick it in.” I said to him and he brought his head up, grinning and he spta on his cock a bit and giresun escort bayan then rubbed my pussy, teasing me. I moaned in the taste of deep desire and held a hand up and right before Murry fucked me, he stopped and looked at me. “Idea.” I said and I could hear Josiah chuckle and I stood up, motioning for Murry to sit down and he did as I sat ontop of him, my tits in front of his face and I went onto my knees on his lap, his cock positioned below my pussy and I motioned for Josiah to kneel behind me and I licked my finger and quickly fucked my ass as I grabbed Josiah’s cock and put it against my ass. I sat down heavily onto Murry’s cock and he moaned and I began to thrust rapidly and then I stuck Josiah’s cock into my ass and pain flashed quickly but it faded away as he did the rest and thrusted hornily. “Oh fuck,” I leaned my head back and both hot boys fucked me in the only two holes that could me fucked and I smiled happily and Murry brought his tongue to my nipples and played with them and I glanced down at him happily. “That’s right, go ahed, suck ’em,” I said and then he stuck my nipples in his mouth and bit at them gently and rubbed his tongue against them. Then, Josiah brought one of his hands to Murry’s balls to stroke them and brought his other hand to finger rub my clitoris and I screamed in pleasure but quickly stopped, hoping Mr. Richard wouldn’t hear. Then, I grabbed the back of Murry’s head and pulled back and bent down to start making out with him. He groaned in happyness and we mingled our tongues together. “I’m gonna cum,” Josiah said and I nodded and he cummed inside of me and I pressed my eyes together, holding everything I had not to scream in love. “Same,” Murry said against my mouth and I grinned and I could feel his hard cock pump liquid into my pussy and I brought my head back to scream but Murry covered my mouth with his warm palm and I screamed into his palm as we all fell onto the ground and they both lay beside me, breathing heavily. Past Episode (The Taste Of Jealousy)Next Episode (The Exotic Feel of Cock) Coming Soon

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