The Taste Of Jealousy Part 1

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The Taste Of Jealousy Part 1Gym. 2:16 p.m.”Since today you start weight training, there are a few machines that I want you to know that most of you will be trying today. Firstly, the Bicept Curls, is where you will be lifting weights, but since you are all only in grade eight, I surely hope most of you will be able to lift ten pounds,” Mr. Richard said, looking at all of us while we all laughed and I grinned, elbowing my friend Shyla who yelped, rubbing her arm and giggled as I kept looking at the teacher and then at Matt, who was across the room, talking to his buddies and they laughed as his eyes turned to mine and I winked an eyelash, smiling at him and I could even see the twinkle in his eye of excitement. Giggling, the teacher continued with the other machines and the only this I could manage to focus on was trying the running machine, or whatever it was called. I reached under the leg of my yoga pants where I hid my Iphone and checked my messages and Shyla coughed, giving me the sign that Mr. Richard was about to look my way and I ducked my Phone. “Lastly, I want all of you to grab a partner and stretch before we head into the Weight Training Room.” He finished, grabbing his clipboard and headed into the room and got all the machines ready. I stood up with Shyla and looked over to see Matt talking to his girlfriend Julia W. and I sort of frowned and started stretching, touching my toes. “Parter?” Murry, the shortest k** in the class, but a bit attractive said as he walked up to be with his buds and I turned, my chestnut brown hair flying behind me and the second I stood in front of him, all he could stare at was my breasts and the curve of my ass. “You wish sweetie.” I cooed, tapping his head and I could see his face get red in embarrassment and I smiled, walking past him and Shyla followed me. “Why didn’t you choose him?” She asked. “Because darling, a quick tip you want to know about boys is you want to them keep wanting you and to keep guessing,” I explained and she nodded. “Okay everyone, head in.” Mr Richard said while Shyla eryaman escort and I were the first to enter. I looked around at all the machines and the first one I noticed was the running machine and I picked up my pace to get over there first. There was three so I jumped onto the midde one, pressing the start button and the platform I stood upon started to race and I began to jog. Shyla grabbed the one on my left and started running beside me. “Are we going to the mall after school or the movies first?” She asked, not tired at all and I tapped my Black Crackled nail against my chin. “I guess the-” I was interuped by the thud of someone else jumping onto the treadmill beside me and I sort of turned my head, but not too much and there jogged Josiah, the second hottest guy in my gym class. He wore a white t- shirt, his muscles see threw and black basketball shorts which made him look unbeleivabely attractive. I also noticed Matt on the other side of the room, watching Josiah and I. “Hey, what’s up,” Josiah said, his dark voice seductive and filled with pure mystery. I thought for a moment and smiled to myself. “Just chillin'” I began jogging, pretending to give him no interest as all he could stare at was the way my breasts moved up and down every time I took a step and my ass. Is there anything else they stare at?”Really? Because you’re smoking hot.” He grinned and I couldn’t help smiling and I turned the speed higher and he copied. “Wanna join me to the weight lifting?” He said and I shrugged and Shyla looked at me. I turned the machine off and the speed auto stopped and I hopped off, following Josiah to the weights and Shyla followed me. “Stay,” I said and she stopped, frowning and went to some other friends. Matt was just beside the Weight Lifting using the Lat Pulldowns and Josiah turned to me with a hot look on his face. “How bout’ this, you-” He was about to talk but I held up a finger to his lips and he grinned. “Pumpkin, no one tells me what to do, how bout’ this? You begin lifing weights and if you need more, I’ll escort eryaman add more, that way you can prove to me how strong you are.” I smiled sweetly and patted his arms and he nodded quickly, climbing under the bar. Matt turned to look at me as Julia paid little attention. Grasping the bars, Josiah nodded and I easily picked up the 20 pound weights and put 20 pounds on each side of the bar and watched him. He flexed his arms and lifted the weights without struggle and I smiled. He noticed my expression and nodded and I bent over, giving Matt a clear vision of my ass and I could hear him lift the weights faster as Julia scoffed. “Hey Emily, you’re mailbox is full.” She said and I slowly stood back up, facing toward her and I knew she was talking about my red laced thong. “Hey Julia, you left your 32 A bra in the boys changing room, maybe you should go pick that up.” I said as Matt bit him lip not to burst out laughing and Julia squealed, spinning her back to me. I turned back to Josiah who was laughing out loud and I picked up another 20 pounds for each side of the bar. “You aren’t done quite yet big boy.” I cooed and placed them on the bars and his arms began to wobble but he tried to catch it. I placed my arms out, bending over him and grabbed his wrists. “If you place your hands out a little farther like this…” I began and my breasts were right above his face and he blinked, grinning and I could feel his boner and Matt quietly gasped, and I heard him drop a weight and it snapped, dropping on his foot and he yelped loudly. The whole class turned to him, including me and he was holding his foot in pain. “Emily, since you’re the closest to him, take him to my office and grab him an ice pack please,” Mr. Richard quickly said and I nodded.”I could do that Mr. Rich-” Julia began and Mr. Richard held up his hand to stop her. I walked over to Matt, placing his arm over my shoulder and I helped him walk toward the door. I could hear him moaning in pain. A few minutes later, we were at the hallway of Mr. Richards office and the eryaman escort bayan door was right in front of us. “You ‘kay? That musta hurt, you poor thing.” i softly said and his eyes looked over at me and nodded. I never actually meant for him to get hurt but in a good way, Julia was pissed. I opened the door and helped him to a chair and shut the door behind us. “I’ll get you a glass of water and an icepack.” I said and he nodded as he watched me walk over to the short minifridge and I bent down, opening the fridge and picked up an icepack and a cup. Once I’d gotten his water, I walked over to him, bending down to set the icepack onto his foot and the water spilled directly onto his zipper area. “Oops! Silly me! I’ll get some papertowel.” I shook my head and grabbed a paper towel, dabbing his zipper and he yelped, grabbing my wrist. I snapped my head to up to look at him as he held my wrist with a strong force. “I can’t take it any longer.” He said, standing up and I was surprised by the way he took a step toward me and I realized that he faked the whole thing to get to me. He pressed his whole entire body against mine and I dropped both the icepack and the water that I’d refilled and both of his arms were around me, pressing his whole body against mine. I gasped by his actions and he was ripping off his shirt as I pushed him back and he stumbled, looking at me with confusion. I whipped off the black tank top I wore and he grinned, grabbing me again and I leaned on a desk as he rubbed his area on mine and I moaned with rich pleasure. I quickly took a glance around and noticed that he locked the door while I was at the minifridge and that all the blinds were already down. “Fine, you wanna go dirty? Bring it.” I said, grabbing his belt and whipped it off and he grinned, pulling down his jeans, revealing his boxer and pulled them down as I whipped off my yoga pants and pulled down my panties and threw them across the room and he halted me onto of the desk and spread my legs and without any hesitation, he pressed his cock into me and a deep pain filled me but it soon dissapeared as soon as her started to hump and thrust against me and he held both of my tits, breathing heavily and I moaned in pleasure as he fucked me. Part 2 coming soon (The Sweet Taste Of Deep Desire)

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