The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch5/P2)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch5/P2)Zimo turned to Gotifri,”Go grab the bench from the empty cell and bring it out here”.Gotifri opened the cell door and went into the back. Dragging out the bench to the middle of the room. Zimo went up to Leandra and grabbed a hold of her hand. He walked her over to the long bench. “Straddle the bench. I want to taste that pussy”.Leandra swung her leg over the bench and straddling it sticking her ass up in the air a little. Zimo slapped her ass, as Gotifri sat down in front of her. Zimo slapped the other cheek. “Dam baby, fuck you got a tight body. That ass is fucking tight.” He sat down behind her,spread those round cheeks and move his tongue over her asshole. Leandra moaned out feeling a tongue on her asshole for the first time. “Jerk my cock baby”. She looked down and grabbed a hold of Gotifri thick hard cock and jerked it slowly. Pumping her fist up and down, barely able to make her fingers touch his cock so thick. “Fuck yeah baby, don’t forget to spit on that dick”. She leaned her face down and slowly dripped her hot spit on the cock. Watching it roll down the mushroom head and down the shaft, until it got to her hand. As she worked tugging at Gotifri cock, she bite her lip feeling Zimo holding her cheeks open. His tongue sliding around her asshole. His wet tongue rimming her asshole, making Leandra shake in pleasure. Without a word, Leandra leaned down and slide Gotifri cock into her mouth. Sucking his fat cock up and down, sucking iskenderun escort her spit off his cock. His cock so thick and veiny felt so good inbetween her lips. “Oh fuck yeah suck that cock girl, fucking god dam”. Gotifri tilted his head back, Leandra mouth so wet, making his cock throb in her mouth. She pumped her mouth up and down devouring more with each push down. Then she felt Zimo slide his tongue down to her pussy lips. Flicking the tip of his tongue on her pussy lips. She slide her mouth off the cock in pleasure.”Oh god yes,don’t stop….don’t stop”. Leandra jerking Gotifri up and down smearing her spit on his shaft as Zimo licked at her ever moist pussy. He slowly slide his tongue in, and began swirling his tongue between those pussy lips. Cleaning her pussy out with his tongue. Leandra moaned out gripping Gotifri cock,”Oh fucking god, don’t stop I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum”. Zimo picked up the pace, licking around harder, pushing his face into that bald hot pussy. “Fuckkkkkkkkkk”, Leandra screamed as she came, pouring juices out onto Zimo eager tongue. He lapped it up like a dog, swallowing her pussy juices down his throat. Zimo sat up, Leandra turned her head and the two of them kissed. Sharing the taste between their lips. Then she pulled her lips away, turned to Gotifri and kissed him. Making sure everyone got a taste of her pussy juices. As she got done kissing Gotifri, Zimo sat up ,grabbed a hold of his cock and slide it into Leandra escort iskenderun pussy. She moaned feeling his big cock push her lips open. “Oh fuck Zimo fuck my pussy, fuck my wet pussy”. Zimo smiled and slide in deeper and began bucking his hips back and forth. Forcing his cock in, making her take each thick inch. Gotifri grabbed a hold of her hair,”Come down on this cock girl, I want to face fuck that green face”. She turned her attention to Gotifri cock and leaned down, sliding her mouth again on his cock. She sucked up and down, matching the pace of Zimo as he stood behind her ,fucking her pussy. Then Gotifri held her hair and pumped her mouth up and down. Both guards fucking both holes. Zimo slapped her ass,”Fuck Gotifri you got to get your dick wet in this pussy”. Zimo slide out, as did Gotifri. Switching spots, Zimo walked around and sat in front of her. He held it at the base offering Leandra his wet dick. “Suck your pussy off my cock bitch”. Leandra took his cock in her mouth. Her pussy tasting so good in her mouth, making her swallow more shaft then she usually could. Gotifri got around behind her and guided his cock in. “Oh dam Zimo you were right. This pussy is soaking wet for cock”. He held her hips and began shoving in. Fucking back and forth, her moans muffled by Zimo cock. Her mouth choking, as she sucked his cock down her throat. Zimo held her hair, pushing his cock up into her as she came down. ” Fuck dude her mouth is as wet as her pussy”. Leandra iskenderun escort bayan slide her mouth off gasping for air,”Oh fuck Gotifri your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy”. He smiled and pounded her harder, pushing his cock all the way in to the base. He slide out slowly and walked around. Zimo stood up and Gotifri got back in front of Leandra and slide his cock into her waiting mouth. She devoured it, her black lips sliding the whole way down. The taste of her pussy too much for her not to deep throat that cock. Sucking her pussy off his cock, making sure she got the last drop. Zimo sat down on the bench and pulled her away from Gotifri cock. Facing Zimo, he had her squat over his cock and slide down. She slide down his big cock and her pussy swallowed it again. He sat there with his hands to the side bracing himself, as Leandra rode herself on his dick. Her green fit body bouncing, riding that cock like a pro.”Fuck yeah ride that cock. What do you love baby”.Leandra moaned holding his shoulders as she rode,”I love cock”.Gotifri slapped her ass,”What kinda cock you like girl”.Leandra smile at Gotifri, then at Zimo,”Big cocks”.Zimo pushed up into her giving his whole cock to her pussy,”That’s right you nasty bitch”. He pulled her closer and kissed her, there tongues sliding around in each other mouth. Gotifri sat down on the bench next to Zimo,”Come on baby, ride this one now”. She grind on Zimo cock then slide off. She stepped over in front of Gotifri and straddled him. Feeling his cock slide up in her again, her pussy welcoming his cock deep. Zimo jerked his cock watching as Leandra bounced up and down on Gotifri stiff dick. “Oh fucking god its so big, fuck.” The two guards smiling seeing how much she was enjoying herself.

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