This was just the Beginning

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This was just the BeginningReflecting back, I met her almost exactly one month ago on a popular BDSM online dating service. Everything about her made her stand out, and above, all of the other profiles. Her picture was absolutely stunning, showing off her rather large size curves , Big tits ,moderately-length dark brown hair, and piercing blue eyes.. She was unapologetically open about herself as well, her profile clearly stating that she was 5’10” and 180lbs. Very few women were as open and confident as her.Sadly, she lived over 500 miles away. Despite this, I wrote her a message. To my surprise, we hit it off, speaking online for 8 hours per day for over a month. After a bit of anxiousness, I proposed that I should buy a ticket for a flight out to meet her. Much to my pleasant surprise, Nicole agreed. I would head over, arrive at her home, and present myself to be owned by her for an entire week, to be used completely and utterly at her whims.My flight was long, and I spent it anxiously thinking about the upcoming week. I landed, rented a car, and drove out to her house, about an hour out of the city. As requested, I brought absolutely nothing outside of the clothes on my back. This only added to my general nervousness, and I almost turned around a handful of times on the ride over, but eventually decided not to disappoint her. I arrived at her home, a rather standard house in a small neighborhood, about an hour late.Now, here I am, sitting nervously in the car, reflecting on the past month. Summoning all of my courage, I exit the car, walk up to her front door, and ring the doorbell. I immediately drop to my knees, ready to apologize to Nicole and present myself to be punished for my tardiness.After a few agonizing moments, the door swings open. I look up, and there she is, in all of her massive beauty. Nicole towers over me like a goddess. She looks down at me, scowling.”You’re late, slave.” she says.”I’m, I’m so sorry Nicole, I…”Slap. My face stings as her hand strikes me across the cheek.”You are not to address me as anything other than ‘Mistress’,” she begins. “Furthermore, I have no interest in your pathetic excuses. Get inside, and take off those clothes so that I may inspect my new property.””Yes, Mistress.” I manage to stammer out.She heads through the door, and I crawl behind her. Shaking, I remove my clothes and return to my hands and knees. Nicole slowly circles around me, carefully examining every part of me. I keep my head down and eyes averted from her, hoping not to draw her ire a second time. Suddenly, I feel something clasp around my neck.”This collar signifies what you are to me, slave. You will wear it, and the accompanying leash, at all times in my presence. This will be all that you were inside my household, unless I explicitly state otherwise.” Nicole says.”Yes, Mistress. Thank you for taking me in, despite my misbehavior.” I reply.Nicole laughs, and yanks on the leash now attached to my collar, bringing me to her feet. Her arm grabs my chin, and she pulls my head upwards. As she lets go, I get a full look at her. She’s just as large, perhaps more-so, than her online photos let on. Her flowery summer dress does little to hide her massive figure. Her ödemiş escort thighs and ass are absolutely massive, and incredibly intimidating. Her ample bosom rests on top of a sizeable stomach, and I can’t help but smile. She may be harsh, but she’s exactly the type of woman I had always dreamed of serving.Nicole smiles, and looks down at me.”I still haven’t decided on your punishment yet, slave. We’ll revisit that later.” she says. “For now, I need you to clean my feet. I’ve walked quite a bit today, and they could really use some pampering.”I nod, and look back down to her feet. She’s wearing short black heels. She kicks them off, and sits on a nearby couch. I crawl over to her, and she rests her left leg on my back, and places her right foot right up to my mouth, directly under my nose. The odor is powerful, she wasn’t k**ding about having walked all day, and given the temperature, it’s no surprise her feet are in need of cleaning.I do my best to avoid cringing, and go to work on Nicole’s sweaty foot. I open my mouth, and begin to suck on her large toe. I’m honestly tentative, and a bit grossed out, and it’s clearly showing. Her other foot digs into my back, as she’s now clearly annoyed with me.”Slave, my body is to be worshipped. If you dare show me such hesitation or revulsion again, I’ll make you regret it.” Nicole barks.Unable to reply due to the foot in my mouth, I begin to work more diligently. I wrap my tongue around her toes, and start cleaning the sweat that’s built up from her long day of walking. The taste is salty and gross, and I’m thoroughly humiliated at this point. My face is bright red with pure embarrassment, as I can only imagine what a loser I look like, cleaning this extremely large woman’s dirty feet with my mouth.Despite this, my member starts to get hard. Something about this situation is turning me on, which just embarrasses me further. I keep worshipping and cleaning Nicole’s feet, and start on her other foot when she swaps them. By the time I’m done, I’m fully hard, and Nicole is laughing sinisterly.”Oh slave, we’re going to have to do something about that. Stay here.” she says.She returns a few moments later with a small metal device. By now I’ve softened a bit, and she leans under me and places the device around my mostly-flaccid cock. It clicks as she locks it, and she places the key on her necklace.”This chastity device will help keep you in your place, slave. If you want to use that useless tiny cock of yours again, you’ll have to earn it.” Nicole says.I can’t think of anything to say in response, so I simply nod. Nicole gets back up, and leaves the room again, this time for nearly ten minutes. When she returns, she’s changed her outfit entirely. She’s now wearing black laced leggings, a leather corset, and taller black heels. I look up at her, and feel a lump forming in my throat. If she wasn’t intimidating enough before, Nicole now looks incredibly large, powerful, and confident. She smirks and looks down at me, as my small cock aches as it tries to expand against its cage.”Men are funny creatures,” Nicole muses. “If they’re locked up, they become subservient so quickly. Within a matter of minutes, they will do anything to get their release. escort ödemiş Anything.””Mistress, please, what are you going to do to me? I’m so sorry about before!” I say.Nicole says nothing at first, and instead just laughs. She turns around, and bends over slightly, showing off her massive, but wonderful, ass. There’s a gap in the leggings around the center, and upon noticing this, I start to worry.”Slave, like I said earlier, it’s been a long tiring day for me. I walked for hours in this 90-degree heat.” Nicole says.”Why would you do that to yourself, Mistress?” I reply.”Well,” she begins. “I’d like to really put your subservience to the test. No self-respecting man would ever do what I’m about to ask. However, a locked-up slave, well, it might!”Nicole backs towards me, spreading her cheeks. I can smell the sweat from her long day. It’s incredibly strong, and it’s clear now why she had suffered through the heat.”Now, slave. I want you to beg for permission to bury your face in my sweaty ass.” Nicole says.”Mistress, I could never do something like that. Please don’t make me!” I reply.Nicole laughs again. “I have no intention of making you do anything slave. You’re going to want to. That is, if you ever want that chastity device removed. I have no problem with simply throwing away the key and locking you in a cage in the basement for the rest of the weekend if you prefer!”I genuinely cannot believe what is happening here. This is certainly not what I had expected from our online conversations. I knew Nicole was a powerful and demanding woman, and that I’d be serving her, but this? Agonizing moments go by as I weigh my options. Do I really want to spend an entire weekend in a cage in a basement? Is this who I really am now? Despite all of this, my cock stirs again in the cage, as if to tell me what I need to do.”Mistress.” I say, tentatively.”What is it, slave?” Nicole replies, edging her ass even closer to me.”I would like to worship and clean your ass.” I blurt out, face turning crimson red at the thought.”No.” she says, matter-of-factly.”Mistress, please!””No.””I’m so sorry about before! I’ll do anything you ask! Please, just don’t lock me up in the basement.””No.””Mistress! I’m your slave. You can use me for anything and everything you want. Give me the privilege of worshipping and cleaning your divine ass. I know I don’t deserve it, but I need to clean your ass. I’ll do anything for it!.” I say, practically in tears, thinking my fate is sealed.She doesn’t respond. Minutes of silence go by, as I start to panic. Suddenly, Nicole grabs my leash, pulls it through her legs, and buries me in her giant sweaty ass.”Clean, slave. Don’t make me regret this.” she says.My world goes dark as I’m enveloped in her. My entire face, and most of my head, fits inside her giant ass. The smell of sweat and ass fills my nostrils, overwhelming the rest of my senses. It takes all of my self-control to avoid pulling out and trying to run. Instead of fleeing, I stick out my tongue, and touch it to the inside of one of her cheeks. The taste is nearly overwhelming at first. As I start to slowly work my tongue, something inside of me breaks.This is who, or perhaps more accurately, what, I am ödemiş escort bayan now. Reduced to begging to be the washcloth of a massive sweaty woman. I realize now that I will do literally anything she asks, and thank her for the privilege. Fueled by this revelation, I begin cleaning more diligently with my tongue. This is what I am meant to do, and I’ll do a good job of it, I don’t want Mistress to be angry with me.I lose track of time as my tongue and face make their way around Mistress’ giant ass. I make sure to clean every inch, from the cheeks to the taint to her asshole. Suddenly, I hear her divine voice.”Now slave, this is more like it. Show me just how much you want to serve me, and get your tongue in there.” Nicole says.I feel her hand on the back of my head forcing me deep into her ass, my mouth now pressed up against her asshole. I spread my lips, and stick out my tongue. I press it slightly against her, but part of me is still grossed out by this, so I hesitate. I feel her press harder.”Slave! Do you want to be severely punished? Get your tongue in there, now!” Nicole barks.I whimper slightly, but decide to comply. My lips wrap around her asshole, and I press my tongue inside. I can feel her anus clench around my tongue as I begin to work it deeper inside. I suck slightly with my lips to coax her open further, giving me better access. I probe deeper, occasionally swirling my tongue around. I can hear Mistress moaning in pleasure outside.”Good slave, very good. Clean your Mistress’ asshole and make me cum with your dirty tongue, slave!” she says between moans.This spurs me to work harder, hoping that I’ll be rewarded, or even released, if I can fully please her. My tongue aches and my face is covered in sweat, ass juices, and some tears. I don’t let this deter me. I feel Mistress’ ass push against me as she lowers me to my back on the floor, and sits on my face, putting her full weight on me.I can breathe nothing but her ass at this point, and it’s strangely intoxicating. My cock struggles to burst out of the cage, and the pain is borderline excruciating. I alternate probing my tongue deep into Mistress’ ass and swirling it around her cheeks. My entire world is Mistress’ ass and asshole at this point, and my only job is to worship it and pleasure her.Just as I’m at my breaking point and barely able to continue, I feel Mistress quake. Her ass clenches on my face, and she lets out a powerful series of moans. Moments later, she rolls off of me.”Acceptable work, slave for your first time. Your unwillingness to do perform your task right away is disappointing however.” she says, between labored breaths. “You will be punished thoroughly tomorrow.””Yes, Mistress.” I reply.Nicole stands up, and motions for me to follow her. We head into the livingroom, where a small cage with a dog bowl full of water awaits. She ushers me inside, and locks the door.”Wait, Mistress! Don’t I get to go free after serving you as promised? Can you at least release me from this chastity device?” I beg.Nicole laughs sinisterly. “I don’t believe I ever agreed to that, slave. Perhaps later this week, if you perform your tasks well. This was just the beginning, and quite frankly, the easy part!”With that, Nicole turns on the tv and I see us replaying a video of us. I reek of ass and sweat, and my caged cock aches. I can’t even begin to fathom what could be harder than today, and this was just the first of six training sessions.

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