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THREE IS NEVER A CROWDTHREE IS NEVER A flyboyB4By way of introduction, I wrote this story almost a month after it actually took place in 1984 and had posted it on another site. It got such amazing comments that I thought xham readers might also enjoy it. I had worked with Stacy’s mother for a year or two and we had become close. I was 53 and she was 50. I was divorced for a couple of years, and she had been divorced for over 10 years. She knew that I had a vasectomy many years ago.I was hoping that knowledge would get me in her pants. Not a chance. She had two c***dren Sean, the oldest at 19, and Stacy at 18. Sean was always happy to work on my Fiat Spyder to fix anything that went wrong. And something always went wrong. The acronym for Fiat was true; “Fix It Again Tony”. The result was that I was often at their house. Stacy was almost a complete image of her mother except that she was still carrying baby fat and was a few inches taller than her mom. She definitely was built like her mother, although I’d never seen her mom in anything but proper attire, be it at work or home, but both had big tits. Whether my car was at their house or not, Stacy would often just come over to my house unannounced. If I wasn’t there, she’d leave a cute note on the door in the carport. The notes were always a little flirty. She’d address it to the ‘cute one’, or “Stud”, or ‘The big Man of the House”, with a notation that she’d stopped over. I thought she was in-experienced because she always engaged me in some manner of conversations regarding sex. These conversations we had were usually very specific on her part. ‘Do all men like big boobs?’ Do all men like smooth, shaved legs? Do men mind if the woman is taller than he is? Do all men like to French kiss? Do men like shaved or unshaved women?’ On this particular day, I was watching the evening news in my usual attire, a Tee shirt and Ocean Pacific shorts. It was still quite hot out, as Tempe, Arizona always is. I had the A/C cranked up. I heard the horn beep and immediately thereafter Stacy came in. It was usual and customary, and she came over to give me the proverbial ‘kiss on the cheek’. She was also in her usual attire, a short tube top, and shorts. The tube top gave her very large and full tits very little room to expand and left her midriff quite exposed. I had noticed that there was a small wisp of hair in a straight line on her just above her waist of her shorts. We sat and chatted for awhile as she told me she was so sore from her exercise at her mom’s spa. I told her she could go and take a shower but she said she already had at the spa. I continued to watch TV as she laid down on the floor perpendicular to me and moaned as she moved her arms up and down. I asked her what was wrong and she said her shoulders were just sore. She asked me to come down and massage her shoulders for her. I got down on my knees, straddled her waist and bent forward to massage her shoulders. I had both hands working on both shoulders and as I watched, she had her eyes closed and was enjoying my attempts to relieve her discomfort. My eyes roamed down to her perfect complexion of her face, her pert little nose, her sensuous mouth, and realized that she had no makeup on at all. Usually, she looked a little over made up when she was with her friends, trying to be more sophisticated and mature I guessed. I’m not sure whether lust took over, or just my overwhelming desire to see her huge tits.I let my hands drop to her tits and started to massage them as well. They were really full and very firm. Neither of us said a word, so I just continued to massage her tits. Her small moans told me she was enjoying my massage. After about 5 minutes, I knew lust was taking over, as I lowered her tube top to reveal her huge tits. I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice my hard cock. I’m not overly endowed, but I have a very solid 5 1/2”, but it gets very thick. I was quite surprised at the firmness, the size, and the fact that her nipples were not distended. In fact the areolas’ were not large, very pinkish, and almost were indistinguishable. Her moans became more pronounced and a little louder. I could only imagine what her mother’s tits must be like. I knew I would never find out as her mom was very conservative and didn’t even like an off color joke. I continued to knead, and massage these mounds of pure woman flesh, and lowered my head to one nipple. I took one tit in my hand, sort of man handled it, squeezing it up to a cone shape with the nipple dead center. I ran the tip of my tongue around the areola several times, licked her nipple intermittently and proceeded to suck the nipple. To my surprise, her nipple stiffened and she was moaning, ‘yes, yes, suck it.’ I switched to the other bilecik escort tit, and realized she had been fondling it while I was sucking her. She had pinched her nipple that I had not been sucking and it was already stiff waiting for my mouth. I sucked that nipple as I had done to the other one and was giving my full attention to sucking her nipples and fondling and squeezing her tits. She had to feel my hard cock. After 15 minutes of this she told me to stop because she couldn’t take any more.I stopped, sat up, continued to massage and fondle her tits which now had two rose bud nipples standing up. I looked down at her smiling, and she reached up to my neck with both hands and pulled me to her and kissed me, parting her lips to insert her tongue into my mouth and I kissed her back letting our tongues dance together. I broke the kiss and unhooked her arms from around my neck and told her ‘that’s it, we can’t go any further’ realizing that my guess was quite wrong, she definitely was experienced at least to some degree.She must have thought about it, not saying anything, I rose up from my straddled position, moved over on the couch and was waiting for her reaction. She leaned up on both elbows, looked down at her tits, raised herself up to a standing position, and squished the tube top up to enclose her tits and snaked her hand in each side to adjust her tits. She looked at me, came over to me, leaned down, kissed me lightly on the lips, and said, “You wait, you just wait.” She turned around and left. Shit, I thought, well you’ve really screwed up this friendship, she’s going to go home and tell her mother. I’m screwed! After a few minutes of chastising myself, I came to realize, ‘wait a minute, she could have stopped me, she didn’t want me to stop.’ OK, no harm done, we’ll see how she reacts. One week later, on a calm typical balmy Arizona evening, I heard the horn beep, and Stacy came into the house. I had started over to the door and she came up to me kissed me lightly on the lips, and asked if it was OK to bring her girlfriend Amy in also. Apparently our little scenario was forgotten, or at least not to be mentioned, and I was OK with that if she was. I told her, ‘of course she can come in’. She went out to her car, and momentarily she and Amy were in the living room. Amy was shorter, did I mention that Stacy was at least 5”9”, about the same age, but definitely a slender build and nothing very exceptional about her but she had long black hair in a pony tail. Stacy knew that I had a Jacuzzi on the back deck and she asked if they could use it. I consented and said that I would have to take off the cover, turn it on, and let it heat up. While I was doing that, and they were watching me, I told them to go in the bathroom and change into their swim suits. “Oh, we don’t have to we’ve got our swimsuits on.”Great, I thought. Amy asked if I would join them? I thought about it for 1/10th of a second and said, ‘Why not’. It was going to take at least 10 minutes for it to warm up to the desired temperature so I went into my bedroom to put on my swimsuit and said over my shoulder, ‘there’s Cokes in the fridge’.When I came out of my bedroom, both girls had gone out to the deck, still with their tops and shorts on barefoot. I went out to the deck, tested the water, checked the temp gauge, and it was warm enough now. I stepped in and sat down on the ledge as the water jets started to bubble. Both girls looked at each other and proceeded to peel their tops over their heads, braless and no bikini top and continued to unbutton their shorts, let them drop to their feet and stepped out of them. Both completely naked ! It took about two seconds for my cock to respond. I knew what Stacy’s tits looked like and tasted like, but had no idea that she had such a hairy pussy. Amy had cute, smaller tits, probably 32B’s that stood out prominently with dark areolas, large stiff nipples, and she had jet black hair in a perfect triangle on her pussy. Both girls stepped in to the water and moved to either side of me. Stacy said that she had told Amy how good I sucked her tits and Amy wanted me to suck hers also. Oh- Oh, now I was really in deep shit. ! As I was contemplating my next move, Amy stood up, straddled my legs, reached down slipped off my swim suit, and took it off my feet, moved my hard cock out of the way, straddled both of my legs, facing me, with her tits at about my mouth level, and told me to ‘suck my tits’. Without any hesitation, I reached up to fondle both of her tits that were a perfect shape, firm, very pointy and jutting out like bullets, and placed my mouth over her nipple. I sucked her nipple right in to my mouth with no preliminaries. Amy responded to my immediate sucking with deep moans and escort bilecik a running commentary. “Oh yes, Stacy was right, you really suck titty’s good. Oh I love it and your cock is so hard, you’ll love fucking our hot pussy’s. Stacy, come feel how hard his cock is. You were right.” As I’m sucking this girls great nipples from one to the other, and hearing her comment, my hand is cupping her ass cheeks making her slide up and down against my hard cock. I can’t believe this is really happening. By now, any thoughts of how wrong this might be, has disappeared and I’m turned on beyond words.I catch Stacy out of the corner of my eye playing with one tit and the other hand is under the bubbling water moving in a rapid in and out movement. I take one hand off of Amy’s ass, and reach around behind and underneath her ass and find her little asshole and move farther in to her hairy pussy. I tickle her pussy lips with my finger as far as I can. She takes her hands off of my shoulders, says “keep sucking hard.” She reaches down between us to my cock and bends it into her pussy. I can feel the tip going in to her little hairy pussy but our position won’t let me slide it in. Amy inches herself back off of my legs and raises herself up a couple inches, and drops down onto my stiff cock and I’m in her to my balls. She squeals, “yes, yes, fuck me.” I stop sucking her tits, and with both hands, grab her ass cheeks, raise her up and down and we are fucking like two a****ls in heat. My cock is buried in her hot tight little pussy and she has both hands on my shoulders and moaning, panting, and stuttering words “yes,yes – oh fuck yes- fuck me.” I’m working hard to get her 105 pounds up and down on my cock. Her weight is a little too much for me, so I slow down, and bring us to a stop and she says, “Oh God, Stacy, wait ‘til you get his cock in your pussy.” By now, the water jets have stopped because of the timer for them, and I look over to Stacy in the clear water next to me, and she’s fingering herself and tweaking one of her nipples. Amy slides off of me, with my cock still hard slipping out of her, with one hand holding on to my shaft and with the other, pulls Stacy’s arm and says, “C’mon Stacy, get his hard cock in you.” Now I know that there’s no way I’m going to be able to have Stacy on my legs with her 135-145 pounds. So I said, “Stacy, get up on the edge.” As I’m saying this Amy has grabbed on to my cock and is jerking it with her hand. Stacy gets up on the edge and can’t figure out how I’m going to fuck her in that position. I turn around facing the edge and spread Stacy’s legs as far as I can. Her hairy pussy is gaping open with all her pinkness exposed. With both hands keeping her legs spread open, I put my entire mouth on her pussy, rub my face all over the short trimmed hair, run my tongue up and down her slit, suck her lips, tease her clit with my tongue, and stick my tongue as deep in her as I can. She yelps, and says, “Oh yes, that feels so good’. I’m bent over her eating her pussy and Amy sits in the seat that I was in, and as I’m partially out of the water, she slides my hard cock into her mouth and starts to go up and down and her rhythm gets my rhythm matching hers as I eat Stacy’s pussy. Her pussy tastes so delicious, I don’t want to stop eating it. Amy has both hands on my cock and shudders and stops sucking completely just letting my cock rest in her mouth as she has her orgasm. Stacy wants to clamp her legs around my head to get her own orgasm, but I keep them spread, and she yelps, “Shit, I’m cumming, oh god yes, I’m cumming.” So much for her being in-experienced.She is panting, moaning, and has both hands with firm holds on her tits. Amy lets my cock go, still hard, leans back and slips to the other seat, with her head back is breathing hard with one hand holding my cock. The night air is cool and I’m shivering, but eager and ready to fuck both of these girls. I let up on Stacy’s delightful pussy and said, “Girls, let’s go inside”. “Great idea”, Amy said, got out of the water, leans down to grab a hand from Stacy and helps her up to her feet.Both girls go into the house into the bathroom as I turn off the spa, cover it up, still with a stiff cock, and follow them in. I’m thinking ‘This can’t be real. How could I be so lucky? It’s probably every man’s dream and fantasy to find himself in this position. With two nubile young women who want your body. I just love hairy pussies, and here I have two. I’m wondering what I might have done to warrant this dream? Well, whatever it was, I hope I don’t wake up. The shower is not quite big enough for the three of us, but we squeeze in, get warm water, step out, and use the towels to dry each other off. I’m staring at these two delectable young bilecik escort bayan ladies and am mesmerized by the whole scene. I lean over, give Stacy a full kiss on her mouth, which she reciprocates, turn to Amy and plant one on her and she meets my lips with hers and snakes her tongue into my mouth. I figure, this unexpected delightful romp is over. I’m expecting them to put their clothes back on and sit around awhile, having a coke, or leaving. Amy grabs my hand, starts to leave the bathroom, and says, “We’re not finished yet” as she leads us into my bedroom. Amy grabs the comforter and throws it back exposing the clean, white sheets and pillows. Stacy flies on the bed, face down, puts her ass in the air, spreads her legs apart and says, “Lemme have that cock now”. With a still stiff cock, I put my knees on the bed, position myself behind her ass, guide my cock to her pussy and slide it in. With no resistance I slip in up to my balls. I reach around leaning over her and grab on to her pendulous tits hanging down, and start to pump her, and with every thrust she lets out a ‘uugh, uugh, yes, yes, oh fuck’. Her pussy is hot, tight, and I slip in and out with ease. Amy is on her knees at the side of the bed, with her head very close, watching my cock slip in and out of Stacy’s pussy. I try to take it slow, because I don’t want to cum yet. Each time I pull out Amy leans over to lick my shaft and sneaks her arm around my ass between my legs to fondle my balls. After 5-6 thrusts, Amy very emphatically says, “OK, Stacy, my turn.” I back out of Stacy’s pussy, leaning back and with my cock glistening from her juices, Amy lays down on her back, shoving Stacy aside and spreads her legs wide. This girl is really built for comfort not speed. Her pert pointy little tits are standing straight up with those succulent nipples, a flat stomach, and this magnificent perfect triangle of black hair covering her pussy. I really want to eat her, but she wants my cock in her right now. I stick my finger in her to see if she’s wet enough and realize she’s had several orgasms already so I put the head of my cock just a little bit in to her, and she arches her back and thrusts her pelvis up to me and my cock slips right in. I can’t believe how hot and tight she is. I start to go slow in her too, but she’s having none of that. She thrusts her pelvis up and down to get me to respond. OK, I got it. I start to thrust in her as deep as I can, up to my balls, and she relaxes her pelvis, to let me continue to pound her. Stacy is now on her knees at the side of the bed and is sucking Amy’s nipple like it’s the last one on earth. I know I can’t keep this up much longer or I will cum. Amy has both legs up being held high and spread so she can hold on to her ankles as I pound into her wonderful pussy. One more thrust and I can feel it building. I stammer between clenched teeth, “I’m gonna cum.” I start to pull out, but too late, I shoot two spurts into Amy, and I quickly pull out completely and Stacy bends down quickly to eagerly take my cock in her mouth, and I shoot a third spurt. She’s savoring every drop and has me almost completely in her mouth. Everything comes to a standstill except for Stacy slurping up and down my cock. Amy is letting her legs down rubbing her pussy with one hand and with the other she’s fondling one of Stacy’s tits. I finally get the picture. These girls have had each other before or they set this up very deliberately. I lean back, spent, sweating, and breathing in large gulps of cool air with the pungent telltale aroma of sex. All three of us need to catch our breath. Stacy had gotten up off of her knees and joined Amy and I on the bed. We laid next to each other not saying a word. My mind was racing as I was catching my breath. I thought, ‘Wow, two hot women wanting to play with me. How did this happen? Then, who cares how, it just did.’ I was sure that this was going to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Shortly, Stacy said to Amy, “So, was I right?” Amy replied, “Oh yeah, he’s great. How did you know that he’d eat us and fuck us?”Stacy’s reply floored me. “I didn’t, but he’s cute, and he’s an older man isn’t he?”I said, “So, you didn’t set this up?”Amy said, “No, she didn’t, it was my idea.” I was completely stunned.I said, “Well how did you think I would react?” Amy said, “I talked her into going in to the spa naked to see what you would do.” as she was playing with my now limp cock but was starting to stir.“So, you see,” Stacy said, “Amy and I don’t have any boyfriends because they’re all so rude and very inexperienced, except those that just stare at my tits and we need to have sex once in a while too, so if you didn’t want us, we had nothing to lose.” Thinking out loud I said, “So, we’re going to keep doing this?” Stacy replied “We’ll see after she and I talk about it.” I was really stunned now. I laid back and whispered I thought to myself, “Whoa, what’s next?” They heard my soft whisper and Amy said, “We’re both sleeping here tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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