Toni gets anal from Mr. Ross

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Toni gets anal from Mr. RossChapter 4 – Toni Tastes a PussyToni became addicted to ass fucking. She still loved the feel of a hard cock in her pussy, but there was something so nasty and dirty about getting stuffed in the ass that just the thought of it got her hot. The next time Mr. Ross made her stay after school for being naughty (her nipples showed through her white blouse because she forgot to wear a bra in his class). He punished her by fucking her tits while she sucked his cock. Then she did something really nasty. She still didn’t know what made her do it. It just happened.Mr. Ross began to cum all over her lips, chin and tits. It felt so nasty to let him do that. So dirty. She started peeing. Warm golden liquid flooded her panties and dripped down her thighs and all over the floor. She continued to suck Mr. Ross until he grew hard again, then stood and removed her panties.”I’m so sorry, Mr. Ross. I wet my panties and made a mess all over the floor.”She took a bottle of baby oil out of her purse and spread some all over her hands. She bent forward over the back of a chair spreading her ass cheeks and rubbing a finger over her anus before pushing it inside. “I need you to punish me right here, Mr. Ross. With your great big cock.”He stepped up behind her. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, sliding up and down his length to coat him with oil. Toni guided the tip to her sphincter, and then pushed back against him until he penetrated her. She continued to squirm against him while he pushed his cock deeper until he was fully embedded. She fucked his cock with her ass, squirming, grinding, rotating and sliding against his embedded shaft as he slowly moved it in and out of her. It felt so good sliding around deep in her bowels. She put her hands over her cum splattered tits, squeezing the soft flesh and pinching her hard nipples.Toni could feel her asshole squeezing his swollen cock as it slid in and out of her. It felt so nasty and wickedly exciting. She knew she was going to cum as soon as she touched her clit, which is exactly what happened.Mr. Ross continued pounding his cock up her ass while she was screaming and gasping in orgasm. When she felt his cum squirt her orgasm got renewed energy until she finally collapsed against the chair. He pulled out his cock, zipped up and left without saying a word.Wendy never did find out about Toni and her dad. At least not right away. Several days later she did tell Wendy she watched her fuck Richard, just not that her dad also watched. Wendy thought that was real hot and asked if she would like to join her next time. They started planning it for the following Thursday.As they lay on him bed talking about it, Wendy started telling her how good Richard’s cock felt and said her pussy was getting wet just thinking about it. Then Toni decided to tell her about Mr. Ross.”I want you to tell me everything, Toni. What his cock looks like, how it feels, what his cum tastes like, where you did it, how… everything.”Toni started talking, getting really into a long kaçak bahis detailed description of their first time including how she had fingered herself in his class.”God, that is so hot. I’m going to take my jeans off if you don’t mind.”Wendy sat against the back of him bed, spread her legs and shoved a hand down the front of her panties. Toni could see Wendy’s fingers moving rapidly across her pussy and clit underneath the thin white cotton. “Don’t mind me, Toni. Tell me more about how his cock felt in your mouth.”Toni could feel her nipples getting hard and her own pussy beginning to leak as she stared between Wendy’s legs. She realized she had her own urgings that needed attention.”Okay, as long as you don’t mind me shedding some of my own clothes. It’s getting awfully hot in here.”She stood and peeled down her jeans, then pulled off her top and bra. Wendy pulled her top off as well. Toni sat next to her with her back against the headboard and shoved a hand into her panties, rubbing her fingers over her gash, which was already slimy from juices seeping out of her pussy.”God, Wendy, his cock was so big that my lips were stretched as it slid into my mouth. The swollen head bulged like a mushroom. I ran my tongue all around it, under the ridge above the shaft, then back up to the little opening in the top. The veins of his cock pushed out from the shaft. I traced those with my tongue as he slid deeper into my mouth and back against my throat.”Wendy’s hand was moving at a furious pace. She hooked her leg over Toni’s so she could spread them further. Her tits, capped with swollen pink nipples pointing slightly upward, jiggled on her chest. Toni had this sudden urge to touch them.”And then I felt him pushing into my throat. I knew I was going to gag, but I wanted him there.”Toni reached over and brushed her fingertips across Wendy’s nipple. Wendy looked over at Toni, her eyes desperate, and nodded her head. Toni’s fingers pushed under her soft roundness while her thumb continued to massage her nipple. Wendy put her free hand on the back of Toni’s head and guided it towards her shapely tits.Toni’s hand moved to the other breast as she took a nipple into her mouth. Her fingers continued to work away on her pussy and clit. Her panties were getting soaked from the juices pouring out of her cunt.Toni bit down gently on Wendy’s nipple while squeezing the other one between her thumb and forefinger. Wendy’s entire body stiffened. She jerked and thrashed in an orgasm that exploded from deep in her belly. Wendy slumped down on the bed and looked up at Toni whose fingers were digging hard and fast in her pussy. Wendy reached up and pulled Toni’s face to hers. She met her soft delicate lips with her own. As they kissed, Wendy pushed Toni onto her back and got above her. Her tongue pushed deep into Toni’s mouth.Wendy’s hand squeezed the soft flesh of Toni’s breast. Her fingers tweaked Toni’s nipples. Wendy lowered her lips down Toni’s neck and across her chest until she could suck a tit into her mouth. Wendy’s güvenilir bahis hand slid across Toni’s stomach and into her panties. Her fingers intertwined with Toni’s in stroking and massaging the moist folds of her pussy and clit.Toni pulled her hand out of her panties and let Wendy take over the task of stimulating her hot pussy. When Wendy moved her mouth across Toni’s stomach, tracing wet kisses down her, Toni knew Wendy was going to lick and suck her juicy fuck hole.Toni had fantasized about having her pussy licked by a girl but was afraid of being labeled a lesbian. In fact, she had purposely avoided the few lesbians she knew. But Wendy had her so turned on she couldn’t have stopped if she wanted to… and she did not want to.Toni slipped her panties down her legs until she could kick them off with her feet. Wendy kissed up her inner thighs, up and over the top of her pussy mound and back down her other thigh, teasing Toni with her lips and tongue. She pushed her legs apart, lifting them into the air. Her tongue flicked across the juicy lips of Toni’s cunt sending shivers through her.Wendy clamped her mouth over Toni’s pussy, kissing, sucking and slurping on her sweet nectar with her lips and tongue. It was unlike anything Toni had ever felt. Wendy’s lips were so soft as they massaged her pussy, her tongue so hot as it swirled against the velvet walls of her cunt. Toni put her hands on the back of Wendy’s head and pushed up into her hungry mouth. Toni lost it when Wendy sucked her clit between her lips and flicked her tongue across it while shoving two fingers deep into her juicy plum and twisting them around inside her. Toni thrashed about on the bed moaning and gasping as juices poured from inside her. Wendy lapped them up with her tongue and continued to lick her until she finally relaxed.Toni lay there breathing hard. Wendy climbed up her body and pressed her lips to Toni’s. She swirled her tongue around inside her mouth sharing the taste of her juices. Toni kissed her back and enjoyed the flavor of her own sex. They continued kissing and fondling, touching and squeezing each other’s tits until they were both in need of something more.”God, Wendy, I never thought a girl could make me feel so good. I’m glad it was with you.””Yeah, me too. Doesn’t replace a good hard cock though. My pussy still feels empty.”Toni reached down and rubbed her fingers across the crotch of Wendy’s soaked panties, pulling them to the side and pressing her fingers up into her juicy cunt. Wendy squirmed against her, pushing her ass up off the bed. Toni kissed down to her tits, sucking a nipple into her mouth and swirling her tongue over the hard nipple. Toni pulled her fingers out of Wendy’s pussy and moved them to her lips. Looking up at Wendy, she sucked them into her mouth to taste her juices. Wendy put her hand on Toni’s head and pushed down.”Do me, Toni. Please. Eat my pussy. Make me cum.”Toni didn’t need much encouragement. Toni buried her face in the soaked crotch of Wendy’s panties, clamping her mouth over bahis siteleri her swollen mound. She sucked the juices from her panties, and then bit into the crotch of her panties. Toni pulled down Wendy’s panties with her teeth. Wendy lifted her ass. Her panties slid down her thighs and legs as Toni continued to pull with her teeth. Wendy took out her feet one at a time. Toni sat up on her knees with Wendy’s panties hanging from her mouth. She leaned over and kissed Wendy who took the panties from her with her teeth and sucked the crotch into her mouth.Toni moved her face back between Wendy’s thighs. Wendy pulled her legs back exposing her sex. The juicy lips of her pink folds lay open in a bed of soft blond curls that covered her swollen mound. A hard little clit peeked out from a tent at the top of her gash. Between the creamy spheres of her ass was Wendy’s tight little anus.Toni couldn’t help but think that this was the same pussy and asshole that had been stuffed with Richard’s cock only days earlier. Once again, she was feeling really nasty and knew she was about to engage in another forbidden act.Toni lowered her face and put out her tongue until it touched Wendy’s anus. She flicked it up and down, swirling around the tight little nub until it was bathed in saliva. Toni shoved a finger in Wendy’s pussy until it was coated with cunt cream, and then pressed it against her asshole until it popped inside.Toni pressed her lips to Wendy’s pussy and shoved her tongue into her steamy hole. She could feel her own excitement rise as she slurped and sucked Wendy’s sweet nectar. Toni would never have thought that having sex with another girl would be so exciting, so erotic. She discovered that she loved what she was doing, loved eating pussy, tasting Wendy, making her feel what she felt when Wendy had licked her to orgasm.Her finger was pumping in and out of Wendy’s ass, her tongue lapping, probing, swirling, her lips massaging and sucking. Wendy had most of her weight propped on her shoulders as she ground her pussy and ass against Toni’s finger and face.”Ooooo… that’s it Toni… lick me… fuck me with your tongue… aaaahhhhh… yeah… yeah… your finger up my ass… so good… oh baby… lick my clit… make me cum… just a little more… uuuhhhh…”Toni sucked Wendy’s clit between her lips and shoved two fingers into her pussy with her other hand while she continued to finger fuck her asshole. Toni could sense the impending orgasm as Wendy started squirming and twisting against her. Toni bit down gently on Wendy’s clit and flicked her tongue across it.Wendy’s explosion was violent. Her body stiffened. Her fingers dug into Toni’s hair, pulling it until it hurt. Wendy jerked up hard into Toni’s mouth. A loud shriek pierced the air, and then another. Juices gushed from her pussy and covered Toni’s face. Toni did her best to swallow the cunt cream that continued to pour from Wendy’s cunt.They heard the front open. They quickly pulled on their clothes and opened a history book when Wendy’s mother peeked into the room.”Oh hi, Toni. Don’t mind me. You girls just keep on doing what you were doing.”They giggled. Wendy locked the door, pulled some interesting toys out of her bedside stand and did exactly as her mother had instructed.

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