Troy and His Nephew

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Troy and His NephewHis nephew was coming for a visit. This seemed a simple enoughphrase but they were words of near panic for Troy. After all, he hadn’tseen the k**, his name was Josh, for ten years. Josh was seven when Troyhad moved out East. His sister’s son was a scruffy little k** who alwaysseemed to be pestering him. Troy had kept busy with his work and all, andbesides phoning and letters, had not been back to see his family sincethen. His sister, with four k**s, couldn’t really afford to visit eitherso there it was, ten years and now the k** was coming for a visit. It washis graduation gift and he was going to spend a month with his uncle.Troy wondered what he would do with the k**. Of course, heremembered, this wasn’t a k** anymore, this was a grown teenager, head ofhis class, extremely good looking by the pictures he got every Christmas,captain of the wrestling team just as he had been back in High School.He’d have to bring Josh to the wrestling club he belonged to. Troy was ingood shape for his thirty seven years. He had always kept up with thewrestling as it was a great sport and also a sensual sport. Yes, Troy wasgay; a fact he had kept to himself since he always believed it was nobody’sbusiness but his own. He met a lot of guys at the Club and wrestling wasan overture to greater fun. Troy stood six feet two and was lean andextremely muscled. His wide shoulders, strong thick neck, rounded pecswith dark dollar sized nipples, his perfect six pack abs, his v-shapedtorso and his trunk like hairy legs were attractive and manly but it washis crotch that got the second glances: not only did Troy have an extremelythick bush which enhanced his crotch but his cock and balls gave it thatspecial touch. His penis was five inches soft and would grow to nineinches of hard, thick meat and his balls were low hanging bull sized.Whenever he wore his singlet or took a shower, men would stare with envyand lust. He was also a good wrestler and had a hard time finding an equalmatch. Of course most of the men just melted when they felt his moundgrind into their asses or their own packages.Well… he thought, he still had a week to prepare his nephew’svisit so he would plan some events and let the k** decide what he wouldlike to do also. He did have a problem though since he only had onebedroom He did have a king size bed but it would be inappropriate to shareit with Josh so Josh would have to get used to the big couch in the livingroom.The week went by rather quickly and Troy found himself at theairport waiting nervously for his nephew. He looked at all the k**s aroundbut none seemed to resemble Josh.* You looking for someone Uncle?” a deep voice sounded behind him.Troy turned and made eye contact with the most beautiful blue eyeshe had ever seen. He was also surprised to find out he was at sameeyelevel. He had expected a little smaller but the pictures his sistersent were always facial therefore he was not prepared for the sight infront of him. In fact he was speechless. His nephew, sensing hisconfusion, smiled as Troy took in the view. Long straight dark bond hairthat hung almost to his shoulders, a face of an angel with well defined,manly features. But it was the body that s urprised Troy the most. Hecould very well see why his nephew was captain of the wrestling team as hewas all muscle and power. Actually, they were both similar in size exceptthat Josh still had the youthful, shy and even innocent look associatedwith a sensuousness he probably didn’t even know he had.Josh had on a white T-shirt that clung to every curve of his torso,and tight fitting black jeans that revealed a very attractive package.Troy wondered if Josh had that family gene… but quickly shook his head asif to banish any erotic thoughts.Troy grabbed Josh in a hug that resembled more a bearhug. Hisnephew blushed at this and Troy let him go. He noticed a couple ofbeautiful girls going by and staring openly at Josh. It gave him pleasureto know his nephew was this handsome.* “I guess I’m not quite what you expected” Josh said* “You are quite a sight for these old eyes. I’m just surprisedyou are so big.”Troy responded* “Yeah… Mom said you were a big guy also. I’m glad to be hereUncle Troy,I hope this isn’t an inconvenience.”* “First let’s drop the Uncle bit and secondly, it’s a pleasure tohave you here and a greater one to get to know you again. The last time Isaw you , you canlı kaçak iddaa were a small k** and now you’ve grown somewhat. Did you seethose two girls eye you back there?”* “I seem to get that everywhere” Josh said blushing again.* “Oh to be able to blush like that again” thought Troy “Well let’sget your things and head home” he said to JoshThe two men picked up the luggage and headed for Troy’s apartment.All the while they talked and talked. Troy found Josh to be a veryintelligent and fine young man. He couldn’t help notice how sensual Joshwas just sitting there with his legs spread wide. Troy was a bit worriedas he was keenly aware of being attracted to Josh but he also knew thatthis was his nephew and a teenager. This was going to be a difficultmonth.They got Josh settled, had lunch and since it was a beautiful day,Troy suggested an afternoon at the beach. They packed their towels,swimsuits and blankets and headed for a secluded beach Troy knew about.Since it was the middle of the week, there were very few people enjoyingthe sand and water that day. Troy and Josh set themselves up at a far endof the sandy beach. They had the whole area to themselves. They changedinto their swimsuits. Troy pulled on a blue bikini and looked over at Joshhoping to see if the guy was as hung as his basket advertised. Josh was ashy one and when pulling down his boxer briefs, turned around. He did pullon a red bikini though and when he faced Troy, there was no doubt that theyoung guy was well endowed as his crotch formed a large mound just likeTroy’s.The two men ran to the water’s edge and jumped in. They splashedaround like two k**s. Josh went underwater and caught Troy by the legs,tripping him into the water. Troy jumped Josh and grabbing him by thewaist caught his nephew in a bearhug.He squeezed a little as Josh struggled to escape. He became veryaware that their crotches were brought together and he felt himself reactto the feel of Josh’s mound against his own. He quickly let go of Josh,afraid his nephew would feel his growing excitement. Josh looked at himstrangely but swam off in another direction. Troy tried to calm down andfinally walked to their blankets and lay down in the sun. When Josh walkedout of the water, Troy was pretty sure his nephew’s crotch was larger.Troy was in a turmoil: what if his nephew found out he was gay andattracted to him. What if he got angry and told the rest of the family?He would just have to be more careful.By the end of the afternoon, they headed back tot he apartment forsupper. Troy cooked up a stirfry which they both gulped down as they werequite hungry.* “So, I hear you are a good wrestler?” Troy mentioned.* “I get along allright. Made it first in the regionals. But Momsaid you wrestled in high school?”* “Sure did and still do.”* “Well you certainly have kept in shape. Where do you wrestle?”* “I belong to this club”* “Say… how about a match this evening… but I wouldn’t want tohurt you or anything.”* “We’ll see about that k**do. Do you have a singlet?”* “Yep, when Mom told me about you I thought I’d bring one along incase we could have a match or two.”* “Well, let’s get going.”They packed their gym bags and headed out once again. Troy was alittle fearful of sexual reactions but since Josh knew about wrestling, hewould understand a hard-on. They got to the Club and Troy signed them in.The attendant asked if they wanted a private room or a place on thecommunal mats. Josh said it would be great to see these private rooms soTroy picked one.They walked through the building and through the communal gyms.There were men entangled here and there. There was a lot of grunting asthe men fought one another. When they reached the locker room, Troy chosea locker and both men changed.When Troy watched Josh pull off his briefs to put on the jockstrap,he finally got a good look at his nephew’s tool. They could have beentwins in the schlong department. He stared at the massive cock with alarge head and open eye slit. His mouth watered at the sight of the verydense bush of hair and the large balls hanging between Josh’s legs. Joshpulled on the jockstrap which barely contained everything. Troy noticedJosh look over at him as he took off his own briefs. Josh’s eyes widenedas he saw his uncle’s tool. It took a lot of control for Troy to notspring an erection right there but he quickly pulled on the jock and thenhis canlı kaçak bahis red singlet. Josh pulled out his singlet, a red one also, and pulledit on. They both had the type of singlet that leaves the pecs uncovered.Both men’s tits were standing erect as the air conditioning kept the placecool.When they were done, Troy led the way to the private gym he hadreserved . They stepped into a spacious room covered by mats. There wereno windows at all so they were definitely alone. Troy made sure the doorwas well closed, locking them in. They dropped their white towels in onecorner and started some stretching exercises. Troy couldn’t help lookingover at Josh to see his fantastic muscles stretch and move. He noticedJosh catching looks at him also and this sort of turned him on. He couldfeel an electric charge in he air or maybe it was his own wild imagination.When they were ready, they stood up and faced each other.* “I’ll go easy on you uncle” Josh said* “You just do that nephew but I warn you, I won’t be as kind.”They circled each other: two athletic muscled men, their skin already shinywith sweat from the stretching exercises. They were staring at each othernow, searching for the other’s weaknesses. They both lunged at the sametime, their arms colliding as they pushed and pulled one another. Troy waspleased to feel Josh’s strength and knew it would be an even match.They soon landed on the mat as Troy managed to trip Josh. Troy wason top of Josh as Josh had quickly maneuvered onto his stomach. With oneof his legs wrapped around Josh’s leg, Troy was trying to get his nephewonto his stomach but couldn’t seem to find a weak spot. This hold hadTroy’s crotch mashed into Josh’s rock hard ass and with each of Josh’smovements, Troy’s crotch was being stimulated. Try as he could, Troy wasnot able to hold back his excitement and his dick grew halfhard. He wassure Josh could feel this as with his size there was no way he couldn’t.Troy then tried another tactic. Holding Josh’s head down with onearm. He tried positioning himself sideways to force Josh to roll over.Suddenly, Josh was out of the hold and was now on top of a kneeling Troy.Troy had to use all his strength to resist Josh’s assaults. He couldn’thelp feeling Josh’s crotch on his own ass and felt that Josh was alsoexcited. That is when Josh’s right hand came from behind him andpositioned itself directly on his crotch as Josh tried to lift Troy andturn him. The hand on crotch, grabbing, massaging was too much for Troy tocontrol and his cock grew to full length under Troy’s hand. When Josh feltthe hardness of Troy’s cock, he did not remove his hand but kept it there.His fingers were now gently massaging the massive tool which was stretchingthe jockstrap and singlet. Their grunts of strain were now moans ofpleasure. Troy felt Josh’s cock grow also and throb against his asscheeks.Troy turned around to face Josh, both on their knees. He lookedinto his nephew’s uncertain eyes:* “Is this what you really want” he asked.* “Ever since I saw your wrestling pictures at home, I was hopingfor this.”Josh replied huskily “I wanted you to be the first one.”* ” But…” Troy tried replying. He never had a chance to finishhis sentence because Josh had grabbed his waist and was now kissing him.Their lips were united and with all his passion, Troy could tell Josh wasnew at this, Josh was kissing his uncle. Troy opened his mouth a littleand let his tongue slip past Josh’s lips and into his hungry mouth to findhis nephew’s tongue. Josh replied with all the fervor of youth and soon,both tongues were wrestling on their own.Troy pressed his body closer to Josh and their united crotchescrushed each other, their excited cocks already leaking precum which wasstaining the singlets. Their mounds were enormous and they ground themtogether.Troy grabbed Josh’s cock and squeezed it, feeling the throbbingmember. Josh’s hand found Troy’s dick and both men still kissing, squeezedand stroked the cocks as the wet patches grew in size. Troy let go of thecock and his fingers pinched and played with Josh’s tits which sent Joshmoaning louder. Troy then pulled Josh’s straps down completely revealinghis nephew’s beautiful chest. He pulled down his own straps and the twomen pressed their naked chests together. Josh rubbed his tits againstTroy’s, their hardness and sensitivity sending shivers down the men’sspines.As their bahis siteleri canlı tongues entwined again, Troy’s hand reaching into Josh’ssinglet and found Josh’s cock wrapped in the jockstrap. The jock wascompletely soaked with precum.Josh was more daring now so he pulled Troy’s singlet completelydown to his knees revealing an erect cock in a jockstrap which was barelycovering the nine inch cock. Troy pulled Josh’s singlet down and both menlooked down at the jockstrap covered massive cocks. They both arched theirhips mashing the cockheads together. The sensuousness of the moment wasincredible.Troy couldn’t wait any longer so he pulled Josh’s cock out of thejockstrap and then his own. Both weapons bobbed up and down like twosnakes getting ready for battle. They were evenly matched, just about thesame size, large flaming heads and both were leaking precum heavily.Troy moved slightly placing his cock head against Josh’s. Thepricks throbbed together separating then and coming together again. Bothmen humped, spreading the precum all over their glans. With small fuckingmotions, the cockheads mashedtogether bringing even more sticky liquid out. The knobs were now red andshiny. Troy was beyond control, his arms went around Josh and he pulledhis nephew to him.Their cocks were squished between their united bodies both lyingtogether, their heads and part of the shafts joined together outside oftheir united skin. Their lips were joined in a wild passionate kiss. Asif on cue, both men fell to the side on to the mat. Without missing a beatof their humping or kissing, Troy managed to push down Josh’s wrestlingsuit and jockstrap and then completely off. Josh, now free of anyclothing besides his wrestling shoes and white socks, pushed off the shoesand with his stocking feet pushed off the remainder of Troy’s singlet andjock. Troy quickly kicked off his own shoes which left both men with onlytheir white tubular socks. They quickly wrapped their egs around eachother bringing their bodies even closer together. Troy reached betweentheir muscled bellies and brought both cocks together. The united cocksreached well past the men’s bellybuttons. He then returned his hand tocaressing his nephew’s pecs and arm muscles. All the precum created a warmslick runway for both cocks to slide in. Shaft to shaft, head to head,their balls mashed together, the men grinded their crotches against eachother. Their throbbing cocks and their moans told them they were gettingcloser to climax. Troy reached back and between their legs to feel theballs and that was the trigger: Josh yelled out and his cock went rock hardas it erupted, quickly followed by Troy’s. Spurt after spurt of hot jismshot out of their cocks and quickly mixed and spread over their bellies,uniting them with their love juices. They could feel each spasm of theircocks as the sperm traveled the length of the shafts and was shot out.Usually Troy’s dick would need some resting time between bouts butJosh rolled on top of him and as their tongues played in double timebetween their mouths, both men kept on humping as their cocks neverdeflated, staying hard. All the cum they had ejected created a warm wetslushing sound as their dicks slid together. Their dense bushes were wetand their hairs blended together. Josh placed both hands on each side ofTroy and lifted himself a bit above his uncle. He clenched his crotchmuscles which sent his cock up and then down as it slapped against Troy’stube. Troy took the cue and quickly both men were slapping their cockstogether. Troy reached up and pinched his nephew’s hard tits which broughtJosh back down on top of him. They rolled to the side as both en playedwith tits, tongues lashing out at each other.* “Mmmmmh. I never want this to stop” Josh groaned* “It doesn’t have to” Troy replied “Rub your hot cock against minenephew.”* “Oooooh aaaah” Josh moaned* “I’m almost ready to cum again Josh”* “Let’s cum together”* “Breathe with me and we can make this happen.”Both men paced their breathing and moaning, their bodies, likepistons, were driving the cocks harder and harder.* “I’m almost there” Josh said huskily* ” Me too, let’s do it”Two seconds later, the cocks erupted at exactly the same time. Thecries of pleasure filled the room, the cries of two hot blooded menenjoying each other’s body. As their cocks erupted, they kissed again,tongues entwined.Only too quickly their climaxes subsided, leaving them well spentand holding each other, cuddling and kissing the glow of the aftermath ofsex. Troy couldn’t help wondering about what he had been so scared of andbeing happy that Josh could now sleep with him. Yes, this would be anexcellent month.

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