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truckerA beautiful summer morning I decide to take a drive where I end up who cares it’s beautiful.Driving along a country road to know where taking in the sights ,notice a sign that reads duck lake next left thinking to my self this I have got to see pulled on to a gravel road drove and drove all of a sudden thump ,thump,thump,a Fricking flat I see a sign saying parking here hobbling my truck into the parking,reach for cell phone because I know I can’t change the flat ,looking balmy cell no service day is just getting better and better,when I remember I have a two way radio in the glove box grabbing it and a blanket sliding out of the truck walking down to the lake spreading the blanket .Radio in hand flipping through channels finding a station putting out a SOS ,Hello all you truckers have a lady in distress out by duck lake ,if one if you boys can give a hand come on back on this response radio dies .Heading back down to the blanket decide to take in some sun while I wait in hopes someone got my SOS,About a hour goes by I hear the roar of a truck getting closer ,sitting up turn to see a truck pull up ,standing walking up towards the truck a tall bahis firmaları tan silver haired gentlemen slides out he turns reaches for a thermos and his lunch box watching him my heart is pounding licking my lips then biting he has peeked my interest .Walking up to him say hello he nods keeps walking reaches my blanket spread out in the grass sits opens his lunch box precedes to eat ,walking up to him looking at him amazed that he has not offered a hello all I could think was how very rude ,stepping around him sitting on the other side of the blanket watching finally I ask can you share a cup of coffee with me with out a word he pours some into the cup holds it out to me continues to eat reaches for the other half of his sandwich holds it out to me , I take the sandwich as I sip my coffee and eat the sandwich he lays down pulling his cap down over his eyes ,I gasp the nerve of this man ,well Damn I might as well get a cat nap in my self .Closing my eyes stretched out hands fouled behind my head relaxed ,I can feel my silent,rude but yet handsome trucker looking at me opening my eyes I see the bluest eyes looking down at me biting my lip to keep kaçak iddaa from moaning he notices taking his hand sliding it down my stomach my leg and up the inside of my thigh spreading my legs slightly his hand grazing my pussy I gasp arching my back his hand continues to run it’s course down my thigh up my leg my stomach cup my breast his thumb slides in my shirt my bra lightly rubbing my nipple causing me to moan he sits up sliding my shorts and panties off straddling me I can feel his cock he grinds in to me as he slowly unbuttons my blouse his thumbs slide under my bra rubbing my nipples as he removes my bra while he continues to grind into me he takes my nipples between his thumbs and fingers rolling them and pulling pinching ,he leans in sucking in a nipple biting ,pulling causing me to squeal and squirm he holds me down continues to tease my body ,sitting up and back he stands sliding his jeans off ,Oooohhh fuck as I am watching him undress his body is tanned rippled with muscles he kneels down grabbing me by the legs pulling me up to him he then reaches around lifting my hips up to him flicking my clit licking ,probing me with his tongue kaçak bahis then back to my clit gasping moaning he lays me down spreading my legs spanking my pussy I am so wet ,hot swelling with very spank I quiver he slides up my body grinding his cock on my pussy I am biting my lip Oooo I want him to thrust his cock into me ,he continues to tease me moaning gasping he senses I am ready he slides his finger in then another the all thrusting deep rubbing arching my back to meet his thrust he removes his fingers slides off my body grasping my hips lifts rolls me over lifting my hips spanking my ass thrusting in hard and deep I scream he thrust again grabbing my hair pulling as he thrust I feel.his cock harden my pussy is swelling wet saw his cock releasing squeezing again as he thrust I climax he thrust again and again again I climax screaming he thrusts releasing his load I yet climax again as he cums he is pulling my hair pushing in deep holding it in as he unloads into me releasing his grip spanking my ass he slides out stands cleans up dressing grabbing his lunch box and thermos nods walking towards the trucks tossing his stuff in his truck walks towards my truck watching disbelief as he fixes my flat as I am dressing gathering my things walking towards him the flat is fixed he turns smiles nods climbs into his truck and continues down the road leaving me speechless but satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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