Unexpected Surprise part 2

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Unexpected Surprise part 2Note: if you did not read part one, then this will not make any sense but it will make you wet. After the bus experience, Rebecca and I came a cute couple in secret. During the school day, she was the popular girl while I was the nerd athlete. Here and there during lunch period we sneaked away and fucked in the bathroom for a few minutes or so. Life was good until one day Rebecca suddenly stopped showing up to school. I’d asked some of her friends where she was and they said that she moved. I asked where but they don’t know. I’ve tried calling her but her phone was disconnected. I was heart broken. Night after night, I fantasized her grabbing tight ass and sucking on her oh so sweet, wet pussy. But every time I wake back up to reality I felt nothing but air in my hands. I’ve tried to find her on facebook, myspace even twitter but I ended up finding the wrong people. Nearly two months went by and I was going to move on. On the Friday before winter break, I was doing homework when I got an email. The subject stated, “Get together”. I opened the email and it was from Rebecca. My heart raced as I read every word of the email. Rebecca was doing fine and was very sorry for not saying good-bye to me. She is currently living in London and enjoying her new life. (Had a picture of her next to big Ben, but my computer crashed and deleted it, sorry) She was going to be in town for a few days and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. I immediately replied saying I loved to and where to meet her. She was staying with her cousin in Bethesda. The day finally came, and I swear to you I looked like an idiot on the way over there. I had a grin that made people very nervous. But I didn’t care; all I could imagine was her sexy body modeling in front of me. I finally arrived at the house and rung the doorbell. The door opens and its Rebecca’s cousin. “Oh, you must be Andre, right?”“Uh, yes. And you must be Rebecca’s cousin, Sarah, right?”“In the flesh. Come right on in.” Sara was about 5’7, red wavy hair, guessing she was giresun escort a size 33C bra size and has a cute ass. Sara told me where Rebecca was and if they needed any help with her homework, she would be downstairs. I had a confused look on my face, but thankfully she didn’t notice. So I walked upstairs to her room and there she was, lying on bed in her extremely small shorts and short sleeve blouse. I stood there for a minute before knocking on the door. She turned and before I said anything, Rebecca jumped into my arms, hugging oh so tightly. “It’s been so long Andre. How have you been?” “Been doing fine, so happy to finally see you.” “I know I am so sorry that I didn’t say good-bye. I was going to on that Monday but we left on Sunday rather then Tuesday.”“Nah, don’t worry about. The point now is that we are finally together again.”So we cuddled for a few minutes before I asked her about the needing help with homework. She told me that was a cover up for her cousin so she doesn’t get into their business.“So what do you need help with?” Rebecca smiled and got up.“I need you tell me which outfit fits me best.”“OK. Whatever you say baby.”Rebecca laughed and skipped into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she came out wearing a black single shoulder evening braces dress. She did her little catwalk and I rated it an 8. Her next outfit was a sexy nurses outfit. I gave it a solid 9 and comment, “You can do whatever tests you want on me nurse. I’m all yours.” She blushed and announced she had one more outfit left and it was the best. I closed my eyes and waited until she told me to open them. I opened them and there in my face was the sexiest girl ever. The dick instantly became hard in my jeans. She was wearing a skimpy blue two-piece bikini and some cool shades. I nearly started drooling as she did her sexy little dance. Her thong went up into her ass crack and the top barely covered her now perfect 34C breasts. “You want some of this?”I shook my head several heads and said, “Yes, yes I do. I am your slave to command.”“Then escort giresun come slave, kiss the royal feet.”Oh I sure did. Starting with her toes, I started kissing my way up her leg. Her leg felt smooth but strong. Finally I arrived at her panties and again started kissing it. She moaned quite softly and after a few minutes pulled my head to her awaiting lips. As we made out, my right hand decided to go rogue and went into her panties while the other grabbed her tight ass. I started fingering with her pussy as fast as I could while still trying to multi-task. Rebecca suddenly stopped me and pushed my on to her bed. She then sat on top of me and undid her bra revealing her nice big tits. As I started sucking and pulling on them, she unbuckled my pants and jacked off my dick. She quickly sat up so I could slip off my pants and shirt then right back to it. Oh her pussy felt so nice rubbing against my cock. “Are you ready to take me?”“With no intercoms to interrupt us this time.”Rebecca giggles and sticks my cock into her. Man, she had a tight pussy, Rebecca nearly groaned loudly, but she quickly squelched it. We started out slow, just for her to get used to it then the paced went up. “Oh my god, your cock feels so gggggooooooooooodddddddd!!! I can almost feel it all the way in.” Finally our pace increased to warp speed. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, that feels soooo . . . . good. Take me!!! Take me all the way!!!”I couldn’t hold it back any longer and shot a load into her. Rebecca then got off and started sucking on my cock to lick any remaining cum. Man, that so good, I nearly forget how much of a pro she is as this. In no time, she swallowed another load of cum and smiled in satisfaction. “You see this ass? I want you to eat it.”Since I‘ve never actually eaten a girl’s ass before, it was a little difficult but Rebecca told me the basics. (Willing to learn from any other girl if you’re interested) A few minutes later I grabbed her tight ass and launched my dick in her. Her ass was the torpedo hole and I was the torpedo. giresun escort bayan She yelled faster, faster as I went top speed. Just as I was about to explode, the door opened and Sarah walked in. Instant freeze time no body moved a muscle. Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw her cousin being fucked by a person she just met about 20 minutes ago.“What the FUCK are you doing?” She asked. “Uh, working on homework.” Rebecca replied. “This what you call homework?!? Oh wait till your parents hear about this. They’re going to freak out.”“No please don’t tell. He is my best friend and this is probably the only night I’ll ever see him again.”“But what about Patrick. I thought you two had a thing.” I was quiet for most of this conversation until heard his name. I said “What?”Sara replied, “Oh she didn’t tell you, she has a new boyfriend back in UK.”I gave Rebecca the look. She sighed and sat up. “Look I’m sorry I didn’t tell this. It’s just that when I left I thought I would never find love again. But when I met Patrick I felt happy and loved again. I hope this doesn’t come between us.”I sat there stunned and hurt. But instead of popping off on her like a normal person, I respected her decision. “Look I don’t blame you for what you did. To be honest I was on that same path, trying to find the right girl to replace you. But no matter how hard I try, there is no girl in the world that can ever take your place. So I’m not mad at you.” “Oh thank you, thank you.” Rebecca replied and she jumped on me for a long undisturbed kiss and it was the best one that night. So Sara said that if I didn’t leave she was going to tell Rebecca’s parents. Before leaving I told her, “No matter where you are in this world, you always have a special place right here,” I pointed to my heart. Rebecca couldn’t hold back tears from the words. She cried when I walked down the street. Before I was out of sight, I pulled out my still hard cock and wagged it into the air for her to see the last time. She smiled and waved good-bye. Before she left a few days later, I dropped off a card at her house when she wasn’t home from a farewell party. Inside contained my last copy of a picture of her sitting on my lap next to the sun set. That was the last time I saw her. Though she is gone, she will not be forgotten.

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