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UNHOLY URGESUnholy UrgesbyStardog Champion©Thank goodness for the trace of warmth emanating from the computer screen on her cheeks because the rest of Kay Kellerher’s body was growing clammy and numb. Even though it was late Summer and the humidity that plagued the Florida panhandle hadn’t shown the slightest hint of letting up, the 47 year old woman might as well have been sitting on a chair of chisled ice as she stared, eyes agape, at the computer in front of her. “Please… nobody come upstairs,” Kay mumbled under her breath, keeping her ears raised for any hint of interruption as she sat alone in the family’s study. Safe her Husband was still lost in whatever he was watching on TV several rooms away and both her k**s were safely s**ttered about, Kay continued to stare at the screen with a mixture of curiosity, dread, excitement, lust and disgust. “Just hit the back button… or delete… or just cut the damn thing off,” Kay’s conscience pleaded,” the crisp white light from the screen bathing her face like an oncoming train in the darkened room. “This can’t be real… just the product of someone’s bored, sick imagination,” she tried to rationalize, knowing most anything you found on the internet, you had to take with a grain of salt, especially when it came to offers of sex. Yet the concise and matter of fact words on the screen continued to stare back at her with a bluntness she couldn’t quite ignore. None of the faces in the family portrait resting on the desk beside the computer would have fathomed the content on the screen either. Not her Husband of 26 years, Jerry. Not her Son, Brad or her Daughter, Stacy, much less the smiling, modern day June Cleaver who sat in the middle of the photo, surrounded by her loving and devoted family. Middle age had been relatively easy on Kay. Just a hint of gray had crept into her otherwise thick and wavy red hair and Even though she had put on a few pounds over the years, she’d stemmed the tide at around 150. At 5’4″, she’d always been the epitome of a ball of boundless energy by her family and friends and perhaps it was that constant running around and keeping herself occupied over the years that kept much of the sexual tension that was now so ceaselessly haunting her, submerged. “And you know you can’t blame your Husband for any of this… He still shows you all the attention and affection in the world,” she often had to remind herself when she instinctually looked for a scapegoat for her unearthed feelings. Somehow she knew those emotions and urges had long been there but it wasn’t until she came across that ad online, and the opportunity it presented, that Kay was left with no choice but to confront it. Lost in her half-trance, Kay bristled and jumped in her seat when she heard her Husband’s voice growing louder as he came down the hall. She managed to switch the power off just as he poked his head through the door. “I’m going to bed… how long are you gonna be?” he asked. “Not long… I’ll be up in a minute,” Kay gulped, trying desperately to feign composure. _____________________________A little over two hours after her Husband had interrupted her from the computer, wondering when she was coming to bed, Kay laid there awake, glaring at the ceiling as Jerry snored lightly beside her. Thinking that sex with him before bed would have quelled her hormones enough to help her fall asleep, Kay rolled her tongue across her teeth knowing it had almost worked before the dog barking several times outside stirred her just as she was about to nod off. Fully awake, the tide of Kay’s libidinal urges had gradually returned. “You could just take care of things right here under the sheet… he’d never know,” the crudest reaches of her psyche suggested. “No… I’ll just go downstairs and get a glass of warm milk,” she said to herself, knowing full well there would be one extra stop on the way back upstairs. Just as she’d done at least a dozen times since discovering the online ad, Kay returned to the computer when she was sure no one else was around, milk in hand, and clicked it on. As it warmed, the glow from the screen again bathed her upper body in an ethereal glow as she pecked in her password and opened the saved file with the ad. “There it is… as real as life,” she whispered out loud. Only this time Kay found her fingers twitching above the keyboard until, as if she’d momentarily lost motor control of them, watched her fingertips gently tap down on several keys until a short email message had been typed out. Before she’d even given herself a breath to stop the madness, she felt her thumb press down on send. All Kay was left to do was watch helplessly as the words… “This is crazy but… I’m interested,” disappeared off into cyber space. ______________________________Eighty miles from home, alone in a second floor room at a Holiday Inn, Kay Kallerher sat on the edge of the crisply made bed, trying to take it all in. While it had dawned on her during the drive down that it would be the first night since her youngest c***d was born, 18 years earlier, that her and her Husband would be spending the night apart, Kay purposefully shoved any of those feelings that would illicit a debilitating amount of guilt far from her consciousness, until she could adequately make some sense of the ungodly path she had chosen to pursue. “Maybe they just wont show up,” a detached but reasonable voice in her head offered. “You can at least go away knowing you were strong enough to keep your end of the bargain and they were the ones that chickened out. “”But you’ve come this far Kay, opening up this locked place in your soul… to have it come this far only not to have it happen would leave you even emptier and more desperate than you feel now,” that voice of reason was countered with a much more haunting and primal plea for her visitors to arrive. Looking at herself in the room’s mirror out of the corner of her eye, Kay beat herself up over the series of lies and half truths she’d told to get the night away from her family. With everything in life she could have ever hoped for, a loving and devoted Husband, two beautiful, educated and well adjusted k**s, and the respect and admiration of her peers, Kay struggled to come to grips with why she was sitting alone in a hotel room waiting to take part in an act so unspeakable, she could barely imagine her life being the same afterwards. She had used the guise of an Avon conference in Tallahassee as the reason for her trip. While there was in fact a conference going on at the hotel she was staying, Kay hadn’t pursued Avon as more than a hobby over the past decade. By taking the trip, Kay persuaded her Husband she could maybe make a few more contacts around the state, learn a few more sales techniques, and perhaps help bring in a little more income for the household. Even though she had dutifully sat through many of the seminars and presentations during the day, by 7pm Kay was alone in her room, guilt, shame and a cauldron of lust swirling through her veins as she waited. Lost in her own hypnotic solitary confinement, Kay was jerked back to the moment at hand when her cell phone shattered the cryptic silence. “Hel… Hello,” she mustered a greeting. “… Yes… I’m here… room 218… on the second floor… OK… Fifteen minutes… I’ll be here,” Kay, as calmly as she could, addressed the male voice on the other end of the line. Getting up now to pace back and forth between the bed and the front door, Kay couldn’t get the young man’s voice out of her head as the full gravity of what she was about to do only intensified. Thinking back to the day after she had emailed a reply to the couple’s internet ad, Kay still hadn’t shook the feeling of ice in her spine when Garrett and Cindy’s response dinged in her inbox. Kay initial fear was abated somewhat once several back and forths had taken place, but Kay could never quite escape the queasy sensation that came with sharing such an obscene fantasy with two complete strangers. “Even worse… who knows Kay… you’re worried about bodrum escort your moral soul… those two could come right in here in a few minutes, rob you blind, stab you and leave you for dead,” her conscience sniped. Demonizing herself had long been a way for Kay to submerge many of the urges that had long been paining her and that had only worsened in the days leading up the rendezvous with the young pair. Kay now prayed scratching that lewd itch just once would finally allow her to get on with her life. Then, in a moment that could only be deemed as anti-climatic, there was a knock at her hotel room door. Rubbing the color back into her flushed cheeks, Kay patted at her blouse, tapped down her fiery red hair before reaching for the knob. Numb, Kay cautiously opened the door far enough to see the handsome couple standing in the entranceway, looking like any young boy or girl next door, as normal as any brother and sister she might meet in her own neighborhood. The 47 year old married mother of two’s tongue went limp and her mental circuitry temporarily shorted as she stared out at her two visitors, the emotional weight of everything she had shared with them via email now reaching critical mass. Kay’s mouth puckered and ovaled as she tried to invite Garrett and Cindy in. Taking a good look at the siblings as they entered the room, Kay’s heart pounded as she thought of the dozen or so other women Garrett had said he and Cindy had spent a similar evening with in the recent past. Somehow that helped Kay feel strangely more at ease knowing other women besides her had such a dark and forbidden lust percolating under the shells of their skin. “It’s good to meet you,” Kay bayed weakly, her awkwardness readily apparent. _____________________________________Pained small talk was all that ensued between the three. While Kay’s curiosity ran wild wondering just how such a normal looking boy and girl could wind up in such a position, Kay refused to broach the subject, for the mortal fear of prying and possibly having to open up and answer questions about her own situation. Somehow, from the way the young couple acted in sizing Kay up, she got the distinct feeling they understood the depths of depraved lust that had lured her to them. Instead of trying to rationalize the emotions that had brokered their meeting, Kay tried to focus instead on the task at hand. One of the first things to strike Kay upon meeting the pair, was just how similar they looked, not like some college aged boy and girl pretending to be brother and sister for the hell of it, but between Garrett and Cindy’s similar voice inflexion, the lines of their facial features, even the same exact shade of blonde hair, there was no denying the two were exactly who they said they were. Underlying the polite banter with the other two, it suddenly dawned on Kay that she hadn’t fully committed to her role in the meeting. Was she simply going to be a voyeur and sit back and watch Garrett and Cindy make love, or was she going be a willing participant?Sensing correctly Kay was likely too numb and dumbstruck to initiate things, Garrett finally eased up beside his sister and began to nuzzle his lips against her cheek. Soft and gently at first, with a passion and realness that took Kay aback, Garrett slid his lips up to Cindy’s until their mouths were meshing in unison. “They’re actually doing this,” Kay croaked to herself, sliding backwards slightly to give the young couple room at the foot of the bed. Kay’s skin fizzed with goosebumps as the sound of the siblings’ lips splashing together filled the room and she felt her eyes flutter in their sockets when Garrett reached up and began to fondle his sister, first on the shoulder, then down the line of her upper arm before allowing his palm to come to rest directly on top Cindy’s right breast. Feeling Cindy’s body grind on the mattress below, Kay leaned back against the headboard of the bed, her eyes peering forward like two dilated lasers as Garrett and Cindy slowly intertwined themselves in front of her. His fingers digging at the hem of Cindy’s sweater, Garrett gracefully began tugging his sister’s top up until her creamy white midriff was exposed. The bottom of Cindy’s lace embroidered pink bra now visible to Kay, the older woman quickly darted her gaze back and forth between the teenage girl’s ample bosom and the ever growing cylinder expanding the crotch area of Garrett’s slacks. Gasping, Kay recoiled in anticipation as Garrett pushed Cindy down flat on the bed, in the process working her sweater all the way up to her neck, exposing his sister’s entire chest as he continued kiss her. Kay felt her own vagina tingle and quiver with life as she fixated on Cindy’s breasts, and the way each of her thick nipples pointed lewdly up through the cups of her bra. Kneeling half on top and half beside his sister, Garrett worked his right hand between the V of Cindy’s crotch as he darted and snaked his tongue up and down her throat and chest. Rubbing his hand roughly over Cindy’s pussy through her jeans, Garrett used his free hand to slide her sweater all the way over her head. Kay’s stocking clad feet brushing ever so slightly against Cindy’s right shoulder and collarbone, she could feel continuous electrical pulses sizzling from the young girl’s body each time her brother squeezed down on her vagina. Lost in swirling malaise, Kay’s hand slipped under her own skirt when Garrett began dry humping his sister less than a foot in front of her. Effortlessly easing his fingers around the clasp of Cindy’s jeans, Garrett worked it loose as he had done hundreds of times before. Cindy’s body instantly lurched up from the mattress in anticipation as her brother’s right hand disappeared inside her panties. The air rushed from Kay’s lungs as the sound of Garrett stirring his fingers through Cindy’s pussy filled the room and Kay steadily began massaging her own cunt watching the way Garrett simultaneously groped his sister’s breasts and vagina. Her heels digging relentlessly at the comforter covering the bed, Cindy’s voice crackled from her throat as Garrett’s index and middle fingers darted deep into her molten chasm. Freeing one arm, Cindy blindly reached for the crotch of Garrett’s slacks and the throbbing slab inside it. After several failed attempts, Cindy finally worked the zipper down and freed her 19 year old brother’s perfectly proportioned manhood. Rolling her breasts through her straining bra cups, Garrett hungrily continued kissing his sister as she squirmed like a serpent underneath him, trying to grab his huge cock with her tiny hand. Intensifying the force of his vaginal assault over the next few minutes, Garrett pulled his hand free from Cindy’s slit just as she was about to cum. “UHHH… Please let me… Please let me… ,” Cindy begged in frustration, hating the fact that her brother knew her body so well now that he could basically pull her strings like a sexual puppet. “I can make her cum anytime I want to,” Garrett’s eyes seemed to suggest when he gazed up to Kay and saw the glaze of awe and shared disappointment in her face of watching Cindy taken right up to the verge, only to be denied for the moment. With that, Garrett stood up and began to undress. Motionless on the bed as Garrett took a step back, Kay watched as Cindy quickly leaned up on her side in front of her brother and took his cock into her mouth while he began to unbutton his shirt. Her eyes glued to the image of Cindy’s distended lips straining to accommodate her brother’s girth, Kay felt her own clitoris throb gloriously between her fingers. Kay could feel the weight of Garrett’s cocksure glare as he slowly went about removing his clothes, the whole time standing at the foot of the bed as his sister worshiped his manhood. “I’m gonna fuck you with it right after I make Cindy cum,” Garrett calmly promised the wide-eyed married mother of two. Brushing his hand through his sister’s long blonde hair as she devoured his cock, Garrett used his grip on Cindy’s scalp to escort bodrum balance himself as he worked his pants all the way down. Once he was stripped of all but his boxers, Garrett took a half a step back, breaking Cindy’s oral grip on his prick. Working her bra free from her shoulders, Garrett tossed the pretty pink piece of lingeree to the floor before telling his sister to lay back flat on the bed. A low but audible ‘wow’ trickled from Kay’s lips when she watched Cindy’s unsheathed breasts spill free and sway against her chest as she positioned herself in the center of the bed for her brother. Kay’s insides churned with anticipation as she watched the handsome young man nonchalantly undress in front of her. Swooning on the bed as Garrett dug his thumbs inside the band of his tight red briefs, a small spittle of drool pooled along the corner of Kay’s mouth when Garrett’s freed cock sprung into view, jutting upwards at a 75 degree angle towards the ceiling. Kneeling back up on bed with a clear sense of purpose, Garrett grabbed Cindy’s left ankle and pushed her feet all the way apart so he could have unfettered access between her legs. Clad now only in her pretty pink panties, Cindy shivered when she stared up at the way the shadow of her brother’s ramrod cock swayed across her belly. Wincing, Cindy’s voice crackled angelically when Garrett reached out and massaged her cunt through the material of her soaked panties. “Kay… come here,” Garrett mouthed, the implication of what he wanted clear in his eyes. Her gaze widening as the rest of her senses shut off, the focus of her universe in that crisp and defining moment became the V of Cindy’s crotch and the way the sheen of her leaking arousal seeped out from every edge of her panties. Before she could even try to object, Garrett had reached up with his left hand and grabbed Kay by her right, pulling her off her perch against the headboard down directly to his side. Nudging the older woman’s hand down between Cindy’s thighs, the young man smiled wickedly as Kay’s fingers began dabbing at the soaked fabric covering Cindy’s vagina. “Help me take them off,” Garrett whispered into Kay’s ear as her weight trembled pensively against his. With painstaking care, Kay and Garrett pulled Cindy’s panties away from her stick crotch and began rolling them down over her knees. Like a gymnast, Cindy raised her legs high into the air to make it easy for Kay and her brother to slip her underwear all the way off. Kneeling on the bed between the two siblings’ naked bodies, Kay struggled to tear her eyes away from Cindy’s exposed vagina and the way its puffy pink lips flowered and glistened in anticipation of what was coming. Kay had become so engrossed studying Cindy’s nude outline on the bed, she hadn’t realized Garrett had snaked his left hand under her dress until she lurched and whimpered the moment she felt the young man’s fingers press into the damp and clingy fabric of her own panties. Instantly teetering on her knees, Kay fell forward until she found herself on all fours d****d across Cindy below as Garrett brazenly pawed at her slippery cunt. Feeling the crescent of Garrett’s hand slice through her crotch, Kay’s body bucked and burned on top of Cindy as Garrett’s thumb dabbed at the crack of her anus. Another even louder guttural plea slipped from her lips when the 19 year old pushed his fingers under her panties, straight into the liquid pool of her cunt. Kay’s syrupy genitals now skewered on his hand, Garrett’s cock arched even higher in the air as he prepared to plow his own sister’s vagina. “Kiss her,” Garrett nodded down to Cindy, imploring her to begin making out with the writhing woman now d****d on top of her. “UUHHHHHH,” Kay continued to moan until the 18 year old girl’s lips softly enveloped her own. Keeping his left hand wedged between Kay’s thighs, Garrett’s head swirled with devious lust feeling the married woman’s vaginal fluids squirting out and coating his entire palm, wrist and upper arm. Once he was positioned just right between the two women, Garrett dug his thumb all the way into Kay’s anus at the same time pushed the head of his erect phallus right up to the steaming slit of his sister’s cunt. Pushing forward simultaneously with his hand and his pelvis, Garrett caused both women to buckle and moan in unison and he entered each. Feeling an exquisite sexual rush watching Kay and Cindy’s mouths each other’s, Garrett relentlessly pressed forward, making the bedsprings squeal painfully below as he pushed both women to the edge. Perhaps it was the long, guilty buildup or just her own lack of self control, but Kay was first to cum. The slick tenderness of Cindy’s lips mixed with the sheer, brute and probing force of Garrett’s hand enveloping every fragment of her crotch sent Kay into uncontrollable spasms on top of Cindy’s chest. forced to pull her lips free from the young girl’s mouth just to breathe, when Kay turned her head to the side all she could see through her shaky glazed stare was the image of Garrett’s thick cock sliding like a meaty fist in and out of Cindy’s puckered womb. The side of her head resting directly between Cindy’s cleavage, Kay’s long red hair flared out across the teenager’s breasts as Garrett urgently pillaged her ass and vagina with his left hand. “YEAH… CUM,” Garrett prodded, his voice overlapped by the frantic sounds of release belching from deep within Kay’s gut. “I AM… FUCK… I AM,” Kay cried disjointedly, her body bucking savagely on the center of the bed. Keeping a steady rhythm the whole time inside his sister, Garrett steadily milked every bit of pent up lust from Kay’s loins until her body completely gave out and she collapsed forward in a spent fetal position at his knees. Pulling his sticky hand free from under Kay’s skirt, Garrett leaned in closer on top of Cindy. Extending his slick and greasy fingers down to his sister’s lips, Garrett allowed her to taste the frothy ejaculate he had just churned up from Kay’s cunt. Watching as Cindy scoured her tongue from finger to finger, Garrett looked to his left and smiled when he saw Kay’s exhausted and glassy eyes latch on to what the young girl was doing. His full attention now on Cindy, Garrett locked both his hands around the petite girl’s waist and quickly increased the speed of his pelvic thrusts. Less than a foot away, Kay could not only hear but feel the violent pace of the two siblings’ bodies crashing together. Her hand quickly back under her skirt as she stared on, Kay probed at her own sore cunt, rubbing the glistening pink nub of her clitoris as the unholy coupling fucked shamelessly in front of her. “Take your clothes off,” Garrett nodded up to Kay as he rammed his groin ceaselessly into his sister’s. Feeling as if her entire body was swimming in a vat of molasses, Kay worked her hands up to the front of her blouse and did as she was told. Unable to tear her eyes away from Cindy’s vaginal lips distending to accept Garrett’s virile girth, Kay felt herself going dizzy as she unbuttoned her top, absorbing fully the force of Garrett’s pile driving thrusts. Garrett’s eyes vividly lit up watching the much older woman slowly undress to his left. His blood rushing a little more with each square inch of flesh Kay exposed, he began twisting his cock even deeper into his sister when Kay rolled her top off her shoulders and down to the floor. Within a few moments, she’d done the same with her dress and was standing there beside the bed in nothing but her bra and panties. “God, that pussy’s soaked,” Garrett’s eyes clearly noted as he stared at the bushy wet red outline at the center of Kay’s crotch.Keeping us his brutal pace on top of Cindy, Garrett nodded his head for Kay to move closer. “I’m gonna make Cindy cum and then I’m gonna ask you to do something for me,” Garrett cryptically told Kay before reaching up with his left hand to squeeze her tingling and heavy right breast through her bra. Knowing Kay was past the point of no return, Garrett leaned over and kissed her squarely bodrum escort bayan on the lips before returning his full attention to Cindy. In one brisk, fluid motion, Garrett lifted up Cindy’s weight and snuck a pillow under her ass, in effect propping her cunt higher into the air and giving it more support as he continued to snake his dick through his sister’s deepest reaches. Lowering his mouth down to her’s, Garrett warmly traced his lips across Cindy’s mouth, cheeks, shoulders and chest until he began to feel her cunt start to quiver and constrict around his cock at the same time her fingernails dug roughly into the skin of his churning hips. Unable to contain her lust a second longer, Cindy’s voice crackled ferociously from her throat and her tiny, lithe body jerked and spasmed like mad beneath Garrett as she violently came. “UURRGGHHH… UURRGGHHH… YES… YES… YESSSS… YEEESSSSSSSS,” she cried, the squishing sound of Garrett plowing her vagina increasing in volume until he too, let his love go. “”GGRRRRRAAAHHHHHHHHH… AAAHHGGRRAAHHHHH,” Garrett’s groans of release matched his sister’s as the two enjoyed another well practiced, simultaneous orgasm. The siblings’ collective release played out with such stark, stunning and a****listic realness that Kay’s legs went limp and she found herself dropping down to her knees by the edge of the bed to watch Garrett collapse down on top of his sister as the two shared such a powerful and private moment together. _________________________________Kay’s eyes popped and her lips ovaled and trembled as she watched Garrett ease his cock out of Cindy’s cunt and she felt her own tastebuds stir on her tongue at the sight of the sticky paste that encased Garrett’s manhood as he pulled it free. Feeling strangely as if she was more naked kneeling there in her bra and panties than if she had been completely nude, Kay still felt an instinct to cover herself when Garrett and Cindy leered back towards her. Staring down at her own chest, Kay couldn’t help feeling somewhat intimidated at the prospect of removing her own bra and allowing her ample but sagging breasts to spill free as she continued to admire the way Cindy’s rested like two perfect mounds on the top of her chest as she basked in the glow of her orgasm on the bed. Still, Garrett’s gaze was insistent and Kay reached around back and undid the clasps to remove her bra for the teenage boy. “The panties too,” he mouthed, a relaxed smirk spreading across his handsome face as he watched Kay comply. Completely bare now before the two, Kay could see the clear sparkle of intent in Garrett’s smoky eyes. Before he could say another word however, Kay stared down at the steaming honeypot between Cindy’s legs and knew exactly what Garrett was intending for her to do. Her knees sinking into the mattress, Kay crawled up to Cindy’s side until she was directly above the Garrett’s exhausted sister. The pungent aroma of sex overwhelmed Kay as she tried to maintain her balance. Looking directly down at Cindy’s cumglazed cunt, Kay felt Garrett’s hand come to rest on her shoulder. His still three quarters erect cock swinging like a sloppy club between his legs, Garrett gently forced Kay down until her face was eye level with his crotch. Easing his fingertips over Kay’s shoulder and neck with surreal precision, Garrett cradled the older woman’s chin until she opened her mouth and his dick disappeared between her lipstick smeared lips. A loud, ‘whoosh’, escaped Garrett’s lungs as the married Mother of two’s tongue began swabbing his spent manhood until his and his sister’s congealed ejaculate had been cleansed and digested down Kay’s throat. “Now Kay,” Garrett said, pulling his rubbery dick from her mouth,” I want you to eat her out. ” Even though she knew the words were coming, every nerve in her body tingled when the sound of Garrett’s suggestion filtered through her brain. After a brief hesitation to gather herself, Kay spread her knees wide until she was able to rest her naked body on the bed so that her head was directly between Cindy’s thighs. With Garrett still towering above both her, Kay nervously inched further up between the young girl’s outstretched legs until her eyes, and palate, began to water at the entrance of Cindy’s buttered and oily cunt. With Garrett still softly massaging her neck and back of the head, Kay parted her lips and extended her tongue towards the 18 year old’s waiting pussy. Her ears snugly wedged between Cindy’s soft inner thighs, Kay hesitantly swiped her tongue through the teenager’s slippery slit. The taste of Garrett’s cum was immediately recognizable from the countless blowjobs she’d given her Husband, but the strange syrupy flavor she injected from Cindy’s ripe, well fucked pussy caused her head to swirl knowing just how much of it had seeped from the vaginal walls of the young girl. Feeling Cindy’s fingers knead warmly at her scalp as she serviced her, Kay darted her tongue deeper into Cindy’s pulpy folds. Her forehead resting comfortably on the top of Cindy’s flat belly, Kay twisted and torked her neck to all sides, trying to exhume every last bit of the sticky cum Garrett had driven into his sister. Feeling the warm fluid trickle down her throat each time she swallowed, Kay had become so engrossed in her wanton and unnatural act, she’d completely lost track of Garrett until she felt his hand begin to paw at the crease of her bare ass. Coming up for air just for an instant, Kay cast a quick glance over her shoulder and saw Garrett standing on the floor directly behind her. “Get it all out,” he mouthed down to her, pumping his cock back to full hardness with his left hand while he primed Kay’s asshole with his right. Dropping her face back between Cindy’s legs, Kay tried the best she could to relax her body knowing what Garrett was about to do. Wincing, Kay scrubbed her knees into the bedding below and worked her rear end backwards against Garrett’s hand when she felt him squeeze a stream of lubricant into the crack of her ass. “OHHHH… GOD,” Kay belched, her internal mercury boiling as Garrett stabbed and stirred his middle finger deep into her anus. Grabbing Kay by the waist with his free hand, Garrett gracefully helped her up to her knees, the whole time keeping his finger securely buried inside the older woman until she was kneeling up on all fours in front of him. Pulling his finger free with a loud plop, Garrett quickly swung the head of his dick to the puckered and greased opening. With one last dash of lubricant over it’s vieny length, Garrett lurched slowly forward until every muscle and tendon in Kay’s body tensed in anticipation. Looking down over Kay’s shoulders at the way her face and neck strained on top of Cindy’s pussy, Garrett watched the married woman’s lips part and felt the vibration of her voice shatter through the room as his dick slid inside her churning anal cavern. Her eyes squinted shut, it took over morsel in Kay’s being to keep herself balanced on her knees as Garrett’s manhood staked its claim inside her rectum. After a minute’s worth of gradually intensifying thrusts, Kay simply couldn’t keep her balance and she collapsed forward. Knowing Garrett’s cock was so deeply entrenched inside her ass that it was going to stay firmly implanted no matter how far she fell, Kay fully expected to crash back down flat on the bed. Before she could barely fall a few inches however, her throbbing and damp vulva dropped directly into the cradle of Cindy’s waiting mouth. Kay had become so focused on surviving Garrett’s anal advances, she hadn’t noticed that Cindy had slithered up on her side and positioned her face directly below Kay’s crotch. Her ass already skewered on Garrett’s fuckpole, Kay’s internal organs combusted into flames when Cindy began rolling and flicking her tongue deep into her own sizzling and needy vagina. “OHHHHH… SHIT… OOOHHHHFUCKINGSSHHITTTTTTTT,” the married woman screamed over and over, all pretense, decency and self consciousness completely gone, now naked, helpless and hanging there as if in a snare between the two siblings. With Garrett’s fingers dug firmly into her asscheeks and Cindy mouth clamped in an airtight vapor lock around her pouty and buzzing cunt, it was a snare Kay wouldn’t escape for a very long time

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