Vanessa No.2

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Vanessa No.2THE FOLLOWING IS A WORK OF FICTION.ALSO, I’VE BEEN READING SOME LITERATURE LATELY, AND I FEAR MY WRITING STYLE HAS BEEN INFLUENCED(IT WASN’T BEFORE), BUT I THINK THIS SHOULD STILL BE GOOD.”Do you think you can watch these two while I’m out? It’ll just be a couple of hours?” I was asked by my auntie.”No problem, auntie. That’ll be fine,” I answered kindly. I noticed in the past few years how sociopathic I’ve become. I could easily lie and deceive, though, my nature be kind.”Thanks. Don’t let him stay on there for more than a couple hours, ok?” she asked. ’twas her son of around ten what was playing games on the computer in the kitchen. I knew ‘tad already been forty five minutes since he started.”Alright. I’ll make sure to keep track of the time.” My auntie soon left. I was in the middle of glorious battle through blowing off heads with a shotgun in Resident Evil 4, when she graced the room with her heavenly presence. Vanessa…my darling…my love. She stared at me smiling. I let my eyes gaze upon it with a slightly annoyed expression, then back to the game.”What’s wrong? You wanna go home?” she asked leaning in close. I sighed and her smile grew. “Hey, can I see your phone for a second?” she asked swaying her hips side to side.”No,” I said blankly. She’ll just take it out of my pocket regardless, I thought.”Please?” she pleaded. I sighed and set the controller down.”I grow tired of this battle. kaş escort ’tis time for a rest,” I said switching the tv’s input function back to normal. She squeezed herself in next to me.”Scoot over,” she said pushing. I pushed her head to the side and she giggled. Oh the sweet sound! I granted her request, but to no avail. “Come on.””There be no room, c***d,” I said as she reached in my pocket. She pulled out my phone and sat herself upon my lap. I hath been sitting terribly lazily, so I sat upright. Sitting there, I watched her as she played with my phone. I engorged thine lungs with the fragrance of her messy ponytail. I’m almost certain she heard not, for I’ve always taken great caution in hiding thine attraction from her, though now that she knows, it seems not to matter much. Time passed. Not a lot, just a spell. I noticed she hath grown bored of thine phone and seeked it’s return, so I put it back in my pocket. She sat back against my chest and took a deep breath. The sound her voice partially faded through her whisper made my heart race as if it were one of Skaroupka’s new bass drums. The sheer beauty of it all was so overpowering, I had to close my eyes for a moment. In that moment, I felt something. Something on my left hand. Before I could look to see, she had taken it in her own. Oh, c***d, words alone cannot express thine love for thee in full. I leaned down and gently kissed the top escort kaş of her forehead, just below her hairline while stroking her right shoulder. I kissed her there again…then again once more. My hand made it’s way to her beautifully sculpted thighs.”Do you want to kiss me?” she quietly asked looking up at me. A slight smile grew on my face and I nodded. She then turned her body and closed her eyes. I leaned over and gently kissed her slightly open mouth. Time vanished. I pulled away for a moment and gazed in her beautiful eyes. I could read them very easily. I kissed her once again. Her small tongue journeyed to meet my upper lip, and I soon met hers with my own. I slowly laid her back against the arm of the chair, our tongues still entangled, whilst supporting her neck with my hand. Now ’twas my left hand making its venture on her thigh. I caressed it down to the back of her knee. She then instinctively lifted her leg, her divine calf grazing the underside of my forearm. She set it down over my knee. As I watched its descent, I noticed something not far away. I gazed with a grimace at him standing there. Her brother stood watching, for how long I can’t say. Shit! How long has he been there, I thought. How could I have missed it!? Vanessa sat up. Oh the pain! This moment of intimate perfection shattered! Oh if looks could kill… I stared at him for a while.”You can’t tell anyone,” I said finally. I kaş escort bayan made sure my eyes were locked on him and that I didn’t blink once to let him know the seriousness of my statement. Just then, my auntie returned. Vanessa ran over to greet her along with my other cousin. Still he stood and still I stared. “Remember my words.” My auntie soon approached with bags in her hand.”How’d it go, guys?” she asked setting them down.”Just fine, auntie,” I said standing up. “Are there more bags?””Yeah. Thanks for helping. You help, too, Andre,” she said unpacking the groceries. The next few hours were a blur. We were all in the living room. Andre and Vanessa were watching tv. Sydney sat nearby, and I sat drawing in my sketchbook. My auntie called for them to prepare for bed from upstairs, so they went. The exception, of course, being Sydney for she was now pushing thirteen.”What are you drawing?” she asked looking toward me.”Some dude,” I responded. She was quiet for a moment. She’s acting strangely, I thought. Usually when I’m drawing, she tries to interrupt me. I paid it little to no mind and continued. Vanessa could be heard upstairs shouting at her brother for whatever reason. I started to smile, but then something told me not to.”I know what you did to my sister,” Sydney said blankly. I froze for a moment. Little bastard, I thought. I set my pencil down and looked over at her.”What do you mean?” I asked.”Andre told me what you did. He said you were kissing her…on her mouth. Were you?” she asked. Anger started to influence her voice. I smiled.”…yes I was. I’d appreciate if we could keep this between us?”

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