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Visit With GrandmaOver the summer time I would occasionally visit my grandmother for weekends, sometimes a week at a time. I love my grandma, and she loves me. She was about 58, and still very great looking. She always did light workouts to keep in shape, and she has a nice body. Her tits are very large for her age – not saggy, but firm. She was a very attractive lady for her age.It was late June. I talked to mom and she said I should visit. My grandmother was a very lonely woman, because her husband passed away a few years back. So she was alone. So I would go down there, help her with the house, go jog with her, etc. We would go out to eat every night and get ice cream, just letting her know that I still cared about her. This visit wasn’t going to be a long one.I left around 4 p.m., and arrived at her house around 8 p.m.(she lives 350 miles or so away). I knocked on the door, and she answered, surprised to see me. “Ohhh how are you doing!?!?” she greeted me with a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. I returned it.I came in and set my things on the ground and sat on the couch. She was busy in her room with something. She came out about two minutes later, she was very excited to see me. She threw me the remote and told me to turn the tube on and watch whatever, order some movies. We sat around and watching some movies for a while, and then she said, “You want to go for a run?” I concurred.I slipped into some shorts, and a tank top and waited for her to finish. She wore tight spandex, with a small, tight shirt, exposing her huge firm tits. This kırıkkale escort was exciting me, but I thought, “It’s my grandma, dude!” I had never though of her in a sexual way, but I’m older now, and I’m getting excited.I shook this off and out the door we went. We had small talk while we jogged, waved at the neighbors etc. We stopped at a small sidewalk shop for a drink. We talked a bit there about how life was going. I couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful tits. She had a decent sized ass, it was kind of large, but I could understand. It was still nice and round. I liked it. She has a beautiful face for her age, hardly any wrinkles – she should have more for her age. She seemed to almost be in her prime.We jogged back to the house, and we had broken a pretty good sweat so I decided to take a shower. As I hopped in, I washed my usual self, I kept seeing visions of my grandmother in my head, so, I decided to jerk off. As I was stroking it, I heard the door crack then a voice, “Honey? I noticed there weren’t any towels, so I brought you some.”My prick was all 9 inches and hard as hell. I slid the curtain open and said, “Thanks, grandma.” She still stood there staring at me, in her towel. She was getting ready for her shower in the other bathroom.All of the sudden…”Can I shower with you?”I about shot my spunk right there. I sat and though for a minute, staring at her. “..y…ye..yes if you’d like.”She dropped her towel, and oh my god the best body I’ve ever seen. Her belly was very firm, along with her tits, and legs. She escort kırıkkale was beautiful. Nice tan lines around her ass, pussy, and tits. Her pussy was slightly shaven, it was a beautiful sight.She pulled the curtain aside, and noticed my huge hard on. She looked and said, “Excited??” She hoped in. I grabbed the soap, she washed my body, up and down, she focused on my cock a lot, stroking it in small movements, teasing me. I had my hand on her shoulder. She started to suck on my fingers. I grabbed her chin and brought her to my level. I took the soap, and washed her tits madly, sucked them and licked them too. I went to her pussy, I flicked her clit with my tongue. She let out soft moans, I knew she liked it. So I kept going.”Ohh baby don’t stop! I’m cumming!” She did cum – I tasted her juices in my mouth, it was wonderful. I turned the shower off and carried her out. We dried each other off. “Fuck the towels!” I said. “Let’s get this on.”I picked her up and carried her to her bed where she pulled me on top of her. Our mouths met as we kissed violently. She rolled me over, and licked down my stomach to my pubes. She slowly slid my cock into her mouth. I could see her saliva glistening on my cock. She bobbed her head up and down. My balls started to swell, I could feel that I was going to cum. I let out a soft moan and she stoped, squeezing the head of my cock to ease me down.She slowly climbed on to me. “Fuck me, fuck me rotten!” She slipped my cock, deep into her 58 year old pussy. It was the best feeling in the world. kırıkkale escort bayan She pumped up and down on my cock and I watched it enter my grandma. I couldn’t believe this was happening, it all happened so fast. She was going faster and faster, I watched her tits bounce up and down, I grabbed them and they were so nice I couldn’t stop. I grabbed her, and rolled her over, sat her up on all fours and stuck my cock deep into her pussy, I put my stomach on her back and fucked her doggy style.”Oh god grandma, this is fuckin great, oh jesus..that feels great!” I reached around and grabbed her tits. I could hear her moaning, she was cumming the whole time. “Ohhhh fuckkk oh grandma I’m gonna come!” I screamed.”OH BABY CUM ON MY TITS CUM ON MY TITS!” I pulled out and rolled her over, and my balls exploded as my hot, white sticky wad splashed on her giant tits. I still had more so I blew on her face, I watched my spunk spray my grandmothers mouth, she swallowed all she could. I collapsed in her arms, she silently whispered in my ear, “Wait for tomorrow!” as I fell asleep.The next morning, I woke up to her sucking my prick! I couldn’t believe this. She was sticking it in between her tits, I was fucking her tits wildly. She rolled me over, and I stuck my prick deep in her pussy. We fucked missionary position. I pumped my cock deep in her love canal, and I watched her tits go up and down. This got me hotter, and the look on her face was even better. She screamed as she orgasmed. I could feel my balls begin to swell.”Oh grandma, here I cum, I’m fucking cumming!!” I sprayed my jism into her love canal, splashing the walls of her pussy. I came for at least a minute, letting my load deep into her womb. She shuttered with pleasure.I bent down and kissed her madly, she said “Next visit, we’ll continue this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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