Walk in the Woods

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Walk in the WoodsSometimes we find our dreams when we least expect, it seems the harder you try to realise a dream the less likely it is to materalise. So this story is about one such dream that hit me when I wasn’t looking, in the briefest of moments it consumed me and found a place deep inside me. As an engineer I travel the world, and as a specialist in my industry I can be called on at short notice and may be required to live on a job for an age. However I generally know the area before I go and a have a network of contacts so work and pleasure are friends. On this occasion I was totally unprepared, I was called in to advise on a job whilst the resident Engineer was taken sick. As I boarded yet another plane, this time headed for Sweden it was with a heavy heart. Whilst I knew the trip would be short I had things planned in the UK and I knew nothing of the area I was travelling to. As I left the airport I was pleasantly surprised, it was Autumn but the weather was mild and the sky clear. The first few days were straight forward I attended, advised and worked long hours, the hotel was ok and the food good and I worked. As I gained confidence I started to notice the surroundings and was taken by the beauty of the area. Sandwiched between a beach and a forest I trundled off in the car each morning and returned for dinner. With just a day left on the job at last I had the opportunity to explore, but it was late in the evening when I stepped out of my hotel. I was taken by the light although well into the evening there was a full moon and the silvery light cast strong shadows. With no particular aim I walked, along the street and off towards the beach, however on this night I wanted to think and was looking for peace. As I approached the beach I was disappointed to hear what sounded like a beach party and what turned out to be a group of lively youngsters enjoying themselves with music and a fire. I stood for a while and listened before turning towards the forest. I quickly moved through the blocks of flats and crossed a playing field, the eternal youngster in me made me jump and touch the football goal crossbar. You can grow older but always remain a teenager, he he.I had no idea of where I should go but I entered the wood expecting to be captured by darkness. But no, the autumn winds had cleared the leaf canopy and the moonshine was so bright it filtered through branches lara escort and left a silvery glow. As soon as my eyes accustomed I found it was like walking at sunrise, whilst the light was low the shadows cast were exciting and suggested unknown secrets. I walked for 20 minutes not caring which way I turned, following winding paths I headed toward the moon. When you walk in a forest at night you can be afraid or you can enjoy a warmth that comes with confidence. Every step I took allowed me to put aside the troubles I held and release my senses. I kicked the dry leaves and they responded as a c***d knows, in an explosion of colours and noise, he he, still a c***d. I began to notice certain things, I could hear the distant scampering of footsteps, leaves rustling when there was no wind and the faintest smell of beautiful lily of the valley. Odd I thought to smell such sweetness in autumn. As a keen naturalist I strained to see what footsteps I could hear and after a while shapes appeared in the nearby shadows. The deer as I knew they were, continued to stay out of sight although I had fleeting sights of Rabbits and an odd Squirrel. The Moonshine had the effect of painting everything with a silver sheen, colours were turned into shades of black and the sounds of the forest became more intense. I past a waterfall and was drawn to the churning water as it poured into what looked like liquid mercury. A pool of silver with nothing but time to interrupt its tranquility. I felt increasingly connected with the forest and felt my spirit elevating. I was smiling when I approached a clearing.The clearing was no bigger than the village pond I knew as a boy, there was a shaft of pure moonshine painting its presence across the soft grass. Surrounded by small trees and one giant Oak that had spread its branches like arms caressing a lover. I stood in amazement, a family of Deer were standing in full view, staring yet so alive at the Oak. To one side were two Rabbits and I am sure I could make out the shape of an Owl in the branches. I stood I guess about 15 meters from the clearing and after a while dared to step forward. Expecting the Deer to bolt they gave me the barest of glimpses. they seemed so confident here and even I could not disturb them. I approached so cautiously and was aware that the ever present sweet smell grew in my senses. I stopped some 5 meters short not daring to take escort lara another step and watched. Almost startled I realised I had missed something so obvious. From beneath the Oak I could see a leg, bare footed it lay on the grass with not a movement. The Moonshine painted the skin with it silvery qualities and created a vision of such softness. Nothing in me suggested alarm and the serene situation held my attention. Now focused on what or who could share and perhaps create such serenity I inched forward. The bare foot and ankle developed into a calf sculptured by the silvery light. A knee flexed but not moving turned into thighs of such beauty, I hesitated not knowing if I was in danger of causing concern yet I was captivated by this single and then both legs. The Deer were not alarmed and seemed to draw comfort from the hidden presence. I felt so coarse and so noisy, my breath now fast seemed to be booming in my ear drums. The scent of Lilies was overpowering. As I stood not knowing whether to go forward or back a hand appeared, it gently moved to a point just above the knee, my senses were now in overdrive and the butterflies in my stomach filled me with a sensation I had long forgotten.Now so consumed with a need to know more I was only held back by fear of breaking this perfect image. The hand was cupped and moved into a single finger so slowly before beckoning me forward. So whoever this angel was she did know I was there and very much in control of my next move. I moved the next few steps as quietly as I could and as slowly as my passion allowed. As I moved closer a beautiful thigh was replaced with a hip and then the torso of a well shaped lady. Not skinny this was a real woman with curves in the right places and a softness that I suggests such warmth and pleasure. I could see the barest glimpse of a wonderful breast covered in a cascade of golden hair which hit my every sense. My head was reeling and time stood still as I took a further step. I could see the back of her head and even more of her golden hair, I couldn’t understand how the world was painted with silver yet her hair was filled with colour. I reached out and my finger tip touched hair so soft, and every silky strand screamed for me to caress its wonderful texture. I dare not disturb this dream but as I knelt close her head turned towards me. Her eyes met mine and I was transfixed by the intensity of lara escort bayan their green colour, I could not have taken my eyes away even if I wanted to. Eyes so clear, so intense but with a fire that suggested passion balanced with sensuality. How can eyes say so much, I will never know. At last my eyes began to explore this beautiful sight. Soft pink lips that looked so fragile, a hint of a smile that was more seductive than any words could be, the faintest sight of the tip of her tongue left a moist sheen on pink lips.I moved closer wanting so much to taste those sweet lips, it seemed to take an eternity but my first touch electrified my body, so captivated had I been I wasn’t aware of how excited and how alive I was. Our lips touched at first so softly but then with increasing passion, my eyes were held by hers and I was being sucked in by such beauty. I was aware of our hands touching and then my hand was guided to her breast. Beauty in sight and stunning to touch her skin felt like velvet and I eagerly accepted the invitation. My hands cradled her breasts and I held my breath at the feel of nipples so firm and intense. I could feel her hands so expertly remove my shirt and caress my chest. This was a touch I had never experienced so sensuous yet so demanding, the feel of her fingers was like nothing on earth something I had only dared dream about. Our tongues touched and we shared more than our breath, it was like her soul was caressing my heart, it was like our movement was orchestrated by hidden music. I didn’t even know she had removed my clothes and I was not aware I was down to underpants. however I was aware of the lightest touch of her hand as it slid over the bulge in my pants and without hesitation slipped inside to capture my erect penis. We continued to dance to a an increasingly more passionate music and found ourselves rolling in the soft grass. We rolled as if drawn to the center of the moon shine, the Deer still there, moved to one side as my penis found a place so warm it was accepted immediately. Our passion grew and we rolled over and over as we became one soul in a dance that could only end in a crescendo of fire works like none seen before. When it happened the moon was replaced with the brightest sun, her eyes were filled with emeralds and we exploded in each other like a volcano frustrated by years of dreams. It seemed timeless before our passion turned to warmth and eyes that inspired such passion now delivered love. I fell asleep in her arms with her eyes embedded in my soul, I may never find them again but such an intense moment is mine to keep forever.

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