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Wendy KSome people might call me a sex addict, while others might just call me a slut. I don’t object to either of those labels, because both are fairly accurate.My introduction to sex came when I was f******n. I thought I was in the house alone, so I walked into the bathroom without knocking, even though the door was closed. What I saw shocked the hell out of me. My older cousin, Robert, was standing in front of the mirror masturbating with a pair of my panties.He just looked at me with a shit-eating grin on his face and continued what he was doing until he came. I really couldn’t see him cumming because of my panties in his hand, but I could see the strained look on his face, and his hand jerking on his dick.When he was apparently finished, he tossed my panties back into the hamper, and that’s when I got my first real look at a man’s dick. He was twenty-two, Hispanic-American and fairly good looking. He also was known to have a violent temper. I knew he had hit his sisters more than once.Knowing that, when he said in a stern voice, “C’mear”, I obeyed him. I didn’t want to risk feeling his wrath. When I was within reach, he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer, and then he forced my hand onto his dick. It wasn’t as hard as it had been, but it wasn’t totally soft either. When he removed his hand, he said in that same stern tone, “Play with it.”I had no idea what I was doing, but I did my best. I kept watching his face for some sign that I was doing it right. He just showed me that same shit-eating grin, “That’s a good girl. Feel it, squeeze it, and move your hand up and down on it.”It surprised me when his dick started getting bigger and harder in my hand. I actually kind of liked the way it felt, but I was still really scared. When it was totally hard, he put his hand back on mine and forced me to grip it tighter, and then he started moving my hand up and down on it. When he removed his hand, he said, “Keep doing that.”Robert shocked me again when he reached over and cupped one of my smallish tits in his hand. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so he was able to see and pinch my nipple between his thumb and finger. I resigned myself to the fact that there was nothing I could do about it anyway, so I might as well enjoy it, which I did.I’m not sure how long that lasted, but it seemed like an hour. In truth it was probably more like fifteen minutes. Finally, he put his hand back on mine again and guided my hand. He made me grip him even harder and speed up. Seconds later, his dick began shooting streams of white semen all over me, on my arm, my T-shirt, my shorts and my legs. Uuuccccckkkkk!Before he was finished, his hand and mine were covered with it. He wiped his hand on my T-shirt and then told me to get out. Double uck! He didn’t even give me a chance to clean my hand, so I just wiped it on my T-shirt. After all, my shirt was already a mess, so a little more wouldn’t matter.Then I went to my parent’s master bathroom and washed my hand and legs, then to my room to change clothes.————————The following day, Robert showed up at our house again. This time, he didn’t beat around the bush. He just dropped his shorts and said, “Get your ass over here and jack me off, bitch.”I wasn’t as afraid that time, so I went to him and immediately began playing with and stroking his long thick cock. I didn’t find out until days later that his cock was a little over seven inches and thicker than most.That time, when he put his hand on my tit, he was really rough, especially when he pinched my long nipple. I just tried to ignore it and concentrate on his cock. I did like the way it felt in my hand, so warm and silky and powerful. It didn’t take long for me to make him cum. Of course this time, he hadn’t just masturbated, and there was a lot more cum.Again, my legs, shorts and shirt were covered with it, and finally my hand. His tone wasn’t appreciative when he said, “Go clean your nasty ass up and then fix me something to eat.“Okay,” I told him, but that seemed to piss him off. He grabbed my arm roughly with one hand and squeezed my face with his other hand, “You don’t say ‘okay’ to me. You say ‘Yes, Sir’. Do you understand?”He was really scaring me, “Yes, Sir.” So he released me and shoved me toward the door.————————After he ate the sausage, eggs and toast I fixed for him, he stood up and demanded that I give him another handjob. Just as the day before, it took him a lot longer to cum the second time. And then he just left without so much as a by your leave.The following day was almost exactly the same. He made me give him a handjob, and then fix him some breakfast before giving him a second one. I couldn’t understand why he talked to me in that hateful tone, or why he punished my tits when he felt of them. I was doing what he wanted without complaint, so I didn’t know what else to do.————————Robert didn’t show up the next morning, and I must admit to being somewhat disappointed. I was beginning to enjoy our game, even though he treated me a little rough.Just after noon, I was in my room, lying on my bed reading a book. My door wasn’t closed. The next thing I knew, Robert was there. He grabbed my arm and literally yanked me off my bed. I could smell either beer or whisky on him. I wasn’t sure which.When I was standing, he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to the floor while saying, “On your knees, bitch.”Right in front of my face, he unzipped his shorts and pushed them down, along with his underwear. His hard cock was right in front of my face. “Suck it, bitch, and if you bite me, you’ll pay big time.”I was so stunned, I couldn’t move, so he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my face forward. And then he reached down with his other hand and aimed his cock at my mouth. “Open your fucking mouth, bitch.”When I did, he shoved his large cock into my mouth. When he hit the back of my mouth, I started gagging really bad. He let me up long enough for me to throw up a little onto my carpet, and then he shoved his cock back into my mouth.It wasn’t long, maybe five minutes, before I felt his cock grow even thicker in my mouth. He still had a hold of my hair, so he pulled my mouth down on him more, causing me to gag. But then, his cock began pulsing in my mouth and I felt the first spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat.There was spurt after spurt of it, and soon I was gagging and coughing on his cock. I couldn’t really swallow, so there was cum seeping out of my mouth and out of my nose. That really stung, but he wouldn’t let me up. In fact, he didn’t let me up until he was totally finished cumming, which was probably a full minute.When he did let me up, I was finally able to swallow. “You’d better not spill any next time, bitch.” And he was gone.I sat back on my heels, still gasping for air. Actually, his cum didn’t taste that bad. It had a strange texture, but it wasn’t bad. He’d said, “Next time…” so I knew that wouldn’t be the last time he’d make me do that.Fortunately for me, the next day was Saturday. My parents were home, so I knew I wouldn’t see Robert over the weekend.————————Early Monday afternoon went about the same as Friday. Robert found me in the house, forced me to my knees, and shoved his thick cock into my mouth. I gagged some, but not as much as on Friday. This time, when he started coming in my mouth, I forced myself to swallow. It was difficult with his cock in my mouth, but I managed. I didn’t spill any. Of course, there wasn’t a word of praise samsun escort from him. Instead he just pulled up his shorts and underwear and left.Tuesday was totally different. I was searching for something in the garage. I had the garage door open for additional light. When Robert appeared, he had a friend with him. Donald Lee was a black guy about Robert’s age. He was taller than Robert and very fit.“Oooo weeee”, Donald Lee said, “Lets have a look at those fine little titties.”Robert looked at me, and in his usual hateful tone, he said, “You heard him. Get your fucking shirt off, bitch.”I knew better than to hesitate. I immediately pulled my T-shirt over my head.“My, my. Those are some fine little titties.”Robert put both of his hands on my tits and began roughly kneading them. Before he removed his hands, he said to Donald Lee, “Get over hear and have a feel.”Two seconds later, Donald Lee had one of my tits in each of his hands. Fortunately, he wasn’t nearly as rough as Robert.Despite the garage door being open, Robert dropped his shorts and underwear, “You know what to do, bitch, so get after it.”I immediately knelt down and began sucking Robert’s hard cock. It was weird doing it with another guy standing there watching, but I knew better than to protest. A few minutes later, Robert came in my mouth. Once again, I was able to swallow it all without spilling any.Robert was no sooner finished cumming when he said to his friend, “What are you waiting for? Get over here and get some of this bitch.”Only a few seconds later, Donald Lee was forcing his hard black cock into my mouth, even though I wasn’t resisting. His cock was perhaps a tad longer than Robert’s, but it was a little thinner, so it wasn’t as hard to suck. Unlike Robert, he didn’t force my head down on him. I had to do that myself. As I’d learned from Robert, I put my hand around the base and stroked his cock while I sucked it.I think the whole taboo of sucking off a black guy made the experience a lot hotter for me. I was getting really horny. My parents would die if they knew. Of course, they’d die if they knew I was sucking off Robert too.Donald Lee didn’t even last as long as Robert had. When I felt his cock start pulsating in my mouth, I forced as much of it into my mouth as I could and held still. I kept stroking his cock though.He didn’t cum as much as Robert, so I was able to swallow it all easily. When he was finished cumming, he said to Robert, “Damn, this bitch can really suck cock.”That made me feel really proud. Robert said to his friend, “Hell, come back for an encore anytime you want.”————————The next day, I got another surprise. When Robert showed up, he had Donald Lee with him, but there was another black guy with them too. This may sound weird, but it made me feel a little proud and a little powerful to know these older guys were all there to see me.The minute they found me in my room, I immediately took off my shirt. When he saw that, Robert showed me a huge grin. Also, he didn’t curse at me or call me bitch. Instead, he simply dropped his shorts and underwear and stood there with his hands on his hips.When I knelt in front of him and began sucking his cock, he didn’t grab my hair or push my head down. Actually, that put a little extra pressure on me to do it right, but I pulled it off in great fashion.After he finished cumming in my mouth, the new guy, JD, tried to step up in front of me, but Donald Lee pushed him back, “Wait your turn.”I was just sitting back on my heels as Donald Lee dropped his shorts and underwear. Then I immediately began sucking and stroking his long cock. I loved it when JD said to Robert, “It looks to me like she’s really good at that. You trained her right, bro.”When it was JD’s turn, I found his cock to be almost exactly like Donald Lee’s, long and a bit slender. It made me wonder if they were brothers—twins even. I had to laugh inside when he came in my mouth after only about two minutes.Before leaving, and with Robert’s permission, both Donald Lee and JD spent a few minutes feeling of my tits. When Robert put an end to it, JD actually told me, “Thank you.”————————From then on, Robert never showed up without at least two of his friends. Two were Hispanic, Jessie and Chico, and the other was a white guy, Brent. Both Jessie and Chico had shorter but fairly thick cocks. Brent’s was longer, almost as long as Robert’s, and it was thicker than Donald Lee’s and JD’s. Robert called his other black friend Bonzo. He had a dick as long as any of the others, but he was both long and thick. I loved it.The second time I sucked JD’s cock, he did something different. He grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth. When he would go in too far, I’d gag a lot, but that didn’t deter him. After a couple of minutes, his cock violated my throat. The minute he felt that, he held his cock there and came down my throat. I actually love that, especially when Robert said, “Wow!”From then on, Robert would fuck my mouth, forcing his cock down my throat. After a few times, I didn’t even gag. He made sure all of his friends did the same to me, and I loved it. It made me feel really proud that I could take all of their cocks without gagging.When there were four of them, including Robert, my jaws would get really tired, almost to the point of locking up. Fortunately, most of the time, there were only three of them at one time.————————Things went up a notch about three weeks later. I was surprised when Robert showed up alone. Still, I took my shirt off and got on my knees. “Take your shorts off.” He said in a stern voice that I hadn’t heard from him in a while. I was shocked, but I immediately obeyed him, even when he said, “Panties too.”Less than a minute later, I was on my back on the carpet, and Robert was between my legs. He didn’t ask if I was on the pill, but fortunately I was. My Mom had gotten pregnant very young. She had to have an abortion, so she didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. She took me to the doctor and got me hooked up with birth control pills soon after puberty.Robert wasn’t gentle when he pushed his hard cock into me. Even when the head of his cock hit my hymen, he just pushed harder until he was all the way inside me. He wasted no time. He immediately started fucking me.The intense pain I felt when his dick tore through my hymen waned somewhat when he started fucking me. My pussy was still sore, and it was uncomfortable, but at least it wasn’t really hurting me anymore.When Robert came in my pussy, I was surprised that I could feel his cock pulsing out its cum. When he pulled out of me, there was cum on his cock and a little trace of blood from my hymen tearing. Without being told to, I spun around and cleaned him with my mouth and tongue. “Good girl.”God! When I heard that, I felt really, really proud.————————After that, Robert would bring two, and on rare occasions three of his friends. He would always fuck me first, and then the other two would take sloppy seconds and thirds. After the first couple of times, I began having two or three orgasms while they were fucking me.For a while, it seemed like it was a different pairing of his friends every day. I grew to enjoy being fucked by JD, Bonzo and Donald Lee the most. It just seemed a little different with them, but I can’t really articulate why. Maybe it was just the taboo of it.Of course, when I had my periods, which were very predictable because of the birth control pills, I’d escort samsun suck them off, sometimes twice during a visit. I can’t really explain it, but that made me feel like I was in control. Whether I was sucking them or they were fucking me, I felt powerful and very proud. It was me they were coming to instead of some boring girlfriend.————————Things were more difficult after school started, but I’d hurry to Robert’s house after school so he and a couple of his friends could fuck me before his parents got home from work.That went on for four years until I graduated from high school. I loved the summers the best. Robert would bring a couple of friends over every day to fuck me. Sometimes they’d take a second turn if they could get it back up, which meant I would get fucked five or six times some days. I loved it, and couldn’t get enough. It always made me sad when they couldn’t get it back up to fuck me again. I even mentioned to Robert that he should bring more of his friends with him at the same time, but he rarely did.One day however, he brought four of his friends over, three blacks and one Hispanic. I got fucked nine times that day. One of the guys, Bonzo, couldn’t get it back up. I even tried to get him up with my mouth, but he just couldn’t do it.During the summers, I learned to keep two towels at the ready for when the guys came over to fuck me. I would spread the large bath towel out on the floor or bed to catch the cum that leaked out of me while they were fucking me. The second would be a hand towel that I used to sop up the copious amounts of cum that leaked out of me between guys fucking me.I also got in the habit of cleaning their cocks with my mouth and tongue when they were finished fucking me. It struck me as funny, that after Robert, who always fucked me first, when I cleaned a guy’s cock, I was cleaning up two or three guy’s cum at the same time.During the first year, I also learned that I loved getting fucked from behind while I sucked another guy off. I never tired of that.Before I went off to college, some of Robert’s friends disappeared, so he replaced them with others. I loved that, because the ‘replacements’ were all black. I’d developed a love for black cock. Also, I think Robert liked watching me with them.————————When I went away to college, I found it rather easy to pick up guys at the gym, where I went two or three times a week. I’d wear tight leggings and a top that showed off my smallish tits and long nipples.At first, when they hit on me, I’d take them to my sixty-nine Chevy and give them either a handjob or a blowjob. Fortunately for me, there were always a lot of black guys to choose from. If I wanted to fuck them, they’d either sneak me into their dorm or they’d take me to a friend’s house off campus.When I wanted to fuck them, I’d always insist that there were two of them so I could have a cock nailing me from behind while sucking the other one.It didn’t take too long for word to get around the campus that I was an easy fuck and suck. That meant I had a constant stream of suitors wanting to fuck me.One of their dads had a motor home in his backyard, and he invited me over to fuck, telling me, “Some of my friends will be there.”“How many guys will be there?”“Right now, three, but I’m sure if you’re going to be there, I can invite as many as you want.”He was black, so I assumed his friends would be too. I showed him a naughty grin, “In that case, invite a couple more … blacks only please.”When we got to his dad’s motor home at about five p.m., it was just him and me there, so I gave him a quick blowjob. He had a nice cock, fairly long and thick enough to make me anxious to feel it in my pussy. I was just finishing when there was a knock on the door. He didn’t wait until he was finished cumming in my mouth to yell out, “C’mon in.”His friends showed up one right after the other. There were six guys in all. Of course, I was totally naked by then so I insisted they get that way too. I was in heaven, totally surrounded by black cocks, all shapes and sizes.When they were all naked, I got on my knees and told them, “One of you fuck me, and someone step up here so I can suck your cock.”It was almost eleven p.m. when I left his motor home. I lost all track of how many times I got fucked, and how many sweet black cocks I’d sucked. Some of them fucked me at least three times, not counting the blowjobs I gave them. Three of them with longer cocks face-fucked me, shoving their hard cocks into my throat, at my request, of course. The other three weren’t really long enough to do that.By the time I got back to my dorm, I was thoroughly fucked. I fell asleep with a smile on my face as soon as my head hit the pillow.————————One day, while I was still a freshman, I was invited to a ‘normal’ party. It wasn’t a fuck and suck affair. I dressed in what I called ‘classy sexy’ in a wrap-around skirt with a white silk blouse, stockings and heels. You could clearly see my nipples poking out through the thin silk of the blouse.Needless to say, I got my share of attention. Later in the evening, I was approached by a guy who was a little older. Paul was twenty-nine, ten years older than me. He was a senior engineer for an oil company. We really hit it off, so when he asked me to go out with him, I accepted.Paul treated me like a queen. He took me to very nice restaurants. We started having sex after a few dates. He had a decent cock, but what really set the hook in my mouth was the way he ate my pussy. I’d never experienced that before. After all, what boy wants to eat a pussy that had as much cum in it as mine usually did? Besides, they knew I was a slut, and they didn’t have to ‘get me horny’ to fuck me.After Paul and I dated for a few months, he asked me to marry him. I was still a freshman, but he didn’t care. I gave it a lot of thought before saying yes.Our home was a fairly new, two-story house in the suburbs. It had a pool, hot tub and a nice privacy fence. I loved skinny-dipping in the pool, but Paul never knew I did that.————————After we were married, Paul and I talked very openly about our fantasies. I didn’t, however, tell him about my slutty past. As sweet as he was, and how great it felt when he ate my pussy, he wasn’t all that great at fucking. So, when I heard his fantasy about sharing me with other men, I perked right up. I gently let him know that, if it would make him happy, I’d be willing to do anything he wanted me to do. Paul acted like he’d just hit the lottery.Paul was very prejudice, so I knew there was no way he’d share me with a black guy. I just hoped they’d at least be young studs, but that wasn’t to be either. The first friend of his he introduced me to was forty-something white guy with a decent cock. Yuck! But I did it for Paul, who just sat in a stuffed chair in the bedroom and watched his friend fuck me. At least the guy ate my pussy for a long time before climbing on.After that, Paul started taking really sexy pictures of me to show his friends, and he even started video taping his friends fucking me. Most were in their thirties, but a couple was in their forties like the first guy. Even though those weren’t anywhere close to my ideal, I still enjoyed it to some extent. I especially enjoyed the effect it had on Paul. He seemed to love me more than ever. He’d always fuck me after his friends left, which was a bonus for me.When I had my period, I’d suck him and his friends. I grew quite fond of holding samsun escort bayan some of their cum in my mouth so I could show it to Paul and his video camera. He loved that. Some of his friends would face-fuck me, and the ones with longer cocks would violate my throat. Paul really, really loved seeing and filming that.A girl has to have her limits. I drew a hard line in the sand about anything anal, being peed on, or any other weird shit. Also, I wasn’t at all bisexual, so I refused to have sex with another woman even though Paul really wanted me to. Paul didn’t press me on any of those things, and that just made me love him even more.Sometimes Paul would host poker games at our house. I would dance for them in sexy lingerie. Before the night was over, all of his friends would fuck me. I finally accepted that I was going to get fucked by men in their thirties and forties, but I still longed for young hard cocks. As tempted as I was to cheat on Paul while he was away, which was often due to his job, I never did.One might think that a relationship such as mine and Paul’s couldn’t last, but it did. In fact, we were married for twenty-two years before his was killed in an automobile accident.Over the course of our marriage, Paul never tired of filming me fucking and sucking his friends. The problem for me was that, as he grew older, his friends did as well, and their cocks gradually lost even more of their firmness with each passing year. Of course, the volume of their ejaculations diminished as well, and I hated that.When Paul died, both of our sons were grown and living out of state, so I almost immediately started picking up young studs to fuck and suck. I’d kept myself in excellent shape, even through two c***dbirths. I went to the gym three times a week, and worked out at home as well. Of course, one of the benefits of having k**s was that my tits grew into very nice C cups.Just like when I was nineteen, it was easy to pick up guys at the gym. If a cute young black guy hit on me, I’d take him to my car and give him a blowjob in the parking lot. Sometimes I’d tell him to go recruit a friend or two, and I’d have them follow me back to my house where I’d fuck and suck them until they couldn’t get it up any more.God, I’d missed the feeling of a really rock hard cock in my mouth and pussy, and the volume of their cum. I couldn’t get enough of it.I eventually started going to the mall to pick up guys, most often eighteen to twenty year olds, and mostly black, but I’d do Hispanics as well, and even a white guy now and then.The game arcade was right next to Victoria’s Secret. I’d mill about inside the arcade for a while, and then sit on the bench just outside the door. Of course, I’d be wearing a short skirt, crotchless panties or no panties at all. I’d wear a sheer blouse with no bra so they could see my long hard nipples clearly. When I’d catch a young stud looking at me, I’d spread my legs and give them a clear view of my pussy.When one would approach me, I’d take him out to the parking lot for a handjob or blowjob. As with the guys I picked up at the gym, I’d sometimes take them home to fuck and suck them.One day, the mall’s old black janitor showed up at my car on the passenger side. He was just watching me give a young black guy a blowjob. I didn’t know he was there until the guy I was sucking rolled down the window and said, “What are you looking at, old man?” I looked up just in time to see the old man turn and walk away.The next day at the mall, the old janitor approached me, “That’s quite a game you’re playing. Can an old man play?”He was nice enough, and not bad looking, so when he got off work, I took him home and showed him a very good time. To my very great delight, he had a magnificent cock. I guessed it to be about nine inches and very thick. I was in heaven when he face-fucked me and crammed his huge cock down my throat. Fortunately, he respected my limits. He didn’t start constantly pestering me at the mall after that, but when I failed to pick up a young stud, I’d invite him to come over to my place when he got off work.I eventually began going to a skateboard park on the edge of town in a fairly secluded area. I’d wear a short skirt and flash the young guys my pussy until one would finally approach me. I’d take them to my car for a blowjob, and if they had a decent cock and produced a lot of cum, I’d take them home for more fun.A few months after Paul died, I started dating Kevin. He was a coworker of Paul’s, so I’d met him a few times at company functions. He was Paul’s age, and fairly handsome, and he treated me very, very well. After dating him for a while, we got married, and he moved into mine and Paul’s house.I’d been working as a Guidance Counselor for freshman students at the university since my graduation. I’d give them advice on financing and what classes they should take to work toward their desired degree. It was truly difficult to have a young freshman boy in my office without fantasizing about sucking and fucking him.The problem for me was that Kevin was very conservative. He knew nothing of my past. He didn’t know I’d been a real slut prior to marring Paul, nor that Paul shared me with his friends. And he had no idea what I’d been up to sexually after Paul died. And also, like Paul, he wasn’t very good in the sack, an average size cock, and he couldn’t fuck for long. After he came, he was done for the night.The good thing for me was that, since he had virtually the same job as Paul, he was gone a lot. And since I didn’t feel the same loyalty toward him as I did to Paul, I’d cheat on him with younger guys while he was out of town. I still picked them up at the mall and skateboard park.When one of them had a really nice cock and knew how to use it, I’d let them know the signal that would tell them Kevin was out of town and I was available to fuck them. That signal was the curtains in one of the upstairs bedrooms. If the curtains were open, I was available to fuck and suck them.I also grew very fond of flashing young delivery guys. I’d tip some of them by letting them feel up my tits. On occasion, I’d even tip them with a blowjob. I’m sure I got the fastest deliveries in town hehe.Some of the neighborhood k**s would occasionally ask to use our pool, since we had the only one in the neighborhood. Even though most of them were too young for me to fuck or suck, I’d sometimes let them just so I’d get to lounge out by the pool and watch the young ‘eye candy”. Of course, I’d wear my smallest string bikini so they could perv on some ‘eye candy’ of their own. I would laugh inside when the young boys would get hard from looking at me. I was proud that, at my age, I could still elicit that response from young boys.I’m fifty-three now, and I still greatly enjoy sucking and fucking young cocks, especially the black ones, although I didn’t do only black guys, but mostly black ones.I’m still very fit and sexy, and I love showing off my body, especially my tits. They sag a little now, but not too much. Young studs don’t seem to mind. I take care of my face too, using special creams to eliminate ‘crow’s feet, bags under my eyes, or wrinkles around my mouth.Even at my age, I don’t have any problem picking up eighteen to twenty year old guys. I suspect some of them are younger than that and just lying about their age, but if they look old enough, I don’t care.I never tire of having several cocks at one time. I’ve even had two cocks in my pussy at the same time. And I still really, really enjoy getting fucked from behind while I’m sucking a cock. And still, the young guys who cum the most are the ones who I invite back. I have literally dozens of them to choose from at any given time.Well, that’s my story. I hope you enjoy it. Wendy K

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