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What A Sex SessionIt was early fall, I had been watching the college track team as they went through their paces. I was in my senior year of high school and was looking forward to college. Since my family could not afford to pay for any part of my college education and no matter what job I may have found, I could not afford college on my own.As I watched the college track team, I saw some positions that I could excel at, finally on one after noon I decided to go to the track field and start my session before the college team arrived. I had watched and saw that they would allow a loaner or two too continue and maybe even join in with them.I challenged the star runner to a sprint and won, the team was aghast that I had out run their star and mobbed the coach to allow me to come and train with them in the even hours.I got to know most of the college track team and we trusted each other, they allowed me to come out all summer long and sprint with them. On more than one occasion I was allowed to return to their shower and bathe.I made some great friends and very good connections, do to my uninhabited sprints with these older guys. Most of the track team was in their early twenty’s or late teens.It was on one of the occasions that I was allowed to return to their shower room that things went strange…As I was undressing I developed a charlie horse that caused me to cry out in agony. The rest of the team rushed to my aide(if it had been found out that I was allowed to come into the dorm area most of the team would get suspended or kicked off the squad).Four of the guys took control and edirne escort begin to message my calf’s or assist me in getting to the shower area and getting cleaned up.The rest of the team had left, after showering and checking in on me.The four that remained were Jerome, Benjamin, better known as Bennie,Carl and Shelton. Carl and Shelton was the oldest of the four and was constantly at my side. Bennie and Jerome sorta stayed in the back round, during what ever Carl and Shelton asked.After we all had showered, I was helped back to the locker area and placed on the message table. Jerome and Bennie went to see if any of the coaches were in the building. When they had returned and informed us that the coaches were gone Carl said ‘we’ve got to do this ourselves’.I thought that he meant to ease my cramps, Carl and Shelton was busy messaging my thigh and reassuring me that it was going to be alright. Well I had cramps before and knew that eventually they would past, but I was enjoying the attention I was getting.I was drifting in and out of blissful slumber vaguely aware that Carl and Shelton was manipulating my buttocks in obscene ways. Bennie positioned him self at the head of the table and started to message my shoulders and neck.I don’t remember how or when it started, but Bennie had put me at ease, adjusting my head Bennie had shed his towel and was standing naked. He skilfully positioned my head till his cock was just below my nose and poised at my lips.As he messaged my shoulders and neck, he moved my head till my lips were being brushed by his cock head. Absentmindedly escort edirne I heard Bennie coaching me ‘that’s it David, just relax and let your body experience pure joy’. I wasn’t really paying attention till Bennie’s cock engaged the back of my mouth and tried to enter my throat that I gagged and my eyes bucked open.Three quarters of the length of Bennie’s cock was embedded in my mouth and covered with my slob and his baby making juices. Bennie was moaning as he slowly worked his rigid cock into my oral orifice.I thought of pulling away from Bennie’s rigid cock, but was quickly aware of my legs being pulled apart and some one between them probing my anal orifice. Do understand that this happen all at once and so quickly that by the time I reacted it was too late and too little to have any adverse action.Shelton was between my thigh’s and was already entering my anal opening before I could moved. Once his rigid cock head had entered my anus there was little could do except suffer the consequences.Bennie’s cock was average size and rock hard, Shelton was some what thicker and longer and steel hard as he plowed into my butt hole. I could not cry out, Bennie’s cock, in my mouth, took care of that.I was sucking as passionately on Bennie’s cock as Shelton worked my anal cavity like a pro. Bennie gripped my head tightly and flooded my mouth with copious amounts of baby making fluid so much that I could not hold it in my mouth and tried to swallow it but only succeeded in gagging and expelling my guts.Shelton pulled from my butt Jerome replaced him and begin to slam into edirne escort bayan my anus with such fierceness that Carl pulled him from my butt in anger and chastised him not to ‘abuse got boi pussy’.Carl gently rubbed my buttocks and slowly inserted his bigger cock into my anal canal. Working almost sensuously, Carl worked his magnificent cock balls deep into my anus.Jerome came around to my face and knelt down, looking into my eyes he said ‘sorry, I got carried away, I just want to fuck you so bad I couldn’t help it’.I smiled and reached out taking his cock in my hand I slowly sucked his cock head into my lips, Jerome moaned so sweetly that I almost lost it.Carl was taking his time and thoroughly fucked my butt with great precision, I could hear him as he moaned and groaned with each thrust of his massive cock.Carl sexed my butt for nearly an hour before he let loose his huge load of man spunk, filling my anal cavity so much that, it spewed from around the sides of his tight fitting cock.Once Carl had pulled from my butt Jerome reentered my tender butt hole and painfully slow worked his cock into my anus again. I gripped the table top as Jerome worked his rock hard cock in and out of my butt hole, it seemed like hours with me gripping the table top and moaning and groaning with each thrust.When Jerome finally flooded my butt with his fluid, I had so much in me that I could not contain it all. And with each thrust Jerome made with his cock, caused more of their combined fluid to leak from my anal orifice.Shelton, Carl, Bennie and Jerome screwed me twice more each before letting me shower and go home. I did not know how tiring you could get from being fucked by four horny college students. My butt hole was sore as hell and felt swollen, my bowels ached and my butt hole leaked their combines juices form my anal cavity.

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