When wishes have come true

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When wishes have come trueI looked it up and I think the following story ist not online on this siteIts not my story and originally from Literotica.com from user called The_shadow_rising. Thanks dude for this hot story!The baking heat of the summer heat soaked Shorehaven in a warmth that was both relaxing and enlivening, even as the night was dark and far from young. It was a night of peace, a night of smiles, and a night of pleasant dreams throughout the vast jewel city, none more so than within the now silent apartment shared by Nick Greeves and Alicia Brookes.But a few hours earlier their apartment had been alive with sounds and noise, what with the constant squeaking and creaking of the bed and Alicia’s moans, groans and screams of pure ecstasy as the man above her fucked her senseless on the bed…though that man had not been her boyfriend Nick. Now that bed, that room, that apartment, and that gorgeous brunette girlfriend lay silent and peaceful, and that man lay opposite her while her boyfriend lay with his arm around her, holding her lovingly as they slept.A few hours had passed since the three of them had decided to head to bed, this time to sleep however, and due to the imposing heat of that night the three of them lay naked and asleep on the wrinkled covers that had seen so much action that night. All three of them had welcomed sleep not long after their heads had touched the pillow, however dreams soon began to change within the gorgeous sleeping girlfriend, and with them, so did the night.At first loving and warm dreams of her boyfriend had filled her mind, but then the occasional memory of what had happened crept in and Alicia found herself feeling sensations of horniness at the memory of watching Nick watch her while his friend relentlessly pounded her pussy with his unbelievable nine-inch dick. Dreams of her boyfriend interlaced and flicked between dreams of Eric, his friend, and his muscular body, or his handsome face and short, dirty blonde hair, or increasingly more often, of his hard, oh so fucking good, thick cock that had given her the biggest orgasm of her life.As the dreams continued, Alicia’s heart began to beat slightly faster, then slightly more, until she was breathing harder, and then, as she heard Nick tell her he wanted Eric to fuck her doggie style over the couch…she woke up.All was still and silent except for the occasional soft touch of a gentle breeze passing the window, however Alicia found, as she looked around the room, that her heart still beat a touch fast and her breathing was a touch heavy, causing her large, heavy 36D tits to rise and fall tantalisingly on her chest above her boyfriend’s arm.Taking a moment to settle herself, Alicia ran her hand along Nick’s arm and heard him murmur softly as he slept and gently tightened his hold on her. With a small warm smile as she thought how sweet her boyfriend was, Alicia felt her heart begin to slow to normal and her breathing settle, that was until her eyes wandered and fell on the sleeping, naked form of her boyfriend’s friend a little way from her.At first Alicia’s heart jumped slightly, her dream had ended with Eric looking very pleased at Nick’s suggestion, however as the stunning girlfriend noticed that her boyfriend’s friend was still asleep she soon calmed herself down. She really had to get a hold of herself, she thought as she looked over at Eric lying there asleep. What had happened that night had all been to give Nick his fantasy…well, she had more than enjoyed it of course, but still, it was over now and things were going to get back to normal between them. She couldn’t keep letting herself get all jumpy like this, they were all adults, they had all agreed, and it had just been harmless fun, just harmless, good, sex….well, harmless incredible sex.As the beautiful brunette tried to calm herself with her thoughts she was unaware that her eyes slowly took in all of Eric’s features. His handsome face, his strong, chiselled body…and finally, she became aware that her eyes had travelled down his hot body when her eyes suddenly fell on his full, hard, nine inch dick.Staring at the impressive, huge member made Alicia’s pussy tingle and sent butterflies to her stomach. How had she ever taken all of that long, thick cock inside her? Fuck! It was so beautiful! It had made her feel…so….well…unbelievable! With her eyes fixed on Eric’s solidly hard cock, Alicia was unaware of her boyfriend’s friend’s eyes opening slowly, or that he watched her staring lovingly at his huge member for a good few minutes as part of her yearned for it.”See something you like?” A voice suddenly asked and Alicia looked up, a little startled as she had thought both Nick and Eric were asleep. She quickly recovered her composure, though, as her grey eyes fell on the slightly smug smile of Eric’s handsome face.”Maybe” She answered with a hint of mystery and a gentle gleam in her eye. Eric’s smug smile deepened slightly and Alicia’s lips couldn’t help but softly curve also. “I thought you were asleep, I didn’t expect you to be ‘awake’ so soon.”It was only after the words had left her mouth that she realised what she was doing. Why was she flirting with Eric? Sure, having him catch her staring at his big, hard, naked, cock…well, that had made her stomach flutter, not to mention a slight tingling in her pussy, but still, Nick was asleep right behind her! She had to calm herself down, she thought as she tried to keep her eyes on Eric’s face without appearing to have to.Unfortunately, her boyfriend’s friend had obviously caught on to the meaning of her words as he glanced down at his hard…thick…dick, before he looked back at her with pride clear on his face. Oh, he knew exactly what that big dick of his had done to her earlier.”How could I not be when you’re lying naked right near me.” Eric answered, and as he continued his voice grew softer and more enchanting, and Alicia felt her heart quicken. “You’re close enough to just touch…” He said gently, his hand moving closer to her though it came to rest a few inches away from her tits, so tantalizingly close, yet he didn’t cross the line…oh how her body wanted him to though. “…close enough for you to touch me.”Eric slowly slid his hand to one of hers, and gently taking it, he began to slowly pull it along the bed covers, down slowly towards his thick, naked, nine-inch cock that stood proudly at attention and held Alicia’s eyes as she followed the path Eric led for her hand.About two inches from touching the hard rod Alicia suddenly stopped him. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was on fire. Here she was naked, in bed with her boyfriend and his friend, with her boyfriend’s arm around her waist, while his friend was trying to lead her hand to grab his hot, fat cock. Oh, it was tempting, especially with the memories of how that thing had made her feel not so long ago, and she did consider the fact that Nick had been the one to fantasise about her being with another guy, but that was with him watching, and right then he was asleep, so it was just like it was her and Eric alone. Fuck! She was glad it wasn’t, it took all of her willpower right then to not let him pull her hand closer.”I can’t.” She said finally, her breathing a little heavier now. “Not without Nick agreeing.”Taking a deep breath she pulled her hand back from under Eric’s and raised her eyes to once more look her boyfriend’s friend in the eyes. A feeling of pride and relief warmly spread through her, melting the cold stony disappointment in her stomach and pussy, as she felt proud of her restraint. She had always been faithful to Nick, and despite what had happened that night…which didn’t count as it had been Nick’s idea, not to mention he watched…she had no intention of changing that, even if Eric had took her to new heights with his huge…no, she had to stop thinking of his big…Fortunately Eric spoke and broke the brunette’s train of thought.”That’s a shame, I think you could have helped me get to sleep. I might be ‘awake’ all night now.” He said with a small smile and Alicia was glad of the darkness as it hid her heating cheeks. Damn, she was getting horny as fuck again! “It’s not like we would have done what we did before…you know, having hot sex…you could just use your hand, it wouldn’t be the same, after all, after tonight I’m sure Nick wouldn’t object to a little…’helping hand’.”Alicia’s large tits heaved up and down, brushing against her boyfriend’s arm, as she breathed a little deeper, a little quicker. Eric was right in one sense, she thought hornily, after what had happened Nick surely couldn’t be bothered by a little hand job…but then, she reasoned a little more calm and clearly, he had been watching before, and now he wasn’t, he might think she was cheating on him if she did that, and that she didn’t want, she loved him too much for that.”You know, I think I liked it best when you were on top tonight…damn it was hot watching you fuck yourself on my dick.” Eric added and Alicia’s breath caught as her pussy blazed hornily, a deep moan desperately wanting to escape her soft lips which she only just managed to hold back.”I bet you say that to all the girls.” She replied, trying to calm herself down as her mind reeled from the feelings inside and she glanced back briefly to look at Nick as he murmured gently. Oh, how she would love her dream to come true right now!”I’ve never watched one of my friend’s girlfriend’s ride up and down my dick before,” Eric replied and Alicia had to squeeze Nick’s arm, not to mention her legs tightly together, to again stop herself from moaning. “But still, you’ve got to be the best and hottest girl I’ve ever had. Damn, you know how to fuck!”By this point Alicia was too horny to reply, not to mention at war inside with herself, and so instead she just gave Eric a smile. Damn, why was she so turned on by all of this when she had the best boyfriend in the world right behind her, who she loved more than anything!?”Are you sure you don’t want to give me ‘a hand’?” Eric asked once more, and Alicia lay there and watched him silently, her heart pounding in rhythm to the heat in her body.However before she could reply she suddenly felt Nick’s hands flex around her as if stretching before he shuffled behind her slightly.”Hmm?” He murmured sleepily before kissing the back of Alicia’s neck softly, “You guys awake?”The sound of her boyfriend’s voice made Alicia’s heart jump at first, however she once again managed to hide her startlement as she half-turned to kiss him gently and lovingly.”We couldn’t sleep,” Alicia replied softly, her voice surprisingly not trembling at all, unlike her heart and pussy. “Did we wake you?””Hmm? Oh, it’s alright.” Nick said as he smiled sleepily before reaching up to yawn and rub his eyes a little more awake; they sparkled softly in the light. “It’s hard to sleep when she’s lying next to you, ah Eric?”Alicia raised her eyebrows slightly, a little surprised by the comment, though after earlier on she didn’t know why.”Haven’t been able to get much shut eye at all with your girlfriend looking so tempting man.” Eric replied and Alicia turned to look at him briefly, her heart beating a little faster, before she once more looked at her boyfriend. Well, if they were going to talk like this, she may as well join in.”Eric’s too ‘awake’ babe, he says he can’t sleep without ‘a hand’.” She teased jokingly, though her heart and pussy pounded together in unison as she emphasised the words.Nick obviously got the meaning as a large amused smile spread across his face before he looked over at his friend.”She didn’t tire you out earlier, ah?” Her boyfriend said amusedly and Alicia looked over to his friend with a small, amused smile. “Yeah, she does the same to me.”With the last words Nick once again kissed the back of Alicia’s neck, sending shivers down her spine and a pulse through to her pussy. She had to squeeze her legs tight again she was that horny.”Are you guys done talking about me like I’m a piece of meat?” She asked jestingly, glancing between the pair of them.”Well, we have both ‘boned’ you.” Eric retorted and Alicia looked over at him, raising her eyebrows in mock disdain, though the brazen words stoked the fire within her and her eyes glistened, something that her boyfriend’s friend didn’t miss. “Seeing as we’re all awake now, perhaps you’d like it if we both gave it to you at the same time?”As he spoke to her, Eric slid a little closer, his eyes devouring her already, and the play on words he made regarding her comment about Nick not being awake sent a thrill through her body.”I think you boys need a cold shower.” She replied, her chest rising and falling as her breathing deepened in her ever-growing horniness.”That’s no way to treat a guest Liss.” Nick suddenly said behind her as he began kissing the back of her neck just the way she liked it. Oh, it instantly made her shiver. “The least you could do is give him a hand to get to sleep.”Her boyfriend’s words sent a blazing fire to her pussy and a swirl of lights to her mind, not to mention a shock to her system. Those were words she hadn’t expected to hear.”But babe…?” She began to ask in a voice that was a little unsteady, though the question was honest and came through to Nick, even though she didn’t finish her words as she looked at him.”It’s still the same night,” He began, his words reassuring her that he was alright with it, which made sense as it wasn’t like it was a whole new time or anything, it would just be like finishing the whole fantasy off; which is what Nick said next, though in not quite the same words, but with his lips still softly kissing the back of her neck, Alicia could hardly think straight. “You might as well finish off what you started.”Eric’s eyes lit up and he smiled as Alicia turned to look at Nick, kissing him softly as she felt his arms around her.”Are you sure you want me to do this?” She asked lovingly.”It’ll round the night off well I think.” Nick replied, kissing her tenderly, “I’d love to watch you do it, but only if you want to.”This time Alicia smiled a playful, and oh so dirty smile, that brought a gleam to her boyfriend’s eyes.”You want to watch me jack your friend’s dick off baby?” She asked, and decided to embellish the whole thing when Nick’s eyes lit up in the same way she knew hers had. “You want to see me play with Eric’s big cock until he cums in my hands, so he can go to sleep?”Perhaps it was the innocent tone she put on, but whatever it was, Nick suddenly looked ready to fuck her right then and there.”Fuck, you’re hot!” He growled in a whisper and Alicia smiled.Seeing her boyfriend so turned on by her, turned Alicia on even more, and so she decided to tease him a little more.”Down boy, if I’m going to help your friend get some sleep, you better not distract me. So just sit and watch.” She teased lovingly and Nick smiled hornily as she turned around, still in his arms, to once more look into the burning-horny eyes of his friend and co-worker. “I hope you know you’re asking your friend’s girlfriend to jack your dick off and let you cum in her hands while her boyfriend holds her.”The words had the desired effect on both Eric and Nick. The room suddenly grew hot and electrified.Sliding her hand across the bed covers she had shared only with her boyfriend until that night, Alicia slowly inched her delicate fingers closer to the gorgeous scene that filled her eyes; Eric’s long, hard, thick, nine inch cock. Her hand gently slid up his leg before her fingers deftly wrapped around his thick shaft, tightening slightly to give the hard rod a gentle squeeze before she once more raised her eyes to his with a smile.Her body was on fire as she felt Nick’s arm around her and Eric’s dick in her hand. Fuck, so this was a taste of what a threesome would be like!”Fuck!” Eric sighed as Alicia slowly began to slide her hand up and down his nine inch shaft tightly, squeezing as she slowly began picking up the pace a little at a time.”Is that better Eric?” The hot, brunette girlfriend asked, her body tingling from the knowledge that she was jacking her boyfriend’s friend’s dick off while her boyfriend held her in their bed and watched.”Much, damn!” Her boyfriend’s friend replied in a slightly tighter voice as Alicia began to speed up her hand’s movements, jacking her fist up and down his rigid, thick cock a little faster.Looking over her shoulder as she continued to work her hand up and down Eric’s dick, Alicia gave her boyfriend a small smile, relishing in the rush that flooded through her body as she saw the lust burning in his eyes.”Your friend’s wide awake baby, this might take a while.” She teased Nick heatedly and made sure to squeeze Eric’s dick a little tighter as she spoke to him. Fuck this had her hot!”Maybe you should put some more effort into it.” Nick replied, softly kissing her lips which sent a visible shiver down Alicia’s spine.”Mmm, maybe you’re right…” She said in return, her breathing growing a little heavier as she grew horny as hell.Rolling over once more to face Nick’s friend, Alicia locked eyes with him as she began to pump her hand up and down his thick cock with vigour. It felt so hot having Eric’s big dick in her hands, not to mention while Nick had his arm around her waist! Oh fuck she was so turned on right then she would have done anything they asked!”Fuck, Nick man, this is the way to get to sleep! Damn!” Eric grunted, leaning his head back on the pillow before he reached over to stroke Alicia’s hair briefly, their eyes still locked.”Damn right!” Alicia heard her boyfriend agree from behind her, but right then all the stunning girlfriend could think of was his friend’s eyes burning on her as her hand flew up and down his nine-inch dick in a blur, her large tits jiggling lustfully above her boyfriend’s arm from the force.”I bet you never thought you would have your friend’s girlfriend with her hand around your dick, jacking you off so you could get to sleep, did you?” She asked half-hornily and half-amusedly and smiled as the two guys laughed lightly.”Ungh! Fuck Liss! I’m grateful…fuck…sure am!” Eric grunted as Alicia’s hand continued sliding tightly up and down his thick cock expertly.”That’s alright,” She replied with a pleased smile, she loved seeing she was getting to him, “You’re our guest, I have to be a good hostess now.”Eric smiled back at her before his face once again contorted in the pleasure her hand was giving him.For a few more minutes Alicia continued to pump her boyfriend’s friend’s cock, occasionally glancing down at the magnificent shaft that her hand was lovingly wrapped around, before she once more looked up into Eric’s hungry eyes. Nick continued to hold her tightly around her waist, kissing her neck or brushing her hair back every now and then as he watched his girlfriend jack his friend’s dick like she desperately wanted him to cum. Of course, right then, Alicia did indeed want Eric to cum. He had filled her with so much cum earlier on…and damn had she felt full of cum!…and now she wanted to see just how much he would fill her hands with. Although, after a few minutes Eric still didn’t show any signs of cumming, even though from the look on his face he was more than enjoying her attentions.Alicia’s arm was beginning to grow tired, she had been fucked the life out of earlier even if this guy refused to give up, and so with a rush of horny-electricity through her body and a playful smile on her face, she decided to tease her boyfriend’s friend. She would see how long he could last now.Glancing down at his impressive cock, Alicia bit her bottom lip before she looked back up into Eric’s eyes, her own sparkling from the horniness raging within her. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she smiled wickedly at him before she opened her mouth and began to teasingly move her tongue, touching her teeth and running it slowly over her soft lips as she stared intently at him, her eyes conveying the ‘hungry’ meaning behind her actions.Sure enough, Eric groaned deeply, though he still managed to hold back.”Come on baby, cum for me Eric.” Alicia teased, her eyes practically glowing and her mouth slightly open, giving her the look of the horny slut that she felt like right then.”Fuck!” Her boyfriend’s friend exclaimed, leaning his head back into the pillow and closing his eyes, revelling in the intense feel of Alicia’s hand working up and down his hard cock.”Mmm, baby,” Alicia purred as she looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend, her hand flying rapidly up and down Eric’s thick shaft, “I think your friend likes it when I play with his dick.””I think you’re right.” Nick replied, his own dick hard and now pressing against Alicia’s ass as she lay in his arms.Turning to look back at Eric, Alicia smiled hornily as their eyes met, however it was Nick’s next words that sent a shudder of pure lust through her body.”Maybe you should give him a kiss; that might help him ‘relieve his tension’.” Her loving boyfriend added and Alicia’s heart beat faster and a breathy moan escaped her lips as she watched Eric roll closer towards her.With her hand still jacking his dick furiously, Alicia felt Eric’s lips press firmly against hers before his tongue began exploring her mouth for the second time that night while his hand slid up onto her large tits and began squeezing them roughly as their lips smacked loudly and passionately.”Mmmph!” The stunning, brunette girlfriend moaned into her boyfriend’s friend’s mouth as her hand picked up a little more speed.The feel of Eric’s hand mauling her big tits while they kissed hotly, and while her hand flew up and down his ragingly hard cock, while her own boyfriend held her from behind sent Alicia to new heights of horniness. Oh, she was so fucking incredibly hot! This whole situation was intense!Suddenly Eric broke the kiss and began to eagerly kiss her neck and shoulders, sending waves of burning heat through Alicia’s already horny body. Closing her eyes she continued pumping her fist up and down his cock as she breathed heavily, leaning her head back slightly towards Nick.”Oh baby, mmm, I…I don’t think your friend…is getting any sleepier…umm…” Alicia sighed hotly, her body on fire as her hand squeezed and flew.”Mmm, any ideas?” Nick asked as he gently began kissing the back of her neck.The feel of the attention of these two men was driving Alicia wild! She had never felt so wanted and so fucking hot before! However, when Nick asked her that question, the only answer that flew through her mind in the midst of that torrent of lust, was that she just desperately wanted Eric to slam that huge cock into her and fuck the life out of her right then and there until she came screaming like she had earlier.Thoughts and feelings flooded through Alicia’s body like a raging torrent. The feel of both guys, either side of her, as they kissed and touched her was driving her crazy. That was when one thought blazed in her mind and made her stomach writhe with wild horniness.Gently kissing her boyfriend while her hand continued to pump up and down his friend’s hard, thick cock, Alicia spoke breathily.”I’m feeling a little hungry baby…” Alicia breathed heatedly, her eyes burning like her pussy, “…I’d really like something stuffed in my mouth…” She continued between gentle kisses, her hand never breaking pace tightly up and down Eric’s rock-hard dick, “…would you like to see me suck your friend’s dick baby, suck his big, hard cock while you watch…like you…mmmm…watched him fuck me earlier…would you like that baby?”The sudden tight grip around Alicia’s waist, pulling her firmly against Nick’s solidly hard dick behind her gave Alicia her boyfriend’s answer. With a playfully amused smile, and a small chuckle that matched, Alicia kissed him once more.”You like the idea of watching your girlfriend suck your friend’s dick on our bed then baby?” Alicia teased and Nick’s eyes grew dangerously hungry. “I’d better get to it, your friend needs his sleep.”Her boyfriend smiled in return and gave her one last loving kiss before Alicia turned to face Eric once more, who now had his eyes squeezed tightly shut and was groaning from the loving attention her hand was giving him.”Mmm, Eric, you have such a good friend. Nick is going to let his girlfriend help you get to sleep baby.” Alicia purred and Eric opened his glazed eyes. Oh, he wasn’t going to last long once she slid his dick down her throat that was for sure.Eric’s only response was to reach up and squeeze her large, heavy, naked tits once more, his fingers sinking into the soft but firm flesh as he massaged her succulent tits before letting go once more. Alicia let him have his feel, enjoying her boyfriend’s friend’s touch as much as he enjoyed groping her, before she smiled teasingly, and biting her lower lip kept her eyes locked on his as she moved herself closer to him.At first Eric moved to kiss her, however Alicia lowered her neck and moved to gently kiss his toned chest, bending slightly at the waist that her boyfriend still held. Kissing slowly further down Eric’s muscular chest, Alicia was soon bent over on the bed kissing his stomach and moaning breathily as she felt Nick’s hard dick pressing against the back of her legs. Oh, how she wanted him to ram that gorgeous dick of his into her right then, that would have been so hot, sucking his friend’s dick while he fucked her! However, her loving boyfriend seemed lost in the scene of watching his girlfriend slowly kiss her way down towards his friend’s big dick to even think about giving her a second one to enjoy, and so as Alicia’s soft lips pressed against Eric’s stomach, only inches from Eric’s hard dick and her hand that still continued to jack furiously up and down, Nick released his grip from around her.At first Alicia was slightly irritated, he had wasted a perfect opportunity to send her over the edge there, however the irritation didn’t last long as Eric’s dick suddenly filled the intensely horny girlfriend’s eyes, and all thoughts of anything but that nine inch thick rod were driven from her lust-filled mind. Sliding down the bed slowly, Alicia kept her fist tightly pumping as she moved closer to Eric, her big naked tits pressing hard against his leg as she moved her beautiful face closer to his impressive dick, her eyes on his.”Mmm, this looks delicious,” Alicia purred heatedly, her eyes smouldering as she slowly opened her mouth only an inch from Eric’s hard cock, her hot breath teasing him intensely. “Is it for me?”Eric looked tormented, his expression one of desperate anguish and Alicia couldn’t help but feel a tingle of excitement at the power she had over her boyfriend’s friend, not to mention how horny she was making him, that made her feel incredible.”It’s all for you Liss.” Eric replied in a husky, horny voice. “Now be a good girl and eat it all up.”Giving him a horny smile as her eyes glinted, Alicia moved closer, gently kissing the large head of Eric’s amazing cock. The initial touch sent a blazing sensation through Alicia’s body at the same time as Eric let out a deep breath of excitement. The horny girlfriend looked from her boyfriend’s friend down to his nine inch dick that was in her tightly grasping fist, her heart pounding. Here she was, about to suck his impressive dick while her boyfriend just lay next to them and watched, just like he had while his friend had fucked her so good earlier.With that thought in mind, Alicia once more touched her lips to the tip of Eric’s dick, once, twice, three times in sensuous kisses before she parted her lips and slowly lowered her mouth over the thick head. Pressing her lips around Eric’s thick cock, Alicia slowly slid her mouth down the long shaft, sliding more and more of her boyfriend’s friend’s nine inches deep into her hot, wet mouth.Still squeezing the thick shaft in her right hand, Alicia looked up at Eric as he stared hornily down at her as his thick dick hit the back of her throat before she once more slid her mouth up the long length and seductively pulled her lips from his dick.”Mmmm, I love having a big dick in my mouth.” The hot brunette girlfriend purred as she once more kissed down Eric’s dick before running her tongue all the way back up the long shaft.”Fuck! You’re driving me crazy Liss!” Eric panted and Alicia smiled to herself before looking over to her boyfriend, her face less than an inch from his friend’s dick that she held tightly in her hand.”Enjoy watching me give your friend a blowjob baby,” Alicia purred heatedly, “Because I’m going to enjoy sucking his big dick.”Nick’s eyes blazed with horniness as his hand once more jacked his ragingly hard cock. Alicia’s smile deepened as she once more took Eric’s dick deep into her hot mouth.Eric reached down to run his fingers through Alicia’s soft brown hair as she expertly bobbed her head up and down his ragingly hard dick as her hand jacked furiously up and down the thick length. Her luscious lips were wrapped tightly around the thick shaft and her tongue swirled across the tip as she sucked harder and harder each time she slid her mouth up, never quite taking his hard cock from her lips before once more slamming her face down the fat dick that continuously pressed against the back of her throat.”Fuck! You’re a hot little cocksucker Liss!” Eric groaned as he leaned his head up to look down at his friend’s girlfriend as she met his eyes. Damn! It was so hot staring into his friend’s girlfriend’s eyes as she bobbed her head up and down his hard dick! Fuck!”Mmmmmph!” Alicia moaned in reply around the thick cock meat stuffed in her mouth before she once more lowered her mouth to her hand, this time relaxing her throat and allowing one fat inch of Eric’s hard dick to slide down her hot, tight throat.FUCK! She looked so hot with that gorgeous face, her mouth a wide ‘O’ as she looked into his eyes with seven inches of his raging dick buried in her mouth. Nick must be crazy to let his girlfriend suck another guy’s dick! But fuck, Eric was not complaining at all!”Damn!” Eric grunted again as Alicia apparently tried to suck the cum from his balls as she pulled her mouth to the tip, swirling her hot tongue around the head as she repeatedly sucked hard, filling the room with lewd slurping noises.SLURP SLURP SLURP MMMMMMPH……Filled the room as Alicia sucked the head of Eric’s dick as if she were making out with her boyfriend, her tongue dancing and her lips sliding as she sucked hard, before finally she lowered her mouth down the hard shaft, though this time once her soft lips met her hand and that thick inch slide tightly down her hot throat, Alicia removed her hand and grasped Eric’s hips.Making sure their eyes remained locked, Alicia slowly worked another inch into her throat, relaxing and squeezing one after the other as she took deep breaths, obviously never having had so much dick in her mouth before. However the stunning brunette girlfriend worked eight inches of Eric’s hot, solid dick into her mouth and down her tight throat, however she wasn’t done there. With a look of horny determination, Alicia breathed in deeply and worked the last inch of Eric’s huge dick into her mouth and throat, and with an agonizingly satisfied grunt, Eric felt his friend’s girlfriend’s lips rest at the base of his dick as she stared up at him triumphantly.If the stunning girlfriend could have smiled while impaled on so much cock meat, she would have; at least Eric was sure that was what she was trying to do as she turned her eyes to look over at her boyfriend as her mouth and throat were stuffed full of his friend’s hard dick.Running his hands through her long hair, Eric repeatedly grabbed and released a handful of Alicia’s hair as she began to tighten and relax her throat around his thick dick. Groaning deeply and letting his head fall back, Eric felt Alicia slide his thick cock from her throat, sliding her lips and dragging her teeth gently all the way back up the shaft until she pulled her mouth from his dick with an audible pop.Eric, breathing heavily, looked up to her as she swallowed, her eyes practically glowing in the dark now.”Have you ever had a girl swallow all your cock before?” Alicia purred triumphantly as she once more wrapped her slender fingers around his thick, and now slick, shaft, squeezing gently.”Fuck, no.” Eric answered honestly as he stared at this gorgeous woman holding his dick.With a very pleased, very horny smile, Alicia once more lowered her mouth to his dick and releasing her grip, once again sank his entire dick into her mouth and throat before swiftly bobbing her head up and down the whole nine inches, sucking so hard Eric grunted in pleasure.”UGH FUCK! Man! Nick…man…fuck…your girlfriend is the fucking best at sucking…dick man! Fuck!” Eric growled in a tight voice, his hand reaching down to roughly grab one of Alicia’s big tits that hung beneath her, swinging wildly as her head moved swiftly up and down his raging dick.”Ohmmmpph!” Alicia groaned deeply around his dick, working even harder as she heard him speak to her boyfriend.Squeezing her large breast hard, his fingers sinking into the soft but firm flesh, Eric grunted again as Alicia sucked his dick deep into her throat over and over.”Ughmm, yeah! Suck my dick Liss! Fuck yeah! Damn man, your girl’s really getting in to sucking my dick…fuck…she’s trying to suck the cum out of my balls man!” Eric groaned, relishing in the feel of Alicia’s hot, wet mouth and the feel of her large, heavy breast in his hands. Why Nick would want to watch his girlfriend get so in to sucking another guy’s dick was beyond him, but fuck was she good!Over and over again Alicia’s mouth slid swiftly up and down his nine inch dick, his thick cock filling her mouth and throat, her lips sliding tightly all the way from tip to base as her tongue swirled manically, and all the while Alicia sucked like she needed his cum to live.Fucking her face on his huge dick, Alicia only broke eye contact with him when she looked over to her boyfriend, all the while her mouth slid tightly up and down his friend’s huge cock.”Mmm, baby, are you gonna cum for me?” Alicia purred breathily as she pulled her mouth from his dick, pumping his thick shaft with her hand as she stared hornily into his eyes.”Fuck…yeah…Liss!” Eric grunted in a tight voice, he wasn’t far off already. Damn this girl was good! “Are you gonna be a good girl and swallow it all?”Alicia’s eyes sparkled and she bit her lower lip, her fist jacking that much harder at his words.”Mmmm, you want to cum in my mouth while my boyfriend watches Eric, and you want me to swallow all your hot cum while he watches, like a good little slut, hmm?” Alicia purred hotly and Eric couldn’t hold back a groan of his own. Fuck this girl was driving him over the edge. As he nodded in reply, Alicia’s smile deepened. “I better ask my boyfriend if he wouldn’t mind his friend filling my mouth and stomach up with his cum, just like you filled my pussy with your hot, thick cum earlier.”With those incredibly hot words Alicia ran her tongue over the tip of Eric’s dick as she turned her eyes to her boyfriend.”Mmm, baby, your friend tastes so good, I love the way he fills my mouth with his big dick.” The horny girlfriend said teasingly. Nick’s eyes glowed as much as his girlfriend’s and Alicia smiled dirtily as she continued. “Nick baby, would you mind if your friend filled my mouth with his cum and pumped it all down your girlfriend’s throat? I think he’d really love to.”As she finished speaking Alicia once more danced her soft, wet tongue over the tip of Eric’s dick before she sucked noisily on the head before once more pulling her lips from his thick shaft and letting her tongue dance over the top with a playful smile on her face, all the while staring hornily into Nick’s eyes. Eric knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.”Do you want to do it babe?” Nick asked in a strained voice from how unbelievably horny he was feeling right then.Alicia’s smile deepened and she purred hornily before she answered.”I want to feel his hot, thick cum sliding down my throat baby…mmmm…I want to swallow every drop.” She replied, her hand reaching up to squeeze her large breast.Nick simply smiled, giving his girlfriend his answer and Alicia smiled aksaray escort deeper before mouthing the words ‘I love you’. Turning once more to look deep into Eric’s eyes, Alicia kissed the tip of his dick before running her tongue down the nine inch shaft, kissing her way back up as she spoke.”You should thank your friend baby for letting you cum in his girlfriend’s mouth…mmm…for letting his girlfriend swallow all your hot cum down her throat.” She purred heatedly, the passion burning in her voice as once again Alicia’s hot lips covered the tip of Eric’s dick, her mouth slowly sinking down all nine inches of his thick cock.Groaning deeply Eric moaned, “Fuck Nick man, thanks. Thanks for letting your…ugh…girlfriend swallow my cum man…damn! Fuck Liss, your mouth is so hot baby!”With those words, Alicia once more renewed her efforts and before long her head was once again bobbing swiftly up and down the entire nine inches of her boyfriend’s friend’s thick dick. Her hair lightly bounced as she rapidly swallowed inch after inch into her mouth and throat, while her big 36D tits bounced lustfully with one of her hands roughly squeezing Eric’s hand into her tits as her hot mouth worked his dick.Eric, occasionally letting his head fall back in pleasure, tried hard to keep eye contact with her, as he relished in the feel of his friend’s stunning girlfriend sucking him off while her boyfriend lay a foot or so away watching them intently. Fuck she felt good, both her tits and her mouth, and damn she was the hottest woman he had ever seen in his life, it just made it all the better that she was his friend’s girl who was helping him feel her up as she sucked with wild abandon on his hard cock.He had known from that moment when he was fucking her that she would come back for more of his dick, and now here she was, sucking him off as hard and as well as she could, and really enjoying it too by the look and feel of it. Eric groaned and knew it wouldn’t be long until he erupted in this hot girlfriend’s mouth, watching her throat work as she swallowed his cum was going to be so incredibly hot. He was definitely going to make her his now…this was not going to be the last time Alicia Brookes had her hot mouth wrapped around his dick, that was for sure.Oblivious to her boyfriend’s friend’s thoughts, Alicia sucked his dick eagerly; hard and fast.The long, thick cock felt incredible as Alicia repeatedly buried it deep in her hot, hungry mouth and felt it slide lustfully down her tight throat. Her tongue snaked and danced around the head and along the thick shaft as she slid her luscious lips up and down its length, bobbing her head on her boyfriend’s friend’s dick as hard and as fast as she could.The stunning brunette felt incredibly hot, especially knowing that she was sucking Eric’s dick right in front of Nick, and more so when she locked eyes with either of the guys and heard both groaning in horny lust as they watched her work Eric’s nine inch rod deep into her mouth again and again.SLURP SLURP SLURPThe room was filled with the sucking and slurping noises as Alicia repeatedly swallowed Eric’s dick, moaning around the nine inch shaft as her lips reached the base, her eyes locked on Eric’s.The whole scene was incredibly hot, never in her wildest dreams or fantasies had Alicia believed she would be sucking another guy’s dick while her boyfriend watched, but, oh, how hot it made her feel!The feel of Eric’s hand squeezing her large tits as she held her hand on his, helping his fingers squeeze and grope her heavy breasts, squeezing her nipple as she continued to work her mouth up and down his impressive cock…the sudden feel of Nick’s hand stroking her hair that sent a shiver down her spine and made the stunning girlfriend suck harder, bringing a deep groan and a rough squeeze of her tits from Eric as his head fell back, moaning deeply…all made Alicia’s pussy burn hotter and her body reel from the excitement she was feeling from the whole situation.”Ugh fuck…I can’t believe this is happening…fuckk! I can’t believe you’re sucking my dick Liss in front of your boyfriend…oh fuck…umm!” Eric groaned deeply and Alicia felt another shiver run down her spine.”Mmmpph!” Alicia moaned as she began to suck as hard and as fast as she could, literally beginning to fuck her face on Eric’s thick cock.Her big tits jumped and shook lustfully due to Alicia’s renewed effort and Eric groaned deeply, releasing his hold on her tits and once again placing his hand on her head, grasping a handful of her long brown hair so that he could help guide her head up and down his hot dick.Alicia’s cheeks hollowed out repeatedly as she sucked harder and harder and the room filled with the lewd sucking and slurping noises. Manoeuvring herself between Eric’s legs, Alicia once more gripped Eric’s hips tightly, holding on as she sucked this dick that was bigger and thicker than any she had ever had in her mouth before for all she was worth.”Uugghh ohh fuck man…your girlfriend gives fucking great head…shit!” Eric growled loudly, his hand gripping her hair tightly as Alicia’s tongue swirled around the head of his dick as she sucked hard enough to suck the cum from his heavy balls. “Fuck your gorgeous face on my dick Liss!”What could a girl do to such a request? Alicia Brookes obliged her boyfriend’s friend, swallowing his dick down her throat once more before she once again wrapped her hand around the base of Eric’s hot cock and began jacking as she sucked and swirled her tongue around the top few inches of his impressive cock.”Shit, shit! Ohhh fuck! Yeah, suck that cock slut! Fuck! You’re such a cock-hungry slut Liss! Fuck!” Eric growled in a tight voice, his hand now gripping so tightly in her hair that it had begun to feel a little painful.To the stunning girlfriend though, the faint pain sent a blazing fire through her body, especially as she knew that Eric wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer, and it was all because of how good she was. She would have smiled if she hadn’t had a nine inch dick shoved in her hot mouth.”Mmmmph…cum for me baby…ummm, I want to taste your cum…the same cum you filled my womb with!” Alicia purred as she pulled her mouth from Eric’s dick, jacking his fat cock only inches from her face.The sight had its intended effect, no guy could hold back while his friend’s hot, gorgeous, knockout girlfriend lay naked between his legs, her big tits shaking as she jacked his dick inches from her face telling him how much she wanted to taste his cum while her boyfriend watched a foot or so away on the bed.”Oh fuck!” Was all Eric could grunt in reply and Alicia smiled before quickly sucking his big dick back into her hot, wet mouth.Jacking her hand tightly up and down the thick shaft, Alicia kept her mouth still, sucking hard and dancing her tongue expertly around the tip of Eric’s dick. Her boyfriend’s friend’s hand gripped and relaxed increasingly quickly as he lifted his hips up and groaned continuously. Not long now.”Cum in my mouth Eric, cum in your friend’s girl’s mouth, make her swallow your cum.” Alicia teased in a deeply horny voice before she once more continued her work on Eric’s dick, however the combination seemed to finally drive her boyfriend’s friend over the edge as he once more gripped her hair tightly and began bucking his hips up towards her from the bed, though Alicia managed to keep him from shoving his dick down her throat again. She wanted to taste him before she swallowed every drop of his seed.”Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Liss, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum baby…gonna fill your hot mouth with my cum…fuck! Ughh, swallow it all down like a good girl baby…fuuuckk Liss, yeahh!” Eric groaned to a loud growl before he suddenly tensed.Holding her mouth still and sucking hard on the head of Eric’s dick, Alicia continued to jack her fist furiously up and down his dick. Glancing over at her boyfriend, the stunning girlfriend felt Eric tense again and then suddenly, his dick exploded as he gave a deep guttural shout.With her eyes locked on Nick’s, Alicia felt his friend’s dick explode violently in her mouth, shooting huge loads of thick, hot cum into her mouth. The sexy brunette moaned deeply as she stared into her boyfriend’s eyes while his friend began cumming in her mouth with huge globs of thick cum, so huge in fact that Alicia couldn’t believe it, she had never thought someone could shoot such huge wads of cum.Again and again Eric’s dick blasted thick cum into Alicia’s mouth, pumping large, thick wads over her still dancing tongue and shooting hard against the back of her throat and filling her hot mouth so swiftly that the horny girlfriend began swallowing, her throat working noisily as she began drinking Eric’s cum while Nick watched her watching him. The whole thing was so incredibly hot Alicia felt light-headed.Swallowing load after huge thick load of Eric’s cum, Alicia felt the warm, thick liquid slide slowly down her throat and into her stomach, however no matter how much Eric unloaded into her mouth, another huge glob filled her mouth straight after. Rolling her eyes in horny pleasure, Alicia looked up at Eric, their eyes locking as another thick load filled her mouth only to slide generously down her throat and into her belly as she swallowed hungrily.GULP GULP GULP GULP GULPOver and over the hot girlfriend swallowed the thick potent seed, the same that Eric had unloaded into her pussy a few hours before, which made Alicia’s mind reel. How could this guy cum so much after he had filled her body with what had felt like gallons of cum already? Fuck! He was like a cum making machine!A few more large loads blasted the back of her throat before Eric finally grunted and fell back onto the bed, his hand falling from her head as he sighed happily. Alicia swallowed the last of his cum noisily before she ran her tongue over the head of his cock, making sure she had gotten all of the life-creating liquid before she finally slid her hot, cum-coated mouth, off her boyfriend’s friend’s dick and gave him a deeply happy smile as she kissed the head of his dick.”Mmmm, that was yummy!” Alicia purred happily, licking her lips as her eyes glowed heatedly. Eric gave her a weary, though very satisfied, smile in reply before he let out a deep breath. “I think I’m all full of your cum now Eric.””From both ends.” Her boyfriend’s friend replied with a smile and Alicia laughed lightly as she slowly released her grip on his now softening dick, swallowing what was left of the cum coating her tongue and mouth.”You’ll be able to tell all your friends that you came in Nick’s girlfriend’s mouth after fucking her on their bed and cumming inside her.” Alicia said in reply, her body still buzzing extremely hornily as she smiled deeply at her boyfriend’s friend.”Fuck! You’re a hot slut Liss.” Eric replied and Alicia smiled before she looked over to Nick, still lying in between Eric’s legs completely naked.”I think your friend is sleepy now baby.” She said to her boyfriend who was wiping his own dick with a tissue.At that sight Alicia felt a little disappointed, she had hoped the whole scene of her sucking Eric’s dick would have left Nick horny enough to satisfy the incredibly raging urge in her pussy to be fucked like mad. From the sight of things though, that wasn’t going to happen.Pushing away the disappointment and slight irritation, Alicia thought that the least Nick could have done was satisfy her after she had given them both so much pleasure, as Eric was spent for the night now, already slumbering half-awake with a huge grin on his face. Crawling sexily over Eric’s leg to her boyfriend, Alicia smiled warmly as she looked into Nick’s eyes, hoping he would at least relieve some of her tension with his hands. However her hopes were lost as Nick smiled in return and lovingly kissed the end of her nose before wrapping his arms around her and ‘helping’ her turn around once more so that he could hold her as he had earlier.Frowning in irritation for a moment — Eric being unable to satisfy her was fine, after all, he was just a one night thing to satisfy Nick’s fantasy, but the least Nick could do was take care of her after all she had done for him tonight! — Alicia held onto Nick’s hands as he held her around her stomach. Perhaps he was just waiting until Eric had gone before he screwed her good, after all, he may not want to have sex with her just after she had been fucked by his friend who had filled her so deeply with his hot cum, not to mention with a dick bigger than his…shaking herself, Alicia brought herself from that thought as her pussy burned hungrily for attention. Eric had been so good, so fucking good, but Nick was the love of her life, and this had all just been to fulfil his fantasy, even though she had enjoyed it, well, more than enjoyed it, but that was all part of it too.It was. Keeping her mind focused and away from memories of how good, and how deep Eric had…no…keeping her mind focused, Alicia thought that that must be the reason. Yes, that was it. Nick would more than take care of her tomorrow no doubt. She just had to wait until then. She could do that. She could. She wasn’t a cock-hungry slut. She could wait.Smiling once again, Alicia tried hard to keep her mind from thinking of how horny she was, especially as she seemed to glance down at Eric’s now soft dick and remember how he had really satisfied her earlier on. Nick satisfied her too, but there had just been something so hot about screwing his friend in their bed while he watched, not to mention that Eric’s dick was bigger and thicker and he had fucked her so fucking good and oh so fucking hard!…taking a deep breath Alicia tried to settle herself. Nick would take care of her. She was in the arms of the guy she loved, and he would give her what she needed tomorrow once his friend had gone.Those thoughts helped, though it was still a long time after the two guys had fallen asleep either side of her before the stunning 21-year-old brunette succumbed to sleep once again, and when she finally did, her dreams were filled with hot sex scenes involving her and Nick, though occasionally she would look up as Nick drove his dick into her and see herself looking up into Eric’s gorgeous face. Once or twice Alicia let herself go in the dream and once again enjoy Eric filling her with his huge dick. It was just a dream after all, and it was expected she would dream of him after the night’s events, it didn’t mean she didn’t love Nick or wanted Eric again. Of course not, she loved her boyfriend, and he gave her all she needed.The dreams went on, as the three slept soundly through the night.Daylight gentle caressed Alicia’s face bringing a warm, happy smile as she stirred on the bed held lovingly in her boyfriend’s arms. Her grey eyes fluttered open and the beautiful image of her handsome boyfriend’s face smiling back at her filled the gorgeous brunette’s vision.Stretching with a cute noise for emphasis, Alicia rolled onto her side, still smiling, and raised her hand to gently stroke Nick’s face as she watched him with eyes just waking.”Hey you.” She said lovingly.”Hey yourself.” Nick replied just as warmly, with a soft kiss on her nose.The warm sunlight of the early morning promised another beautiful sunny day, and its soft touch felt good on Alicia’s naked body as she lay entwined in Nick’s arms staring deep into his eyes. She felt perfectly content, at least except for the suddenly growing horniness in her pussy as she remembered giving Eric a blowjob to help him sleep last night. Touching Nick’s nose with hers, Alicia’s boyfriend smiled deeply, obviously picking up on the familiar glint in her eyes.”Feeling playful?” Nick asked as he stroked a thick strand of hair from the side of her face; his voice sent a fire through her body.”Maybe.” She teased in reply, a small dirty smile spreading her lusciously soft lips.”Maybe we should wait till tonight then, ah?” Her boyfriend replied, teasing amusement in his own voice.Alicia’s eyes sparkled as the feelings that she had not satisfied a few hours earlier began to once again strengthen.”I’m sure Eric won’t mind baby.” Alicia purred hornily before she glanced over her shoulder towards where Eric had slept that night. However, her eyes fell on an empty bed, and confusedly she turned to look questioningly at her boyfriend. “Where’s Eric?”A small amused smile appeared on Nick’s face before he answered.”He got up a few minutes ago to have a shower and grab something to eat.” Her boyfriend answered, and Alicia was just about to ask why he was amused when she suddenly realised she could hear the water running in the bathroom across the hall. Obviously she had been too focused on one thing to pay any attention to anything else.”Well…that’s perfect…” Alicia said, her expression becoming intent and heated as she placed her long, smooth leg over Nick’s. “…he’ll be a while, which gives us the whole bed…”Trailing off Alicia bit her bottom lip as she felt the horniness surge through her body like adrenaline. Nick did not fail to react, his own eyes practically glowing as he ran his hands down her back.”Feeling turned on after last night?” He asked playfully and Alicia answered him only with an emphatic nod as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Me too, so you better be ready to be completely fucked.”With a squeal of delight, Nick’s mouth darted towards hers; both forgetting in their horniness that Eric had cum in Alicia’s mouth earlier and she hadn’t had anything to wash what may have remained away. However, before their lips could meet, a sudden high-pitched repeating shrieking noise sounded from the bed-side cabinet, jerking both apart as they looked around in startlement for what was causing it. Looking around both Alicia and Nick swore irritably as Nick slammed his hand down on the alarm clock beside the bed, muttering to himself about something before he once more turned to look at her, however this time the lust was replaced by irritation. Before Alicia could ask however, Nick spoke.”I’m sorry babe, this’ll have to wait till I get home, I thought it was earlier than this, I have to get ready for work.” Her handsome boyfriend said with a touch of hesitance.Alicia felt suddenly disappointed, and not to mention more than a little irritated which seemed to feed off her incredible horniness, however she knew it wasn’t Nick’s fault, she wasn’t angry at him, more at his work for getting in the way when she needed to be fucked so badly. After all, it wasn’t like last night when he hadn’t satisfied her, this at least was out of his control and he had been about to screw her senseless. Still, that didn’t help the disappointment or relieve the once-again enlivened fire within her.”You should call in sick.” She knew that wasn’t going to happen the moment she said it, and she understood why Nick couldn’t as well, which only made the whole situation that much more irritable.”You know I can’t babe, and you know I’d love to.” He replied lovingly, softly kissing her forehead. His gentle touch and warm voice made Alicia feel more disappointed, but also a little better in some odd way. “We’ll make it a special night tonight. Eric will have gone and we’ll have the whole place to ourselves. I promise you’ll be completely satisfied by the end of it.”A small, loving smile reappeared on Alicia’s beautiful face at the promise, something she really needed to hear. It was going to be hell getting through a whole day feeling as blazingly hot and horny as she did; she may have to break out her vibrator, though she would try to avoid that as long as she could, she wanted to make sure she had all of her horniness to unleash on Nick when he got home. She would rip his clothes off the moment he came through the door!”I know baby” She admitted reluctantly, more to take the weight off Nick than feeling resigned to the fact herself. Still, her eyes lit up as she added the next few words. “But you have to promise me that seeing as I gave you your fantasy, that tonight you will give me mine.”For a moment Nick seemed lost in confusion as to what she meant, when suddenly realisation set in and his eyes widened. Alicia’s smile deepened at that. After a minute or two of watching her in incredulity, Nick finally nodded.”Deal.” He agreed finally and Alicia grinned. “You’re going to make me pay for keeping you waiting ah?”Alicia nodded before she unwound her hands from around Nick’s neck and reached down to slap his bare ass.”Go on then you, get up and get ready.” She teased, at least until he slapped her bare ass in return, which had the after effect of reminding Alicia just how horny she was. Damn! Maybe she hadn’t got the upper hand in all of this after all. It was going to be a long fucking day the way she felt.With a big grin Nick pushed himself from the bed and Alicia watched her incredibly hot boyfriend with both love and lust as he moved to grab his clothes, tossing her dressing gown over to her as he reached the door.Smiling in return Alicia pushed herself up and pulled her thin gown on, tying the belt before sitting on the edge of the bed to run her comb through her long hair as she watched Nick pull his boxers and socks on. He had just pulled his jeans up when Eric suddenly came through the door, his toned body still wet and a towel wrapped around his waist. Smiling first at Alicia, which reminded the stunning girlfriend of how he had looked holding himself above her last night as he drove his nine inch dick into her so deeply…made Alicia blush lightly due to the sudden burning within her pussy, oh those thoughts wouldn’t help her get through the day. Fortunately Eric only smiled at her briefly and the butterflies that had already been raging that had gone made when he had smiled at her subsided somewhat as he turned to look at Nick as he zipped up his jeans.”Hey man, you heading out?” Eric asked in his self-assured, confident manner; though Alicia thought he seemed a little extra confident this morning, no doubt because he screwed Nick’s girlfriend last night. That thought made her heart beat faster…fuck, she really had to keep a hold of herself if she was going to get through the day without climbing the walls!”‘Course man, a little thing called ‘work’, you know the one?” Nick replied with a smile as he grabbed a shirt from the wardrobe and threw it on before continuing. “I’ll give you a ride if you get ready.”Eric glanced down at the towel, obviously the only thing he was wearing, though Alicia kept her eyes on his face, though that was still tough…he was so gorgeous and that towel hid his long, thick…! Running the brush through her hair a little vigorously, the hot girlfriend listened as Eric looked back to her boyfriend, trying hard not to follow that line of thought.”Ah? Oh, nah, I’ve got the day off, didn’t I tell you last night? That’s why I didn’t head back with the other’s when they left.” Her boyfriend’s friend replied and Nick suddenly laughed.”Oh yeah, shit, I forgot about that, must have been all that drinking last night ah?” Her boyfriend replied, combing his hair back and slipping his boots on. “It’s alright for some, getting to lounge about all day. Well, I can give you a ride back to yours if you want, it’s on the way anyway?”That was when Eric said the words that made Alicia stop brushing her hair for a moment and her heart leap.”That’s alright, I was thinking of hanging out a bit, keep Liss company. I mean, after last night I think I should get to know her a bit better, I mean, I know you and all, but I only met her yesterday, so it’d be cool to get to know her a bit better, if you don’t mind?” Her boyfriend’s friend answered, glancing between Nick and her.Alicia looked from Eric to Nick as Nick looked to her. It wasn’t that she minded having him around, and he was right, she did hardly know him despite the fact he had fucked her and came inside her and she had sucked his dick and swallowed his cum already…well, it would be good to actually know something about him if he was going to be a friend of Nick’s. Still, the memories of last night were still vibrant in her mind and that was not going to help her to not be driven mad by the raging horniness pulsing through her.What made things worse, Eric actually gave her a small impish smile before he looked back to Nick, and Alicia felt her heart skip a beat although she wasn’t quite sure why. Nick however didn’t notice anything, nor think anything strange about the guy who had banged his girlfriend the night before and had her suck his dick wanting to spend the day alone with her, and so without even a thought or a hint at being concerned, Nick nodded, still smiling, as he finished lacing his boots.”Sure thing man, though I’d still watch out about challenging her on the games, she’ll kick anyone’s ass on most of them, she’s a right hustler.” Her loving boyfriend replied as he looked over to her, grinning broadly.Alicia smiled weakly in return, though Nick didn’t seem to notice. Damn, it was going to be hard enough getting through the day without climbing the walls before, but fuck, now she had to be constantly reminded of what Eric was hiding beneath that towel and all that had happened the night before. Fuck, she was going to tear welts into Nick by tonight!”You alright with that babe?” Nick asked as both he and Eric looked over to her.Glancing between the two men Alicia felt her heart beating faster, though she managed to keep herself outwardly perfectly serene, which she was really proud of, as she smiled and nodded.”Sure, I’m sure I can find something for him to do.” She answered, proud of her calm sounding voice despite her heart beating in time with her pussy still, as she placed her brush aside and stood up, pulling the robe’s belt tighter. “Though you’ll have to find something to do, as I’m going to take a shower now that you’re finally out.” She added with a jesting smile as she walked over to Nick, kissing him lightly on the cheek. “Don’t be late baby.”Nick smiled lovingly back at her and promised he wouldn’t before Alicia headed out, leaving the two guys to talk as she headed into the bathroom for her shower, desperately needing one after all the ‘exercise’ she had gotten last night.Little did the incredibly hot girlfriend know that her boyfriend’s friend would indeed find ‘something’ to ‘do’, and little did she know just how the day was going to play out.Nick watched his beautiful girlfriend sway in her tightly bound robe as she smiled at him and Eric before making her way out and across the hall to the bathroom. Hearing the door close Nick looked to Eric with an amused grin.”You’re one lucky man Nicky boy.” His friend said with an admiring nod and Nick simply nodded.”Too right man, and don’t I know it.” He said as he made sure he had his keys and wallet. “Listen man, it was good fun last night, I just want to say thanks. I know it must have been kind of odd when I asked you.”Eric shook his head dismissively as he folded his arms.”You guys took me back at first, but it’s all good, I’m glad we all had fun.” His friend and co-worker replied with a full smile.Nick nodded and clapped him on the arm, completely naïve to why his friend had grinned at him or the thoughts in his mind.”So you’re all good about hanging out with me still ah? You don’t feel weird or anything?” He asked honestly as if he or Alicia didn’t feel odd. Eric might feel like they had just used him, after all, and as if he didn’t know where to fit in to the friendship now. That was the last thing Nick wanted, Eric was a good man and a good friend. If only he knew the thoughts in his friend’s mind at that time, he may not have been so calm.”I’m cool, thanks though. But all is good with us as far as I’m concerned.” Eric answered confidently, “Though it’ll be good to get to know Alicia a little better, I just want to make sure she feels alright around me, you know?””Cool. So you’re sure you don’t want a lift?” He asked again as he considered grabbing his jacket before deciding it was way too warm for that; the car was going to be bad enough.”I’m good man, just gonna have a relaxing day before heading out tonight or something, maybe meet up with the guys for a drink, if you’re up for it later.” Eric replied, shaking his head.Nick laughed lightly at that last before he nodded.”Sure man, sounds like a plan. Though don’t think Liss will go any easier on you on those games, she’s really competitive deep down.” He said in reply, amused as he made his way passed his friend into the hall. “Oh, and if you’re hungry, just grab whatever out of the cupboards.”Eric said he would, still smiling that confident smile.”Alright, well if you’re still here when I get back, I’ll try not to pick on you too much for being beaten by a girl all day before we head out.” Nick jested before he tapped on the bathroom door; the sound of the shower water running was momentarily drowned out as Alicia called out in response. “I’ll be back later babe, Eric’s gonna make you some breakfast…” He added with an amused smirk as he glanced back at his friend, deliberately putting him on the spot. “…Try not to kick his ass too much today. I love you.”A soft laughter sounded through the door before Alicia replied, “I love you too baby, miss you lots so come back soon!” Followed by the sound of her blowing kisses before once more the room behind the door was filled with the sound of the water running rapidly, no doubt over his girlfriend’s hot, luscious, sexy body.Shaking his head from his horny thoughts, Nick turned to Eric.”Alright man, catch you in a few, if not here then out with the guys.” He said as he backed up towards the door feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.”Alright, I better get cooking I guess.” Eric replied, shaking his head at Nick with an amused smile.Laughing lightly Nick agreed before he turned to make his way out of the apartment feeling like he was on cloud nine. Here he was, with a great life, a good job, an amazingly gorgeous girlfriend, and he had had his most intense fantasy fulfilled last night too…life just couldn’t get any better.Little did the unsuspecting boyfriend consider that he had left his faithful, yet extremely horny girlfriend alone in the apartment with the guy who she had had sex with in front of him last night…the guy who had every intention of getting his big dick once again buried inside Nick’s girlfriend before long, though neither Nick nor Alicia were aware of the fact. The heat of the day had just begun, and it was going to get a whole lot more blazing before long.Eric smiled as he watched the door close behind his friend. Now he was out of the way it was time to screw his girlfriend again, this time alone, and Eric was sure that this time Alicia wouldn’t hold back. He was certain she had been last night, though she clearly enjoyed it, without her boyfriend watching Alicia would totally let herself go…then she would be his. All he had to do now was find a way to get his dick back into her again.Glancing at the bathroom door, Nick’s friend contemplated walking in and joining his friend’s girlfriend in the shower, that could work, or it might be too much too quickly. It would be better to take time, he thought to himself as he turned to walk back into the lounge, this had to work just perfect or she would never have sex with him, and that meant he had to gauge her reaction before pulling out the ‘big gun’.Heading into the kitchen to grab a beer, Eric walked around the counter and sat down on the lounge sofa, taking a sip and listening as Alicia Brookes washed her hot body, the image of that water running seductively down her soft skin caused the towel to rise as his dick hardened. Oh, he was going to fuck her brains out today!The unsuspecting brunette girlfriend stepped out of the shower and began drying herself off with a large fluffy towel, completely unaware of the intentions of her boyfriend’s friend as he sat next door. While the shower had helped her feel more clean after all the night’s activities, it hadn’t subdued the burning ache within her pussy which had only gotten worse when she had thought momentarily of Nick coming in to the shower to give her a real ‘goodbye’ for the day. When she had tried to push that thought away to stop herself from clawing at the tiles in frustration as she heard Nick leave, the same fantasy came to mind only with Eric entering the bathroom and pushing her against the tiles and fucking her brains out with that huge, thick dick of his that had made her cum so hard last night! Only that made the whole situation worse, what was a girl to do? Squeezing her thighs together, Alicia threw on her robe before opening the door and heading into the bedroom, making sure Eric didn’t catch her, though why she should do that after he had not only seen her naked but enjoyed her body inside and out last night, she couldn’t quite figure out.Luckily, Eric must have been in the lounge as Alicia heard the television on as she headed across the hall, pushing the door closed behind her as she walked over to the wardrobe to dry her hair and get some clothes on.So, it was a few minutes later when Alicia slipped on her lilac strappy heeled sandals and looked at herself in her mirror. She had decided on her white tennis skirt and a light purple short-sleeved top that wasn’t exactly tight but still showed her curvy figure well. The top also had several buttons running from the neck to halfway down and Alicia had left a few of the top ones open as it was a hot day; the fact she had opened them enough for a tantalizing view of her impressive cleavage had escaped the horny girlfriend’s mind in her sex-hungry state, though there were still a few buttons left closed that would have revealed almost all of her big, juicy 36D tits if they had been open. Underneath she had chosen to wear her black lacy underwear so that when Nick came back she didn’t have to bother changing into something sexy, after all, this set of underwear was his favourite, especially the lace bra. Smiling, pleased, at herself, Alicia drew her hair back into a loose ponytail before she turned, leaving the towels on the bed, and headed out into the lounge.Entering the room, the sexy brunette girlfriend glanced over to the sofa and smiled faintly to herself in amusement. Eric was obviously still in his towel from the fact she could see his bare shoulders as he watched the television, however it was the thought of what she was about to say that made the hot girlfriend smile.”I thought you were cooking for me, hm?” She teased lightly, smiling amusedly at Eric as he half turned on the sofa to look at her.Her boyfriend’s friend, however, didn’t answer straight away like she had expected. Instead with a deep smile that made him seem even more attractive than he already was, Eric Carlson, her boyfriend’s co-worker and friend, took his time letting his eyes openly and slowly wander up and down every inch of her body before his gorgeous eyes rested once more on her face. Finally, giving her a most approving nod with the most appraising expression Alicia had ever seen on any guy who had ever looked at her, Eric replied.”I was waiting for you to come in, didn’t want to make something you didn’t like, no matter what Nick said.” He answered in a calm, self-assured way that sent a flutter through Alicia’s stomach for some reason.”Well I’m here now, so what are you going to make for me?” She asked, feeling his eyes on her made her stomach flutter more…damn she was fucking hot, she would definitely rip Nick’s clothes off the moment he opened the door; fuck waiting!”Well I thought you should take a look and let me know what you would like and I’ll make it for you. I’m quite a chef.” Her boyfriend’s friend replied, and though his words held nothing at all he still seemed to insinuate something she was sure of it, or was that just how horny she was? Fuck!Giving him a smile, Alicia turned to walk around the kitchen counter, trying to calm herself down as she approached the refrigerator. Opening the door she looked at what was inside before she turned to once more look at Eric intending on making him decide when she saw he had stood up.Her eyes instantly fell on his chiselled body, his gorgeous face…the same face that had escort aksaray stared down at her as he pummelled her hard with his huge, thick cock last night, driving it so hard, so fast, and oh so fucking deep into her again and again, nailing her into the mattress as he screwed her so fucking good…Alicia felt her stomach flutter, her pussy tingle and her breathing deepen as the memories arose unbidden…and her eyes lowered to where the towel was wrapped around his waist, his strong arms folded, those same arms that had held her naked tits, lifted her effortlessly…shaking herself from her lustful thoughts, Alicia looked up into Eric’s eyes, making sure she kept them there, though her face was flushed and her heart was beating fast in her chest.Fuck! Was she that horny that she was ogling her boyfriend’s friend now? She loved Nick and wanted only him…but then it was just looking after all, and not to mention that this guy had had sex with her with her boyfriend’s permission…no, his requesting…so it wasn’t as if she was thinking of someone he didn’t know about. Besides, she was only remembering the incredible events and feelings of last night, and after having his dick inside her Nick couldn’t possibly object to her looking at his friend; after all, it had all been his idea, and she had fulfilled his fantasy for him.Giving Eric a weak smile, Alicia turned back to look into the refrigerator and away from the knowing, self-confident smile that Eric had given her as he watched her look him over in the same way he had looked over her when she had entered the room. Had he known what she was thinking then?”So, any ideas what you want from me then?” Her boyfriend’s friend asked calmly.Alicia’s heart raced as she looked through the shelves, trying to calm herself a little before she spoke, she didn’t want to squeak. Damn, she needed Nick now!”Hmm…” She managed to say, scratching her nails across the refrigerator door as she held it to try to use some of the energy growing within her body.Glancing at the clock she noticed that Nick wouldn’t be back for a few hours. Fuck, how was she going to cope for all that time!? If only he had taken care of her last night as well as himself! UGH!Closing the refrigerator door, Alicia turned to look over at Eric, folding her arms beneath her large tits and trying to appear as calm as she could; she thought she managed a fair appearance at least.”Why don’t you surprise me?” She asked with a small smile which was maybe a little playful, but then, there was nothing wrong with that, flirting was alright, surely especially with the guy Nick had asked her to sleep with yesterday.A small, secretive smile crossed Eric’s lips before he slowly made his way around the sofa. With every step towards her he made, Alicia felt her heart beat faster for some reason. Maybe it was having a guy’s eyes on her that looked so focused and intent, so appreciative of her…so hungry for her…or maybe it was the fact they were the eyes of the guy who had screwed her better than anyone ever had before, on her and Nick’s bed, in front of her boyfriend…her chest heaved as she breathed heavily.”I was thinking of something white and creamy…” Eric said deliberately slowly, his words picked carefully and his eyes never leaving her as he came to stand on the opposite side of the counter from her. “…like maybe a glass of milk? But then I figured you’d already had something like that not long ago.”His insinuating words were not lost on Alicia, and she considered saying that he perhaps shouldn’t say things like that to her without Nick there, but then, it was just flirting, and again, Nick had asked this guy to fuck his girlfriend, he couldn’t possibly have expected him to not be playful afterwards, and so she smiled playfully in return.”I was thinking more of something to eat.” The hot girlfriend replied, and though she insinuated nothing Eric’s eyes lit up and a small smile spread his lips as he slowly began to move around the counter towards her.Watching him move, Alicia could only think of a predator stalking its prey. For some reason that just made her heart beat faster, or maybe it was the way he was looking at her, either way her pussy pulsed. Fuck, she had never been so horny in her life. Her mind considered as Eric came around the counter that perhaps she should calm down a little, but her heart told her that there was no harm in flirting, it would just make her hotter for Nick later, and he couldn’t expect her not to now with this guy he had asked to sleep with her. With her mind settled and her whole mind and body blazing with energy, Alicia turned and leaned against the counter, watching her boyfriend’s friend approach slowly.”Let’s take a look shall we?” He asked calmly and confidently as he gestured towards the refrigerator, and Alicia felt her heart pound in her chest as she nodded and turned towards the fridge.Fuck! She so needed Nick banging her hard right now! Oh fuck, she needed his hard dick so bad!”Now, let’s see.” Eric said softly as he reached passed her to open to fridge door.Alicia took it from him, opening it wide as she felt him move closer behind her, his hot breath teasing her soft neck as she stared into the fridge, her chest heaving as she breathed heavier.”I’ve already looked.” She said in as steady a voice as she could, her heart pounding as she could feel her boyfriend’s friend right behind her.”How about sausage?” Eric asked, resting one of his strong hands on her waist ever so gently.Alicia suddenly felt on fire as he touched her. Oh, she needed to be touched so badly. Where was her boyfriend when she needed him?The stunning girlfriend was about to make a comment that they had none when Eric moved closer behind her and Alicia felt a hard bulge press against her tight ass. Her mind and body both shivered at the thought that that bulge was that huge…hard…thick…dick that Eric had pounded her so good with last night. Biting her bottom lip, Alicia exhaled heavily.”Uh, that sounds good.” She breathed heatedly, her body and mind racing. Fuck she needed to be screwed so badly!”Or we could just skip straight to dessert?” Her boyfriend’s friend said calmly and confidently into her ear, the fingers on the hand not on her waist running down her bare forearm softly.Alicia felt like the world was spinning she was so horny, everything just seemed so vibrant and alive. Still breathing heavily, she half turned her head to reply.”What do you have in mind?” She replied questioningly, though with more than a hint of teasing-playfulness.Alicia’s heart beat almost through her chest it pounded so forcefully as she stood there with her boyfriend’s friend’s hard bulge pressing against her tight ass. Oh, it felt so fucking good…it was just what she so badly needed.A single thought drifted through her mind as the touch of Eric’s hands on her slim waist and smooth arm sent shivers through her pussy and spine; she loved Nick, but oh fuck she was so fucking horny! If she stayed like this any longer things were going to get out of hand, and she loved her boyfriend, so…All of these thoughts passed through the horny girlfriend’s mind in the brief moment it took her to reply to Eric, however before she could think any further about what she should do her boyfriend’s friend’s grip on her waist suddenly tightened and in one strong, confident move, he twisted her around to face him and Alicia only had a moment to notice that his eyes burned as hotly for her as hers did in general before Eric’s hot lips mashed against hers.”Ohmmmph!” Alicia moaned breathily as her boyfriend’s friend kissed her deeply, sending his tongue deep into her hot mouth to dance passionately with hers as he slammed her back against the refrigerator, the door slamming shut as he pressed her against it.The horny girlfriend’s body and mind were raging and being driven mad with the intense lust that suddenly exploded within her and as she felt Eric press her hard against the refrigerator she automatically reached up and ran her hands through his hair, pulling his face down to hers as her large 36D tits mashed hard against his naked chest. Eric’s hand still gripped her slim waist tightly while his other hand held her face as they kissed, their tongues dancing and playing in each other’s mouths hotly.The whole thing was so hot it drove Alicia wild with excitement! Here she was, pressed against the refrigerator, with this hot stud who was only wearing a towel, kissing her hotly in the kitchen…and it wasn’t her boyfriend, but his friend that was taking such liberties with her, the same friend who had fucked her so good last night and who she had sucked off…both in front of her boyfriend…and now here she was, making out with him in the kitchen while her boyfriend had gone to work! FUCK!Suddenly those thoughts jerked Alicia back to reality, however her body still pulsed with an incredible amount of lust as she abruptly broke the kiss and placed her hands on Eric’s chest, pushing him away from her slightly.Breathing heavily, her big tits heaving, her face flushed, and her eyes practically beaming with the intense horny lust that was coursing through every inch of her hot body right then, Alicia looked up into the hungry, gorgeous face of her boyfriend’s friend. Oh, he was so fucking hot…and that dick…fuck…but she loved Nick…yes…”We can’t do this.” Alicia said breathily, attempting to sound sure, though her body ached against her words.”We can.” Eric replied heatedly before he leaned down to softly kiss her lips again. Alicia let him kiss her once, twice, three times, before she once more managed to push him away slightly, though this time it took much more willpower.”We should stop.” She said again breathily, still trying to sound determined though more than a little hint of the lust and desire within her beamed through her eyes as she tried to move passed Eric only to have him turn with her, kissing her once again softly.”Why?” Her boyfriend’s friend asked as he continued to kiss her, alternating briefly between her soft lips and smooth neck as his hand once more held her waist, preventing Alicia from moving, much to her body’s satisfaction.”Ummph!” Alicia sighed breathily as Eric began kissing her neck before returning to her soft lips. “Mmmph, because…mmph…I have a…mmph…boyfriend…mmph remember? Ohmmph!” Alicia managed to say in between kissing her boyfriend’s friend, occasionally kissing him before he kissed her.”Oh yeah, Nick…a boyfriend who wanted to watch me fuck you and you suck my dick last night.” Eric replied as he pushed her back against the kitchen counter, his hard bulge once more pressing against Alicia made the stunning 21-year-old girlfriend moan into his mouth as he kissed her, their tongues dancing briefly. “And who watched me cum inside you.”Despite how his words and kisses made her knees weak, Alicia managed to once more press her hands to his hard, muscular, naked chest and push Eric away from her, this time stopping his kisses as their eyes locked on each other’s, her heart and mind racing.”Nick was here last time, watching us because that was his idea Eric, he wouldn’t want us to have sex without him here.” She protested though her hands never left his chiselled torso.Staring deep into her eyes for a moment, Eric let both of his hands run up her smooth thighs and under her short skirt before cupping her tight ass.”Do you think he’d mind, really, after asking us to have sex in front of him and then letting you give me a blowjob, and then leaving us alone together?” Her boyfriend’s friend replied in soft but sure words before he lifted her up by his grip on her ass and sat her on the counter. Still with his hands on her thighs underneath her skirt, Alicia automatically allowed Eric to move between her legs though their eyes never left each other’s. “Besides, I know you really enjoyed having sex with me last night, and I know you’re almost climbing the walls to have a…my…big, hard, thick dick deep inside that hot, tight pussy of yours again, making you feel as good as I did last night.”Alicia’s eyes sparkled at those words, all of which were so true. Her hands seemed to move of their own accord to rest on Eric’s bare shoulders as she looked into his eyes.”I love Nick. I love my boyfriend.” The words were deeply true, but they somehow sounded ironic as Alicia allowed her boyfriend’s friend to ease her black lace panties down her legs before tossing them aside on the kitchen floor.”I know you do sexy, you love him with all your heart.” Eric replied as he ran his hands up her naked thighs before taking her hands from his shoulders and bringing them down to where he had tucked the towel into itself to hold it up. “But you loved having sex with me in front of him, you loved my big dick fucking you, didn’t you? It made you feel so hot didn’t it? Just think how much better it will be when we have sex without him here. We can do what we want, where we want, how we want…and you can let it all out, without holding back like you did last night.”Alicia’s tits heaved lustfully within the confines of her half-unbuttoned top, her legs parted with her boyfriend’s friend standing between them and her hands holding the top of the towel. How Eric had known she had had to hold back last night she didn’t know, nor did she care at that moment. Despite how she felt, her crazy horniness was driving her mad and with every word from his mouth her need grew that much more insatiable. Surely Nick must have known what would happen if he left them alone today? Or if not, he should have after last night.”We really shouldn’t do this.” The hot, horny girlfriend breathed in a deeply lust-filled voice.”I know.” Nick’s friend replied as he moved her hands so that she pulled the towel open. Alicia’s eyes widened as they fell once more on that incredible dick that had filled her so deeply yesterday. Fuck, how had she ever taken all that hard cock!?! Her pussy burned and ached for it, and her body and mind wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer now. “But we’re going to, aren’t we?”Looking back from that tremendous dick into her boyfriend’s friend’s eyes, Alicia felt him move her to the edge of the counter as he positioned himself closer to her. Nodding slightly in answer, Alicia wrapped her arms around Eric’s neck, her breathing deep and fast.”You really shouldn’t fuck your friend’s girlfriend behind his back.” Alicia breathed hotly, glancing down as Eric positioned his dick towards her blazing pussy.”And you shouldn’t let Nick’s friend’s get their dicks in you when he’s not here Liss.” Eric replied confidently and more than a little smugly, and no wonder, he was about to get his dick inside his friend’s girlfriend for the second time in two days, and this time without Nick even knowing! Oh, how that made Alicia suddenly feel so horny from being so naughty. Here she was about to get fucked by her boyfriend’s friend, behind her boyfriend’s back, right on the kitchen counter in their apartment! Fuck! She needed this big, hard dick right now! “But damn I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t walk!”A brief, horny but pleased smile spread Alicia’s luscious lips, however the expression was wiped away as Eric slowly began pushing his enormous dick into her burning hot pussy.The thick head began pushing deeper inside her and then Eric began to sink inch after thick, hard, inch of his long nine inch dick deep into Alicia’s burningly horny pussy. She felt as if he were stretching her to the limit as her pussy gripped tightly to the naked dick that was so much bigger than her absent boyfriend’s. The feeling was incredible; it was just what the stunning brunette needed so badly!”Ohhhh!” Alicia moaned in a sigh as she rested her head on her boyfriend’s friend’s shoulder, relishing in the feel as he slowly filled her with his enormous cock.Finally, Nick’s friend had the entire nine inch shaft buried balls deep in his friend’s girlfriend for the second time, and Alicia took a few moments just revelling in the feeling of being so full by a hard cock that wasn’t her boyfriend’s, catching her breath.Her large tits heaved as she breathed deeply, her body on fire, before she finally sighed breathily and looked up once more into Eric’s eyes.”Oh, I feel so full!” Alicia breathed as she looked with lust-filled eyes into Eric’s smug face, resting her head back on his shoulder she sighed once more, “Fuck, I’ve needed this so badly!”Running his hands up and down her bare thighs as she sat on the kitchen counter impaled on his dick, Eric guided her legs and Alicia responded, knowing exactly what he wanted her to do, and so she wrapped her legs lightly around his, just resting them on the back of his as she once more looked up into his eyes.”I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Alicia said breathily as Eric kissed her briefly. “I’ve never cheated on Nick. You know I love him, and this is just sex, like last night?””Sex that is better than you’ve ever had with Nick.” Eric replied confidently as he flexed his dick within her causing Alicia to inhale sharply before smiling playfully at him.”You’re a little overconfident, aren’t you?” She teased, the feelings of his huge cock buried within her stirring her body to higher amounts of horniness.”Well, I just met you yesterday, and I’ve already fucked you once, cum inside you and had you suck me off and swallow all my cum. Now I’ve got my dick inside you and I’m going to screw you on your kitchen counter while your boyfriend is out, I think I should be a little confident ah?” Eric replied just as teasingly, and Alicia had to hand it to him, he was right. That thought only made her hotter and want him to actually start fucking her, damn she needed to be screwed so badly. “I tell you what though, if I’m right and I am better than Nick, you owe me a blowjob, if not, I’ll do whatever you want, deal?”Alicia’s eyes sparkled at that, her heart beat faster and she gave her boyfriend’s friend a wicked smile.”This is a one time fuck baby.” She replied playfully, “I told you, I love Nick, so after this he’ll take care of me, he just wasn’t here.””But you love my big dick too, or you wouldn’t be letting me have all nine inches buried in your hot pussy while he’s not here and doesn’t know anything about it.” Eric replied self-assuredly.”Mmm, maybe.” Alicia purred as she brushed her lips against his.”Well I could always pull out…” Eric began as he started to withdraw his hard dick from inside her.A moment of panic seized the stunning girlfriend and she wrapped her legs around him tighter, trying hard to pull him back inside her.”No! No, don’t, please.” She pleaded kissing his lips repeatedly before finally sighing happily as Nick’s friend once more slowly sank his entire thick shaft into her.”Then it’s a deal?” He asked as confident as ever.”Mmm, we’ll see.” Alicia replied after she softly kissed him. She couldn’t believe how she was acting! She did love Nick, with all her heart, so why was she sitting on the kitchen counter impaled on his friend’s cock? Fuck, Eric felt so good inside her!”We will.” He replied, kissing her deeply before he added in a heated, husky voice, “Now tell me what you want Liss. Tell me how badly you want this.”Breaking the kiss, Alicia looked deep into her boyfriend’s friend’s eyes, her face a mask of pure lust reflected in her voice.”I want you to fuck me Eric, right here on the kitchen counter. Fuck me, fuck your friend’s girlfriend behind his back with that big, hot cock of yours. Fuck me baby, fuck your friend’s girl.” Alicia almost growled heatedly, and by the look in Eric’s eyes, the words were just right.Without another word, her boyfriend’s friend moved rapidly, and in one swift move, almost withdrew his entire dick from inside her before slamming as hard as he could all the way back, his enormous dick slamming deep within her…Alicia groaned loudly…and the fucking began.As Nick Greeves pulled onto the car park and managed to find a space more easily than expected and made sure he had everything before he headed into the building where he worked, his friend was back at his apartment nailing his girlfriend in their kitchen to the sound of the stunning brunette’s illicit moans and groans of pleasure as his huge nine inch dick rammed deep into her unprotected pussy again and again.As the unsuspecting boyfriend passed the reception, only to be told that he was only in for half a day today, Eric ran his hands up Alicia’s smooth thighs and under her short skirt, grabbing her ass tightly so that he could drive his hard dick into Nick’s girlfriend harder and faster. Alicia held onto him with her arms around his neck, moaning loudly as the horny lust within her aching body was finally being satisfied, while her loving boyfriend continued to get on with his day’s work, pleased that he wouldn’t be away from his beautiful, caring and supposedly faithful girlfriend long, planning on treating her like a queen when he got home.As Nick sat down to work, Eric rammed his entire thick dick deep into Alicia causing the gorgeous girlfriend to groan deeply, resting her head on his shoulder as she closed her eyes tightly. Glancing at his mobile as he placed it on the desk, Nick considered phoning Alicia to tell her the good news…or should he wait and surprise her? As the thought flickered through his mind, his friend continued to bang his girlfriend in his apartment.Alicia grabbed tightly onto the edge of the kitchen counter as Eric relentlessly pounded his entire thick dick in and out of her tight, blazing pussy. The gorgeous girlfriend’s head hung back, her long brown ponytail with its highlights swishing back and forth down her slender back with every powerful thrust her boyfriend’s friend made. Her beautiful face was a contorted mask of ecstasy and her large, 36D tits bounced lewdly in the confines of her light purple top, up and down beneath the fabric filling Eric’s eyes with a truly glorious vision. Her long, smooth, bare legs were wrapped around her boyfriend’s friend’s own, clinging to him as he fucked her ruthlessly.”Oh fuuck Eric I need this so baadd! Ugh, yeah! Ohummm!” Alicia groaned throatily, her knuckles white as she tightened her grip on the counter.”I knew you’d want my dick again after last night Liss.” Eric growled in a strained and focused tone, his hands gripping tightly to the hot girlfriend’s hips as he continued ploughing his huge dick in and out of her rapidly. “Fuck you’re the best fuck I’ve had in a long time! So fucking tight!”Alicia groaned loudly as Eric’s thick nine inches slammed back into her, continuing to pound deeper into her than her boyfriend had ever been. Fuck, she had never known she could take so much cock, but ohh, fuck, it felt good having that rock solid baseball bat burying itself inside her again and again!”I bet you’ve been wanting it since I screwed you last night ah?” Her boyfriend’s friend said in a smug voice, reaching his hands down to grab Alicia’s naked ass beneath her skirt and pulling her hard onto his entire dick.”Ohhmmm!” Alicia moaned loudly as she felt the entire shaft bury itself hard into her.As Eric once more picked up his pace, this time using his new hold to help slam his hard dick into her, Alicia let one of her hands move from gripping the counter and reached up to hold on to Eric’s neck with it, raising her head so that she locked eyes with the friend of Nick’s who was fucking her so well.”You…know my boyfriend is…your friend right?” Alicia asked breathily as Eric’s dick filled and refilled her, sending glorious sensations through her entire hot body. “Mmmm, oh! It wouldn’t…be right…umm…to tell you I’d…ummohhh…been wanting your…big…hard…umm…dick all night! Oh fuck yes!”The sudden growl and thrust of Nick’s friend deep into brought a deep groan from the stunning girlfriend, or perhaps it was the words that made her think of her loving boyfriend and the fact that here she was cheating on him in their own kitchen with his own friend and co-worker. Somehow that should have made the 21-year-old girlfriend feel bad, however with that huge dick stuffing her full again and again Alicia could only feel the intense pleasure Eric was giving her, and the words only made the whole illicit scene that much hotter.Eric smirked and reached up to roughly squeeze one of Alicia’s big, bouncing tits through her top, causing her back to arch slightly, as he spoke.”So it’s alright if I fuck you behind Nick’s back but not for you to admit you wanted me huh?” He asked smugly, groping her soft but firm tits a couple more times before running his hand back up her long, bare legs and under her skirt again.Alicia smiled wickedly, gripping harder to Eric’s shoulder as he continued to make her big tits bounce as he fucked her harder before she suddenly took on an innocent expression.”You want me to tell you I wanted your dick baby? You want me to tell you I wanted you to fuck me again?” Alicia purred, pulling herself closer to him to breath heavily on his neck. His hands gripped her ass tighter at the sensation and he began pulling her onto his dick with more force. Fuck this felt sooo good! “Yeah I wanted your big fucking dick Eric…mmmm…ohh…I wanted you to grab me and fuck me like you are when Nick left…uhhmmmm fuck yes! Oh fuck! Mmmm…I’ve been needing your big dick so badly baby…ohh, so fucking badly!””More than you wanted Nick’s?” Her boyfriend’s friend grunted, one of his hands sliding down her smooth thigh to grip her leg tightly as he ploughed his hard dick into her forcefully.”Mmmm…yeesss!” Alicia moaned, leaning her head on Eric’s shoulder, her eyes squeezing shut as she relished in the feel of this huge dick, this huge dick that didn’t belong to her boyfriend but instead to his friend!, repeatedly rammed hard and fast into her, filling her horny pussy again and again with its thick length and sending waves of ecstasy through the hot girlfriend’s body.”Tell me Liss, tell me how much you want my dick!” Eric growled, ramming his thick shaft hard into her for emphasis.Alicia once again leaned back, still holding Eric’s neck and the edge of the counter as she stared deep into his eyes, breathing heavily as he continued working his hard dick into her over and over.”Umm, fuck, ohhh…you want me to tell you Eric? Ummmmohhhh yeeaahh! Uhh, I want your big cock baby…uggnnmmmohhh, yes, I’ve been thinking…uh…about your big dick all night baby…OH!…I’ve wanted you to fuck me again…ugh…like you fucked me last night…hard…oh fuck…uhhh yeah…and fast….ummm.” Running her nails along his neck as she held on tightly, Alicia’s eyes shone with the ecstasy and lust she felt rushing through every part of her as her boyfriend’s friend pounded her tight pussy harder. “OHhhmmm, yeah, fuck me baby…I wanted your hot dick more than Nick’s Eric…ugnnn yeahh…oh fuck this is good…umm…I want you to fuck me good baby, you’re so fucking big, and ugh, deep in me!”Her lust-filled words obviously had the same effect on Eric as it had on Alicia as he smiled triumphantly as he pulled her legs to lock around his waist before running his hand up her flat stomach to once again grab roughly at her large, soft tits.As his hands squeezed the firm flesh beneath her top, Alicia’s cleavage showing tantalisingly through the open buttons of her top, Alicia bit her lower lip, her eyes shining playfully.”Fuck! You’re such a hot slut!” Her boyfriend’s friend said breathily as he enjoyed having his dick buried in her hot pussy and his hand groping her large tits. “I know my dick’s bigger than Nick’s, but tell me Liss, does he fuck you this good?”Alicia’s face took on a mischievous look as she panted hard from the fucking she was receiving. Moaning softly, she replied.”Ohhhmmm! It’s…oh….it’s not enough you’re fucking your friend’s girlfriend…ummm…you want me…ugh…uhhhhh…yeeess…ugh fuck me with that big fucking dick baby…yeah…oh…you want me to tell you you’re better than him too, huh?” She managed to reply teasingly between moans and groans that echoed around the apartment.”Only if it’s true.” Came the confident reply from the man, who wasn’t her boyfriend, who was ramming his hard dick into her so good!Smiling wickedly, Alicia replied.”Uhnn, I can’t believe how fucking arrogant you are.” She said breathily, once more grasping the counter with both hands momentarily before the hot, cheating girlfriend placed one hand behind her to steady herself as her body rocked back and forth from the force of Eric’s thrusts deep into her.Eric simply gave her a ‘I know’ expression as he continued to squeeze and maul her big tits through her top, enjoying the feel as the flesh moulded in his hands, using the large tits to help as he slammed his dick home into her again.”Uggghhhhhhh!” Alicia groaned in a shaky voice before she managed to pant out lustfully, “Ohhh, ummm, fuck me baby, fuck me good! OH YES! UGH! Ohh, you’re soo fucking good! Oh Eric, you’re so much bigger, ugh, so much fucking better at screwing me than Nick baby…oh Eric, oh fuck, keep fucking me baby…give me your big cock! OH YES!”The last words came out a loud shouting-moan as the stunning brunette threw her head back, revelling in the relentless pounding her boyfriend’s friend was giving her, the fucking she had so desperately needed since she swallowed his huge load of cum the night before.With her head hanging back, her eyes squeezed shut, all that existed to Alicia Brookes right then was that huge pole sliding swiftly and powerfully deep into her, deeper than ever before, filling and stretching her like nothing ever had before, and the fiery rough touch as Eric mauled her large bouncing tits harder and harder. Fuck! She was in ecstasy! Never had she needed to be screwed so badly in her life before, and having sex with her boyfriend’s friend, in their kitchen, while Nick didn’t know…FUCK!…Alicia felt as if her mind was going to explode!Letting out a loud, deep groan, Alicia once more looked up, a****listic lust raging in her eyes as she grabbed Eric’s shoulder with one hand and pulled his hand from her tits with the other. Staring wildly into her boyfriend’s friend’s eyes, Alicia began unbuttoning the rest of the top.”You like my tits Eric?” Alicia growled lustfully, her fingers flying on the buttons revealing more of her luscious cleavage with each move. Eric stared hungrily as she worked. “Umm, you want to see Nick’s girlfriend’s tits Eric while you fuck her? You want to watch my tits bounce while you stuff me with your big fucking cock hmm? Yeah, fuck me Eric, fuck Nick’s girlfriend and make her a cheating slut for your dick!”As the last button came undone, Alicia placed her free hand behind her revealing her large, glorious tits to her boyfriend’s friend as he continued to impale her on his huge, hard rod. With every powerful thrust Eric made, Alicia’s big 36D tits shook and bounced lustfully in the confines of her black lace bra that was clearly on show as her purple top hung open to her stomach, all the buttons undone.Despite having already seen her naked and having already had sex with her, Eric was transfixed between staring at her big tits as they strained against the lace bra and jumped with each slamming of his hard cock deep into her wanting pussy, threatening to come out of the thin garment at any moment, and between her sex-hungry, ecstatic, pleasure-filled gorgeous face as Alicia moaned lewdly and loudly, groaning happily as he fucked her senseless like she wanted.”Fuck, I wish Nick was here to see this!” Eric grunted as he reached in her top to squeeze her tits over her bra.”Ugh, ohhummm, would you fuck me in front of him?” Alicia panted heatedly, her pussy blazing with excitement.”Yeah! Fuck! I’d show him how to fuck his own girl!” Her boyfriend’s friend grunted proudly and Alicia moaned lowly.”Ohhh, I still can’t believe we’re doing this.” Alicia moaned, her eyes rolling back as she thought of what she was doing and who with.”Perhaps this will help!” Eric growled arrogantly as he thrust particularly powerfully, bringing a sharp, loud pleasure-filled shriek from the hot, horny girlfriend.The long, thick, rock-hard cock felt so incredible sliding so deep into her with such force! Oh, fuck, it felt so fucking thick…Alicia felt like her pussy was being stretched by this huge monster…her pussy gripped the thick shaft tighter than when she had sex with Nick, and oh fuck, she thought he made her feel good…Eric just made her feel…incredible.”Ohhhhmmm!” Alicia moaned loudly, squeezing her eyes shut a moment before she opened them and stared into the eyes of her boyfriend’s friend as he continued pounding her mercilessly with his huge dick.Gripping his shoulder ever tighter, Alicia felt her big tits jiggle and jump with each powerful thrust, with each surge of pleasure that blasted through her. Fuck she felt good!”Ummm, yeah, oh baby, oh fuck…yes…ohummm, give me your big dick baby! Oh yeah, fuck me Eric…ughhmm…fuck me hard like that baby! UH YES! OHH!” Alicia growled lustfully, finishing off with a loud shout she was sure the neighbours could hear. Fuck them, let them hear, she was getting the fucking of her life and loving it!Her boyfriend’s friend smirked before he quickly grabbed her large bouncing tits, gave each a harsh squeeze before he briefly pulled her too him by her neck, kissing her in an open-mouthed passionate kiss that filled the room with their heated breathing and Alicia’s passion-filled moans. Breaking the kiss, Eric’s hand once more found her slim waist, his other still holding her tight ass.”Umm fuck, you’re almost making my tits come out my top.” Alicia purred, her eyes flashing with lust as she watched Eric’s eyes latch instantly onto her chest. “UGH! Yeah! Ohhhhmmm!”Eric responded by burying his face between her large, firm tits, biting and kissing them without a care of leaving a mark, not that Nick would notice if he did anyway, Alicia thought with a pulse of naughtiness through her burning body, he would probably assume that Eric had given it to her last night while they had sex in front of him, not that she had screwed him behind his back in their kitchen and loved every second of it.Grabbing the back of Eric’s head, his pace not slowed, Alicia let out a loud groan.”OH YEAH! BITE MY TITS WHILE YOU FUCK ME ERIC! OHH FUCK! I love your big fucking dick! Ughhh! So fucking good! Yes! Uh, uh, uh…fuck me! Ugh fuck yes!” Alicia groaned deeply, her body tingling all over as Eric’s touch, his lips, his teeth and that huge dick…fuck, everything, just made her want to scream!The hot, horny girlfriend was about to do just that, when suddenly a noise disturbed them, shaking them out of their revelry, though not stopping the illicit sex. As Eric looked towards the wall with Alicia, his face still buried between her huge, magnificent tits, they both locked sight on the same thing…the phone on the wall as it rang.Nick Greeves finished laughing as the woman closed the door behind her before he turned to the folder in front of him. He hadn’t been at work that long and already he had been given more to do, however it didn’t seem to dampen his light mood, maybe that was the coffee though, he was on his third since he had arrived.Looking over the folder’s contents, Nick was unaware that right then his girlfriend was unbuttoning her light purple top, revealing her large, swelling tits encased barely in the delicately cut black lace bra to his friend and co-worker as he fucked his huge, thick, hard dick in and out of her very welcoming pussy as she sat perched on their kitchen counter. The loving boyfriend was unaware that his friend, Eric, who he had left alone with his girlfriend naively after last night, had his own girlfriend’s legs wrapped around his waist as she moaned in pleasure, relishing every inch and every powerful thrust deep into her body causing her big tits to shake and jump.Dotting the ‘I’s’ and crossing the ‘T’s’, Nick spent some time going over the papers in the folder, oblivious to his girlfriend’s groans of ecstasy or her begging his friend to fuck her with a dick that was bigger than his and that was screwing her so good. Finally, closing the folder and ensuring nothing would fall out, Nick leaned back in his aksaray escort bayan chair, smiling as he thought over getting his fourth cup of coffee before he glanced down at the phone.Taking the receiver in his hand, Nick dialled the number for his and Alicia’s apartment, figuring he would surprise his beautiful, loving girlfriend, something she more than deserved for giving him his fantasy the night before at least. As his fingers pressed the buttons, his friend buried his face in Nick’s girlfriend’s impressive, and completely exposed, cleavage as he rammed his hard nine inch dick deep into Alicia’s burning hot pussy. As the phone was about to ring, Alicia pulled Nick’s friend’s face harder into the valley between her big tits, groaning in pleasure. As the phone rang…Alicia and Eric stared at it as they continued their illicit fucking on the kitchen counter…and then the receiver clicked.Alicia panted heavily as she held the phone to her ear and pulled Eric’s face deep into her glorious big tits as he continued flexing his hips and driving that beautiful cock deep into her again and again.”Hello?” The gorgeous brunette girlfriend asked more than a little breathily as she pressed the answer button.”Liss?” Came the reply from the other end and it took Alicia a moment to recognise that the voice belonged to her boyfriend.With her head hanging back and her long brown hair trailing down her slender back, relishing the sensations pounding through her, Alicia replied.”Mmm, hey baby!” She replied to her loving boyfriend as his friend’s teeth nipped her soft but firm tits as his huge nine inch dick filled her so full again.At the mention of the word ‘baby’ Eric looked up, his hands still holding her as he rammed his hard cock home again and Liss raised her head to look wickedly into his eyes. She couldn’t believe they were doing this! It had been incredibly hot before having sex with her boyfriend’s friend in their kitchen without him knowing, fuck it had given her exactly the fucking she needed, but now…ohhh…she was on the phone to him as his friend slid his huge, hard, long, thick cock into her again and again. FUCK! This felt incredible!”You alright babe?” Nick asked sounding generally concerned. Alicia bit her bottom lip as she stared deep into Eric’s eyes, her hand holding behind his neck as she smiled dirtily.”Yeah baby…I’m feeling great!…” She replied before drawing a deep breath and just about stopping herself from moaning loudly into the phone as Eric rammed his entire dick deep into her in one powerful thrust. “Why?” She added in little more than a squeak.”You just sound out of breath, that’s all.” Nick asked sounding curious now and Alicia rolled her eyes as his friend continued fucking her on their kitchen counter.”Oh!” She lightly groaned but turned it into part of what she was going to say. Fuck, her mind was reeling with how hot this all was! “Me and your friend have been playing Guitar Hero…baby. Eric’s been nailing me since you left…and you called in the middle of it.” Alicia struggled hard to hold back, she wanted to scream with how intense she felt right then, and the whole conversation had somehow invigorated Eric as he was fucking the life out of her now, her long, slender legs bouncing lightly on his ass with each powerful thrust.”Ah, that explains why you sound like you’re concentrating, I bet you’ll kick his ass later though babe.” Nick replied amusedly completely unaware of the real meaning of his girlfriend’s words.”Mhm…he’s got quite the rhythm going baby…he likes playing hard and…and fast.” Alicia replied breathily, holding the cordless phone in her tingling hands, her eyes rolling as she clung to his friend’s neck for dear life as Eric continued pulling her hard onto his ever-thrusting hard shaft. “He’s been taking me over and over since you left earlier…I don’t know how much more I can take! Fuck!”With the last word, Alicia pulled Eric’s lips to hers, forcing her tongue into his mouth in a deep, passionate kiss as she groaned loudly into his mouth, unable to hold back any longer as that huge cock of her boyfriend’s friend filled her so full she felt stretched and stuffed so incredibly full!As his girlfriend’s lips locked and smacked with his friend’s, as she groaned heatedly into his mouth, Nick thought Alicia was growling in frustration as he figured he constant lack of concentration and breathlessness was because she and Eric were still playing. Strangely enough, his gorgeous, sexy girlfriend was playing with his friend, but not like Nick thought, if only he could have seen them right then.”It’s alright babe, you’ll beat him.” Her loving boyfriend replied reassuringly.”Mmmm!” Alicia moaned half in response to Nick and half in pleasure as her boyfriend’s friend’s hand rose to once again grope her big tits roughly through her black lace bra and unbuttoned top.”Anyway babe, I phoned ’cause…” Nick began to say, taking her response as if she were concentrating on the game, which she was, in a way.However, Alicia didn’t hear the rest as she was too caught up in the moment, in the intense feelings that Eric’s big dick was forcing through her as he pounded his hard cock into her again and again as they kissed hotly. Lost in the hot embrace, the intense fucking, Alicia wrapped both her arms around her boyfriend’s friend’s neck, the phone still in her hand as Nick continued talking unaware of the whole situation, and pulled herself tightly against him, pressing her large, firm tits hard into his naked chest…the feeling was incredible through her thin lace bra…and wrapping her legs tightly around him as she clung to him while he proceeded to fuck the life out of her. Each powerful thrust of that amazing dick drove the air from the stunning girlfriend’s lungs, and Alicia moaned loudly into Eric’s mouth as she clung to him, holding tightly as Eric began fucking her so hard her tight ass began lifting slightly from the counter.All the while Nick talked, taking his girlfriend’s silence for her concentrating on the game, and the distant moans, muffled by how she held the phone as she clung to his friend’s neck, as occasional half-concentrated replies, and all the while, Alicia felt the growing of the most intense orgasm she had ever felt deep within her body…her whole body tingling and on fire.Eric gripped tightly to Alicia’s slim waist, pulling her hard toward him as he continued thrusting up, hard into her, causing her tight, firm ass to jump lightly from the solid counter. Her tongue danced with his own as their lips mashed hotly, both breathing heavily as Eric’s naked, unprotected, rock hard dick slid deep into Alicia’s hot, tight pussy again and again.Suddenly, the stunning brunette broke the kiss and rested her forehead against his, breathing heavily as she held her eyes closed, panting and moaning silently with each powerful thrust, the phone still teasing Eric’s back as it moved in time with his hard dick entering her.Eric could hardly believe this was happening. Yesterday he had come over just hanging out with his friend, then he had nailed his friend’s hot girl in their bed while his friend watched, then she had sucked him off before swallowing all his cum while his friend lay watching them a few feet away, and now…now he was fucking the life out of her while her boyfriend, his friend, talked obliviously on the phone she held behind his back while accepting his dick welcomingly! Fuck! Eric thought he was going to cum soon this was so intense.”Fuck you’re good.” Alicia breathed heavily, still with her eyes closed before she suddenly opened them and seemingly realised that her long-term boyfriend was still on the phone as she once more held the receiver to her ear, though shakily. “Yeah babe” She said to something Nick said as she continued looking down, her face lost in lust.Eric smirked as he reached up to cup one of her big tits, squeezing it roughly and hard in his hands and relishing the amazing feeling of his friend’s hot girlfriend’s tits being mauled in his hands while she spoke to her unknowing boyfriend.Alicia seemed to appreciate it too as she rolled her eyes and began panting heavier, her already tight pussy clenching hard on his invading dick like a vice as her big tits bounced in his hand.”Hmm? Oh no baby…” Alicia replied as she looked up into Eric’s eyes, a sudden sparkle shining in her deep, grey eyes. “…he’s been treating me like a lady. I’ve….I’ve enjoyed him…being here. We’ll have to…have him…over…more often.”Alicia’s words were broken by the air being driven from her lungs as Eric rammed his hard dick into her with as much force as he could, though Nick didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary.For a moment Eric suddenly stopped moving, simply holding his hard dick deep inside her as he let his hands run up her long, smooth legs, cupping her tight ass before raising to cinch her slim waist. Continuing up his strong hands ran over and squeezed her big tits before slowly running over her shoulders and down her back, his eyes always locked on hers as she continued talking to her boyfriend, his friend. The whole sight was incredibly hot. Here he was, running his hands all over his friend’s girlfriend, his nine-inch dick buried deep inside her pussy, her legs wrapped around his waist, while she talked on the phone to her oblivious boyfriend.”No babe, he hasn’t ‘cum on’ to me yet.” Alicia replied, her eyes purring as her chest heaved…a truly glorious sight…as her eyes stared deep into Eric’s. “…You know I’m only yours.” She added before silently mouthing the words ‘fuck me’ to Eric in a way that dripped sluttiness, her hand slowly sliding down to her large, half-exposed tits.What could a man do but oblige the lady? And so, with one swift, powerful movement, Eric pulled his dick almost completely from Alicia’s tight hole before slamming so hard into her she threw her arm around him, clinging tightly to him before she lost her balance.”YES!” The gorgeous woman shouted in pleasure, and then added when her boyfriend obviously asked why… “Huh? Oh…hmm…I just took Eric again baby…yeah, looks like I can take him babe…mmm…uh huh…uh….yeah….mmmm.”By the end Alicia could no longer string words together and so resorted to incomprehensible moans and grunts that Eric knew she hoped Nick took to be replies to him and not moans of pleasure.Giving her a full on dirty smile, Eric leaned closer, whispering into her ear as she held the phone to the other.”I’m gonna make you scream Liss.” He said softly but heatedly.As he leaned back, his hands grasping her firm ass tightly, Alicia’s eyes widened as she realised what he meant and realised that she was still on the phone to Nick. However, the hot girlfriend had no time to get off the phone as the moment he held her, Eric began to pound so hard into her that Alicia’s mouth hung open and her ass began bouncing hard on and off the counter.”OH FUCK!” Alicia moaned loudly before pressing the phone against Eric’s arm to muffle the receiver as she squeaked with each thrust deep into her. “Oh…uh, uh, uh, mmmmmnggg, yeah, oh, uh, uh!”Eric gritted his teeth as his huge, thick shaft pummelled repeatedly into the tight, vice-like pussy of his friend’s girlfriend, feasting his eyes on her ecstasy-twisted gorgeous face and her large, ripe tits bouncing hotly in the thin, lace confines of her black bra, jiggling succulently.For a few moments all the hot girlfriend could do was grunt and squeak as her boyfriend’s friend fucked her hard, her ass lifting from the counter with each thrust, until finally she took a deep breath, getting as much of a hold on herself as she could and once more placed the receiver to her ear.”B..Babe…N..Nick…uh huh…yeah!?…Oh…ummm, Eric surprised me with his…umm…moves…uh, mmmm…I’m gonna have to go baby…yes…I’ll ‘take him’…promise baby…” Alicia spoke, the strain of not moaning or groaning plain on her reddening face, her eyes wide and her hand gripping both the phone and Eric’s shoulder as tightly as her legs locked on to his waist. “Uhhuhmmm…oh baby, I need to go baby….yes….oh yes, I love you too baby…I love you so much!…”Eric smiled to himself as he stared deep into Alicia’s wide eyes, his hard dick pumping her rapidly as she said those words, and wondered to himself whether she had meant them for her boyfriend on the phone or him as he fucked her good…maybe both…that was so hot.”…take care…I’ll see you later….bye baby….byyeee!!” The stunning brunette said, her voice rising to a high pitch from the strain and pleasure by the end.With the last word Alicia pressed the button on the phone and slammed it down on the counter beside her as the pent up lust and ecstasy erupted within her.”OH FUCK ME! UGHHH YES! OHHHHH FUCK! UHHHHHHHNNNGHH!” The hot girlfriend screamed loudly as she threw her head back, leaning back on the counter on her hands, arching her back and pushing her glorious tits out as she gave in to the ecstasy rushing through her. “OH FUCK GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME THAT BIG DICK ERIC! YES! OH FUCK YESS! OHHHHMMMMM! YEAH! OHH FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG FUCKING COCK ERIC! UGHHHH!””Yeah! You like that don’t ya Liss? You like me fucking you while you spoke to Nick?” Eric replied, a mix of smugness and teasing as his hand once more found Alicia’s big tits, happily mashing them in his fingers.”Ohhhhhh yeah…I love it when you fuck me Eric…oh fuck I love it sooo fucking much! Ughnnn…mmmmmm….yeeesss! Keep fucking me! Ohhh!” Alicia groaned in response, her hair swishing as her head hung back and she moaned wordlessly, relishing in the illicit screw.Eric smiled to himself…now she was his…just like he had planned yesterday.”Who fucks you good Liss?” He growled, his hand groping harder on her soft, firm flesh.”Ohhhhhuunnnghhhh yooouu dooo baby! Ohhh yeah….mmmm!” She moaned deeply in reply before she raised her head to look into his eyes with an expression that should have burned him away it was so heated with lust. “You fuck me good Eric….yeahh….ummm…unnghhhh…you fuck me so good…I love your big dick…fuck it’s soo fucking good….umm! Fuck me baby!””Am I the best, huh?” Eric asked tightly, fuck she was squeezing him dry!”Yeah, you’re the best baby…the best at fucking me…unnnnmm…fuck me hard baby! OHH!” Nick’s girlfriend purred hornily in reply.”Am I better than Nick?” He asked, making sure he looked deep in her eyes, and was glad as the dirtiest smile he had ever seen twisted Alicia’s hot, luscious lips.”Mmmm, yeah…yes….you’re better…ohhmm…so much better at fucking me than Nick…ohhmm…so much bigger than he is….ohhunnghhh yeah…you’re so bad…mmm…so bad for nailing me behind his back…fucking me…ohhh…fucking me in our kitchen, on our counter…fucking your big dick into me while we were on the phone…OHHH….and squeezing his girlfriend’s tits….yes! YES! OH FUCK YES! UGHHH!” She began saying huskily, and then moaning lustfully, until she ended screaming loudly, flinging her arms around his neck as she tried hard to match his thrusts as his hands once more held her tightly under her skirt. “Yeah…ohhhhh, fuck me…yes! OHhhhhhh! Give me your big cock Eric please…oh yes…yes…oh fuck…oh please fuck me…ohhhh…don’t ever stop fucking me Eric! OH FUCK YES! YES! OH I LOVE YOUR BIG DICK! OHHH! GIVE IT TO ME! OH FUCK GIVE ME ALL YOUR BIG COCK! YESS!””Yeah, take it all Liss…fuck you’re a hot slut!” Eric growled, ramming his hard nine inch dick into her so hard Alicia screamed wordlessly. “Maybe…maybe you should tell Nick how much you’re enjoying this Liss!”Alicia groaned throatily before she picked up the phone, and held it to her ear as if Nick were on the other side.”Oh fuck! Ummm! Oh baby…Nick baby…ohh…your friend is fucking me in our kitchen baby…ohhh fuck yes…ohhh his dick is so fucking big….ohhhmmmmm…he’s filling me up so good baby…yes…unghhh…he’s fucking me behind your back and ohh fuck…he’s sooo good baby…unghhhmm…he’s so much better than you…and so much bigger….oh baby I love you…umm, uh, uh, uh….yeesssohhhh….but I love his hard cock…ohhh I want him to fuck me all day! Oh fuck yes! Listen to him fucking your girl baby…riding her like she needs…ummm…like she wants him too…..oh fuck yeeessss! Oh Eric fuck me baby! Yes!” Alicia moaned sexily into the phone, and the words drove both of them wild.Eric smiled smugly to himself. She was his now, and she would definitely be back on his dick again soon.The thought made him smile as he continued to screw Nick’s girlfriend on the counter as Alicia moaned into the handset before it fell from her hand as the ecstasy began to flood through every nerve of her body and her moans began to resound loudly through the apartment and out into the street, letting anyone who lived or walked nearby know that some hot woman was getting the best sex of her life in that apartment right then, and more than a few of the neighbours did look up and hear what Alicia screamed lustfully next.”OH ERIC! OH BABY! OH FUCK ME ERIC! OHHH FUCK ME BEHIND NICK’S BACK! FUCK ME LIKE ONLY HE SHOULD! OHHHH YES! YES! OHHHH FUCK! MAKE MY TITS BOUNCE BABY! OHHHHH FUCK YOUR FRIEND’S GIRLFRIEND! YES! OHHH!” The stunning girlfriend screamed as she began clawing at the back of Eric’s neck.She was close now, and for that matter so was Eric, he couldn’t hold back much longer. Fuck, Nick’s girlfriend was a great fuck! He was going to have to remember to thank him for that!”You gonna cum Liss? You gonna cum for me?” He growled harshly, his balls beginning to tingle as he watched Alicia’s eyes widen, wild and lost in the pure pleasure surging through every vein as he jackhammered his hard dick into her relentlessly.”YES! YES! OH FUUCK YES! OH KEEP FUCKING ME! OHHH KEEP FUCKING ME! I’M GONNA CUM…KEEP FUCKING ME…YES…OH FUCK….YES….OHHH….OHHH..OHHHH….OHHHHFUUUCKKKKU…I’M CUMMING BABY…OH FUCK I’M CUMMING…UNGHHHHHHH!” Alicia screamed so loudly Eric would have covered his ears if his own orgasm had not been about to tear through him.The gorgeous brunette girlfriend wrapped her arms tightly around him in a death grip, squashing her almost completely exposed big tits flat against his naked chest, her long, smooth legs locking so hard around him that she seemed to be trying to break him in two. Her hot, sensuous body shuddered uncontrollably as a wordless scream of pure lust tore through her, her hot, burning pussy gripping his hard dick as her orgasm literally ripped through her gorgeous 21-year-old body, shaking her with pure bliss.”Ughhhh fuckk…I’m cumming Liss…ugnnnn…gonna fill your pussy with cum baby! FUCKUGHHHH!” Eric growled through gritted teeth before he rammed his entire nine-inch shaft deep into his friend’s girl’s pussy before his balls tightened.This was what he had been waiting for, the chance to fill Nick’s girlfriend’s unprotected pussy with all of his hot, thick, potent cum, shooting it deep into her womb. Fuck, it had been worth the wait!Convulsing, his dick spurted load after thick, heavy load deep into Alicia’s unprotected pussy, shooting deep into her womb as he held his thick, solidly hard cock deep inside her. One, two, three, four, five…thick loads of cum blasted deep into his friend’s girlfriend’s body, filling her with his cum and sending her orgasmic high even higher. Eric could hardly believe he was here, in Nick’s, his friend’s, own kitchen with his nine-inch dick buried balls deep in his friend’s girlfriend, emptying his balls deep into her unprotected pussy as she clung to him in the rapture of her own orgasm, her bare legs gripping around him and her big tits pressed against his naked chest. Damn, this was a good day!What seemed like an eternity passed as both of the lustful pair’s heads swam in ecstasy, however before long, Alicia’s vice-like grip finally loosened and she began panting…Eric hadn’t noticed when she had stopped screaming.Moving a little away so that she sat straight and breathing heavily, her big impressive tits heaving so gorgeously, Alicia brushed her now messy hair from her beautiful face and smiled at him as she let her legs fall from around his waist, his dick still buried deep within her pussy, though it was softening now.”Mmmm, fuck….that was fun.” She purred contentedly, her grey eyes sparkling with satisfaction.Eric smiled confidently and smugly as he wiped his face with the back of his hand, letting his hands rest on her long, smooth legs as they dangled off the edge of the counter.”Sure was.” He replied haughtily.Alicia’s smile deepened as she traced a finger down his chiselled chest.”You’re so bad.” She purred happily, and when he smiled smugly she added. “Having sex with your friend’s girlfriend and filling me with your cum. I can feel it inside me.”Eric laughed lightly, his smile never fading.”You really needed that huh?” He asked already knowing the answer and watched as his friend’s girl nodded brightly.”Totally” She answered as she lightly wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. “And I’m glad you took care of me.”Softly she kissed his lips before that sparkle shone in her eyes.”I guess I owe you another chance to put your dick in my mouth.” She said sexily and Eric’s smile deepened.Placing his strong hands on her slim waist Eric kissed Alicia on her soft, luscious lips before he leaned back, pulling her to her feet. For a moment her legs wavered however his friend’s stunning girlfriend quickly caught her balance, her legs still shaky from her powerful orgasm.”I’ll make sure to fill your throat with hard dick.” He said as he still held her small waist. Fuck she was gorgeous! “I’m going to have to thank Nick for starting all this.”Alicia laughed lightly before she pushed him playfully away from her.”I don’t think he’d be pleased that you’re fucking his girlfriend.” She teased, her grey eyes sparkling in that beautiful face. “But first, you owe me breakfast.”Eric grinned at that, despite the fact he was standing naked in his friend’s kitchen, his now soft dick hanging between him and his friend’s girlfriend he had just screwed the life out of, all she could say was ‘make me some breakfast’…and so casually too…as if she hadn’t just cheated on her boyfriend whom she loved and who she had been on the phone with in the middle of it too! Damn this girl made his dick twitch with life!”Anything for my mate’s girl.” He teased and Alicia slapped his ass.And so Eric went about preparing breakfast, not bothering to dress and leaving the towel in the middle of the kitchen floor. He didn’t even bother to dress when the two of them sat in the lounge and ate, talking and laughing like he wasn’t sitting there naked.However, it wasn’t long before Alicia’s and his lips were locked once again, their tongues sparring passionately in each other’s mouths as Eric’s hands ran up her smooth legs and over her big tits. Soon enough, the apartment rang with the sounds of moans and groans as Eric’s naked ass pumped up and down as he drove his hard dick in and out of his friend’s girlfriend’s tight pussy, nailing her tight ass deeper and deeper into the mattress she shared with her boyfriend, her hands clawing at his back as she screamed and begged for more. The headboard banged repeatedly on the wall and the bed squeaked lewdly, marking their second illicit fuck as Alicia’s long smooth legs waved in the air her toes curling from how intense she was feeling as all nine inches of her boyfriend’s friend’s cock drove deep into her again and again, her big naked tits shaking and rolling rapidly around her chest as she stared up into Eric’s face in complete rapture.The bed squeaked and the headboard banged for an hour, with Eric holding himself above her looking down as he fucked the life out of her, or Alicia bouncing swiftly up and down his hard dick, her big tits flailing freely, before the flat finally filled with a rapturous scream of orgasmic ecstasy only to fall silent except the sound of heavy breathing as Eric emptied his balls deep inside the stunning, cheating girlfriend for the second time that day, filling her with his thick, life-creating cum like only her boyfriend should have done.As the two collapsed in heavy panting and tiredness, Alicia curled up beside her boyfriend’s friend, noticing the time. Nick wouldn’t be back for a while longer and she had already had sex with his friend twice, and she still had a debt to pay. However the two lay there, catching their breath, and all the while Alicia’s unaware boyfriend carried on his work, oblivious to the hot sex going on at his home between his friend and girlfriend.Nick packed his things and made sure everything was turned off before he left the room he had been working in for what seemed like hours, but he had managed to get everything done today and more, even calling his beautiful girlfriend, though he had disturbed her whooping Eric’s ass no doubt at Guitar Hero.As he made his way out of the building and towards the car, almost burning his hand on the door handle as the sun beat down mercilessly on the metal, Nick was blissfully unaware that his girlfriend had been filled with his friend’s huge loads of cum twice that day, that she had been bouncing up and down his hard dick repeatedly, screaming for all the neighbours to hear about how much she enjoyed it more than his and how much better Eric was at fucking her than he was and how she would fuck him whenever, wherever and however he wanted.As he got into the car and began making his way back home, enjoying the sun, smiling as he nodded his head to the tunes on the radio and drove along leisurely feeling happy and content at the scenes of peace and happiness that filled the streets of the City of Taboo Dreams, Alicia was back at their apartment on her knees while Eric sat on the couch, his jeans open as Nick’s girlfriend bobbed her head up and down his hard dick, her lips wrapped tightly around the thick shaft sliding rapidly up and down as her cheeks sucked in and out and her tongue danced across the sensitive head, her eyes locked on his as her hand pumped furiously up and down the nine-inch rod. Alicia’s big tits jiggled within her open top, exposing the glorious mounds perfectly as she sucked hard and lovingly deep into her throat, oblivious to the fact that her loving boyfriend was on his way home.As Nick turned a corner, his friend’s hand slid into his girlfriend’s top, squeezing and grabbing a good feel of her luscious 36D tits causing Alicia to moan hotly around his dick. As Nick made his way home, his girlfriend made his friend very, very happy.”Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Eric growled and Alicia sucked harder when suddenly a car door closed outside.Alicia’s eyes widened, but her boyfriend’s friend was too far gone to stop, and so as the hot girlfriend pulled her mouth from his dick, about to say Nick was back, Eric grunted and his dick exploded.Huge spurts of thick, hot, white cum blasted from his dick showering her. A thick glob shot into her brunette hair, another across her cheek, one across her nose and on her eye, two more straight into her open mouth and another just missing and spraying over her lips and chin, while another covered her neck and the last two, the biggest of all, hit her right on the chest, running down over her exposed, big tits.Alicia looked up with one eye open, stunned. She was covered in cum and her boyfriend was about to walk through the front door any minute! And Eric had his dick out!Swallowing the cum that filled her mouth, Alicia was about to tell Eric when they both heard a key in the front door. Eric scrambled to put his dick back in his jeans, hopping as he pulled the zipper up, and Alicia looked around for something to wipe the cum from her face quickly.”I’ll stall him.” Her boyfriend’s friend said quickly before he rushed off to the hall. A second later Alicia heard her boyfriend’s happy voice.Fuck! If only he walked in he’d see her kneeling on the floor, her tits basically hanging out of her top and her face and tits covered in his friend’s hot cum! Fuck! Her heart was beating out of her chest!Looking down at her chest Alicia quickly began buttoning her top up with shaking hands, before she looked around desperately as she heard Nick and Eric approaching. Panicking she quickly began rubbing her face and neck, massaging Eric’s cum into her skin and hands as quickly as she could before she jumped up and tried to catch her breath, her face red from all the cocksucking she had done.She had just gotten to her feet when Nick walked in with Eric behind him.”Hey babe.” Her handsome boyfriend said as he walked towards her.Smiling and trying to look as composed as she could with his friend’s cum rubbed into her skin, Alicia wrapped her arms around Nick as he hugged her warmly…and she felt something wet and sticky press into her tits and her eyes widened as she realised she had buttoned her top up so hastily that she had forgotten to rub in the cum Eric had shot all over her tits.Suddenly her eyes caught sight of Eric pointing to his hair and for a moment Alicia looked at him confusedly before she touched her hair and felt something wet, warm and sticky. Her heart beat even faster as she remembered her boyfriend’s friend shooting another heavy load into her hair. Not knowing what to do with it she quickly stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked the cum from them.The whole thing was intensely erotic, at least it would have been if Alicia’s heart hadn’t been pounding out of her chest. Here she was, hugging her boyfriend, him unknowingly pressing his friend’s cum into her tits, as she sucked his friend’s cum from her fingers without him knowing, and all this just seconds after he had cum on her face after she had sucked him off! Fuck! If she wasn’t so nervous she would have been incredibly horny right then!”You look all red babe.” Nick commented as he let her go, the whole hug only taking a second or so. “It’s really hot outside. Are the windows open?”He turned to look around as he waved a magazine trying to cool himself down, and Alicia gave Eric a quick flash of a smile as if to say ‘that was too close’, Eric gave her a very significant look back, though he did grin and Alicia felt a flood of excitement pass through her.”Ah, it’s good to be home.” Nick said, tossing the magazine down on the sofa his friend had just been sitting on getting head from his girlfriend. Looking happily between them, completely unaware of everything that had gone on, he asked, “So, how’s your day been? Been playing Guitar Hero all day ah?”Both of them smiled before Alicia replied.”We’ve been ‘at it’ all day baby.” She answered honestly, and with a small, impish smile at Eric. “Fancy a nice cold drink? I know I could do with one.”Nick smiled and kissed her softly on the lips, unaware that his friend had shot cum all over them only a few moments before.”Sure, but I think I’m going to have a nice cooling shower first, it’s been hot out there.” Her sweet boyfriend replied with a smile that lit up his face.”It’s been hot in here too man.” Eric added with a smirk and Alicia felt butterflies dance in her stomach.”I bet, it’s roasting outside.” Nick replied with a grin as he placed an arm around Alicia’s slim waist, which his friend had been holding some time before, helping her ride his hard cock. “You staying for dinner?” Her loving boyfriend asked sincerely.Glancing between her and Nick briefly, Eric shook his head, that smug, confident smile sending shivers through Alicia’s body and fire to her pussy. Fuck she was so horny today! Must have been screwing her boyfriend’s friend so much! But fuck was he big, and so fucking good!”Nah, man, I think I’ve taken enough of yours and Alicia’s time up.” He answered as he grabbed the top of the door, leaning against it.”If you’re sure man, you’re welcome you know.” Nick replied but Eric shook his head.”I do want to say thanks again for letting me have sex with Liss though man, I had fun.” He said and Alicia felt her stomach clench, her eyes sparkling was not lost on her boyfriend’s friend who smiled proudly back at her.Nick simply grinned, obviously thinking he meant last night.”Sure thing man, thanks for helping us fulfil a fantasy.” Her boyfriend replied and Alicia felt her heart racing, her eyes never leaving his friend as her pussy tingled hotly.”Any time you need me again man, just let me know.” Eric said with a grin and Alicia felt on fire as she heard Nick laugh again.”It was a one time thing man, but I’ll keep that in mind.” He replied as he squeezed Alicia to him gently, though he didn’t seem concerned in the least…if only he knew just what had happened that day… “It’s been cool hanging out though, we’ll have to do it more.”Alicia smiled deeply as she looked into Eric’s eyes at that.”Definitely man, I’ll be over more often if you don’t mind.” Eric said and Alicia smiled as she looked up into Nick’s eyes, nodding gently before Eric smiled and nodded.”Cool.” He said before kissing her lightly on the head, letting her go as he made his way towards the door. “Well, I really need a shower man, it’s been hell working in this heat. I need to get out of these clothes. So I’ll catch you soon, yeah?”Eric took the hand Nick offered and shook it firmly, and Alicia smiled as she knew her boyfriend was unaware that that hand had been squeezing her firm tits and pinching hard on her nipples not long ago.With a little more conversation Nick made his way into the bathroom, and as the door closed and locked behind him and the shower turned on, Eric slammed Alicia against the wall, her arms around his neck as they kissed hotly before he turned and pushed her firmly against the bathroom door, their tongues dancing as his hands freely explored her body and one of her hands crept down to squeeze his hard cock through his jeans.Alicia felt so hot as she heard the water running behind the door as her boyfriend had his shower while his friend took such liberties with her right against the door.It took a few minutes, a lot of kissing, a promise from the hot girlfriend that they would indeed have sex again, very soon if she could help it, before Eric finally left and Alicia leant back against the closed front door breathing heavily.Walking shakily into the bedroom, her mind reeling and horny, Alicia looked over the messy bed that she and Eric had spent so much time in today before she looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was red and her eyes sparkled, while her large, heavy tits heaved as she breathed heavily as blood surged through her body and the wet, sticky feeling on her naked tits made her feel so hot.Thoughts flashed through her mind of when and how she would be able to see Eric again…oh she needed his big dick inside her soon again…fuck! More thoughts also ran through her mind, the fact that she had cheated on her boyfriend today a lot and that she was planning on doing it again, but what surprised her was that she wasn’t feeling guilty about it. Oh, she loved Nick with all of her heart and seeing him made her feel so happy, but sex with Eric was just…well…incredible, and there was no way that she was giving that up.What little worry touched her was soothed as Alicia thought that besides, Nick had been the one to open this Pandora’s Box. What should he expect letting his hot girlfriend have a big, hard cock fuck her all night long, not to mention letting her suck it afterwards? Well, she had certainly taken that big nine-inch cock a lot today, and in the days to come she was going to take it a lot more…anywhere, any time, as much as she could…and the hotter the better.One last though flashed through the gorgeous girlfriend’s mind, sending electricity through her body and painting a dirty, wicked, naughty smile on her beautiful face. Nick had bought three of his friends back last night, and Eric had boasted that he would tell them all about the night Nick had let him have his girlfriend and what they had missed by leaving early. Maybe she would get to know them all a little better…maybe she could hint at Nick bringing them all over for a night of playing games…yes, and send him out for something…A dirty smile and flashing eyes…Alicia turned lightly to head towards the kitchen to get her baby his cold drink. Three cocks instead of one. Fucking three of her boyfriend’s friends.Nick had opened this Pandora’s Box…now his girlfriend and friends were going to enjoy what came out. A lot. But that was to come…- – – To Be Continued… – – –

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