Why I miss my ex

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Why I miss my exWhy I Miss My ExI feel obligated to say that I am not a passable crossdresser, not even close. Even without my beard, I’m very masculine, large framed, and I have a very deep voice. All of these things aside, I love to dress up in sexy lingerie, panties, dresses, bras etc. While I’m dressed, I love to be verbally humiliated, although, I don’t think being called names like “sissy” or “fag” or “cuckold” is actually humiliating. For me, it’s a huge turn on, and I love to think about sucking cock while I’m being humiliated. It’s quite a long story about how I got my ex-wife to play with me in this special way, but I’ll spare you the details and get right to the meat…I was totally submissive to Dee, I wasn’t always this way, but the natural order of things saw to it that my wife accepted me dressing up like a little sissy, while she verbally encouraged me to stroke my cock. There were so many things we shared a love of, with big black cock being at the top of the pyramid.We played regularly. Sometimes, as I was getting out of the shower in the morning, she’d be waiting for me with my favorite peignoir set in her hand. It was a long teal, satin and lace gown, with a matching lace robe. She would tell me to put it on and start stroking myself. As I was doing this, she would call me her little bitch, and ask me what the guys at work would think if they knew what I did before I came to work. She would also ask me if I ever thought about sucking off anyone I worked with, and I would embarrassingly say yes. “I know you do you little faggot” she’d say as she laughed at me, dressed iskenderun escort in a sexy night-gown and stroking my cock. Some days she would let me cum before I left, but most days she would not. She’d say, “Stop stroking right now bitch. I want you to be frustrated and horny all day. I want you to think about sucking cock for me all day, and if you’re a good little cuckold faggot husband, maybe I’ll let you cum when you get home”. And sure enough, I’d be frustrated all day, I’d think about sucking cock all day, and I would rush home to beg for my relief.In the evening, when we had more time to play, I never knew what to expect from Dee. Sometimes we’d pickup where we left off in the morning, and I’d don the night-gown. She’d make me wear it around the house, as I did some chores. I loved this. I loved being made to be a sissy like this. Dee would tell me I wasn’t acting feminine enough as I swished through the house dusting, or doing laundry. She would regularly command me to “move those hips bitch” and she would sometimes have me stop in the middle of what I was doing to start stroking my rigid cock, bring me to the edge, and then telling me to stop again.One night in particular she had me edging for hours as I cleaned the entire house, after working all day. That day I was wearing a matching, electric blue, bra, panty and garter set, with a short billowy black skirt, and white see through blouse. I also had on a pair of clear, open back, four inch heels. I was starting to beg her for relief when she told me to sit down, move my panties to the side, and escort iskenderun start stroking my cock. I didn’t hesitate for a second. As I started to stroke, she asked me, “What do you think about me fucking other men”? I don’t know why she asked this, as it’s been an ongoing subject for us to talk about during sex, and playtime. “I’d love for you to fuck other guys honey” I replied as I started stroking a little faster. “Tell me exactly what my little sissy wants, because I think you’re the one that really wants to get fucked. You love cock, don’t you? Tell me!”“I Love cock honey, you know I do. You know I fantasize about sucking cock, about you being fucked by strange cock. I’m your cuckold. I’m your sissy…” she cut me off. “I want you to repeat ‘I love cock’ over and over bitch, and don’t cum until I tell you you can.” So I began my mantra, saying “I love cock” over and over. “I love cock, I love cock, I love cock” it was almost hypnotic. As I said the words, she came up behind me and ran her hands over my torso as she whispered “You’re such a sissy” and “You’re my cum loving cock whore” and all kinds of nasty things in my ear. I was ready to bust, and I had to ease off my cock, since she hadn’t given me permission to cum yet. Dee immediately noticed and moved around to my front where she dropped to her knees. She told me “You can cum now”, moved my hand away, and started sucking my throbbing dick. Within seconds, my body started convulsing, and I was shooting what felt like a quart of cum in my dominant wife’s mouth. She milked every last drop from me, slowing iskenderun escort bayan down and stroking me with her hand to pinch the last few drops of cum from my softening cock, and sucking it into her mouth.As I’m sitting there, exhausted, relieved and satisfied with my head laying back over the chair, Dee slowly starts getting up from her knees. Like a cat, she starts moving her way up my body, softly, quietly and tenderly. As she brings her face close to mine, I lift my head to meet her. I see her mouth is closed, and she has some of my cum still on her beautiful smiling lips. She kisses me, closed mouth at first, and I taste my own tangy jizz on her lips, and I’m so turned on. I know what’s coming next. I hungrily start to force my tongue into Dee’s mouth, and she opens up to accept. Her mouth is full of my cum, and as we make-out the cum flows between our two mouths, and dribbles on our faces. She pulls back and whispers “You’re my little cock-whore cuckold aren’t you”? I say “Yes” and I move closer for more of that delicious cum that’s still on her face, but she stops me and says, “I have another little surprise for you”. I ease back and jokingly say, “do tell”. “I got laid today, you are now truly a cuckold, sissy husband” she says, and my heart jumps, and my dick starts to get hard again. We had talked about her fucking, but she hadn’t done it. “Really” I ask, “or are we still ‘playing’”. “We’re still playing” she tells me, and I have mixed emotions of disappointment, and relief. She continues, “We’re going to play for a long long time sissy, because yes, I did get fucked today, and now that you’ve tasted your cum, you’re going to taste my lover’s” She stands up, and starts unbuttoning her jeans…To be continued if I get positive feedback. I’ve never written a story before, and this is all mostly true, with very little embellishment.

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