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Wife and GuestsHere is a real american housewife. She is generous, she is hospitable and she is motherish. When her husband’s friends told that the room is too hot, she told them to feel comfortable and not to hesitate to have a shower. They seemed shy in the beginning and kindly refused it but the housewife was still so generous and insisting. She button off their shirts by herself to get her shy guests feel comfortable. Well… It worked. The guests felt comfortable. Maybe too comfortable. Then they took off their trousers and they had only these tight cotton underwears. Now, she had three guests who walks almost naked and carrying packet of potatos between their legs. She felt glad that they are comfortable but there was something strange. She felt odd with that. Now, she and her husband had clothes only but the guests no. Then the guests told her to feel comfortable and she told she is comfortable. Then they insisted her to be comfortable but she kindly refused. Then one of them (short one) started take her blouse off. She said “please no, I am ok, I don’t need it.” but they didn’t stop. Finally they wanted to help her better to feel comfortable. They take off their underwears too. She was shocked of such comfortable guests at home and how eggplants popped out from the potatoes bag! These three men was walking around naked freely internet casino like c***dren and they weren’t shy of their huge eggplants between their legs. She felt so helpless and dazed. She didn’t want to be unfair to her guests. They get offended when they see she doesn’t response in the same way to them although they didn’t refuse her and be comfortable as much as they can. Then she surrendered to them to button off her blouse. They first took of her blouse and then her bra. Her big white breasts like cantaloupes popped out. They looked finally happier. They had big eggplants and she had cantaloups. There was nothing more natural than that. When the guests started to complain about their backs, she proposed them a good massage. The husband assured them that she is good at massage and the guests had to accept it. The men lie down on their chests and she started to rub their back, waist and arms and shoulders. She realized that the guests like the massage. As a classic housewife, she had to show her all hospitality to her guests. She could make her husband be proud herself in this way. She gave them a very detailed massage. Although it was so hard to stroke all thick arms, large shoulders and bubble bums and deep dimples. They were so happy of the massage, later they asked her to continue for the foreside of their bodies. güvenilir casino Their chest, stomach and the rest…When the guest turned his face and lied down in this position, she noticed that the massage won’t be comfortable like before anymore. She noticed that her massage worked well. She was doing massage to his chest but her eyes were locking on his guests hard eggplant but she didn’t want to be mean to them. It was hard to make massage in this position and finally the guest proposed her to top on him to make it more comfortable. She said doesn’t need it because she was totally naked too and if she get top on him, this eggplant could touch her wrong places. But he insisted and she didn’t want to be mean and make him offended. She slowly and gently topped on him. She continued the massage in this position. She was more comfortable now but this thick eggplant was touching her gentle places… It made her loose her concentration. He understood that she lost her concentration and his eggplant bothers her crotch. He apologized for his thick long hard eggplant. He told maybe they must find another way to avoid it’s uncomfort. She replied that she is ok but he knew that she was only trying to be nice and he decided to solve it in his way. He hold and lift his eggplant first and later. He told her to mount on his eggplant. She casino firmalari asked “are you serious? why?”. He told “yes I am serious. just mount on it’s head”. She thought it is silly but she didn’t refuse her kind guest. She mounted on it. Then he told her to release herself. She said ok and released herself. Then she notice this thick hard long eggplant is sliding in her and she can’t stop sliding in herself. In a moment entire eggplant was in her body. She was so dazed, surprised and he was laughing at her. She asked “are you sure it would work” and he answered “just go on your massage baby” and he laughed again. She was so much in shocked. She was thinking how she could continue the massage while his 11 inches thick eggplant was inside her. She was completely confused. She was breathing deeply and trying to understand what’s going on! She was trying to understand what just entered her body? What is it inside her body? How could a piece of human body could slide in her like that and make her feel in this way? She finally remembered about her massage. She shouldn’t make her guest offended anyhow and she moved toward front and tried to continue her massage by stroking his chest. Every time she move toward front, she felt like something drives her crazy inside but she could stop doing it. She continued doing it. She saw that her guest was very happy too and she kept on doing it. Finally a moment had come and she was shaking and she couldn’t get what this feeling is. She just slumped down on her guest large chest and deeply breath… And the guest was just laughing…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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