Wife’s Journey Part 5

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Wife’s Journey Part 5Wifes Journey part 5 Con’t. It’s been about a week since my wife had her time away with T. The week was pretty busy with work, k**s and family stuff. It was now Tuesday and I always look forward to this night because it seems to be the night my wife and I have some fun with each other. It happens other times during the week but definitely Tuesday nights.We head back to the bedroom after our daughters go to bed. My wife asked me to bring the laptop back. I love when she tells me that, because it means she is in the mood to watch some porn or read some erotic stories together. I get everything set up and get in bed and then she comes out of the bathroom with stockings and a sexy teddy on. She looks so great! We are now in bed with the laptop open and I ask her if she wants videos or stories. She said let’s start with videos. We go to one of our favorite sites and she wants to watch older women with younger men. She picked a video about a wife with a young guy that had long hair. Many years ago she used to like guys with long hair, guess she still does. It was a pretty good video and I could tell it made her excited. I always like when she picks the videos or stories because it helps me know what she might be thinking or looking for. She picked another video about a woman having sex with another employee at work. That was pretty good as well. As we are watching the video I can see her hand slip down between her legs. The only light in the room is coming from the laptop but it is enough to see her hand and also see her spread her stocking covered legs. I love watching her masturbating. She asked me if I would like to go down on her while she is doing this. I didn’t bother answering her; I immediately went down between her legs. I could smell her sweetness and couldn’t wait to taste her. First I had to massage her feet. I love feet especially with stockings on. As I took one foot and started massaging it, I started kissing her toes and then sucking on them. She was moaning as I was doing that. I then moved up her legs and went to lick her pussy. She took one of her fingers out and let me lick it first. She tasted amazing. I started to lick her clit and she had her eyes closed. She looked like she was in a deep thought. Then she arched her neck and back and her legs closed around my head and she started to cum. She squirted a little and I licked up her juices. She asked if I could get my extension. I have this extension that is about 9 1/2 inches and she loves when I use it. As do I. I am not a bad size but this adds another few inches or so and it makes me last longer.As soon as I enter her she lets out a little moan. I start going in and out very slowly, letting her feel the fullness. As I am watching her in the dim light from the laptop with her eyes closed. I can tell she is thinking of something. I am not sure if it is one of the videos we just watched or something else. Side note – This may sound strange to some of you but my wife and I are very spiritual and believe faith and sex can go hand and hand. We also believe everyone has different gifts and people just have to tap into them to discover what they may be. This past year I have experienced some out of body experiences with yozgat escort my wife. There has been a few times where I was in her head thinking what she was thinking or feeling. Another time while I was making love to her, I felt it was not me making love to her but one of the delivery guys at her work. I was actually him! Hard to explain, just trying to be truthful here, now back to the story. This is one of those times I start to sense her thoughts but I am also feeling like I am the guy she is thinking of. This is a first for me to encounter both senses at the same time. I lean down and start to kiss her neck and while going in her with the extension. She puts her hands on my face and brings my lips up to hers and starts kissing me. The kiss feels so sensual and different. She is imagining it is him and I am feeling like him. She starts breathing heavy and pushing into me more. She wraps her legs around me and squeezes hard. She lets out a moan and starts shaking and I feel her juices squirting out on me and down my legs. I start going faster and I start cumming into the extension. We both come down from this intense orgasm and I start to get off of her, but she asked if I could stay in her as I roll over and she rolls on top of me. One nice thing about the extension is even if I get soft some it still stays big enough to stay in her and feel full. We rolled over and while embracing each other, I ask her did she experience something different there? She said yes, why? I said I could tell what she was thinking. She said, really and what was that? I said you had an image of some guy at work and the guy you were imagining I became him and felt he was imagining it at the same time. I said I know it sounds strange but I was experiencing both senses. She said, that explains the intense orgasm!As we are talking I feel myself getting hard again and she felt the extension moving, she said are you getting hard again already with a little smile? She went on to say, yes there is a guy she has been talking with lately that really gets her going for some reason. She can’t stop thinking of him. I said, well I guess he is thinking about you too from what I just experienced! I said, you know what happens when you start thinking things into existence, they happen! It’s “The Secret”. We are both quiet for a moment and I could tell she is thinking again, she leans down and starts kissing me again. She is kissing my lips, my nose, my neck and ears. It is so sensual. An image now pops in my head and it is this guy. He is imagining doing this with my wife. I believe he is actually masturbating at this very moment thinking of this image. I am rock hard now and she is moving up and down on me. I now see her image and his image as they are both feeling this moment! She is going faster but then slows down and gets off of me just enough to remove the extension. Then she slides back down on my cock and says I need to feel you and want you to cum in me. The crazy thing is as she is telling me this, I do not feel it was me she was saying it too, because I sense his thoughts at this same moment and he was imagining taking off his condom and wanting to cum in her. When she said that he was ready to explode and as she escort yozgat is riding me faster I came and I swear it was him cumming at the same time and then she came again too! She said I can feel your cum shooting in me and it feels so good. She started kissing me again. It was so hot! She rolled off of me and we cuddled together and I told her what I had just encountered. She said, do you think he was actually masturbating at this very moment thinking of me? I said, I am not sure but it was very real to me! I do believe in these different spiritual realms. We both slept very well.The next day she went to work, she never knows who she will see between customers and co-workers. After last night she told me she was not sure if she would see this guy. She was a little nervous but still excited of potentially seeing him. She was curious to what the vibe would be. I didn’t text her most of the day as I was busy but then when it was close to her getting off work I texted her and asked her how her day was. She said really good and will tell me about it later with a wink and kiss. It got me a little excited because I thought maybe she seen this guy. She was already home getting dinner ready and I could tell in a really good mood. We did our normal family stuff between dinner, k**s, etc. The whole time I am dying to know what all happened at work for her. Finally it came time to when the k**s went to bed and it was now just my wife and I. We didn’t go back to the bedroom but stayed out in the living room and sat on our sofa. She asked if I could massage her feet while she tells me about her day. I said you know how to get me to massage your feet, although I would massage her feet without her needing to bribe me. I love her feet. She sat back and put her feet in my lap and started to tell me about her day. From her perspective –I got to work and as you know I was excited and nervous not knowing if I would see this guy. Of course I did have my sexy bodysuit on to feel sexy and like knowing if someone looks close enough they can tell I have it on under my work shirt. Every time someone came in to the store I would look to see if it was him. It was hard to focus on work, thinking how it will be if I see him. Will there be a different vibe or what? Work got a little busy and for a moment I was consumed with not thinking of him. I was in the back folding some shirts and then I turned around and he’s standing right behind me. I said whoa you scared me, he said sorry I didn’t me too. I laughed and said you can sneak up on me anytime. This was one of those moments when you think did I just say that out loud? It just came out! He paused for a moment as if he was not sure what to say but then said, that’s good to know with smile. My heart is racing a mile a minute seeing him. Besides him looking so hot, I feel like I just had sex with him last night because it seemed so real. It was a surreal moment. I couldn’t tell at the moment if he was feeling it too. But there was something going on. I said what brings you back here in this section of the store. You usually just get your drinks and food, you looking for a shirt? He said no, when I come in I usually look to see who is at the checkout counter to see yozgat escort bayan who is working. He said, I didn’t see you and was bummed. In my head I am thinking did he just admit he looks to see if I am working when he comes in? Maybe I am just hearing things. Then he went on and said, as I was going back to get a drink I looked over and see you folding shirts and was glad you were working! As he is telling me this, I am thinking why in the world this young guy is looking for me. Does he just like the vibes I give when he’s around me or does he actually find me attractive and is flirting with me? Either way, I am just going to receive whatever he wants to give! I said, flattery will you places, now I am thinking did that make any sense? He said he hopes so! Now I know he is definitely flirting with me and I am getting tingling and wet between my legs.He asked me how my evening was. Now I am thinking how do I answer this, or does he sense something. I said it was really nice. Did you do anything, he asked? I start feeling myself get a heat flash and I knew my face has to be red. I said, to be honest it was a lot of sexual energy going on in my bedroom last night and then I immediately said how was your evening, wanting to put it off on him now. He said mine was really, really nice and I was thinking a lot about you and felt some very strong sexual energy as you put it, too. I want to tell you what all I encountered last night but I can’t even describe it, but I would like to try and tell you but not here. I am not sure how to ask you this because I know you are married and I don’t want to put you in an awkward position, but is there any possibility of us getting a drink or something sometime? My heart was really beating fast now, I am so flattered and thinking did he just ask me out!! There was so much I wanted to tell him but didn’t want to scare him off. I said, first off, my evening was pretty interesting too and since you were honest, I will be too. I was thinking of you a lot last night as well and that was causing the sexual energy! I have you to blame and I gave him a mischievous smile. But they were really good thoughts of you. And yes, I would love to have a drink or something with you and my husband will not mind at all. We are pretty open about that. He kind of looked at me and I could tell he wanted to ask more about what that meant but I didn’t want to say too much yet. He said great, can I get your number? We exchanged numbers and at this point it was busy at the cash register and I said I would love to talk more but I have to go. He touched my arm and said I can’t wait till we can get together. When he touched my arm it sent a chill through my body and I could tell he felt it too. About an hour later I get a text saying, sorry to bother you, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed our talk and can’t wait until we can meet again. He asked what my schedule was over the next few days. He didn’t want to wait too long. I told him I am off tomorrow. He replied right away and asked if we could meet tomorrow after he gets off around 6PM. So we have a date tomorrow! The rest of my work shift I was floating on air. Thinking I have a date with this hot sexy young guy. Back to my perspective. As she was telling me this with her feet on my lap, I am rock hard! She tells me, this is making you so hard isn’t it. I said yes and I bet you are wet too! She smiled and said most definitely! So, can I go on my date tomorrow night? Until the next chapter.

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