Wild Thing (fantasy)

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Wild Thing (fantasy)Back when I was in my early teens the Xmas holidays were usually spent swimming down at the local river with several mates all around the same age and the occasional girl when one or two of us were lucky enough. This day was shaping up to be a doozy, even as the sun poked its head above the horizon it was a hot day so seven of us spent the morning cooling off at our secret spot. It was a great spot, we had a narrow winding path leading down through the dense scrub to a small open grassy patch beside a large tree close to the river, the tree had a long rope swing and the waterhole was deep enough to not have to worry about hitting the bottom.Around lunch time we all trooped off to our respective homes for lunch and ended up over at the local shop and supermarket. While hanging out we noticed a woman come out of the supermarket with a dozen beers and some ice. She looked pretty hot with her short dress and halter top, my guess would be mid twenties with mid length blond hair, a golden tan, nice sized tits that seem to be quite firm without a bra and a shapely bum.I wouldn’t say she was chubby but was just a bit soft looking. Of course all conversation amongst the five of us there stopped as we watched her walk over to her car and fumbled to open the boot, Bazz, or Mr Smooth as we like to call him offered to help and held the goods while she packed the beer and ice inside the esky in the back giving us a few glimpses of her lacey white knickers as she bent over into the boot, Bazz was spewing as he was missing out on a perve. When she finished she thanked Bazz then noticed us with our togs on and a towel over our shoulders and asked where the best swimming hole was.Bazz told her about our secret spot but said she would never find the track if she didn’t know where it was and told her we were on our way down there at this very moment. “If I give you all a lift down there will you show me where it is ?” she asked “sure” said Bazz as we all piled into her car. “I just have to nip home to grab my Bikini” she said as we moved off. As she pulled up at her house Russ asked “do you live here? When did you move in, we haven’t noticed you around before?” Bazz quipped “yeh and we always notice the pretty girls!”She told us she had only moved in the day before.“What do we call you?” asked Jeff “Oh everyone just calls me Wild Woman” she laughed “Well this is Bazz, Russ, Pete, Shamus and I’m Jeff” said Jeff. She raced in and grabbed a towel and Bikini then we guided her tothe swimming hole and we all raced for the water tossing our towels on the grass as we passed. As we walked up she said “Wow, great spot, no one would ever notice it was here unless you showed them” “Yeh we have the place to ourselves, no one ever comes down here but us” I said, she peeled her panties down her legs and pulled her Bikini up under her skirt then picked up her Bikini top and turned away to remove her halter top. Russ said in wonder “You have a great tan, do you sunbake topless or something?” “Yeh why? There’s nothing wrong with that !” she said defensively. “We agree, there are just so many prudes around here” said Bazz smoothly. She was kind of trapped then so she dropped her Bikini Top, turned round and walked to the waters edge diving gracefully in while we all just stood there with our jaws on the ground.She had what looked like C sized tits just drooping ever so slightly and they were indeed nicely tanned, I noted we had all retreated to deeper water to hide our erections! “Just act like its normal or she’ll cover em up” whispered Bazz! We headed up the bank with her lovely pink nipples poking out from the cool water making it hard for us to not stare but we soon got used to it and the sexual tension relaxed and we all chatted like we were all old friends.Wild Woman was laying back on her towel and remembered the beer in the esky, “how would a couple of you like to go grab my esky ? she said “sure, as long as we can have one” joked Bazz “well you guys are a bit young but I’ll let you share one between you if you promise not to tell” said Wild Woman (I’ll refer her as WW from now on). Bazz and Pete took off for the car and were soon back with the esky then as WW sculled her beer the rest of us grabbed a mouthful each of ours. We sometimes call Pete “The Worm” as he has a habit or worming his way close to females without them knowing [and has a dick about the size of one] and had somehow managed to lay his head on her thigh before she even noticed what he was doing. We all chatted finding out that WW had just been kicked out by her husband because she had wanted k**s and had gone off the pill, he was apparently furious and threw her out. She had “really embraced” the single life but her wild ways were getting her into trouble so she had moved out to the country to try and start a new life.After quite a few beers WW was starting to slur her words a bit and got a bit emotional as she talked about how all their friend had turned against her and she had “Gotten a bit too wild” before deciding she should get out of the situation and had moved out here. Pete had managed to worm his way further up her thigh and was staring up at her boob with güvenilir bahis siteleri his hard little cock poking straight up. WW was obviously trying not to notice but eventually looked down at him and said “What?” Pete replied “sorry but I don’t think I have ever seen nicer boobs in my life”. She laughed and said “yeh I can see that” A few minutes later she leaned forward to move a twig that had fallen on her ankle and had accidentally touched her nipple on Petes mouth causing him to shoot his wad in his speedos. “Aww, did I cause that” she teased then a serious look came over her face when she saw the distressed embarrassed look on his face and she leaned forward putting her nipple in his mouth and putting her hand behind his head pulling him into her as he started to suck on her tit. After a minute or so she arched her back and I could see a wet spot forming on the front of her yellow Bikini so I reached out and fondled her other nipple, she didn’t try and stop me so I moved in and sucked her other nipple into my mouth as she moved her other hand behind my head. She was obviously getting turned on and was moaning and squirming a bit so Russ moved closer and started massaging her calf, Pete rubbed her inside thigh but she jerked so Russ quickly grabbed Jeff’s hand and moved it down to her ankle and she relaxed again … that was close, I thought she was going to stop us. Bazz moved in behind her and started massaging her shoulders and neck and the guys moved up to the back of her knees getting some nice moans out of her. She was getting even more turned on and spread her knees so the guys started rubbing further up her thighs and her wet spot was spreading as the guys started reaching the spot beside her pussy. Jeff ran an exploratory finger underneath her Bikini then getting no adverse reaction slid a finger inside her, Russ followed suit from the other side and she really spread her legs wide and started humping up on their fingers.Bazz moved round between her legs and pushed his hand in from the top of her Bikini adding a finger to her sopping wet pussy as well, the rubbing on her clit really got her horny and she was moaning and groaning really loud now. Bazz grabbed her Bikini and pulled it down a bit, she didn’t stop him so he kept pulling them down and off her legs. WW spread her legs out again giving us all a great view of the dark curly hairs covering her pussy so Pete and I both sat up and replaced our mouths with our hands laying her back so we could watch Bazz push two fingers in beside Russ and Pete’s fingers … we were all groaning with all our cocks as hard as iron. Bazz sat back and pulled his shorts down but before he could get back between her legs Pete jumped between her legs while pulling his dick out of the top of his togs and shot his first wad on her pussy as he moved in to position then slammed it straight in to her pussy as he finished pumping his load inside her.A few seconds later it was over but before WW could even react Bazz virtually reefed Pete out of the way and shoved his own cock up her cunt in to the hilt in one smooth motion and started pumping away furiously.After a few minutes WW wrapped her legs around Bazz’s back and came loudly causing Bazz to shove even harder as he pumped her full of his sperm. As they relaxed I tapped Bazz on the shoulder and he moved out of the way so I could have my turn. Her pussy was still gripping and relaxing as I slowly pushed my rock hard cock in as deep as I could. I was loving the feeling and wanted to make it last so I was slowly pulling right out then pushing all the way in and a couple of minutes later WW wrapped her legs around my thighs and pulled me deep inside her as she came again, I though my balls were going to end up inside her as well and shot a huge load into her as her pussy seemed to milk my cock. Russ pulled at my shoulder so I moved back watching my cock slide out of her hole and seeing her cum filled hole opening and closing as if it was grabbing out for a cock which Russ then supplied. Russ was moving shallow but very fast and added his cum to her over full pussy half a minute later and quickly moved out of the way so Jeff could impale her.Jeff lasted long enough for her to cum again and before anyone else had a chance I jumped back on and pushed in to the hilt and then very slowly fucked her deeply as she relaxed. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and rubbed the other one as I plunged in and held for a couple of seconds then pulled out and plunged in again and repeated again and again. Bazz got down and started kissing her so she started stroking his cock until it got hard again, Pete moved up beside her head and wrapped her other hand around his little dick.When she moved her head around to look at Pete he moved closer and she wrapped her whole mouth over his cock and balls and he immediately shot off into her mouth, I don’t think she was expecting that but swallowed and tried to kiss Bazz again. Bazz backed away then laid over her and pushed his cock down into her mouth and started to fuck her face, She wrapped her hand around his shaft to stop him going too deep and let him go for it. I was getting really turned perabet on so pulled out and laid her leg over to the other side then slid back up so my balls were rubbing on her inner thigh as I pushed my boner back into her sloppy cunt, this was much tighter and I came at the same time that Bazz did.Just then Jack and Steve walked down the path and nearly fell over their bottom jaw so I motioned to Steve to take my place and he was in her like a rat up a drain pipe. Russ decided what Bazz was doing looked like fun and as WW came again he changed places with Bazz. Steve groaned and held as still as he could but with WW humping on his cock he couldn’t stop and made another deposit into her sperm bank. Jack then grabbed her hips and lifted her bum up in the air so he could do her doggy style forcing Russ to squirm in under her head so she could keep sucking him off. Russ was pumping his cock up into her mouth fast now as he reached his peak and Jack was pumping her so hard she had to hang on to Russ to stop herself spearing off across the clearing. Jack finally came so hard he collapsed onto her back pushing her down onto her front and rolled off to the side. Jeff squatted down on her back sliding his cock into her pussy and started fucking her languidly as WW looked a bit confused and said “huh, who are you?” at the body beside her. “That’s Jack and over yonder is Steve” said Bazz “What” she said “how many are there?” “Just the seven of us mates” said Russ. WW looked at Steve standing there with his hard cock sticking out and said “I suppose you may as well have a turn then” Steve looked embarrassed and replied “I already did”. WW laughed and looked at his cock throbbing away and said “come on down here, it looks like its ready to explode again” so he sat in front of her face and she barely had the head in her mouth before he shot a mouthful inside her.WW grabbed hold of Steve and pulled him forward with his softening cock still in her mouth and moaned around his balls as she had another orgasm. As she was coming down from her high Jeff quietly jerked a few times as he added another load to her pussy. “No more” said WW “I’ve never felt so thoroughly fucked in my life and I’m sure I won’t be able to walk for a week. Half an hour later after we had all regained our strength a few of us jumped in the water to clean up and had to help WW up on her feet, as she stood there several big dollops of cum slid from between her pussy lips and ran down her legs leaving a trail to the waters edge. “If I don’t get pregnant from that there’s something wrong” she said “I really should stop drinking as it makes me do stupid things” she moaned. We all exchanged worried glances until she said “don’t worry’ I wouldn’t know who is the father anyway and you lot are all too young to be a dad” as she slipped into the water. After we dried off WW invited us back to her place for a coke and to help move some furniture around and unpack.We had just unpacked the Kitchen table and chairs then sat down to an icy cold coke when there was a knock on the door, WW answered and a big burly bloke pushed past her angrily but stopped when he saw 7 heads turn his way, he looked at us then said “time for you boys to leave, I need to speak to Susan alone”. WW [Susan] turned from the door and walked up to him and said “Whatever you have to say to me you can say in front of my friends !” “OK don’t blame me then” he said turning to her, “what’s this I hear about you trying to get pregnant by my mates since you left me?” Susan stared at him for a second or two then said, “1: Warren, its none of your business, I’m single now that you have thrown me out”. “2: your so called best mate got me so pissed I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted too and fucked me in the bedroom at Brians party then told your other mates who came in one after the other and used my pussy to dump a load in, not one of them used a condom! ; Then they had the cheek to call me all the names under the sun afterwards, why do you think I moved out here?” “3: I had my period last week so they didn’t get me pregnant” “4: its none of your business who I sleep with”Warren’s face softened and he asked quietly “did they really **** you?” “No” replied Susan “I could have asked them to stop but I was enjoying my self and came a couple of time while they used me”. Warren was shocked, stammered a few times but just stared at her as what she said sank in before finally asking “so you let them gangbang you ?” “Yes I did and really enjoyed it, it had been a long time since I came”, Warren looked at Susan and said “but I thought we had a good thing?” “Well since its all out there” said Susan “you never went down on me even if I did it for you so by the time you finished I was only just getting into it, I needed more foreplay to get there”. “I’m sorry” said Warren with a very embarrassed look “how can I make it up to you?” “well you can take me to bed and lick me out” said Susan getting a big giggle out of us all“What, now?” said Warren “what about the k**s?” “I’m sure they won’t mind helping me unpack while we take care of business” grinned Susan as she watched Warren squirm and held her hand out to him. perabet giriş I’m sure she really didn’t expect him to go through with it but he stood up with head bowed and held her hand so she led him into the bedroom.We sat around the table for a while until we heard some moaning and groaning and listened at the door for a few minutes until Susan got a bit louder and we could hear her say “eat me, suck my clit, shove your tongue in me, oh god yeh that’s it I’m gunna cum OOOOOOOHH”. We all moved back to the table and giggled about the fact that he was eating 7 guys cum out of her. We were a bit surprised when Susan opened the door straightening her clothes and walked over to us and sat down to finish her coke. Things were deadly quiet as we waited for something to happen but she just started chatting as if nothing had happened. A few minutes later Warren stood at the door and said “what about me?” “What about you?” said Susan “I only said you could lick me out” Warren stood there in disbelief for a few more uncomfortable minutes then with steam coming out of his ears he walked to the front door and slammed it behind him as he left. Susan burst out laughing looking round at us all and said “oh that was so good to leave him hanging for once” and grinned round at us until we all joined in the laughter. “oh how I wish I could have told him he had just eaten 7 different guys cum out of me” she laughed “but that could get me in a whole mess of trouble so it has to stay between us OK?” “Snow white and her seven dwarfs” “your secret’s safe with us” laughed Bazz.“oh the look on his face as he first started licking me” grinned Susan “that was priceless but I’m sure he has never tasted pussy before so probably didn’t know how it should taste anyway”. “Just the thought of him down there with all that cum there really turned me on and I came quicker than I ever have I think” said Susan as she rubbed lightly over her crotch. “Hi ho hi ho, its off to bed we go” said Bazz as he got behind her and nodded his head for us to pick her up, She laughed and said “Oh all right then” and allowed us to lift her up and carry her to the bed and strip the clothes off her body. “Be gentle guys, I don’t know how much more I can take before I get too sore” said Susan. “How about you get yourself close before you put it in so I don’t get too sore?” she said looking round at us, We stripped and started pulling ourselves while staring down at her luscious naked body then one by one climbed between her legs and finished off inside her pussy.She hadn’t come but was pretty close by the time it was my turn and as I was last she started rubbing her clit as I inserted my cock in her and started moving slow and deep “faster, harder” she said so I sped up and was soon coming hard inside her “don’t stop, just a bit longer” she cried as her finger blurred across the top of her pussy. I kept pumping but was starting to soften up a bit but she was able to reach her peak and pulled me in deep as her pussy clenched repeatedly around my cock. “Oh god I needed that” she moaned as I lay on top of her with my soft cock still nestled up inside her warm ooze. She reached out and one by one pashed on with each of the guys as I lay on top of her. By the time she had done the rounds I was getting hard again but she looked me in the eye and said “No, I don’t think so, I’m too sore to go again, just hold me”. My cock continued to harden but I just lay there enjoying the warmth of her pussy around my cock and the feel of her naked body against mine She still had her legs wrapped around me making sure I didn’t move so I laid my head to one side and took a nipple into my mouth and just mouthed it as I lay contentedly with my hard cock now starting to throb inside her. This was bliss.A couple of the guys decided to head home for dinner until it was only Bazz and I left. Bazz leaned over to pash her again and it wasn’t long before I felt her nipple harden and her pussy started a milking motion.Her legs tightened around me pulling me inside her deeper so I started a very gentle movement hardly moving at all. Susan was stroking Bazz and pretty soon he asked if she would suck him off, she said “love to” so he moved up until she could take him in her mouth and started stroking him strongly with her lips . She was starting to get really turned on as I kept up the slow movement deep inside her, I was only moving about half an inch and sucking gently on her Nipple. Bazz was now pinching and rolling her other nipple as she sucked him deep in her mouth. It was getting hard for me to not move as I was getting really close and seemed to be hovering right on the edge, I was dying to just start pumping hard but held on to the exquisite feeling by keeping up the maddening slow pace.Bazz finally let go and filled her mouth with his cum causing Susan to start her orgasm lifting almost right off my cock then pushing it slowly in deep a few times causing me to finally get over the edge and I erupted inside her like a volcano spewing my hot seed deep into the very depths of her pulsing pussy … “Oh My God” she said “that was incredible” “Oh Yeh” I said as my cock continued to throb as it quickly softened and plopped out of her. Bazz just added “Mmmmmm”It took us quite a while to recover and we all dragged ourselves to the bath for a relaxing soak before finally heading home to get into trouble for being late for dinner.Well worth it if you ask me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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