Youngsville Part 4: Expanding interests

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Youngsville Part 4: Expanding interestsDuring the days after my arrival, I got better acquainted with my new household, learning about the Day-Sea’s routines and getting used to the farm. The girls took very good care of me and helped me with anything I needed or wondered about. The girls found a way for me to repay them too, which I thought was more of a treat than a debt.After they returned from their long working hours I would find them at their usual resting areas. The first one who had free time was Jill. All of the girls left the house early in the morning to take care of the farm or Jessie who would study in town. Jill, she ran the house. She was alone until the afternoon as the other women were too busy to return to the house until late in the afternoon.It began the same day she found me in the hallway. She started it when she brought me to the washing room and gave me handjobs. I would lay on all of the family’s clothes naked as Jill sat between my legs and jerked me off. It usually ended with me shooting big loads all over her gigantic tits. Later we became a little more daring and moved into her favorite room, the kitchen, where she would give me blowjobs and swallow my cum. It seemed like she loved sucking my cock more than anything. Jill would never pass on a chance to get my jizz.Later in the afternoon, Catherina was the first of the other girls to arrive back at the farmhouse. She had been at church and she was always eager to “play” in her room when she got home. Jill would give me a dirty smile as her horny sister would drag me up the stairs. Jill knew about what I was doing with her sister and I was very glad when she told me that she would not tell anyone about it. On one condition, of course: sex.To my surprise, Jill was a virgin. She told me her story that there were never any boys around when she was growing up here on the farm, only her father. She and her sisters had been home-schooled and the few guys she met in the village were never interested in her. I didn’t understand how those boys could pass up on Jill, but I sure was not going to make the same mistake.Apparently I was the first man she saw naked and she felt like she had nothing to lose. We had gotten close fast and she wanted me to introduce her to sex. I didn’t think I would be the best teacher, because I had barely lost my virginity myself. But I could not disappoint Jill. Thankfully I was given the opportunity to practice, because she wanted to wait until she was ready for it. She promised me that it would be soon.Jessie was always the last I got to visit, or more like she was the one to visit me. She would come home after dark when most of the family had gone to bed. I would be waiting in my cottage until around eleven until I heard a knock on the door. She was always dressed slutty after studying. Jessie was a tough girl and she would always fuck me rough. Forcing me to play tough back. She never let me control our sessions and we never had slow pace like we did the first time. During the end, when I had found out that I like to cuddle afterwards, she would refuse and leave.During the day time between Jill’s play time in the washing room and Catherina coming home from church, I would have little to do. Those early days I would walk around the farm and admire the meadows. Or I would lay down and work on a tan. I got tired of doing this of course, and I was getting very irritated at the outhouse. I was a skillful fellow, I could surely make something better. I found a purpose and decided to help improve the ranch.The same evening I presented the idea for Mrs. Day-Sea. She liked my idea and was happy that I wanted to help. I had a bit of trouble convincing her to help pay for the material but she came through in the end. I searched the web for some solutions and decided to make a bathroom. I planned that it was going to be an attachment to the farmhouse and I called a local supply warehouse and I ordered my first supplies within a day.Apparently they did not do home deliveries this far out. I needed to pick up my materials from the supply warehouse when they were ready. I asked Mrs. Day-Sea where it was located and told me that she would be coming along to see everything went smoothly. When the day arrived she had her typical cowgirl clothing on, but showing massive cleavage and her ass was amazing in her super tight daisy duke shorts.It was the first time I had left the ranch since the day I arrived. Mrs. Day-Sea grabbed the money and we set off. I was excited when she told me we were going to take the wagon to the warehouse. I had never ridden a horse or wagon before so it was a nice experience as we rode away from the farm. I had trouble trying not to stare as I often looked down at her breasts. The bumpy dirt road from the farm made kaçak bahis them bounce and jiggle to my amusement.“So Eric, what do you think about my little establishment?” Mrs. Day-Sea asked as we slowly rolled away from the farmhouse.“It is a beautiful view, Mrs. Day-Sea,” I answered and she laughed.“Which one?” she replied and I realized she had caught me looking at her breasts a long time ago. “I didn’t know I could still get a young stud as yourself to turn his head.” She said with a laugh and gave me smile. Did she just call me a stud? I tried to pick my words carefully.“You are still a beautiful woman Mrs. Day-Sea,” I said and turned myself towards her.“You are too kind Eric, but please call me Gina! It makes me feel less of an authority.”“Okay then Gina. What does that make you then?” I pressed her for an answer and my heart beat rapidly as I watched Gina sit silent for a few seconds, thinking about an answer for my question. She looked over at me and smiled. “Only time can answer that question.”We continued chatting along the way during the ten minute ride. I enjoyed the sounds of the horse steps clinking on the stone streets as we rode into town. I admired the old Victorian style buildings, but the closer we came to the town square they modernized. The horses stopped as Mrs. Day-Sea pulled on the horse’s reins. We were outside what looked like a small warehouse building, a sign on the door read: Summer Supply.We went through the entrance and into the store. There was an attractive woman a few years older than Gina behind a counter who we walked up to and asked for our things. Her name was Alice and had been working in the store for many years. She told us that it would be best to pick up new supplies every week instead of taking it in one go. We agreed and everything I would need for this week was waiting for me in the back of the warehouse. Alice called for her assistant who was going to show me the supplies while Gina paid for them.The assistant appeared through a doorway behind the counter. This assistant was just as I picture an assistant. A hot young brunette with a good pair of tits! She introduced herself and told me her name was Sybil. She had a jolly tone and was dressed in a big blue overall. She received instructions from Alice before leading me into the back of the warehouse. We walked down a staircase underground and entered a large hall. There were crates and shelves everywhere I could see.“Impressed?” Sybil asked me.“Very! I have never been in an underground warehouse,” I answered. “It is rather cold down here though.” I added.“Yes, it gets worse during the evenings,” Sybil said. “I like it down here though, everything down here I have packed in nice and tight.”“I love tight spaces,” I said with a grin on my face.She gave me a dirty smile and nodded. “I do need help lifting heavy things from time to time,” she stepped close to me. “Someone who can stuff things in tight places.”“I will probably be back here again in the near future. So I think I can help you with that,” I replied and winked. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek.“Come on, let’s go find your things before Alice has my head.”We found my things and put them in an elevator which lifted the materials up a floor to the loading dock where Gina had moved the wagon. Alice and Sybil helped us load our things and we set off for the farm again. I got to work straight away and Gina was impressed by my enthusiasm to help out.Over the next month I spent much of my time building the new bathroom. Although I did take the occasional break to attend to my female housemates. The gel for Catherina’s toys arrived in the post and I was happy to find them first. I don’t know what Gina would have said if she had found them before me. I had already made the forms and all I needed to do was melt the gel and pour it into the forms.They came out perfectly smooth and I was proud to have made my first items in Youngsville. I showed them to Catherina during one of our daily playdates and she was so happy. She told me that her favorite one was a twelve inch blue dildo that I had made for her. After the short time I had spent in Youngsville I was having a blast. I managed to get closer to the Day-Sea family and I was learning more about them every day.My little construction project was coming to an end after a month time of determination. I needed to make the last supply pickup to be able to finish the bathroom. Gina allowed me to borrow the wagon. Gina had shown me how to control the horse, but even if she trusted me to ride alone I was careful and I used a slow pace.When I arrived at the Summer Supply I saw Alice saying goodbye to a customer. He was a short elderly man but he had some fancy clothes. I immediately thought about a wealthy plantation owner from güvenilir bahis the 1800s. As he drove off in a truck Alice came to greet me. I said hello and climbed down from the wagon. She lead me inside and I admired her clothing. A tight pair of shorts and a tank top. Her sexy figure usually caught my attention and I began to day dream about fucking her, she sure was a milf. We walked inside the store to fix my purchase and I asked her about the man who was just there.“That’s Mr. Mayer, he’s a regular here. Often buying construction materials, like yourself.” Alice told me a little about him. Apparently he owned an orphanage just a few kilometers from town. He was very protective of the c***dren and often buys things to help against intruders and such. Alice was a little skeptical about the place, who would try to break into an orphanage? Especially around Youngsville?“You think he ever needs some work done?” I asked Alice who was going through the order lists.“Well, now that you mention it. He usually complains about the difficulty of finding good workers,” Alice said and opened the register. “Next time he is here I’ll ask if he needs anything.” She smiled and asked me to sign the order.“Yeah please do,” I replied and gave her cash for the supplies.“Actually, I need some help with the sign outside. It’s been up there for a decade or so and it’s in real bad shape,” Alice leaned down on the counter in front of me. Giving me a good view down her top. “Do you think you could help me out with it? I’ll give you a discount on future things here.”“Umm, yeah sure Alice,” I felt my cock swelling inside my pants as I looked at her breasts. I finally managed to reply, “anything you need.”She thanked me and told me that Sybil was downstairs in the warehouse preparing my things. I was eager to meet Sybil again. I had found out that she was a local girl and had been working at the warehouse during the summers in her teens. She got a full time job four years ago when she turned 18.We had been flirting during my other visits and I knew she craved for sex. It was only a matter of time until something happened. I had thought about my relationship with the Day-Sea girls, would a thing with Sybil ruin anything? No, I had already had sexual relations with three of them. Who would care if I found others too? I had become a horny devil now, and today I had dirty thoughts on my mind.I stepped into the warehouse and heard noises in the back. I walked a minute or so until I spotted Sybil’s bright blue overall. She was standing next to a couple of crates and writing on a notepad. I admired her body from a distance. She had the Coke-bottle, hourglass body, with thin hips and then a thick, juicy ass that I just wanted to nestle my face in for a few hours. I was truly attracted to her in the fullest sense of the word. I stepped up behind Sybil and laid my hands around her waist. She looked back at me with her brown eyes in a startled gaze, but she sighed when she saw me. She giggled and kissed me. At the same time I pressed my hard-on against her butt and pushed her against one of the crates. I was hard as steel and thought my jeans were going to break if I didn’t release the pressure!“I can’t wait anymore,” I said with anticipation. “I want you.”“Oooh, hihi, how can I trust you?” She said with a giggle. “We have just barely met.”“You can’t,” I said as my hands moved over her body. “But hopefully my friend can convince you.”“Your friend?” She asked as I squeezed her big titties. She moaned in delight as I fondled her and kissed her neck.“You want to meet him?” I wondered as I started yanking at her overall.“Oh yes please,” She replied and laid her hand on my crotch. “Follow me, boy.”If rushed through the warehouse which was a maze of crates, planks, rods, among other things. Sybil led me to what was the very back. No one was ever here apart from Sybil, because she was the only one who knew about it. She told me it was her little quiet spot and she would come back here sometimes when she wanted a break. There was a couch and a desk with a picture of church on top of it. Sybil’s spot was indeed well hidden in the warehouse maze, surrounded by many wooden crates. Sybil push me down onto the couch and made me watch as she undressed. I loved watching her blue overall drop down past her hips and onto the floor. My pants were bursting and I pulled them off as Sybil revealed her large breasts for me. We stripped off our clothes fast and Sybil sat down in front of me and spread my legs. Her tongue touched my glans and my penis twitched at her touch.“I see someone is excited, huh?” Sybil smiled and then wrapped her lips around my shaft. She pushed down and my cock disappeared into her mouth. I felt her warm saliva wet my cock and my head fell back as she bahis siteleri gave me pleasure. Ten minutes of an excellent blowjob was amazing. This was definitely a good choice.But now I wanted to taste some of her flesh and I stood up. We switched places and I buried my head between her thighs. Her labia was introduced to my tongue as it ran over them like a tornado. I looked up at Sybil as I did this and I could see in her eyes she was enjoying my performance.I moved down a few inches and found a smaller home which I had great interest for. I played around with both of her holes for several minutes and I knew I was successful when she nearly crushed my head between her thighs when she came. That was the time to step things up a notch. I lifted her from the couch and placed her onto the desktop. We spit on my cock together to lubricate it and then, with a caring but forceful thrust, my penis penetrated her vagina.Sybil gasped and moaned as she buried her fingers into my back. My well lubed cock was sliding in and out of her pussy with ease.“You sure know how to please a girl,” Sybil said between her moans of pleasure. “I hope you don’t mind getting a little dirty?”“I’m not afraid of going into uncharted territory, it that’s what you’re asking,” I responded and slipped out of her wet cunt.“Great! Then let’s make sure you slide in nicely,” She said as she spit in her hand and stroked my cock with her wet hand.” This isn’t going to do,” she said and pulled out one of the drawers in the desk. She took out a bottle of lube and drenched my hard cock with it.“That is going to be perfect, now, fuck my ass!”I pulled close to me and pushed against her asshole. Very slowly her hole was expanding until it had a foothold. Then I plunged deep into her butt! A loud squeal escaped Sybil’s mouth and her eyes rolled back as her ass hugged my dick tight. I began to thrust and Sybil squealed with every slam.She grunted with each thrust as her asshole quickly adjusted to the forceful thrust fucking. Her grunts transformed into moans of enjoyment as pleasure began to take over her senses. She began to push against me with her own humping, forcing her body against my dick. The minutes went by fast and we were having a blast. I was balls deep inside her and soon I could feel my balls begin to boil.“I’m cumming!!!” Sybil yelled as she was shaking. “Cum in my ass baby! Cream my dirty fucking hole with your hot cum! Do it! Do it! Do it!!!”I listened to her wish and exploded inside her warm and tight ass. She kept begging me to empty my enormous cum reserves inside her body. Her ass clenched down on my dick during the whole orgasm. “Ah, Oh yeah! Yes baby! I feel you shooting all of your jizz inside me! Ah! Don’t stop! Fill me until I’m full! Ooooh yes…!“Jesus Sybil, you are amazing,” I said as I shot my final spurt of semen and kissed her. As I finished I stepped back and withdrew my cock from Sybil’s creamed butthole. Cum rushed out of her asshole and poured down onto the gray concrete floor. Her ass was now gaping with a centimeters diameter which made me excited.“Oh boy, I’m going to be shitting your cum for a week,” Sybil announced and inserted a finger in her butt. She pushed out more of my semen and she lifted her finger to her mouth for a taste of the mix of ass and sperm. She nodded in approval and got another load for her mouth.“I hope you will be ordering more things in the future,” she said and sat up.“If there are jobs around for me,” I replied and pushed my cock into her mouth. “I might work for Mr. Mayer. Alice said she would ask the next time he’s here.” Sybil pulled away from my cock.“Mr. Mayer?” She asked surprised. “He’s usually orders metal rods, fences, and chains.”“Well I’m familiar with metal. So it won’t be a problem,” I reassured her and forced my cock back inside her mouth.She sucked me good and finished me off. Making me cum a second time, now inside her mouth. I had filled her digestive system with my seed from both ends. I was about to mount her again but Sybil told me she had work to do. I understood and she thanked me for a wonderful time. We got dressed and I was about to leave when she wrote something down on a piece of paper.“Come to this address after dark,” she handed me the note. “I want you to meet some friends of mine.”We kissed and I walked back upstairs to the lobby. Where Alice was surprised to see me.“What are you still doing here,” Alice asked and looked at her watch. “I thought you had left an hour ago?”“Uh, Sybil needed help with some boxes,” I managed to say with a bad poker face.“Oh, you’re sweet,” she smiled. “By the way, I mentioned to another customer that a carpenter was looking for work. He asked me to tell you to come by his house at the Wayland ranch.”“Fantastic,” I said. This was great, hopefully I’ll make some money! “Is it far from here?”“A few miles out of town, if you got a car or horse it will only take a few minutes.”“Thanks Alice!” I thanked her and headed back to the ranch with the final parts to the bathroom.

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