Your Dead to Me!

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Your Dead to Me!Shana and I had been married for five years. We got married right out of high school. Shana was on the rebound after catching her ex-boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Shana was then and is now very outgoing and hot. At five foot four inches, one hundred and five pounds, natural blond hair down to her ass, blue eyes, beautiful face, 36DD breast bug pink aerolas, and long nipples the size of my little finger. She has her pussy shaved except for a tuff of hair above her pussy. Great legs and hot ass. Shana worked for an auditing firm that would cause her to have to work late at times and out of town stays for audits. I wasn’t happy about her job, I made plenty, she didn’t need to work but she said she needed it for her independence, and she wanted to get her MBA. I told her we were a team and to come work for me taking care of books for my shop she said there was no future in my little business. I’m Steve Shana’s husband I’m five foot ten inches tall, one hundred and eighty-five-pound, brown hair and eyes I’m a bit of a gym rat and have been activity involved in club martial arts sence I was in elementary school. Unlike Shana I am quiet and more reserve. I own my own performance shop specializing high performance autos and motorcycles, that I had started before I got married. My little business was worth well over a million and a half and rapidly growing in value.We had a great marrage, I loved her and our twins with all my heart and soul. I also loved my work and shop that always has lots of racers, motorcyclist and a fair amount of hot unattached women hanging around, that were constantly hitting on me. While I was flattered, I made it very plain I was married and completely faithful to my wife. On the other hand when we would go out to a club guys were all over Shana and she would play it up and do some major flirting, but it could never go too far, all the bar tenders, bouncers were my customers and friends, and if they saw any guy getting a little too friendly he would be quickly informed she was married and it would not be in his best interest to continue.One night we went to the club with our friends Sam and Judy. As flirting goes Judy makes Shana look like a nun. Well that night Judy had a bit more to drink than normal and at one point we all lost track of her, one of my friends saw her in the parking lot in the back seat of a car getting fucked. He came in and told Sam, Sam tuned red and went charging out to the parking lot. I was right on his heels and Shana was right behind me. When we got to the car Judy was in the back seat of this black guy’s car, on top of him riding his huge black cock. Sam ripped the door open, grabbed Judy by her hair pulled her out of the car and throws her out of his way turns to go after the guy, who had pulled his paints up and came out of the car with a knife and cut Sam on the neck and arm, with Sam incapacitated I quickly kicked the knife out of the guys hand then proceeded to take the black guy apart. There is no way that big dicked sucker would ever breed again when I got done with him.About this time the cops showed up witness, told them the black guy had attacked Sam and cut him up that I had tried to break the fight up and the guy came after me and I had defended myself. One EMT took Sam away and a second was called to haul the black guy away. I had herd that the black guy was threatening to sue me but a bunch of guys from one of the more notorious motorcycle clubs that I work on their bikes, visited him and made him aware how unhealthy it would be to sue me. Last I knew he had moved out of state. The next day Shana came to me and said Sam had just got home form the hospital and thrown his wife Judy out. I said as right he should throw that cheating slut out; I hope he doesn’t lose too much in the divorce. Shana then said I told Judy she could stay in our spare room till her and Sam got their afairs together. I looked at her and said NO FUCKING WAY is that cheating slut is coming into this house with our k**s DO YOU UNDERSTAND, she is never to come in this house and you will not ever speak to her again after you tell her she cannot stay here. She says wow the mouse roars ok I get your message I’ll tell her she has to stay with her pairents, but don’t think you will dictate to me who I can and can not have as friends. I tell her if you walk out of this house to meet with her don’t come back.About a month later when I came home Shana came running to me saying she had just gotten a notice the there was going to be a class reunion and wanted to know if we could go back home for the reunion. She had talked to her Mom and we can stay with her, and she would love to have k**s around for a few days. I said sure, it will be good to see your Mom again and some of our old classmates. Our high school was up state about three hours away. We had moved here in my father’s house shortly after we got married. My Dad had had a stroke and moved into a condo where all the maintenance was taken care of. The house and shop still belong to my Dad and I have exclusive use of them. When we arrived at her Mom’s house our two k**s were all over Grandma, and I apologized to her for not coming to visit more often. Her Mom said it was good to see all of us. Shana told me she had already been in touch with some of her old friends and we were going to a party tonight. Liz, Shana’s Mom said good I get to spoil the k**s without you two around. Alright k**s who wants to go to Chunky Cheese right now! Jace and Patty where jumping up and down I do I do I just shook my head.I few hours later I was standing in the living room dressed for the party waiting, when Shana came walking in and I said where do you think your going wearing that, she said to the party do you like it, does it turn you on! I said I see far more skin than material the front and back scallops are cut so low I san almost see your ass crack and your belly button in the front the hem is so high. Is it making you hot be a good boy at the party tonight when we come home you can have whats in it! She could tell I was not happy about her way she was dressed but she was going to knock the socks off Tony her ex-boyfriend! What she didn’t tell her me the party was being held at Tony’s Family’s Mansion.When we got in my car, she was giving me directions as I drove, I told her I had an uneasy feeling about tonight, and to remember what happened to Judy when Sam caught her cheating! When we got there the place it was a mansion there were people all over the lawn, I said I wonder who’s place this is Shana was silent, as we got out Shana’s girl friends mobbed her and took her away and was lost in the crowd. I hear from behind me STEVE! As I turn around, I yell JERRY! The big bear of a guy latches on to me. Jerry was my next-door neighbor, best friend and best man at my wedding. Jerry says Steve is Shana here I say yes, he says this whole party is being thrown by Tony for the sole purpose of him fucking and taking Shana back, this is his house and most of Shana old girl friends are in on it. They think Shana should have married Tony instead of a wimp like you, their words not mine buddy. Jerry and I rushed inside looking Shana; I hear a loud WOO I turn around there is Shana up on her tip toes with her arms around Tony’s neck they were the hottest most passionate kiss I had ever seen. Tony was cupping her bare ass cheeks that’s when relized she was not wearing any pantys! I walked up behind them and said Shana, she jumped about a foot, let go of Tony than spun around to face me and said STEVE you remember Tony, Tony this is my husband Steve, I said Shana we’re leaving. She said but we just got here, Tony put his arm around Shana and said why don’t you get yourself a drink sport, while we go get caught up on lost time, he spun Shana around and started to walk away, I started to go after them but two of Tony’s football buddies grabbed me and said lets go get a drink sport, Jerry was about to jump in, but I had them on the floor u*********s before he could, I went after them and found them going up the steps to the bed rooms, Tony was slightly behind her looking up at her bare ass and pussy and says we have a lot of time to make up for baby. I say Shana stop we are leaving, she says we are just going to have a little fun, Tony says I’ll give back when if I’m done with her more or less in one piece. He reaches up slides his hand up her crack and his finger in her pussy. and says my bedroom is at the top tekirdağ escort of the stairs and she continues to walk up the stairs and I say Shana your dead to me. I turned around as I walked out the door, I asked Jerry I don’t know how but I need you to get me pictures of them together, text them to me as soon as you can. As I drove to Shana’s mother’s house, I started getting photos from Jerry appearently Tony had left his bedroom doors open so all could see him conquering his prize. When I got to Liz’s house, she said you two back already, I say I’m am and I’m taking the k**s home, she says but why I hand her my cell phone, she says oh Steve I’m so sorry, that damn Tony never was any good. I said I’m sorry Liz she knew what would happen if she did this to me, she said please don’t take my grand k**s away from me. I said I’ll tell you what grab a bag I’ll need help with the k**s when I get home, and my Dad is there I know you two always had the hots for each other. She said let me help you pack the k**s, when we were done, packing Liz took all of Shana’s clothes and thru them on the front lawn. She put a note on the door that said;ShanaHow could you do this to Steve and your c***dern. Your dead to me too!MomAfter we loaded the car Liz took a popsicle stick jammed it in the front door lock and broke it off. I asked her why did you do that she said Shana only has the key to the front door now she can’t in, I said I never want to piss you off. The k**s fell asleep five minutes into the drive, Liz asked do you think you could arrange for us to have lunch with your Dad tomorrow. Then I got a call from Jerry he said he had e-mailed me a video and he said he was sorry but though I would need it. Liz played it while we drove it was Shana nude laying on her back with her legs spread wide open Tony was on top of her also nude, Shana said Tony please let me stay with you forever he says sure baby but what about you’re your husband Steve and the k**s, Shana said fuck Steve and fuck those little brats all I need you and your big cock now put it back in me and fuck me. Liz said what are you going to do Tony’s family runs that town, I said I don’t run our town but I’m best friends with the people that do, and they are a hell of a lot more powerful than Tony and his family, and they all owe me. When we got home, we got the k**s to bed, I called a friend that was the top lawyer in the State and a long time customer, I told him what happened and the evidence I had, he told me to send him the video’s and pictures and the names of any witnesses. He said he would file the papers first thing Monday morning and he would see to it she got nothing and would never see me or the k**s again. Then I called my Dad told him what was going on he was very upset, and that he was a little worried about our safety he said Tony’s family was why he moved to this town to get away from them. He said that Tony’s Dad had seduced my Mom then of course dumped her, it was too late my Dad said he divorced her, she had left town, and no one had herd from her sence. He said that Tony’s family was dangerous, he would see that we had protection. I told him Liz was with us and she was hoping we all could have lunch tomorrow. He laughed and said you can count on it. Ten minutes later I heard a distant rumble that just got louder, and louder Liz came running in just as the front door swung open standing in the door was a huge grubby, hairy guy Liz said oh my god it’s Hagrid! We both laughed I said Liz this is Snake he and his club members are customers. Snake said Mr. Snake to you Steve but to you sweet lady call me Pete. The k**s of course were awakened by all the commotion they came running down the steps yelled UNCLE SNAKE and jumped into Snakes arms and started pulling on his beard. I said my Dad called you I take it. He said yep and he told me everything, then he said ok k**s time to get you back to bed and he took them back up to bed. When he came back down, I said Snake this is Liz, Shana’s Mom. He looks strangely at her, she says my daugther is dead to me after what she said and did. Snake stuck his head out the door and said Linda come in, Linda is snakes little sister and without a doubt the hottest woman in NOCAL. She would baby sit Steve’s twins when he had them at the shop, which was more time than Shana had them. She had always been madly in love with me and was only two years younger than me. When she walked in the door Liz said oh my god, she is stunning! Snake says Liz, this is my little sister Linda. Liz says nice to meet you, I ask Snake why he brought Linda. He said two reasons I thought you might need help with the k**s. The second reason is when I told her about you and Shana, Linda breaks in and says and I said it’s about time he dumped that snobby bitch, he’s mine now! All the girls say he is a hunk but is he a stud! Liz says he gave me two grand c***dern in one shot! Linda walks up puts her arm thru Steve’s arm and says how about showing me our bedroom! Liz says well it’s been a long day I guess we should be going to bed and get some rest; Linda says don’t count on it Steve unless you’re a dud. The next morning Liz meets Linda in the kitchen, and they start coffee, Liz says your very quiet this morning, she says UGG, Liz says listen Steve is really a great guy, he might have been a little off last night, he had driven six hours, put two guys in the hospital, and dumped his slut wife, it wasn’t a good day for him. I’m sure with a little time and rest he can be better for you. Linda takes a big sip of coffee, looks Liz in the eye and says don’t tell me that, I don’t think I will walk right for a week, if he was off last night, I don’t think I’ll live thru him being on! She hugs Liz and says your daugther is one dumb slut to give him up! Liz says if I were twenty years younger, I would be fighting you for him, Linda says I’m glad you’re not.I walk into the kitchen put my arms around Linda give her a hot loving kiss, we break our kiss and look down there are four little eyes looking up at us, Jace my son asks are you our new Mom, Linda bends down and says not yet but hopefully soon. Little Patty looks at her and says you were always prettier than our old Mom! Linda give her a big hug and says we are going to get along great, Jace says Dad she has a better body too, Linda says JACE thank you! You’re a charmer like your Dad! Snake comes in and the k**s run up and say Uncle Snake come meet our new Mom! Snake says I know her she is my sister! Then he looks up at us and said looks like things went well last night. My cell phone rings its Jerry he says there five pick-up trucks heading towards you full of Tony’s football buddies coming after you for putting two of them in the hospital! I told Snake we gota roll there are five pickups heading here with Tony’s football buddies coming here to kick my ass, Liz says ok k**s Linda and I are going to take you to the diner for breakfast. Liz Says Steve throw me the keys, I did. Linda looks at Snake and says when you come back Steve better not have a hair out place! Three hours later I was standing in the middle of the road just outside of town. The five pickup conconvoy slowed down and stopped Tony’s boys get out of their trucks and surround me I say so you think twenty-five of you are going to be enough to take me out. I asked where’s Tony, the guy who appears to be the leader says he couldn’t make it he’s home fucking your slut wife in the ass! He told me to bring him your wedding ring still attached to your finger! The guy clicks open a switch blade knife. Almost silently they are surrounded by one hundred and fifty outlaw motorcycle club members carrying AR15’s. The big mouth with the knife drops his knife, I say no pick it up, they are just here to see this is a fair fight. Snake says we don’t need to fight his fight he is perfectly able take care of his self. I say ok big mouth come take my wedding ring, Snake pushes him towards me in two seconds I have kicked the knife out of his hand, and he is laying on the ground crying holding his balls. Two Outlaws walk in grab him by his feet and drag him out and away, Snake pushes the next one in the circle with me and again a few seconds later he was being d**g out of the circle. I said Snake this is going to taking too long start sending me two at a time almost as fast they were being d**g out of the circle. After the last guy I walk over to the side of the road the Outlaws have them lined up on the side of escort tekirdağ the road, striped nude they are shaveing them bald, tattooing their asses with I GOT MY ASS KICKED BY THE OUTLAWS MCC, then they were shoveling butt plugs up their asses, and zip tying two together in a 69 position. Then their brand-new pickups are being driven off, I ask where they are going with them, Snake says they will be back in a bit. Snake yells back when they are done with them get them loaded in the back of the dump truck. Twenty minutes later I big roll off pulls up with five big squares of shiny metal on the back. I ask that’s not the pickups is it, he says yep told you they would be right back! Tony is up in his master bedroom tag teaming Shana with his father. The house begins to shake, Shana says Steve’s here! Tony says well we have a susprise for him! Tony’s Dad Tony Sr. had hired fifty mercenaries for protection. I am standing out front of Tony’s house and yell Tony get your sorry ass out here now. Tony and his Dad drag Shana out onto the front porch and make her get up on a table. Tony says I can’t believe your stupid enough to show up here before I call you to tell you I’m done with the slut, now your going to watch my Dad and I fuck your slut wife, then I’m going to have my men beat you to a pulp. I sent a team of guys to bring your k**s here for your slut and I to raise, tonight you daugther is going to be sucking my cock. Alright boys come out. Walking out the front door behind them are about thirty Outlaws, they are too stupid to turn around and look who’s behind them. Tony’s Dad says your just as big a loser as your father nether of you could hold onto your women, then he pulls out his cock grabs Shana’s hair and says open up and shoves his cock into her mouth to his balls. Tony walks up behind her pulls out his cock and says your slut wife loves it up her ass he grabs her hips and shoves his cock in her up to his balls. I yell SNAKE IT’S TIME! The Outlaws bring Tony’s men around the side of the house with their hands zip tied behind them and has them kneel in front of the porch. Finally, it dawns on Tony to look behind him, and he loses his erection and his cock falls out of Shana’s ass. Tony says Dad we have a problem! Tony Sr. pulls his cock out of her throat and his cock goes limp. Just then the big roll off pulls up and starts dumping his buddies crushed pickups on the front lawn then the dump truck pulls up with the back open and in pairs the Outlaws throw Tony’s buddies out on the lawn when they are all aligned Outlaws walk up to them and say get busy sucking each other’s cocks, then the Outlaws walk up to them pull out their cocks and start pissing on them. I say ok enough fucking around, Tony you two get your asses down here I’m going to beat you two to a pulp, I can promise you, you have fucked your last woman. Tony Jr. pisses his paints standing there on the porch, his Dad says my god son show some backbone let’s teach this looser a lesion. Two minutes later Snake and two Outlaws are pulling me off him and says stop Steve we need them alive so we can make them suffer for the rest of their lives! I walk up to Shana and she cries out Steve I’m so sorry please take me home I need you and the twins. I pull out my phone play the video of her and Tony yesterday. “fuck Steve and fuck those little brats all I need you and your big cock now put it back in me and fuck me” I reach down take her wedding rings, give her mine and say to her Shana two guys are going to take you to your Mother’s house your clothes are all over her front lawn where your Mom threw them. They are going to take you to a motel for the night, if you want to fuck them than do it I really don’t give a shit, the k**s and I have already replaced you. Tomorrow a lawyer is going come to that room with papers that will be our divorce, and you will be signing over all rights to the k**s you will sign them, then you will be given a case with twenty five thousand dollars, taken to the air port permitted to select any destination in the world at least twenty five hundred miles away here and a one way ticket will be purchased for you. You are never to return or attempt to contact, me the c***dern, my family or your mother.As I turned my back Shana was screaming no Steve please, I made a mistake. I walked over to the twenty fifth guy that we did not have a partner for cut him loose we piled their clothes in front of him, I say when you can’t hear the rumbling of our bikes any more you better get some medical help for those two. Then Snake yells IF WE SEE ANY LAW AT ANY OF OUR DOORS YOU WILL NOT LIVE TO SEE A COURT ROOM. We got on our bikes and cruised home. As we entered town bikes would peal off to head to their homes.When I got home, Snake walked up to me and said are you ok, I tell him I will be as soon as I get inside and see and hold Linda and the k**s. Snake says your really serious about my Sis, I say very, as soon as my divorce is final, I intend to marry her if she will have me. When I walk in the door Linda ran up to me hugged me tight and gave me a very hot and hard kiss. Then stepped back looked me over ran her hands over me, then finally looked at my hands and said there is blood all over them, I say it’s not mine Linda says that’s ok, go wash them, she looks at Snake and says good thing he’s ok, he says your boyfriend is Super Man, he kicked twenty seven guys butts, mostly two at a time without breaking a sweat. One of them came at him with a knife! Linda says why didn’t you all help him, Snake says he didn’t need any, we just made sure they didn’t mob him and fed him his victims one or two at a time. Linda gets up close to Snake what about his wife, Snake says don’t ever piss him off basically he banished her ass and he is making her give up all rights to the twins, oh and he loves you, he even ripped the wedding rings off her hand. Linda yells STEVE get in here, I came in she says get the rings out down on one knee in front of me and make it good I ask you want these rings; she says to the victor goes the spoils and we are the victors now go! I take her hand and look up into her eyes and say Linda I fell in love with you the second I saw you, will you marry me, and spend the rest of your life with me. She said yes Steve, I have loved you from a far for years, knowing how fateful you were to your wife I stayed away, now put that ring on my finger, it’s embarrassing not having a ring on my hand with the k**s telling everyone they see that I’m their Mom, and I better get that second one as soon as your divorce is final! Snake says have a good night I have to run, and he left. I hear a knocking coming from up stairs and ask whats that, Linda says that’s your Dad and Liz it’s the third time tonight, I say it runs in the family! I ask the twins she smiles and says they fell asleep in my arms an hour ago and I put them to bed. Those two have a way of endearing themselves to you, how could your wife give them up, they give so much love I can’t resist them.I say Linda you get top on tonight my legs are tird from crushing so many balls today. Linda was sitting on top of me she took my hands, kissed my bruised knuckles, and says Pete said he had to stop you from beating Tony to death. Then she says I only wish I would have been there to rip the rings off your snooty bitch ex wife’s finger and watch her face as you put it on mine! Then she looked at me and asked, I know Shana is beautiful, is she better looking than me. I rolled her over with her beneath me a tear running down my cheek, and said your ten times better looking than her, plus your beautiful on the inside, she never was, all she was ever concerned about her image her position in the community. She wanted to get her MBA I tried to get her to come work with me in the office and take care of the books, you know she had never seen the shop much less been to the shop, she said she would never get caught dead in that grease pit! Linda said is the position still open I already have my MBA, and you can eat off the floor of your shop, and hell the show room is carpeted. What type of computer system do you have? I tell her I don’t have a computer at work. Linda yelled WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE A BUSINESS COMPUTER, she sat up crossed her legs, why in heavens name why don’t you have a computer system running the business. I told her honey between the shop, show room and parts, I run myself ragged I don’t have time to buy and set up a computer system. Linda looks tekirdağ escort bayan me in the eye and says is the business ok financially? I said I think so all the bills are paid, I have no loans and a million and a half in the business account. Linda asks do you at least have a business credit card I said yes, Linda said give it to me. I know you are going to be busy with the lawyer tomorrow, your Dad can open the shop and I’m going out and buy a computer system for our shop, it will take me a few weeks to get it all set up. We will need the mainframe then two terminals in the office one for you and one for me, one in the shop, one in the show room and one in the parts room. I’ll have to set up shipping and receiving, accounts receiving and accounts payable, payroll and… I put my arms around her pulled her into my arms cuddled her under the covers spooned up next to me and went to sleep listening to her talk about computerizing the shop. When I woke up in the morning, I cracked open my eyes, Linda was still cuddled up to me asleep, I was afraid she would still be telling me how to she was going to computerize the shop. I wanted to let her know I was thinking about her and slid away from her, then between her legs and started to kiss and lick her sweet pussy, I looked up she was still asleep but had a big smile on her face. Her hips started to move, her eyes were still closed, she reached down grabbed my hair pulled my mouth tight against her pussy and moaned oh yes Steve god your better than my room mate in college, yes right there baby, NOW BITE MY CLIT OH GOD YES! There was a banging on the door MOMMY, DADDY, MOMMY, DADDY LET US IN! I grabbed a pair of shorts and Linda puts on one of my t-shirts, I wiped my face off with her discarded pantys from last night and throw them in the hamper on the way to the door to let the twins in. They went running in jumped on the bed cuddled up to Linda and started kissing her all over her face. I got in bed and started tickling them, they jumped me and started kissing me and Patty says Daddy your face smells funny! Linda fell out of the bed she was laughing so hard. Liz was standing at the door and said ok k**s you two need to get cleaned up Mommy and Daddy need a shower and need to get to work!I reached down pulled Linda back up on the bed and on top of me, wrapped my arms around her and buried my tongue in her mouth pulled away, and said damn I think I taste perty good I say so do I! I say come on sexy we need a shower! When we got in the shower, Linda got right down and cleaned my cock with her tongue then bends over in front of me and says damn I dropped the soap and pushes her butt back against my now rock hard cock, I grab my cock rub it up and down her slit, then push my head on the little pink star, and she says NO not without a lot of lube, she reaches back and guides my cock in her pussy and says breed me I want a baby of ours. I grab her hips and slide in her pussy god this woman feels so good I slide in and out of her faster and faster I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock her body shakes and she pushes back against me, I push as hard as I can getting as deep as I can and pump load after load of hot cum deep into her womb. I pull her up into my arms and we kiss a long loving kiss. Liz yells in get out of the shower I need to do laundry today and I’m going to need hot water, you know you do have a bed! Liz, Linda and the twins spent the morning collecting all of Shana’s clothes and things, boxing them up and storing them away in between loads of laundry. Then a quick trip to Snakes house to get all of Linda’s things and move them to our house. Linda went off to the IBM Business Machines office and worked up a system for the shop, along with the software and support and installation. I went right in town met with my lawyer, who is also a State Senator. I signed all the papers; he went to the airport got on a private plane flew forty minutes and within an hour of me signing the documents, they are layed out on a table in Shana’s hotel room she sign the papers and says where is my twenty-five thousand. The lawyer gives her a thousand this is all you deserve, get your stuff, they take her to the airport she chooses to go the Huston, her fathers family is from there. I went back to the shop I had an engine to put in a bike for one of my customers bikes. At two o’clock, Linda came into the shop with a bag and a six pack, walked up gave me a big kiss and said how are you baby, I say good. I can smell she has brought us subs we go into the office sit at the conference table we are side by side, as we spread out lunch. I lean over give Linda a quick kiss. Linda asks have you heard anything, I say not yet. Then she tells me the computer system would be delivered and installed next week. Linda asks you ever fuck someone on this table, I say not yet you instreaded, she says let me see how full I am after this sub. My phone rings it’s the lawyer, he tells me the papers are signed, and he flew to the capital went before Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court and he finalized it I’m a free man. I thank him and hang up. I pick up Linda hold her up in my hands lay her back on the table, climb up on top of her and says I’m free baby and give her a big kiss. Linda reaches into her pocket pulls out her cell calls Liz and says we need to move things up, Liz says when, Linda says now! Liz asks where, Linda says the shop, Liz says on it, Linda hears in the background (Tom stop now we don’t have time we need to get your son married). I asked what was that all about. She smiled and flipped us over and is looking in my eyes, and she says do you love me, I say with all my heart and soul. Do you want to be with me, I say for the rest of my life? Then she says do you trust me; I say yes of course. She says I with a little help from our friends are going to make all our dreams come true. Liz and Dad get on their phones calling friends, bakers, caterers, DJ, Preacher and about, the tux rental, bridal shop (Linda already had a dress ready it was just waiting in the shop)! Half an hour later the shop and it’s four acres of land are swamped people are every where tents are going up, a calf is being roasted, on one large grill and a pig is being roasted on another, tables and chairs are being set up. Dad and Snake are pulling me away, Liz and a bunch of the biker chicks are taking Linda away. Outside cars, hot rods, bikes, pickups and even a few limos are pulling into the property. Three hours later I’m standing an alter watching Snake march Linda up to me. God she is glowing a vision of beauty, Snake tells the preacher he was giving her to me (it was funny seeing Snake in a tux with the club’s colors sewed on the back of it). Well my single life lasted all of three and a half hours. We ate we drank, danced, partied till late in the night. That night when we got home Linda went into the bedroom first then stopped with her back to me and said unzip me, I did, and her dress pooled around her feet. I gazed at her smooth back clad in her white lace corset with its garter straps stretching down running over her firm ass and attaching to her white lace topped thigh high nylons. Her white lace g-string was on over her garter straps with the string disappearing into her ass crack. Standing there in her white six-inch heels I was speechless. She turned her boobs were resting on top of her shelf top corset bounced in my face. I picked her up layed her in our bed, as I did, I removed her g-string. I said Linda I love you with am heart and soul, she said come make me your wife. Nine months later Snake, Dad and the twins are in the hospital waiting room. Little Patty asks Snake why is Mommy Mad at Daddy? In the delivery room Linda is laying in the bed Liz is holding one hand and I’m holding her other. Linda looks at me like she is possessed by a daemon and yells STEVE YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU PUT THESE THINGS IN ME GET THEM THE FUCK OUT OF ME NOW! The nurse checks her and says it won’t be long now. I ran my fingers thru her hair and said I love you baby, suddenly Linda screams out OHOWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, the nurse yells DOCTOR THEY ARE COMING NOW!Half an hour later Linda is laying in bed with a baby on each boob when Snake, Dad and the twins come in the room, Liz was just finishing up putting some makeup on Linda to make her feel a little better about herself. Linda looks up and says meet Jr. and Jessie. In six months, Tony’s family’s empire came crashing down around them. They lost all their contracts, they filed for bankruptcy. Their mansion was foreclosed on and the Outlaws bought it and opened a new chapter up north. Oh, Liz now has four grandc***dren my Dad married her, and made us all one big happy family.

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