A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 2)

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A cheating husbands Revenge (Part 2)It was Saturday morning and Rick got out of bed that morning witha hang over from the night before. Rick had been trying to breakoff his relationship with Sue for the past several weeks but shewas sticking to him like fly paper. Worse is, she works right inthe same office with him and everyone is aware of theirrelationship.Rick had the apartment for several weeks and moved here so hecould be close to his wife whom he missed. He had gone to visither last weekend and they had talked but Megan still wasn’t readyto take him back. Rick knew how he had hurt her by having anaffair with Sue and figured he could talk his wife in letting himcome back home before his six-month lease was up on theapartment.Megan told him about her job and told Rick she wasn’t going toquit working because she wanted more freedom and independence.Megan didn’t have to work because when her Grand parents died,they had left her a big chunk of money which enabled them to buytheir new house here in Tampa.Rick thought he had it made when he met that little blonde namedSue at his new job and soon began an affair with her that hestill couldn’t break away from. Sue would always come over withthe same story about how she missed him and he would give in toher plea’s and they would end up fucking like rabbits.Last night was no exception except Sue had been more demanding onhim and asked him to divorce Megan so they could get married.Rick stood scratching his head as he sipped his coffee as hethought back to what Sue had said to him last night about wantingto start a family with him and the fact that birth control hadnever come up during sex. Rick just assumed she was on the pilland never feared knocking her up.Rick had plans to call Megan to see if she would be interested inspending Saturday together and picked up the phone and dialedMegan’s number.Megan was still laying in bed with Robert’s arm around her as thephone rang and she stretched out and gave Robert a gentle kiss onthe lips and reached over and picked up the phone. Megan answeredand said. “Hello.” Rick replied. “Megan. This is Rick. I waswondering if you might want to get together this morning andmaybe we could go to the beach and maybe get something to eat?”Megan hesitated not knowing what to tell him as she looked overat Robert’s naked body and saw his cock pointing straight up atthe ceiling and said. “I have some other plans to do for today.Maybe we could make it another time.” Robert put his arm aroundMegan as she cuddled up next to him while she was still on thephone with her husband.Rick replied. “I just thought you would have some extra timetoday and we could get together.” Megan reached down and tookhold of Robert’s cock and wrapped her fingers around its hugegirth as she replied to Rick and said. “I’m just too busy today.I guess you’ll have to find something else to do today won’t you?Maybe you can call Sue and see if she’ll go with you.”Rick was hurt by Megan’s answer as he replied. “Megan. You know Idon’t want to see her. Would you please consider spending sometime with me today?”Megan replied. “I have things to do this morning and have to gonow. Bye.” Rick could hear the phone being hung up before he hada chance to reply as he sat the phone back down on the counter.Rick decided he would take a ride over and see if he could catchher before she went out today and maybe they could talk at lunch.It was only a five minute trip over to his house and if hehurried he could catch her in time.Megan was kissing Robert as she climbed up on top of his hugeblack cock. She positioned herself above its giant head andreached down with her hand and guided it to the entrance of herpussy. Megan moved Roberts cock until it had lodged itselfbetween her vulva that she began to press her weight down lettinghim slowly enter her pussy.Megan rocked herself back and forth until Robert was fully lodgedinside her pussy and sat on him as she bent down and kissed himon the lips. Robert took hold of her waist and lifted her up afew inches and than lowered her again as she let out a moan andsaid. “I’m beginning to like this very much. Maybe we’ll have todo this every morning before we go to work from now on.”Megan rotated her ass around his cock as she squeezed her pussymuscles giving Robert even more pleasure as he pushed himself upand deeper inside her tight pussy.Robert began to bounce her up and down his shaft making her titsswing with the motion of his thrusts. Robert stretched up andtook one of her nipples into his mouth and began to lick andsuck. He than moved over to the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri other side and gently bit on hertits as she moaned and said. “That’s it. Fuck me hard.”Megan continued to ride his cock as he licked and sucked her titsinto his mouth. Megan’s body began to shake and Robert held ontoher waist as tight as he could. Megan was like a wild a****l whenshe came and he held her to keep her from falling off as sheyelled out. “Oh God. Yes. Oh Yeah . . . Oh . . . Ah . . . Yes.”Robert turned Megan onto her back without dislodging his cock andbegan to fuck her hard as Megan wrapped her legs around his bodyand rested her heels on his ass. Megan said. “Fuck Me. That’s it.Fuck me hard. Oh . . . Yeah . . . Fuck me and cum inside mypussy.”Robert kept fucking her as Megan held on and dug her nails intohis back as he started to grunt. “Oh God. Here it comes. Uh.Yeah. Baby. Uh.” Megan felt the hot spurts of Robert’s seed as itfilled her belly. Megan was rubbing her hands across Robert’sback as his body jerked as the last amounts of his cum enteredher body.Robert bent his head down and gave Megan a passionate open mouthkiss as he kept his cock buried deep inside her until every lastdrop of his cum had been spent.Just as they finished their kiss, they could hear the door bellringing and Robert withdrew his cock from her pussy making a loudsucking sound as the giant head left the confines of Megan’stight pussy. Robert climbed up off the bed as Megan followedlooking for something to put on as his cum ran down her legs.Megan found her short nightie and slipped it on over her head.They could hear the front door being unlocked and Megan said. “Itmight be my husband so wait in here.”Megan walked out of the bedroom and closed the door behind herand walked out to the front room. Rick was just closing the doorwhen she arrived and said. “What are you doing coming over heretoday? I thought I told you I had things to do today?”Rick looked at his wife dressed only in the short nightie and sawthe red bit marks all around her tits. The nightie was very lowcut and exposed most of Megan’s tits down to her nipples leavingthe marks Robert had put on her exposed. Rick glanced down atMegan’s legs and could see cum running down between her legs asshe stood there waiting for his reply.Rick finally replied. “Whose car is that out in the driveway?”Megan replied. “That car belongs to my boss.”Rick said. “So. Where is your boss right now? Is he in ourbedroom? Tell me. Is that your bosses cum I can see running downyour legs?” Megan wiped some of Robert’s cum off her legs withher hand and said. “I was getting ready to take a shower. Whatare you doing just barging in here anyway?”Rick replied. “Did I interrupt something?” Megan said. “What isit you want anyway?” Rick hesitated as he starred at his wife’stits and said. “Looks like you got bit last night. Were those putthere by your boss?”Megan put her arms out and pushed her husband toward the door andsaid. “I want you to leave right now.” Rick stuck his leg out tokeep from falling backward and said. “This is my house just asmuch as it is yours and I demand you tell me where your boss isright now.”Megan raised her voice and said. “Listen to me. My grand parentsleft me the money so I could buy this house. Now I want you toget out of here right now and go back to your little slut friendSue.”Rick replied. “You’re not going to tell me where your boss isright now. Are you?” Megan yelled again and said. “Get Out Now!”Rick opened the door and looked back at his wife and said. “Whydid you have to go and do something like this for?” Megan reachedout and closed the door and locked it and slipped the chainthrough the little slot.Rick got into his car and pulled out of the driveway and drovedown the block until he stopped and pulled over to the side. Rickpulled the car around the block and pulled back up and parkedseveral houses down the street and decided he would wait and seeif he could get a look at who was staying at their house.Megan walked back into the bedroom and looked at Robert andstarted to talk when he cut her off and said. “I could heareverything from in here. Do you think he’ll cause us someproblems?”Megan slipped the nightie back off over her head and said. “Hewas the one that went out and fucked that little whore behind myback and now he’s going to have to pay for his big mistake.”Megan walked over and kissed Robert on the lips and said. “Go andstart the shower. I’ll be right in there.”Megan smiled as she watched Robert walk into the bathroom andlistened güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as the water started to flow. Megan walked over to herjewelry box and opened the little drawer on the bottom andslipped off her wedding rings and placed them inside and closedthe drawer.Megan didn’t have any idea if she could ever forgive her husbandfor cheating on her with that little slut. Right now, Robert waswaiting in the shower for her and didn’t want to spoil hermorning thinking about her husband right now.Megan stepped into the shower stall and placed her arms aroundRobert as she pushed her pelvis forward letting his cock touchher bare pussy. Robert bent his head down and kissed her on thelips as Megan asked. “Is this the first time you ever fucked awhite woman?”Robert laughed and said. “I dated a white woman back in collegefor a while but she wasn’t a redhead.” Megan replied. “So. How doyou feel about redheads’ now that you’ve fucked one?”Robert laughed again and replied. “I think I’ll only stick withredheads’ from now on.” Robert kissed her again until she kneeleddown and took a hold of his cock with her hand and kissed thegiant mushroom head and starred up into his eye’s.Megan slowly took his cock into her mouth as her mouth opened aswide as she could and continued until the entire length wasinside her mouth with its head hitting the back of Megan’sthroat. Megan slowly pulled it back out as she watched theexpression on Robert’s face.Megan took his cock into her mouth again only this time she tookher time and licked all around its girth before sending it downher throat for a second time. Robert moaned with pleasure as helooked down into Megan’s eye’s and saw that she was starring upat him to watch the expression on his face as she slowly began tomove her head around in slow motions giving him as much pleasureas she could with her mouth.Megan took Roberts cock down her throat several more times untilshe pulled it out completely and began to lick and suck on hisballs. Megan took her time sucking on each testicle as she slowlylet each one fall out of her mouth than she would work on theother side.Robert moaned as Megan put his cock back into her mouth and begansucking him again as she massaged his balls with her hand. Meganworked her tongue all around his shaft as Robert began to maolouder and said. “I’m going to cum. Here it comes. Oh Yeah. I’mcuming.”Megan swallowed each load that Robert shot into her mouth as shecontinued to work her tongue on the underside of his cock and atthe same time she took her hand and squeezed his shaft forwardtrying to milk every last drop of cum from his cock.Megan got back up off her knee’s while they finished taking theirshower and dressed. Robert had to dress in the same suite he worethe night before while Megan put on a pair of shorts and a shorttop and said. “We’re going to have to bring some of your thingsover here so you’ll have a change of clothes next time.”Robert took her in his arms and said. “Do you mean I’m invitedback here again?” Megan replied back and said. “I’m thinkingabout having you stay here with me at times.” She laughed as shecontinued. “You never know when we might have to discuss businesshere again.”Several minutes later they left the house so Robert could go homeand change into something fresh. Rick was waiting down the streetin his car as he watched his wife and a tall black man come outof the house.Rick thought to himself. “That black guy must be her boss andthey must have fucked last night.” Rick waited until they pulledaway than pulled the car forward and into his driveway and gotout of the car. He hurried up to the door and unlocked the lockand went inside the house.Rick went straight into the bedroom and starred at the bed andsaw what he was looking for. There were cum stains on the sheetsand Rick walked over and bent down and sniffed for himself. Hesmelled the strong smell of a man’s semen.Rick wanted to be sure she was fucking this guy as he walked backout of the house and locked the front door behind him. Rick satin the car thinking that she didn’t have a right to fuck this guystill being married to him. Rick was going to find out more aboutthis guy and was going to make some plans of his own.Over the next week Rick tried to find out as much as he couldabout Megan’s boss as he followed them around and watched themfrom across the street from their office. Rick even called Megana couple times being as friendly as he could possibly be and thatfollowing week Megan invited him back to their house to talk.It was two weeks from güvenilir bahis şirketleri the date that Rick had saw Megan with herblack boss which he had learned his name as Robert. Megan wantedto talk to him about something important and he hoped it might beabout getting back together.Megan set the time for eleven that morning and Rick arrived aboutfive minutes early as he sat sitting in his car before decidingto walk up to the front door.Rick knocked on the door and waited for Megan to open the doorand as the door opened, she told him to come inside.Rick followed his wife out to the pool area and he saw Robertsitting on a chair and when he walked closer Robert stood up andwaited for Megan to introduce them. Megan looked over at Rick andsaid. “Rick. This is Robert. Robert. This is Rick.”Rick was hesitant to shake Robert’s hand but did anyway as bothmen sat down across from each other as Megan sat in the middle.Megan started off by saying. “Rick. You are problebly wonderingwhy I called you here and why I have Robert here today.” Rickstood listening as his wife continued to say. “I’m fully awarethat you have been spying on me over the past couple weeks and Iknow you have learned everything about Robert over that period oftime.”Megan looked over at Rick who was listening to what she had tosay as she continued on and said. “You wouldn’t be in this messif you wouldn’t have had the affair with Sue which I found outyou had started very soon after we moved here to this house. I’vebeen doing much thinking over the past couple months andconsidered taking you back even after you went behind my back andcheated on me.”Rick sat there waiting for Megan to make her point as shecontinued and said. “Rick. I love you very much even though youhurt me so bad. I wanted to bring you back into this house andsee if we could start over again with a fresh start.”Megan looked over at Robert and than back at Rick and said.“Robert is here to give me support confronting you today becausesomething has come up that has made me change my mind. If youwould excuse me for a moment, I’ll be right back.”Rick sat in his chair starring over at Robert wondering if Meganwas going to tell him that she had fallen in love with this man.Megan returned from inside the house and walking along the sideof her was his girlfriend Sue and he sat there with a shockedlook on his face as they approached him. Megan pointed for Sue totake the chair next to Rick and she took her chair back next toRobert and sat down.Megan began to speak again. “Rick. I know you’re a littlesurprised right now but Sue contacted me early this week withsome good news that you might want to hear from her.” Megannodded her head at Sue which was a cue for her turn to speak asRick listened.Sue sat looking into Rick’s eye’s and said. “I told you for thepast few months that I was in love with you and I’m here to findout how you feel about me because I found out this past week thatI’m pregnant and it’s your c***d.”Rick looked stunned as he looked in Sue’s eye’s as she sat therewith tears running down her face. Sue continued to say. “Rick. Icame here this week to confront your wife about our problem andwe had a long discussion about you.”Sue had more tears running down her face as she looked over atMegan and than back at Rick and said. “Your wife filed fordivorce yesterday and she has agreed that you should take care ofthis c***d. I’m not so sure that your in love with me but I wantto have this baby and if you want to be a part of my life andyour c***d’s than I will leave that up to you.”Rick was speechless as he looked over at Megan than back at Suewho was looking for comfort from him at that moment but insteadhe just sat there in shock trying to take in the whole situationthat was taking place around him.Rick thought to himself that just a few days ago he had plans ongetting revenge on his wife and now this.Sue started to cry as she put her face in her hands as Rick puthis arm around her shoulder to try and comfort her. Sue lookedover at Rick as he finally said something that comforted her.“Don’t worry. We’ll both take good care of our baby.”Sue put her arms around him as Megan’s eye’s began to tear as shewatched Rick comforting his girl friend. Megan had plenty of timeto think over the past few weeks and figured it was for the bestrather than Rick and her having k**s and he had cheated on herafterwards.Several months later Rick and Sue had a baby boy and his marriageto Megan had ended in a no contest divorce. Megan was allowed tokeep her house since she was able to prove that her Grand Parentshad willed her the money.Megan continued working as a partner for Robert and yes theycontinued to date each other because Megan couldn’t seem to getenough of that black cock. Did they get married? You ask? Well,that’s a whole other story and I’ll tell you all about it in thesequel. Oh. That’s only if you liked this story.

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