A Crazy Situation

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***All characters are over 18. This story is based on a few different events that happened to me and put them together for a story, with some basic changes and embellishments of what actually happened. The real events never resulted in sex, but it’s fun to fantasized that it could’ve happened.


Alex was relieved to see he had finally gotten a good response for the furniture he was selling on Craigslist. It had been nearly a month since he posted that listing of two couches, a recliner, a coffee table and two side tables, the only people seemed to be interested were those who wanted them for far below the asking price. He was already selling them for a very low price, and the furniture was in fairly good condition, so it was insane for them to be asking him to go even lower. Also, he was selling the furniture for his parents who got new furniture and wanted to sell off their old stuff. They had no room in their garage to hold their old furniture, so until they were sold, Alex offered to put it all in his garage and he would sell it for them.

The woman in the email gave her phone number to text and he did so right away. They agreed she could come by at around noon to check out the furniture and if she liked it, she would take it right away. Alex decided not to tell his parents until the deal was done or else get their hopes up.

The woman came around noon as promised, she showed up in a pick-up truck along with another guy. Alex was surprised when he saw the woman, she was a lot younger and more attractive than he would’ve expected. She was in definitely in her mid-twenties, long blonde hair, and an incredible body. She was definitely a D-cup, but on the smaller side of it, with a thin waist and nice ass. It was a warm summer day so she was wearing small shorts and a t-shirt that showed off several tattoos she had on her left arm. She also had a few smaller tattoos on her other arm, but not as noticeable, and one more on her left leg. She also had a series of ear piercings on both ears and a small nose piercing; nothing big just a small diamond stud. Alex didn’t usually go for that much tattoos and piercings on women, but she pulled it off.

The guy she was with, was tall and muscular. Alex got a former military vibe from him, but wasn’t entirely sure. He wore jeans and a t-shirt of a heavy metal band. And he also had a series of tattoos on both of his arms, as well as couple on his neck.

“You must me, Nikki,” Alex said as he put up his hand. “I’m Alex.”

“Hey Alex,” she replied and shook his hand. “This is my brother, Sam.”

“Hey Sam,” Alex called out to him. Sam was hanging back by his pickup truck and he just nodded at Alex in his own way to say hello.

Alex opened the garage door and showed Nikki the furniture. She was surprised they were all in good condition. He explained that his mother was a clean freak and she was one of those old-fashioned women who liked to put plastic covers on furniture to protect them. She carefully looked at everything and even called to her brother to check it out. She liked what she saw and agreed to the price, she didn’t even try to haggle him for a lower price which he liked. He collected the money, helped Sam load up the furniture on his truck and they drove off. His parents were happy it was sold and insisted he take half the money.

Two weeks later, Alex went to a baseball game with one of his friends, Jason. He used the money he earned from selling his parents furniture to buy the tickets. He was excited for the game, he had to miss out on two other games that season because of work issues and was excited to finally go to one. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t just horrible, but a complete embarrassment. It wasn’t even the 7th inning and Alex’s favorite team was losing 10-2. This was a total surprise to everyone in the stadium considering the team was doing remarkably well the entire season. He never did this before at a baseball game, but he and his friend both agreed to just leave early. They weren’t the only ones who thought that as they saw more people in the stadium having the same idea.

Outside the stadium, on the way to the parking lot, a man was passing out flyers to the people leaving the game. They have seen that same guy in other games they’ve been to, passing out the same flyers to a local strip club; apparently, they wave the cover charge if you show them a game ticket.

“You want to go?” said Jason. “We might as well salvage something from this night.”

Alex was not really a strip club person, only going a few times a year, but he agreed to go this time. The Travesti club wasn’t that far away from the stadium, and on the way to the highway he has to take to get back home.

Alex had only been to that club two other times in the last five years. It was a very decent place, not a dive like some of the others in the city. The bouncers, as big as they were, all wore tuxedos, they served a variety of wines, and they even had an attendant in the bathroom handing out towels. They even had a wine list and he saw a few customers drinking wine instead of beer. They had one long bar area around a large stage where three dancers were performing at once, and a series of tables where men were eating dinner as they watched the show.

Alex and Jason were there for almost half an hour, watching a variety of women stripping on stage and having other dancers approach them for tips and asking if they wanted a lap dance. Every time a new dancer showed up on stage another one stepped off stage and the other two dancers moved in different locations on the stage.

One woman caught his eye right away, a blonde woman, who called herself Cassidy. Alex didn’t recognize her right away, it took him a few minutes to recognize her face as well as her tattoos, but it was definitely Nikki, the woman he sold his parents furniture to. She was looking at him as well, but he couldn’t tell if she recognized him or she was trying to recognized him. It also could’ve been that she noticed him staring at her and was just looking back at him.

“I know that woman,” Alex told his friend.

“The blonde with the tattoos?” Jason asked.

“Yes. I sold her my parents’ furniture a couple of weeks ago.”

“I remember you told me about her. You didn’t say she was a stripper, just that she was hot.”

“I had no idea she was a stripper, I never even asked anything about her, just sold her the furniture.”

Nikki, or Cassidy as she was being called, was wearing a white bikini and high heels. She was really good at working the pole, did some excellent moves that got a lot of men’s cheering for her. Around the second song, she took her top off, showing her incredible breasts to everyone; Alex could now see that she had more tattoos that were covered up what she was wearing the last time he saw her. She had a few more on her sides and one on her breast, and he can now see that she also had both of her nipples pierced. When she was done, she got off stage and went around collecting tips from the customers; she came by Alex and Jason, got her tips from them and moved on without saying anything.

“Are you sure that was her?” Jason asked.

“Definitely,” he told him. “You can’t forget her, or those tattoos. She probably just doesn’t recognize me.”

Half hour later, the continued watching the dancers and they watched the game they were just at on the big screen as well. Their team lost, but at least they had the chance to get some more runs and lost only by 11-8. They were still glad they left, it would’ve been frustrating watching the game and at least they got to see some naked women tonight.

A hand touched his shoulder and a woman’s voice greeted him. He greeted back and turned to see who she was. It was Nikki, this time wearing a short see-through blue dress with.

“Don’t I know you?” she asked.

“I sold you furniture a couple of weeks ago,” he answered.

Her eyes grew in shock and she had a big smile on her face.

“I knew I remembered you from somewhere, it was killing me,” she told him. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

He explained to her that he came from the game and the reasons he left early. She said she didn’t really know much about baseball but understood that it didn’t seem like a good game.

“so, do you want a dance?” she asked him.

Alex was surprised at how quickly she got to that request, but understood it was her job to get as many dances as she could get to earn more money. Originally, he wasn’t going to do any dances, but looking at her he couldn’t resist. Also, he thought there was something fun about the whole situation about a woman he had seen previously outside the club and was now going to get a dance from her.

He agreed and left Jason at the bar alone. She led him to the back of the club where they private rooms were. The dances were $25 a song, and he paid for two. She took him to a couch in the corner of the private room, he sat down and made himself comfortable while she took off her outfit and got naked again. She then sat on his lap and began moving around his body. He put his hands on her ass, Ankara Travesti it was nice and firm, he could tell she goes to the gym a lot. He moved his hands up and got them on her tits; they were fantastic and he could definitely tell they were real, and he also enjoyed playing with the nipple piercings.

“This is amazing,” he told her. “Best dance I’ve ever had.”

“Thank you,” she told him. “if you want, you could have more of what I’m giving you. Some place more private.”

“You mean a champagne court?” he asked, assuming she was angling for more money in a more expensive setting.

“I’m thinking more private than that. I get off in half an hour, you probably still have my number on your phone. Maybe you can give me a call or text for a date, maybe tonight.”

“You mean sex?” he asked.

Nikki quietly shushed him and looked around to make sure no one heard him then turned back to him.

“No, I said a date,” she told him. Then she leaned in close to his ear and whispered “A date that will cost $400.”

She pulled back her head and put her finger to her lips in a shushing motion, telling him to be cool and stay quiet. He nodded, letting her know he understood everything. She was definitely offering sex for money, but they need to keep quiet about it or else she could get in trouble with the management.

Alex paid for one more song and then they parted ways outside the private room. He caught up with Jason at the bar and he agreed it was time to go home. On his way to his car in the parking lot he quickly looked up Nikki’s texts from when he was texting her two weeks earlier and sent her message saying asking her to come over for a drink when she was ready. His address was also in the old texts, so she had it to be ready to come over.

Alex dropped off Jason at his place and then went back home. He hadn’t heard anything from Nikki and was beginning to worry she wasn’t going to answer. He considered just sending a text call off the whole thing, he starting to think he was getting in over his head. He had never paid for sex before, he never even considered it. He felt that he got swept up in something because of a chance to hook up with a hot girl he barely knew.

He eventually got a text from her, saying that she would be there in ten minutes. He thought about it quickly, he figured why not, just do it. He figured he might regret later on if he called it off, always wondering what it would’ve been like. He got a couple of beers ready in case she wanted something to drink, and he got her money ready; he always kept a little cash on hand in case of emergencies, although never considered this situation to come up.

He heard a car pull up in his driveway and looked out the window. It was the pickup truck her brother, Sam, was driving that day they came over to get the furniture, and he was definitely the driver tonight. Nikki got out of the truck and walked up to pathway to the front door while Sam stayed in the truck. Alex opened the door before she had the chance to knock and let her in. He offered her a beer he had ready and she accepted.

“I have to ask, that’s your brother out there in the truck, right?”

“Yes,” she answered. “And actually, he’s my step-brother.”

“And he knows why you’re here?”

“Yes, of course he does. He’s my bodyguard. He’s also a bouncer at the club, but he wasn’t working tonight, I called him about this and he came to drive me.”

Alex was surprised to hear that he was also a bouncer there, which meant that he sees his step-sister naked on a regular basis as well as knowing about her side gig as a prostitute.

“I don’t mean to keep asking this but—”

“It’s ok,” she assured him and had a small laugh at the situation. “It’s not like he’s my actual brother. He knew I was doing this and he couldn’t convince me to stop, so he insisted on being my bodyguard when I meet a customer. He stays in his truck and I text him regularly to let him know I was ok.”

Alex still thought the situation was weird, but didn’t press on about it. It does make sense for her to have someone watching out for her, it was still weird that her bodyguard was her brother, even if it is a step-brother. But he thought he shouldn’t think too much about it and moved on. They talked for a while as they drank the beer before they finally decided to go to the bedroom. He gave her the $400 he requested and she texted Sam that everything was good for now. She started to take off her clothes, very quickly and Alex did the same but very nervously.

“First time paying for it?” she asked.

“Am istanbul Travesti I that obvious?”

“A little. It’s ok, it’s no big deal. Everyone gets like that the first time they have to pay for it. But think of it as having a random hookup, but with money being involved.”

He laughed at that comment, but realized she had a point about it. She got completely naked before he did and seeing her body again got him fully hard. She pulled out a condom from her purse, tore the wrapper open and quickly put it on Alex’s dick without him having to ask. He was surprised at how quick she was at doing this, even how quick she got the condom on him. Before they got started, she told him there would be no kissing on the lips and nothing weird. She didn’t elaborate on what was considered weird, but Alex wasn’t into anything unusual so he felt he had nothing to worry about.

She got him to sit on the edge of the bed and she got down on her knees in front of him. She the took the whole dick into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down. Again, Alex was surprised at how fast she was going and how she was doing this so easily despite him still being a little nervous about paying a prostitute. But as she worked her mouth on his dick, his qualms began to fade away and he began to enjoy himself. Her lips were sealed tight around his shaft, her tongue massaging it as her head went back and forth. She gagged on it a few times in between, something that Alex liked to see her do.

After several minutes, she pulled his dick out of her mouth and stood up. They both got on the be and Alex began to feel up her body and kiss her on the neck. He wanted to kiss her but resisted because she insisted that it was not allowed. He the kissed her breasts as his hand went down to between her legs and he began to gently rub her clit, getting her excited. He began sucking on her nipples, playing with the piercing with his tongue. He never had a pierced nipple in his mouth, but he was beginning to enjoy the feel of it and he could tell that she liked him playing with her nipple like that.

He then got her to open up her legs wide for him and pushed his dick into her. It wasn’t as tight as he would’ve liked, he supposed it was due to her profession, but it was warm and juicy. He began pounding away at her; he thought she was the type that liked it fast and rough and he was right. She held him close to her as she began moaning hard into his ear, telling him how she loving this.

After a while they turned around and Nikki now was on top of him. She was bouncing around his cock, behaving like an animal. Her tits jiggled all around, her hair was flying wildly. Alex was never a fan of the cowgirl position, he enjoyed being the dominant one, but he was enjoying having her on top of him right now. He liked seeing this wild woman, riding him and enjoying herself on his had dick.

When Nikki began to slow down, he got her off of him and made her get on all fours. He got behind her, shoved his dick back into her, grabbed her firmly by her hips and proceeded to give her the best doggy style sex of her life. He began to spanked her ass hard and called her a bunch of names he never thought he’d call a woman during sex. He felt bad about calling her those things, but she liked it nonetheless. He began going even harder on her as he pulled back her hair. Her face was turning a bright red color as she was screaming in ecstasy.

After a while Alex began to slow down as he gave a few final good thrusts into her pussy and ejaculated into the condom. He managed to get himself to slowly fuck her a couple more minutes before his dick with flaccid.

He pulled out of her and got off the bed while Nikki stayed on the bed trying catch her breath. Alex went to the bathroom to throw away the condom and took a couple of minutes to wash up because the whole situation got him sweaty. He went back to the bedroom just as Nikki got herself fully dressed. He realized he was still naked and put his clothes back on as well.

“That was great,” she told him. “And I’m not just saying that like I usually do to make the guy feel good, you were great.”

“Thank you,” he said with a big smile.

He escorted her to the front door, he offered her something to drink before she left but she said she didn’t need anything.

“You got my number, just text me if you ever want to meet again, ok?”


She kissed him on the cheek and walked out the door. Alex looked out the window as she jumped into the pickup truck and they drove away. He couldn’t help thinking that it was an incredibly unusual situation. But he was fine with it, even laughed as he thought back to some of the events that led up to getting her in bed. He enjoyed himself with, that’s all that mattered, and decided he would definitely call her again.


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