A Different Kind of Lover (fiction)

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A Different Kind of Lover (fiction)I first met Jenny when we were k**s playing in the neighborhood. She was one of those tomboy types of girls, always climbing trees, running, and going fishing just like one of the guys. Us guys would laugh sometimes, but the truth was Jenny could run as fast and climb without difficulty as good as us boys could, sometimes faster if old man Farnsworth’s bull caught wind of us slipping through his posted property and charged.Time passed, and Jenny filled out nicely, her tiny boobs enter her pre-puberty stage small but she blossomed into a fully figured teenager by the time she got to age of s*******n. In this seventieth year, I noticed her for being a woman, and I began talking to her more and more, finding her captivating, her green eyes mesmerizing, and her figure one to have dreams of. I was walking her home from the movies where we had met; just as we got to her walk-way, and she turned, her eyes danced with a twinkle of her green eyes, she flipped her long red hair to her left side of her face; she drew up close and kissed me with the wettest deepest kiss; a kiss that dreams are made of, wet and her tongue gently flicking my inexperienced tongue with her loving wet warmth. The thoughts of even making love to her had entered my little hormone raged brain as I often played with myself to orgasm thinking of her when I was alone late at night. My fantasy intentions I hoped were never obvious to her as I would never want her to see my bulge in my pants.Even though I could have sworn once in a while to sense something unusual about my girl-friend, these thoughts quickly dissipated as she seemed so perfect. I was falling for her head over heels. As she neared her eighteenth birthday, we became inseparable. I had finally gotten a job working at the local diner making a meager wage, but this afforded me the chance to dress nicely and to have gas, money for movies and to eat out. With this income, I had money to spend on my love Jenny. Even though her kisses were wet and so warm, we had not slept together, nor had we even come close. We had parked a few times like any other teenagers, but all this was to change sooner than we thought as we both became more infatuated with each other. Thinking of her preoccupied my mind every free minute of the day as she became more of an obsession. She was impossible to forget with her laughing personality, sexy figure, flowing red hair, and shapely long legs to boot.To celebrate her eighteenth birthday, we planned on going to the movies, but I had forgotten my boots at our fishing cabin out in the Oak River section. I needed to clean the yard the next morning in payment for borrowing mom’s car. Our cabin consisted of three rooms combining the living room/kitchen and two decent sized bedrooms with comfortable beds; a small bathroom was neatly tucked away adjacent to the living room. A sleeping couch unfolded when another person joined us, so this little place could sleep several in a pinch. I always thought dad kept this place for a watering hole away from the house, so mom would not see his undying love for the bottle which she knew all too well. He straightened up very good when home, and no one could ever notice that he loved his stiff drinks when he went fishing at the cabin. Anyway, the cabin was still there and mom cared less if dad disappeared bahis şirketleri once in a while, and this is where we headed. Of course dad was working the late shift, so he did not go out there during his work schedule. Too far to get home to go to work on nights; anyway days off were his thrill for his partying.As we pulled up into the yard, I leaped out and headed for the front door, fumbling with my key to get me into the cabin. I was trying to hurry as I knew the late movie started at 9:15, but as I flipped the light switch on I felt a gentle tug at my arm. Jenny had followed me into the cabin. As I turned, I was met with one of her wet loving kisses, but now, she was so lovely in white blouse and lavender flowing skirt her; boobs stood out at attention and her hips lovingly gyrated against my body. The next thing I knew she gently pushed me backwards against the couch, where I crumpled onto the couch without hesitation. She slowly fell in besides me and began passionately kissing me, raking her tongue gently in and around my mouth. I found myself gently slipping my fingers from my right hand inside her bra, cupping her perky boob, which she obvious did not mind. I was in total heaven as she became more and more excited and my hormones were uncontrollable leaving me with a raging hard-on; this she must have known as she teasingly felt down between my legs and gently rubbed my growing member. She gently kissed me, smiled, and slipped her blouse slowly unbuttoned one button at a time which made the wait all the more excitable. I had never saw real boobs or for that fact any real boobs other than my sister Annie’s or moms tits; these few tit sightings were very abbreviated occurring when one or the other of my female family members were hurriedly walked around getting dressed and not realizing I was standing there; I had never been the opportunity to slowly savor the beauty of boobs. As her blouse opened up, a pale white bra held her globes securely in place; this bra was cupping her tits securely pushing the mounds upwardly. Like magic, she flipped the clasp on the front open and out fell both of her beautiful tits, perfect globes, and at the ends of her lily white globes, pink bubblegum colored erect nipples standing erectly maybe an half-inch long. If the arm of the couch had not been there, I’d have fell off, but luckily it held me in place. I gasped a tiny gasp and she gently pulled and pushed my face towards her lovely mounds; with this gesture I did it hesitate and began gently licking her boobs, tenderly sucking her nipples which became harder and more firm by the second.These nipples became so tightly wound, they felt like tiny warmed rubber balls hooked onto her warm soft skin, the most wonderfully soft skin; these tits were real and so sweet. Finally, my Jenny straightened up and gently opened my shirt, which fell open to the sides. Then, she gently rolled her tits into my chest, pushing and grinding them slowly in a methodical gyrating roll, finally, licking my tiny tits as she pleased. With this she looked up, she grinned, and then told me “Do you want to see something special?” When I started to speak, she gently touched my lips with her fingers as if to still my answer. She twinkled her eyes and slowly reached for her skirt, which she slowly pulled up, revealing the whitest panties. youwin In the dim light, I could not catch a glimpse of her female features, only the brilliant white panties. She gently turned and said, “I need to pee.” With this she disappeared into the tiny bathroom.After what seemed like an eternity, I hear the door open and this lovely lady strolled out, but this time her skirt and blouse were missing. She sheepishly turned away and wiggled her butt, white panties were her only clothing; these tightly hugging her butt, and with a few more enticing wiggles she slowly slipped down the tiny hall into the main bedroom. Within a few seconds of entering the room she called, “Come her for your surprise.” Following her voice, I found her giggling in bed with the covers pulled over her body, her pretty face glowing, her white panties lying beside the bed; my naked goddess lying in wait for me.Without further words, she gently rolled into me, and gently, so sexily, whispered, “I have something special I have not told you about.” “And this is only for you, for your eyes only my love.”With this she gently nudged me with her lower waist, and I felt something different than I was thinking that I would feel. I was not put off only excited more, as she pushed forward against me with what should have been a sleek hairy pussy, but nestled against my outer leg was a cock. Was this lovely lady a guy, but no she had kisses sweeter than wine and the perfect female body for a lady. Without delay, I gently reached down and got so surprised by her nice cock, a feeling of amazement sweep over my mind. Gently holding her manhood, I reached lower to the base of her cock to find to my surprise a warm wet pussy. Now things were so sweet, my cock raged to life. Not only did my love have a cock, but she also was blessed with a pussy. As I leaned over her kissing her gently on the mouth, I slowly began to move lower to her lovely globes. A perfect body except for a tiny natural difference which added to her mystic. I had never entertained the idea of licking a cock, but this one was irresistible. The head was slightly smaller than mine; the length was not quite as long as mine, but nevertheless very ample for loving, sucking, and licking. As I gently licked the head, my tongue delicately slid down shaft of my lover’s cock, tonguing her stiff little pole. As I took her whole little cock in my mouth she moaned, my mouth delicately sucking her manhood. After a few deep thrusting forward movements by me. She gently bucked upwards, letting out a sudden moan, her body became rigid, and she whispered, “Love you my dear” as her warm cock juices flowed into my mouth, I was not thinking about the taste of her cum as it went down in a few swallows; my thoughts were only to please my darling lady’s cock. Her body relaxed and she laid beside me for a moment. She gleamed with her sultry smile and said, “What do you think of my surprise”. With this she teasing placed her fingers on my cum covered lips to once again to silence my reply. With this she kissed me tenderly and flicked my tongue with her tongue, creating a wet lovingly sloppy kiss; one to remember forever.Jenny gently lowered herself to my swollen cock which she lovingly licked, encircling the head with her tongue. With a slow gentle movement my engorged penis disappeared into youwin giriş her mouth. Her gentle stroking movements became more rapidly intense as my cock became hot, tensing up, and then with a shudder, my rocks were gotten off. All I could feel was my now flaccid dick being licked clean; the cum being gently lapped up from around my balls and the shaft of my limp dick which had overflowed from my lover’s mouth. She then said, “I must go pee again, stay right there”. With this she slid out of bed, naked and so sexy slipped down hall to the bathroom. This time I got a glimpse of her lovely butt and notice the outline of her little lovely cock swinging slightly as she entered the bathroom.In a minute she returned her pussy dripping warm from her needed pee. I was blown away, thinking of her manhood and now she had a pussy as well. Within seconds she began to gently kiss me, gently nuzzling closer to me. With this new encouragement, I gently reached over and gently lifted her cock, which was still half-hard glistening with delicate drops of cum, to reveal her pussy. She had shaved her pussy’s lips which made the lips so slick they were more like her breasts, incredibly soft. As I admired her pussy, I could not resist a few licks to the head of her cock; her manhood sprang to life once more, but this time I was more into her pussy. She gently opened her legs and then I slowly lowered my tongue to her clit, which was already bathed wet from the excitement of her ejaculation of her manhood was my thought. As I gently licked her hairless cunt, her little dick became harder and glistened with cum at the head once more. The more I licked her “little man in the boat”, the more her hips wiggled trying to generate more friction between my tongue and her soaking pussy lips and clit. The only sounds from my lover were moans, fast breathing when suddenly her body quivered violently and her pussy exploded with cum. I was afraid she might be in discomfort as I was new to all this, but the gleaming smile on her face told me she was thrilled with my tonguing effort.As I came back up to look at her sweet lovely face, she again kissed me softly with her wet and so sensuous mouth, running her tongue gently into my cum-covered mouth. I was thinking everything smelled of this lovely lady’s cum. As we gently kissed, she gently pulled me over on top of her, gently pushing her little man out of the way, positioning him above her waiting pussy. As we kissed, she spread her legs widely; with this added movement, she gently took my cock with her delicate little hand, wiggled her butt just enough to help me place the head of my cock inside her pussy. With the head inside her, I gently pushed entering into her swollen, warm, wet, and extremely tight pussy; it was like as if her pussy was waiting patiently for my swollen cock to be entered. With a few innocent wiggles of her butt, my gentle thrusts became more aggressive, burying my swollen shaft up to my balls deep inside her vagina time and time again. Moving in unison, my body became tense, about the same time her little body under me grew very rigid, her tiny cock exploded, she shuddered, and then her pussy exploded around my cock drowning me in a lake of cum; my throbbing cock quickly followed her exploding in a river of cum. After this we laid in bed for a while, kissing and gently cuddling. I was enthralled with my c***dhood friend and decided right then and there to keep her forever. I loved her special hidden secret more than anything I could have ever dreamed of. I am in love forever with my dear Jenny!

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