A Loving Parent

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A Loving ParentRuby Crocker was a single mother. Her husband had abandoned their family without warning. The excuse was ‘I need to sow some wild oats’. The truth was Guy Crocker was a bum. He just didn’t want to be responsible for being a husband and father anymore.Ruby had two c***dren to bring up by herself. She adored them so. It was the young parent’s intentions to keep them safe and always loved. The mother wishes were that they remember only each other could be relied on. They were family and nothing could be more important.Ruby loved her c***dren and wanted them to love each other. The young mother did everything to encourage closeness. The goal was ensure that between the three of them nothing was secretThey were often in different stages of nudity around each other. It was common for them as group or a pair to shower and bathe together. It was a normal way of life for the three of them. Eric, the oldest, was a strapping young man. He enjoyed athletics. His body was toned and fit. It enhanced the dark eyed youth.Sara, her youngest c***d, was a pretty curly blonde haired girl with a petite body. Her appearance was deceiving. She was a ruffian as her athletic older brother. She would insist that her offsprings be together in every sort of activity. The protective mother would tell them that they could only count on each other. They should trust only their sibling and her in all matters. As the c***dren entered high school, Ruby continued on encouraging the two to be a pair. Whenever school or sociable activities and events occurred, the c***dren usually went together. She thought they where such a handsome couple The young mother enjoyed watching her offsprings remain so close. She would smile contently at how they stayed together so often. She hoped that this closeness would never wan with age.As they matured into two beautiful people, the idea of sexual activity for the pair came up. It was after they enrolled into college the sex minded mother realized how strong of a love she had for the pair.At nineteen, Eric was stunning looking lad. A product of years of school athletics, his solid, firm body was even hotter. Ruby found herself jealous of the young hussies that would come around. She feared they would hurt him.Still, knowing the young mind, the concerned mother felt her son should know that she would be there for him always. Hers was a natural love that existed between blood kin.The intense love Ruby had for her son cross a taboo boarder one night, when feeling a little empty for companionship she asks him to join her in bed. Since they often shared a bed, the young college jock automatically agrees to his mother’s request. His warm body was always so nice next to her. With Ruby’s encouragement, they spooned and cuddled. The mother’s hidden lust began to surface with the touching.This night she had came to bed in nothing but panties and a see-through top. Eric, becoming a hormone driven teenager, couldn’t help but notice how hot she was. The single mother was excited by the forbidden loving stares.As they lay together, Ruby realized the emptiness was actually horniness. She noticed her son’s muscular physique. There was stirring between her legs that hadn’t been there in years. The lusting mother couldn’t resist the forbidden desires boiling up. A mature hand found the young penis. It hardened quickly with the experienced touch. “Eric,” she asks rolling onto one side, “Do you love momma?””Of course I do, Mother,” he answers softly.”Would you like me to make you feel really special tonight?” Ruby asks feeling a set of dark nipples go very erect.”You always make me feel special, mom.” The handsome son puzzles, “What do you mean by ‘special’?A warm hand pets an erect cock. It was rubbed and massage through the shorts. Eric’s hips moved with the pleasuring making gyrations.”Mom,” Eric asks innocently, “should we be doin’ this?””Perhaps not, honey.” Ruby says placing the hand inside the shorts, “But we do love each other an’ any expression of love shouldn’t be restricted.” The young penis was pulled from the underpants. It was surprisingly big. It was eight inches long. She gave a couple of loving strokes to the teenage rod.”Omi,” Eric moans, “That really feels good, Mom.””This’ll feel better, baby,” Ruby promises leaning into her son’s crotch.A hand reached down and caresses the head of the pulsating cock. It was wet with precum. Eric wanted to say something to about this being wrong, but an unnatural desire was filling the college student’s soul. Ruby cupped a full ball sac lovingly in an experienced hand. Feather-like fingers massaged them gently. Pleasuring making touches had a set of fit hips gyrating on the sheets.Leaning in closer, Ruby inhales the head of the young cock deep. A hot tongue licks up the precum. Eric could feel his dick become harder than ever before experienced inside his parent’s mouth. “Oh mother,” he groans, “That does make me feel so special”.Ruby felt a hand on her head while bobbing up and down on the taboo rod. Eric’s body moves in perfect cadence with the wonderful mouth. A hot tongue ran up and down the length of the young stiff shaft. “I love you so, Mother,” he softly moans, “I love you so much.””Ummmmmmmh,” Ruby’s muffled moan responds.The sounds of a mother sucking her son’s juicy, wet cock filled the room. The boy’s fingers pushed down on the dark mane. A hungry mouth thrust downward as an athletic pelvis pushed up. “Oooooooooooooh!” Eric groans louder. “Omigod! I’m cummin’ mom! I’m cummin’ really, really hard!”The young cock floods her mouth with the warm cum. A river of sperm rushes out forcefully. Ruby kept locked on the taboo dick continuing to suck greedily. Eric could hear gurgling sounds coming from his mother. A hot mouth swallowed the rushing cum as quickly as it left the young cock. Not a drop escaped the skilled mouth.”Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!” Eric gave one last squeal of delight.The teenage body flexed and taunted uncontrollably. A firm ass lifted off the sheets as a mother’s mouth continued to inhale the forbidden juices. Finally he went limp.Ruby then crawled up and laid a raven mane head on a broad chest. Eric slowly threaded the long hair. She could feel a young heart race.”Mother,” he asks panting, “are we gonna do more?””I don’t think so, baby,” she answers, “This was really too much.”That was the only time Ruby gave Eric a blowjob. Fears of being caught quickly arose. The pretty mother ended the sleeping together to prevent temptation from taking over. She thought that would be the end of that trip into erotica. It was only the beginning. Ruby secretly had enjoyed the taste of the forbidden cum. The lusting mother would masturbate to those memories in the months that followed. There was a wonder if Sara had touched Eric in that matter. The turned on parent even speculated to what it would be like to see them together. It would be a beautiful sight. In her mind if they were together, it would be wonderful. The young mother conjectured on how she would react catching the offsprings in such an act.One afternoon Ruby got the chance to answer that question. It was the summer after Sara and Eric were between semesters at college. They were at home sunbathing and relaxing around the pool. She had just returned from the store. The home had an underground garage. So seldom did anyone in the house hear a car pulled in. Bags of groceries had just been placed on the counter when hearing the k**s. They were at poolside.She moved to the patio door. They were lying on towels drying off. It was obvious they had been swimming. When it was just the three of them, swimming attire was optional. This afternoon they were skimpily dressed. Eric was wearing only a pair of briefs. Sara was wearing a tee shirt and thong panties.Both young bodies were covered with sweat and pool water. The scant clothing was soak. The siblings might as well been nude.”s*s,” Eric says slowly, “Do girls talk about sex?””Yeah!” Sara answers, “We do.” “Do’ya talk about gettin’ eatin’ out?” the curious boy asks.”Eric!” she chirps sitting up, “Why would’ya ever ask about that!?””Well,” he shyly tells, “I’ve heard guys talk about eatin’ pussy.” He sat up on one elbow admitting, “At first I thought was gross. Hell! I didn’t believe anyone actually did it.””So,” she queries, “What’s makes you think it’s done now?””Because,” Eric embarrassingly says, “When I see your pussy—, it always looks so—, so—-, pretty and—, er—, tasty.”The curly blonde girl face’s turned a crimson red. A spontaneous giggle happened. There was confusion as to how to react. He was her brother. Feelings of insulted or something like that should be happening. Instead the girl felt complimented the sibling’s thought her cunny to be pretty.”You think my twat is hot?” she responds proudly.”Yes I do.” Eric moves closer asking in an anxious voice, “Can I kiss your pussy, Sara?”Ruby thought about making her presence known. Yet for some reason she wanted to see how far they would go. After all, they did love each other.If her c***dren wanted to explore their sexuality, it would be better they did it with each other. It would be done out of love if they did. She couldn’t think of a better way for them to lose their virginities.”You really wanna kiss my pussy?” she asks surprised.Sara was feeling excited. Her older brother wanted her pussy! The young vixen was filled with new and different sensations that race up a firm eighteen-year-old’s body.Without a word, nervous hands peeled the flimsy panties off the slender young legs. A fresh pink pussy was exposed. It glistened from the earlier physical activity. It was so soft and yummy looking to the hot brother. Ruby had never been wetter between her legs. This was what she wanted. Her c***dren would become lovers. They would become a couple that would never betray or hurt the other. Eric leaned in between the silky legs. A young tongue nervously started licking a fresh clit and cunt. A hard cock peeked out from a brief’s waistband.The young mother was amazes how quickly her son was taking up eating a girl out. Sara face showed he seem to know what he was doing. Then the sexy blonde was also new at this.”Oooooh Eric,” she moans, “It does feel good!” the turned on sister asks, “Do I taste good, brother?”Looking up with a chin covered with her juices, he says, “Sissy, you taste so very wonderful.”The sight of her son’s body quivering in sexual lust was beautiful. It made Ruby regret ever stop sucking the boy. She wonders where they would be now.A pair of thumbs spread the pussy lips lovingly. Eric licked and sucked on the opening. His tongue and teeth played with the already sensitive clit. The turned on teenager nibbled and sucked on the forbidden cunt. Eric wanted to make her climax. He wished to give his sister the best cunt loving possible. The sex-hazed brother wanted to show Sara how much he loved her.”Let me help,” his sister offers. Sara moves hands to the wet pussy. A pair of small fingers spread the lips wider. He had a clear shot to the deepest aspects of the hot cunt. That was a surprise to Ruby. Her ‘innocent’ daughter opened up wider for the lusting tongue. The girl was a minx. She was beautiful.The thoughts of the teenage hottie brought back other old feelings. It brought back the times as a teenager Ruby had shared her bed with some girlfriends. Her first sexual encounters were lesbian. She thought those feelings were buried but it didn’t seem so. Eric was right. Sara’s cunt did look tasty.Eric then places a hot tongue on the quivering pussy lips. He licks and swirls in as deep as possible. His sister’s hips were gyrating with the movements.”Damn!” Ruby sighs softly, “I always knew you would have tongue for cunt lovin’, son.” The lusting mother moans, “I should’ve let you eat me that night, baby.” A hand went underneath the tight jogging shorts. A mature cunt was wet and leaking. It was massaged with feathery touches. Without warning Eric slid a long middle finger up the wet slit. It touched the engorged skin of the clit. He squeezed the protruding skin.”Ahhhh!” Sara squeals, “That feels so wonderful!” “Oh gawd you taste so good!” the lust filled brother groans, “You’re so beautiful!””Ohhhh!” Ohmygod! Your my brother!” Sara groans, “This ain’t suppose to feel this good!” Sara was already to cum. A young cunt was flowing. The tight ass was twisting with the movements of the pleasure making tongue. Sara pushed down on the back of his neck. “I’m cumming!” she screams, “I’m really cummin’, brother!” She wails, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!””Uh! Uhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh!” Ruby muffled a series of moans also feeling a strong orgasm.The innocent girl climaxed in a series of pulsating moves. Sara then went limp. Eyes closed. She lay motionless on the floor.Eric placed a head on his sister’s flat abdomen. It was a wonderful tasting cunt. He would be doing this more often. No wonder boys talked so much about eating out.Ruby snuck away without being noticed. There was a need to change shorts. She also knew it was time to have a true talk with Sara. If she was going to be deflowered, Eric should do it.That evening Eric was at a game with a friend. Ruby couldn’t keep her eyes off Sara. The girl’s petite body was covered only in a long tee shirt and bikini panties. It was so hot and sexy. The girl needed to know how to use that nubile body.”Sara,” Ruby spoke, “have you an’ your brother been playin’ around when I’m not here?””What do you mean, Mom?” the cute blonde asks.”I mean have you an’ Eric been acting like more than brother an’ sister?” the sexy mother specifies.”Like how?” the puzzling daughter asks.Realizing that there was no gentle way of saying it, Ruby bluntly asks, “Have you let ‘im play with your pussy?”Sara’s face flushed. The pretty teenager was perplexed and even a little scared of telling her parent the truth. She just set on the couch mute.”Well?” the turn on Ruby urges.”You get mad if I say he has?” Sara wonders nervously. “Why would I be mad?” Ruby coos moving over to the couch next the anxious girl, “If you’re close to your brother, I’d be very happy.”Knowing the truth made the dark haired parent hotter. The fact her daughter was ill at ease made the girl sexier. Ruby liked the idea of controlling a younger woman so easily.”Mom,” Sara admits softy, “I let Eric eat my cunny by the pool this afternoon.” “Did you like it?” Ruby asks huskily already knowing the answer.”Yes,” she answers, then adds quickly, “It was such’a beautiful feelin’, Mother.”Placing a gentle hand on an upper leg, she asks, “Hav’a ever thought about being eatin’ before Eric did it?””Not really,” the pretty offspring asks anxiously, “You’re really not upset at what we did? It was only that one time!””Don’t worry, honey,” Ruby assures squeezing the young leg. She then adds absent-mindedly, “I was so proud of your k**s when I watched what you did this afternoon.””You saw us!?” Sara aghast with a hand on the small chest. The girl sat up and moved away from her mother. Her blue eyes widens. A pink lipstick mouth formed an “O” of astonishment.”Honey,” the sexy mother confides with a series of gentle pats on the young leg, “don’t be so alarm. It was such’a wonderful sight to watch you an’ Eric.””You—, you—-,” she stutters, “—really mean that?””I wouldn’t lie to you about such a thing,” Ruby assures with a caressing hand.”You were really proud of us?” she asks as excitement filled the young body, “You really didn’t mind what we were doin’?”No, baby,” the sexy parent admits, “It’s my wish that you an’ your brother become even closer.” She then reasons, “Remember your brother will always be the man you can trust completely.”Sara set mute for a few minutes. The teenager was at lost as to her parent’s attitude. There was always a desire to have her mother’s approval. Now it seem that the most taboo thing the girl had ever had been completely condoned.”Can I let Eric eat me again?” she asks.”Whatever you wish, baby.” Ruby slid next to her daughter encouraging, “In fact you should let him have all of your body.””You mean we should make love?” Sara awes with eyes wide again.”If it’s what you’re feelin’?” the sexy parent quips, “A girl should always go with her feelings.” She then probes, “You do want ‘im to eat you again? Dontcha?”The teenager was still mystified at her parent’s attitude. It seem it was her mother’s wish that she and Eric make love! After this afternoon, that idea would have been repulsive. But now it didn’t seem so awful.”Mom,” Ruby says slowly, “I’m a virgin.” She confesses, “I don’t think I would know how to make love to Eric.”Pulling the girl into arms, the mother coos, “That’s why I’m here, baby.” With a tight hug, she tells, “Momma’s gonna teach you what to expect an’ do.”The younger female’s body felt wonderful in her arms. Ruby’s pussy was wet with the contact. Old desires from years before were resurfacing. This tender c***d was ripe for the world of erotica.”Let’s start with cunt lovin’,” she suggests and then asks, “Do’ya wanna be eatin’ again?””Yes I do,” Sara quickly states, “It felt so wonderful. I’ve never had such’a fantastic feelin’ before.”Ruby proudly hugs her daughter. A long finger twirls a blonde curl. Her little girl was about to become a woman.”You know boys love a bald headed cunny.” Setting up and releasing Sara, she asks, “Let momma see what yours looks like now.”Sara stood up and reached underneath a long tee shirt. A pair of pink bikini panties came sliding down the slender legs. The garment’s crotch was darkened with moisture.”Now pull up your shirt and show off your little love hole, baby,” Ruby instructs. A pretty pink-lipped pussy was exposed. It was glistening with wetness. The lips and crotch was covered with an even coat of blonde hair. It was more beautiful than the sexy mother remembered from this afternoon. Then Eric’s head did block the view.To Ruby’s surprise, a heartbeat sped up at the view. The turned on parent realizes that to kiss that cunt was becoming a desire. She had sucked off Eric. Why not eat Sara?”I don’t believe I just thought that?” Ruby amazes silently, “I can’t be thinkin’ of her that way now.””Mother,” Sara asks returning the mother to the present, “what do’ya think?””It’s quite stunning,” the lusting mother, answers. “But I think you should shave it naked.””I’ve never done that before,” the girl admits.”I have many times.” Ruby stands up saying, “So I’ll shave ya now.” She moved closer instructing, “I want ya to go my room an’ strip naked.” Taking a small hand in hers, the confident parent adds, “I’ll go into my bathroom an’ get the tools for the job.” The two women moved upstairs hand-in-hand. Sara followed obediently. She had no idea what her mom was up to. This was a new side that the girl never suspected the hot parent had.Sara was left at the bed while Ruby moved into the bathroom. She quickly pulled the small packet from a shelf. Then a washbasin was removed from underneath the sink.As the water filled the metal bowel, Ruby removed all of her clothing. The logic was to preventing them from getting wet. The parent knew there was a more erotic reasoning deeper inside her sex-driven soul.Sara was setting on the bed naked. The container of water was almost dropped when the sexy mother saw the beautiful daughter. The girl was a gorgeous sight!”Baby,” Ruby states, “Position yourself as momma sets up the equipment.”As Sara got comfortable on the bed, the small case was opened. All contents were double-checked. The pretty young cunt would soon look like a baby’s. Sara was positioned spread eagled on the navy blue satin sheets. The vision of her hot daughter lying there was stunning. Ruby’s pussy was even wetter. The lusting mother thought the teenage offspring was a sexy vision. All the curves on young body were just right. It was perfection from the round mounds of the firm perky titties down a flat belly and to the slender legs. “Sweet jezzus, baby,” she awes moving closer, “You’re grown up so beautiful.””You really think I should be shaved?” she wonders.”Yes, baby,” Ruby, explains while shifting between her daughter’s slender legs, “Boys love bald pussies. I promise fantastic times will be comin’ because of this.”Sara just smiled up at her beautiful mother. The curvy legs were positioned wide. She was ready.Using the scissors to clip the pubic hairs, Ruby started the processor of shaving. She had to shift around to get good angles on the forbidden honey triangle. Sara was then repositioned on all fours to shave the hot crotch down to the stubble.It was a test of will power. The smelled that was coming between her daughter’s legs were so inviting. The aroma was bringing back memories teenage girl lovers. To Ruby the young pussy needed a woman’s touch before entering the world of sex. A mother’s mouth watered with the idea of tasting the taboo love tunnel.”Stay that way, baby,” she orders. “I’ve gotta get somethin'”Ruby quickly sped back to the bathroom. A towel was placed in the sink and hot water was run over it. She looked canlı bahis into a misty reflection. The sex-hazed mother knew that another boarder of i****t was about to be crossed. The old desire was now fully resurfaced. Sara’s young cunt was in full view when returning to the room. It was so virginal and innocent. Ruby’s heart rate continued to race. A mature pussy was wet with lust. She had to do something to eliminate the urged to mount the sexy daughter right then and there. The turned on parent quickly placed the hot towel right on the tempting pussy. It was pressed snugly.”Ahhhhhh!” Sara exclaims feeling the warm moisture.”Relax,” Ruby says in a soft voice.She looks back at her parent’s glistening cunt. The sexy teenager gasps at the sight of it. Without warning, a young hand pets the forbidden hole.”Mom,” she sighs, “you have such a beautiful cunny”.”Omi!” the startled Ruby breathes, “You shouldn’t touch mommy like that!””Didn’t you say we should go with our feelin’?” Sara reminds.Ruby smiles realizing that she wasn’t the only one wanting to explore forbidden love. Her little girl seemed to be getting inquisitive on the subject. Perhaps this was meant to be after all.Sara enjoys her daughter’s touch. The curious girl then rolled a set of small fingers over the lips provoking juices to seep spontaneously. The feathery digits really felt good to Ruby.The task was completed. The towel was then removed. Ruby could see the virginal pussy quiver from the exposure.”Roll onto your back, baby,” she directs softly.Ruby moved between the pair of slender legs. The last of the hair clipping were wiped off. The attentive parent then applied shaving cream.Lubricate was rubbed all over a very hot public area and down the ass crack. Her fingers accidentally touched a pink asshole. It puckered in response to the digit.”Oooooooo!” Sara moans loudly.”I see my little girl is already respondin’ lik’a a woman,” Ruby quips reaching for the razor.The blade moved over the sweet smelling mound. Softly and efficiently she stroked the pussy area to make it as hairless as possible. A mother’s cunt was leaking love juices. Ruby looks up to see Sara was busy. A set of perky orb was being petting. A forefinger and thumb caressed and rolled the pink nipples.”On all fours, girl!” she orders. The hairs near the ass had to be gotten. Sara quickly positioned with butt cheeks high and legs apart. A perfect set of buns wiggled slightlyThe sight made Ruby wanted that cunt now! But the chore needed to finish. The moment couldn’t be rushed.OK, baby,” she orders after removing the final stubs, “You need to go into the bathroom an’ wash your pussy clean.”She steps off the bed. A set of cute titties jiggled enticingly. Sara starts to leave. “Take this!” Ruby says holding out a bottle of lotion. “Why?” Sara puzzles.”Ya can’t afford any razor burns down there, baby,” she explains.”I understand,” the sexy daughter acknowledges.As she scooted out of the room, Ruby began the process of cleaning up. The lusting mother couldn’t believe what was happening. She not only was encouraging sex between her c***dren, but she was about to take her daughter’s body! What was even more of a turn on, her little girl seemed to be a willing participant! Sara returned to the room within a few minutes. Ruby stared at the sexy teenager wide-eyed. The girl looked beautiful! A tress of long curly blonde framed the angelic face. The pale blue eyes had a healthy glimmer. A pair of young breasts stood erect enhancing a flat stomach. The horny parent continues scan down the nubile body. It was alluring. When she saw the legs and the bald pussy, Ruby was totality turned on. Sara’s cunt was so enticing. Its lips protruded from the slender legs ever so slightly. It was looking so smooth and inviting. The pussy was begging to be kissed! A mature cunt quivered at the sight. It had been years since a naked woman’s body had made the dark haired parent so hot! She knew that this afternoon her little girl was about to become a woman!”Come here, baby,” Ruby invites to the sexy offspring.Without a word, Sara climbs back onto the satin blue sheets. She automatically lies on a young back. The pretty legs remain opened.”My god,” a wide-eyed Ruby confesses, “you’re body is such’a turn on.” “Mother,” the hot teenager asks, “Are’ya gonna show me more about pussy lovin’?”Yes, baby,” the loving mother, promises, “Yes I am.”She leaned into her daughter’s body. An experienced tongue came out gently as if not to scare her away. Sara’s lips quivered when first feeling it. Then it probed slowly. A teenage mouth opened. A mother’s tongue touched the daughter’s. Ruby felt Sara’s body quaver with excitement. A mature tongue probed a willing mouth! Waves of pleasure swept over both bodies.It was a beautiful kiss. It was long and tender and so passionate. It seems to go on. Ruby’s tongue felt so wonderful inside her daughter’s mouth. A mother’s heart raced. The old lust was back and it seemed to run in the family.The sex-hazed mother then felt a warm hand cup her breast. Ruby almost cries with joy. She loved her daughter so much and the girl was returning the same feelings.”Ooooooooohhhhh!” Ruby groans feeling Sara pressing tighter. The hot mother then caresses Sara’s naked breasts while their lips continue to press together. Tongues playing and exploring became more passionate. Sara didn’t want to move. She couldn’t move! These new feelings that ran through the young body were incredible. Ruby pushes her girl deeper into the bed. Sara could not have stopped her if she wanted to now. It was doubtful if she did. They were overwhelmed with lustful desires. Both women were locked in a deep French kiss. Lusting hands fondled the other’s breast wildly. “Omigod, baby,” Ruby pants breaking the kiss, “You’re just one volcanic body of lust!””Mother,” Sara groans, “Show me how to love.” With a louder groans, she called, “Make me a woman! Make me cum hard for the first time!”Her daughter’s words were like a match to gasoline. A parent’s hot mouth inhales a pink, erect nipple. She sucks gently and consistently. “Omigod!” Sara pants, “I didn’t think such feelings existed!” The teenager was in the thrills of pleasure never experienced before. Young hands threaded through a long dark mane. Her mother sucked harder on the firm titties. The pleasure ripples increased with intensity when looking down to see her mother’s beautiful face. A mature mouth moved from one nipple to the other. She sucked, bit, and teasing unmercifully. Sara’s nubs became harder than she had never known. Her mother’s hands molded and stroked the daughter’s swelling breasts. The feelings were overwhelming. They were the most intense of Sara’s life. Little did she know that the best was yet to come.Sara didn’t notice Ruby’s hands had left her breasts. The nipple loving was so pleasurable it had taken all the attention. Her mother was so erotically taking her body piece by piece. “This was what they meant when they say, ‘givin’ up a piece’,” the sex-hazed daughter thought. Ruby spread Sara’s legs moving between them. The young gams were lifted up. The blonde vixen couldn’t believe it! Her mother was spreading her thighs and causing a wet pussy to open wide as well. “I’ve forgotten how magnificent a young cunny can look,” Ruby sighs as dark mane head lowered. Sara watched as a taboo tongue darted out. It licked her from the bottom of a quivering pussy to the top. The tongue that moments ago had been inside her mouth was setting an indescribable fire in her pussy. “I can’t believe this!!” Sara moans loudly, “It was Eric eatin’ me this afternoon an’ now you!” Ruby used the techniques so that had been so long dormant to pleasure her daughter. A skilled tongue spread the glistening lips and wriggled inside the taboo cunt. She licked the virgin pussy tenderly. “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” the sex-hazed teenager wails, “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”Sara was building to a second i****tive tongue induced orgasms. Yet this one was different. It was more exciting in a different way.A woman was bringing it on. Her mother was causing it. A young body vibrated with each rippling waves of pleasure.The climax was building quicker. It was rushing forward and engulfing every cell. Suddenly as the first strong sensation move forward, the tongue stopped! “What the hell are’ ya doing, mother?” Sara cries out. “Be patience, baby,” Ruby responds lifting a set of slender, teenage legs higher. “But I was ready to cum, Momma,” she whines disappointedly.”Don’t get ahead of me, little girl,” Ruby says in a lecherous tone as a hungry mouth went toward a tight ass. A hot tongue licked pink anus. It ran up and down the rounded butt cheeks. Then the lusting teenager felt a shove on an anal sphincter. “Yessssssssssssssss!” Sara screams. “Oh gawd, Momma! That feels so wonderful!”Sara ever been touched there, let alone licked there! It was intensifying the pleasure waves even more. The girl’s body starts to flex and taunt uncontrollably.Ruby knew this was the moment. It was time to make her daughter cum. The dominating mother moves back to the quavering pussy. An engorged clit was devoured. “Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” the sweat cover teenager yells, “I’m cummin’! Sweet jezzus! I’m cummin’ so hardddddddddd!”The idea this was her daughter’s cunt pulsating in her mouth had Ruby going wild. Sara was climaxing continuously as her mother licks and sucks unabatedly. Wave after wave of intense pleasure overwhelms the girl. The young body contorts and twists with each ripple. With a finally taunt, Sara collapsed onto the damp blue sheets. Ruby quickly moved up the young, panting body. The two lock into an excited kiss. At the break of the kiss, they cuddled. Ruby was immersed in the old lesbian feelings. It was a reminder of how having a naked, soft woman’s body against her was so fantastic. Their breasts felt so natural and wonderful pressing up against each other. The taboo pussies kept rubbing together in grinding and exciting gyrations. The two bodies were quavering with lust. These were sensations that only another woman’s body could produce.Ruby’s lips and tongue played with Sara’s. She began to trail back down to her daughter’s breasts. Again, the girl’s titties were being kissed and fondled. Ruby let go of the perky orbs and straddled Sara’s body. The hot mother moved upward until a set of mature breasts dangled over a young mouth. They were wiggled enticingly.”I think it’s time for my little girl to make love to these,” Ruby hisses.”Yes, Mother,” Sara groans wanting so desperately to please her parent, “Yes, I’ll suckle ’em like I did as a baby.”A hot mouth inhaled each one alternately. Sara could feel the soft skin of the warm mouth. The hot teenager continued to love the mature breasts until a pair of dark nipples became hard and erect. Sara licked and lapped on them in the same matter her mother had done earlier.”My little girl learns quickly,” Ruby groans.The hot mother then moved upward so she was kneeling over the daughter’s mouth. The smell of the sweet sexual excitement was strong. Sara was staring into, at very close distance, the pussy that gave her life. It was so awesomely erotic. Ruby closes eyes while lowering down onto Sara’s face. The sex driven daughter wasted no time. A young hot tongue was felt inside the older woman.From the way it enthusiastically moved Ruby knew Sara was hooked. The girl wouldn’t get enough of pussy. The mother’s hips gyrated with the excited tongue. God! Her daughter was doing an excellent job! Sara licked and sucked as if she had been doing it for years. Ruby’s cunt was wetter than it had been in years. The juices flow freely out and down curvy tights and onto the young face.”Ohhhhhhhh!” she moanfully responds. Every muscle in her body contracted at once. The mother felt the amazing sensation of the daughter’s mouth. An uncontrollable rapture caused turn on Ruby to struggle with a trembling body. The first of several pleasure waves began to cascade strongly. Sara’s lips savor the flavor of the hot pussy. She was amazed at how different this act felt from what had been told. This was lesbianism. It was to be nasty and evil. Yet if felt wonderful and good.The hot mother knew that this orgasm was truly nurtured by a deeper emotion-love. A love that only a daughter could give. Perhaps this was why the sexually experience woman was already on the brink so early. Ruby’s glistening body twisted as Sara’s pussy loving continued. Passions and hot urges churned into a boil as the women made love. What began as soft whispers of devotion, now became blaring shrills of pleasure evoking. All Sara could do was become absorbed into Ruby’s heightened emotions. A pair of mature hips wavered as a curious tongue darted past the glistening outer folds to discover a rigid clit waiting. The sexy teenager then massages the oversensitive skin from above with gentle fingertips. If this was to be her mother’s first loving orgasm between them, Sara was going to make sure it would be unforgettable. As a tongue summons the susceptible clit inside a salivating mouth, front teeth gently nibbles it.”Oh my!” Ruby gasps. “Oh My God,” She proclaims in a moan, “you’re gonna make me—,” she was hushed by another wave of pleasure rising from between a pair of sweat covered legs. Ruby’s eyes looked upward. Stomach muscles contracted. Strong sensations pulsated throughout the mother’s mature body.”Omigod!” Ruby wails with onslaught of orgasm, “Oh sweet Jesus!” Sara felt her parent’s body compress. Then buckle and twist with uncontrolled spasms. She knew a climax was capturing this beautiful older body.Suddenly Sara’s mouth fills with a warm flow of Ruby’s inner juices. She sucks and licks greedily at the expelling fluids. They tasted sweeter than imagine. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” lustfilled shouts echoed, “My God this is ever better than I remember!” Ruby humps and arches hips into a greedy mouth, screeching, “You’re such a fantastic lover, my sweet girl!”Sara was trying to continue to suck on the leaking cunt. Her mother was in epileptic spasms of lust. The older woman’s body was totality out of control.The girl couldn’t believe how fantastic it felt to make a woman react in such a degree of lust. She wasn’t about to let this pass by. The hot teenager sucks deeper on the wet taboo pussy.Some of the escaping juices oozed out of Sara’s mouth. She lip-locks tighter over the seeping cunt. Not another drop was going to get away. The warm liquid felt wonderful in Sara’s mouth. She held breath and swallowed every delicious ounce. The tangy, salty taste says it was her mother’s love juices. “Omigod!” Ruby screams into the room humping her daughter’s mouth, “I’m cummin’! I’m cummin’ lik’a whore in heat!” With final strong tonic of her body, she squeals, “I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmin’!”Ruby fell onto the wet sheets next to Sara. She pants to catch breath. A set of rounded sweat sheen breasts rubbed up and down over the teenager’s smaller pair.Ruby then grasped the girl’s face. She was pulled into her mother’s arms. A deep loving stare emitted from a pair of dark eyes.”God, you made me cum harder than anyone has,” Ruby exclaims with a head shaking in astonishment, “You did this to me an’ it’s so wonderful!””Mother,” Sara innocently asks, “Does this mean I don’t want boys now?””Oh for Chrissake’s no, girl!” the happy parent laughs, “It only means that both pussy an’ cock will be in your bed.”She locked into a deep French kiss with her girl. The teenager was becoming so sexually aware and yet remaining so innocent. It was such a pure love coming from her daughter.”What about Eric, Momma?” Sara asks breaking the kiss.”Oh don’t worry,” Ruby coos, “He’ll be fillin’ my wishes very soon.” She adds kissing a tender neck, “I have a real fun plan for you two’s first fuck.” Sara didn’t ask. She only wished to feel her parent’s hot body. Wanting momma’s love was the only desire now.Ruby and Sara spent the rest of the evening making love and planning. At first Sara was going to seduce her brother. That changed when Ruby tells of the blowjob she had given him. Ruby felt proud that her hot daughter insisted that she have the first chance at Eric’s dick. After all, she did almost take his cherry. It would be only fair for her to compete the effort. It made the love for the girl grow more passionate.She then tells Sara of a hot scenario used on girl’s father to get him the first time. A slutty dress, no underwear and exposing a hot pussy constantly were the scene. It did the job. The man tried to fuck her senseless. The scheming mother figured the same role-playing would work on the hormone raging teenager. It was figured the desire to take her was still strong from the time before. This plotting had Ruby’s pussy wet with anticipation.Sara would hide until things between her brother and mother got hot. Then the sexy teenager could watch or immediately join in. She had the choice once the love making started. The idea had Ruby incredibility hot. She couldn’t wait to feel her son between her legs. The fact the girl didn’t mind the idea of being sloppy seconds to her was an even more of a turn on.The lusting mother thought what it would be like to see her offsprings’ naked bodies clinched in a lovers’ embrace. The erotic vision of her son plunging a hard rod deep into her daughter’s soft cunt had the adoring parent shriving in passion. It would be the completion of the wish for them to be a total loving family.Eric arrived home about two hours later. Ruby examined him with different eyes. At nineteen, he had become a very handsome and sexy man. A deep sigh was taken at the belief that soon that body would be on hers.”Where’s Sara?” Eric asks entering the kitchen.”She’s with a friend tonight, baby,” the plotting mom lied.Ruby stood with back to him about five feet away. Her attire was really spicy. A tight white blouse to augment a set of 38C’s, a skirt so short that the hem was an inch below a set of rounded asscheeks and a pair of black 4″ stiletto shoes that were designed to solicited her son’s most basler desires.The foot apparel was deliberately worn to enhance the slutty image. They already made a set of shapely long legs even firmer and hotter. A mature perfect ass looked even tighter. A set of trim hips was wide and showed off a slender waist.”It’ll be just the two of us, son,” Ruby says turning around.The thin material of the blouse displays a set of dark nipples pressing against it. Seeing Eric’s eyes and a bulge in the crotch of the shorts says the view was being enjoyed. Ruby felt a thrill wave of excitement rippled through her body. The thought of the handsome offspring getting hard over her was almost too hot.The outfit said cheap and easy. The slutty attire was already arousing the boy. It was a true image. Tonight, the loving mother would be a whore for her son.Ruby sat down on the couch. She positioned to make it obvious that there were no panties under the short skirt. The lustfilled mother was even hotter than before. It was her wish to love him as passionate as possible this night.”Oh it’s been a long day,” she moans faking tiredness kicking off the shoes. A set of curvy legs spread slightly wider. Dark eyes closed as hands clasped behind a black mane. A set of erect nipples poked through the thin shirt. Eric couldn’t help it, his mom was sexy as hell. After what had happened between he and Sara, this hot, raven-haired parent shouldn’t be off limits. Besides, this was the woman who had given him a first ever blowjob. Eric moved slowly over to where Ruby was sitting. He dropped to knees between the curvy legs. The sex-hazed son started licking and kissing a set of firm inner thighs. “Mmmmm, that feels good,” she purrs opening eyes, “I was hopin’ you would come to me, baby.”Eric looked up as a keen tongue painted an inner thigh. A gentle hand reached down running fingers gently through his hair. His forbidden lust had been released. Ruby’s cunt moistens even more knowing it was her son about to eat it.Eric quickly made his way up to a mature crotch. A set of pink lips glistens beautifully. He stared wide-eyed at the forbidden pussy. “Mother,” he sighs, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to be here.”His words had her tearing with love. He was going to take her body. She could give him passion that could only come a woman who really loved and wanted to protect him could. “Yes I do, baby,” Ruby, admits in a hushed voice, “It’s long been your mother’s wish that you kiss her down there as well.””An’ I’ve always wanted to taste your cunt, Mom,” the sex hazed son confesses in a husky voice.”Ooooooooh,” Ruby groans feeling the young, strong tongue lap a ready slit. Sliding arms up underneath her, Eric grabbed a firm ass. She was pulled closer to him. The tip of his nose tickled an engorged clit. An excited tongue explored the mature pussy. Ruby leans her head back, again closing eyes. The feeling of her son’s tongue buried in a quivering pussy was almost too much to handle. Like Sara, it was unbelievable that this was the bahis siteleri first time. Eric was doing such an expert job.She slowly began rocking back and forth in rhythm to the pleasure-making tongue. A lusting mother slid a wet honey hole over the young mouth. The waves of joy begin rippling in intensity. “Oh gawd, son,” Ruby groans, “you’re doin’ a magnificent job.”The grip on his hair tightens. His head is pushed closer to the leaking pussy with excited hands. A pair of slender legs instinctively wrapped around his neck so he can have more access.”Oh yes, my handsome son,” she groans passionately, “Please, oh please eat my pussy. Make love to the hole that brought you into his world.”Sara had secretly entered the room. She was wearing only a robe. The vision of mother and brother in a sexual act immediately had a young pussy wet.Eric was always hot for his mother. But now the sex driven teenager was extremely hot for the gorgeous parent. The long controlled desire was at the boiling point. “I’ve gotta have ya, mom,” Eric pants removing a tee-shirt. He leaned back into the sweaty crotch. “Oh baby!” she screams, “Doncha dare stop!” The sex-hazed mother groans loudly, “Mommy gonna cum for ya!” Ruby’s words set Eric afire. He devoured her pussy. A hungry mouth nibbled an engorged clit. Her body began to quiver with the feeling of a lusting young tongue. He was bringing on a powerful climax. “Oh baby!” Ruby squeals with humping hips, “Omigod baby!” She yells into the room, “Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!” A final shriek sound as a powerful climax arrived, “Sweeeeeet fuckkkkkkkk!” Sara was amazes at how her mother’s pussy squirted all over her brother’s face. Puddles of thick cum filled a greedy mouth and ran down his chin. An anxious tongue kept licking and sucking as their parent’s orgasm peaks. A few minutes later Ruby calmed down. A pair of slender legs slowly dropped. She moans as a satisfied pussy contracted with the subsiding climax. She looks down at her son. His young face was covered with her juices. In just a set of cut off short, the boy was the most fine-looking specimen of a man she had ever seen. Ruby could see Sara in the background. A pink robe was open. A hot naked sexy body was exposed. Judging from a set of erect nipples, the horny mother knew her daughter was enjoying the show.”If were gonna do this,” Ruby suddenly states, pulling off the blouse, “Lets do everything!” She pushed and both fell to the carpeted floor. Ruby reached down and roughly jerked the shorts off. He was naked. An eight-inch cock sprung up proudly.”Oh!” she coos hotly, “That thing just gets prettier with time.””An’ I hope tastier,” Eric adds with a groan.It had been over a year and it was the still the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It stood erectly magnificently pulsating. Her cunt vibrates with prospect of it deep inside. The turned on mother climbed up the young torso. She sat up long enough to pull the skirt over her head. Now they both were nude.”Damn, mother,” Sara admired, “Your body’s so awesome!” Watching Ruby’s titties jiggle, the hot voyageur daughter groans, “Those are very gorgeous.” The mother started kissing and licking her son’s chest. She slid down the athletic torso. The forbidden cock was held in loving hand. It was so tender and delicious looking. The mother inhales the taboo rod in a warm mouth. Her tongue works its way up and down stiff shaft. Feathery fingers plays with the large balls. It was Eric’s chance to re-live the most exotic experience he ever had. It felt wonderful to be sucked off by his mother again. He had missed that hot mouth so.Ruby sucks wildly on the wonderful pole. She holds her son’s cock in a loving mouth lustfully. The taste of the taboo cum was again desired. Sara was playing with a hard nipple as well. She was so excited seeing her mother suck off her brother. The parent had inhaled the large rod all the way. It was obvious that Ruby had this dick in her mouth before. A lusting thought of how that tongue would feel against her pussy surface. Sara squeezed an erect nipple roughly.Ruby could feel his cock enlarged. It seemed to grow more as the climax climbed the young body. Again, the knowledge of Sara watching adds to the enjoyment. A hard cumming was only moments away. “Oh mom, that feels so good,” he cries out loud, “Make me cum in your mouth!” Her son’s words made Ruby even hotter. The sexual hazed parent wraps a soft hand around the stiff rod. She mentality prays for a hard climax. She wants her mouth full of his delicious cum. Eric was now at the limited. He felt the hot sperm rise in his balls. It rushed forward.”Ahhhhhhhhh!” he wails. “My mother’s drinkin’ my cum!” he screams into the room.Sara was also climaxing. Her beautiful mother was sucking off her hunky brother. God! She was proud of both of them. This is what they should be doing as a family.On her knees, Ruby’s cunt was facing Sara. It was such a beautiful pussy. So pink and shiny. So delicious looking. The desire to love that wonderful twat at this moment was foremost. But the peeping tom girl decides to watch the i****t scene some more. It was a wonderful show.Ruby felt her son’s cum shooting down her throat. The mother gulped greedily. She loved the salty taste of the youthful sperm. As long as she had a mouth, this delectable sperm will have a place to go.Ruby trembles from the feeling. There is hope the sexy daughter saw all of this. A mother’s tongue continues to lick up the hot juices that had leaked from a hungry mouth. Sara had bit a bottom lip so hard to control yelling out, it bled slightly. She wanted so much to be with them now! She wanted to taste her brother’s cock. She wanted to kiss mother’s pussy. But the time was not right yet. Ruby sits up on her son’s muscular body. It was time to feel that forbidden cock. Her cunt was more than ready for it.”Oh mom,” Eric moans pressing his face against a moist mound, “Let me fuck your pussy now.” He kissed the glistening lips saying, “We’ve waited too long for this moment.”Her brother’s lusting of their mother’s pussy had Sara wet. She hadn’t been so turned on. To the sexy teenager’s surprise, she was envying Eric, not their parent. She did want to be his place at this very moment.”We’ll in a few minutes, baby,” Ruby promises rolling sexily onto the floor. “But I just want to feel your tongue one more time first,” the hot mother requests opening a pair of slender legs spread wide. Sara had a full view of the taboo pussy. Her mother’s cunt was glistening from love juices. She was an unabated whore. The parent was so hot! Eric could smell the enticing sweet aroma while lowering down between the long legs. The hot son kisses a shapely inner thighs and then works up into the taboo pussy lips. It was the aim to drink all of the forbidden juices.”Oh god!” Ruby moans feeling her son’s tongue, “Lick me, baby!” she hunches into his face groaning.Now Sara envied Ruby at the moment. Eric was a great pussy licker. She could use that hot tongue now.Eric slowly licked up and down wet slit. A nervous tongue touches an oversensitive clit. Ruby was a tasty as ever. It was time to show his mother how much he loved her.”Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Ruby moan loudly with delight, “Yes! Yes, baby, yes!”Eric then stuck an anxious tongue in the mature pussy as deep as possible. It is frantically wiggled around. Ruby’s hips moved automatically with the probing hot tongue.”Go, baby, go!” Sara cheers breathlessly, “Eat that gorgeous cunt raw!”The feel of Eric’s tongue had Ruby trembling uncontrollably. Her son’s nose rubbing an engorged clit was maddening. The sex driven mother pushes back into his face. “Don’t stop baby,” she wails, “You’re gonna make me cum!” Ruby’s body started to jerk and shake. “Ohhhhh, yessss! Ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss!” the hot mother screams, “I’m Cummin’! I’m cummmmmmmmin’!” The sex driven son sucked and drank the escaping juices. He had never tasted anything so wonderful. It was so warm and salty.Sara then realized watching her mother climax that lesbian needs were in full-blown want. These desires where something the girl never thought she would have. Yet she did and was enjoying the feelings.Eric’s cock was hard again. All the son wanted was to stick it in his mother’s pussy. He crawls up the trim sweat covered body. Eric lowers a stiff cock down till the head of it slipped between the quivering pussy lips. He enters the forbidden love hole. “Put it in me, baby!” Ruby gasps, “I wanna feel my son’s cock deep inside me!” She huskily moans, “God forgive me, but it is this mother’s wish to be fucked by her son!”Ruby’s words had him panting in lust. Eric gave a push. The young cock was as wonderful as ever fantasized. He slid deep inside. The forbidden pussy was so wet and tight. A slow fuck starts. The feel of the taboo throbbing cock deep inside her cunt was amazing. It had taken the hot mother everything to keep from cumming. She wanted to show her son how good of a cunt she could be.Sara watched lusting even more. She had a clear view of her brother’s cock going deep into her mother’s cunt. The sex-hazed girl watched a set of big balls slap off a rounded ass.”My wonderful family,” Sara whispers teary eyed, “They’re so beautiful.” Eric leaned over and captures a fleshy orb. She enjoyed her son’s sucking hungrily on the hard nipples. As he caresses the full breasts a wet pussy starts to move up and down with each stroke. “Yes, my handsome son,” She gasps, “Please take me as deep as you like! Please let your mother pleasure that wonderful cock!” Ruby’s pussy contracts madly around the taboo rod. She was being driven wild. She was ready for his cum.Sara was dripping with desire. She coveted her mom’s position. She desired her brother’s position. The hot sister wanted to feel how good that forbidden cock was. She wanted more of that taboo cunt.”Do it, Eric,” Ruby whispers huskily, “Cum in your momma’s cunny! I wanna feel you explode inside my pussy!” she hotly hisses humping against her son’s plunging cock. “Oooooooooooh I’m cummmmin’!” Eric screams as the powerful climax rose. “I’m cummin’, Momma!” the sex hazed teenager yells in a pitched scream, “Oh fuck this is wonder—, wonderfulllllll!””Yes, baby, yes!” Sara hisses masturbating a wet cunt furiously, “Fuck our mother’s cunt!” She groans lustfully, “Oh all that’s holy! It’s such a beautiful pussy!””Omi gawd yessssss!” Ruby wails lifting the curvy legs high and wide, “I feel it!” She screams humping faster against him. “I feel your hot cum splashin’ inside me!” Suddenly, a set of dark eyes widens. A mature tight body taunts. “I’m cumming too, baby!” She squeals, “Keep fuckin’ your mommy! I’m gonna cum all over your cock.””Oooooooooo!” Sara moans thorough clinched teeth while fingering almost savagely. “I’m cummin’!” She hisses feeling the climax raise.Ruby’s body involuntarily twists and flexes with the waves of pleasure. She grunts and groans loudly. Her legs tightened around her son’s trim back. The sex-hazed mother was engrossed in the feel of the taboo fuck. She was vibrating with happiness. Her boy was taking a piece of ass and she was giving everything to make him happy. “Oh god you’re one good fuckin’ stud!” Ruby made one final shout as the climax apex, “I’m so proud to be your momma, baby!”Ruby collapses on the carpeted floor. She struggled to control the panting. Love warm love juices were running down the mother’s curvy legs.Eric crumpled on top the heaving, wet body. She cradled him in her arms. He gave quick kisses to sweat covered right breast. Ruby couldn’t believe that in one day both own hot son and beautiful daughter had been sex partners. It had been the most erotic day of her life. She couldn’t believe she had given birth to two such wonderful c***dren. “Your cunt’s so tasty,” he huffs, “As long as I have a mouth, you’ll have a place to put that juicy pussy.” His words made the young mother incredibility happy. Ruby couldn’t believe how much of a whore she was to her son’s need. She was proud to be her boy’s fuck slut. She was happy to have given up a piece of ass to him. Ruby also knew she might be his next hundred pieces of ass. Smiling, the panting mother wonders if she could keep serving this taboo, wonderful dick. The confident parent knew she had the cunt, ass and mouth to keep him happy for years.”That was beautiful,” Sara’s voice says breaking up Ruby’s thoughts.”You’re been watchin’, s*s?” the surprised Eric yips.”Yes,” the sex-hazed sister tells, “An’ it was part of our plan.”The shapely blond eighteen-year-old walked forward allowing the pink robe to slip off the slender body. Ruby’s heart raced. Her little girl was a woman. She was a hot bloodied female of beauty!Omigod, s*s,” Eric muttered amazes at his sibling’s sexuality, “Is that body gonna be mine?””As long as you wish to take it,” she responds kneeing next to them.The two teenagers kissed deeply. Their naked bodies rubbed slowly with the embrace. Eric’s cock stands erect.Ruby’s eyes widened. Her two c***dren were kissing passionately. They were going to be making love. A mother’s pussy becomes wet with the taboo sight.”You two are so beautiful,” Ruby coos petting Sara’s thigh.”So are you, mother,” Sara responds turning to kiss her parent.The two women French kissed. Two sets of rounded breasts dangled in over Eric. A young hand caresses each fleshy orb.”It’s time for you to become a full-fledged woman,” Ruby says breaking the kiss.”Oh mother,” Sara asks again to ensure, “is this what you really want.””Yes, my sweet c***dren,” the lusting mother declares hotly, “It’s your mother’s wish that you two love each other unrestrictively.”Sara gives Ruby another quick kiss. She then lies back on the carpeted floor. A pair of slender legs opened. Two middle fingers spread a set of glistening pussy lips.”Stick it in me,” Sara groans hoarsely to Eric, “Shove it up your sister’s cunt and fuck her brains out.” She adds hotly, “Give our mother her wishes, my handsome brother.””Take her cherry, son,” Ruby passionately orders, “Make your sister a woman.” She strokes a young cock saying, “Make your sister, your lover.” Eric was ready. He rolls over on top of Sara. A hard dick cuddles a wet cunt opening.Ruby inhales loudly. She is about to see the two people she loves the most about make love to each other. Her c***dren are about to fuck. Her desires for a very close family will happen now.”Bring your legs up over his back baby,” Ruby instructs, “That way all of your brother’s dickie will go deep into your cunny.” “Mother, will it hurt?” Sara asks looking into Eric’s eyes, “Will it be painful.””Just a brief few minutes.” Ruby assures, “But soon your brother’s cock will feel so good.” “An’ I know your pussy will feel so wonderful, “Eric says huskily, “Your pussy tasted so good this afternoon an’ I know it will feel fantastic as well.”With a warm hand running across a muscular leg, the hot mother coos, “Put that big dick up your sister’s cunny now, son. Make her happy just like you did me.”Eric’s hard cock plunges into his sister’s wet cunt. Sara’s legs immediately tighten around a solid back. They lock into a deep passionate kiss. The taboo lovers moans into each other’s mouths.”What a beautiful vision,” Ruby pants hotly, “My beautiful c***dren are engagin’ in a good lovin’ fuck!” “Jesus, s*s,” Eric amazes breaking the kiss, “you’re cunt’s a perfect fit! He groans driving a hard cock into the receptive love tunnel, “You’re so warm an’ tight.””Iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” Sara wails, “It’s hurt an’ it’s so good!” The hymen melted with the penetration of the large cock. The vagina muscles quavers and trembles at the new sensations. The taboo lovers spasms with pain and delight.Eric pumps with deep and easy strokes. The newly deflowered pussy muscles were snug fit around the hard shaft. With each thrust the cunt holds tightly. Eric wasn’t too sure if he could hold out much longer without cumming. Sara was in pain but she knew it would be temporary. She trusted and loved Eric. She knew her mother would never lie about such an event. Neither would do anything to hurt her. The discomfort was going to be worth it.”Of course she’s a perfect fit,” Rudy hotly says, “Her cunt was made to be just for you.” The lusting mother adds in a sigh, “Just like your cock is to make her feel good.” Ruby could see from Sara’s face that the pleasure sensations replacing the pain. The girl humps back on the taboo cock as it withdrew each time. Eric’s hard rod was filling every inch of the freshly deflowered pussy “You’ve got the same passions!” her voice rose watching the teenagers fuck faster, “You’ve got the same lust!””Fuck me as long as you wish, dear brother,” Sara tightens a set of slender legs moaning, “Fuck me just like you did momma, please!” She shouts lustfully, “I’m gonna be the hottest lil’ bitch you’ll ever fuck!””Omigod, Sara,” A sex hazed Ruby groans, “You’re gonna be such a great piece o’ ass.” She placed a hand under an upper slender leg instructing, “Move your knees so you brother can suck your tits.” “I’d loved to suck your titties, s*s,” Eric agrees in a pant.”Yes, oh, yes!” Sara moans letting her mother guide her movements, “Suck the damn things off!” The sexual lust grew in the young girl’s body. She shouts into the room, “I don’t care if this is i****t! I’m fuckin’ hot! A hot fuckin’ sister who loves her brother’s dick!””Yes!” Eric equally yells, “I’m a fuckin’ hot brother who loves bangin’ his sister!””Yes, my c***dren! Yes!” Ruby cheers lustfully, “Fuck each other raw! Love each other with each stroke!” Moving closer to the two she declares in a quavering voice, “You’re wonderful c***dren grantin’ your mother her greatest wish.”The words brought down the societal walls. The tabooed lust came flooding out. They were a trio lost the erotic world of forbidden love.Ruby could see Eric’s body shake with desire. Her son was fucking with sexual fervor. She was proud of how he was making Sara twist in pleasure. “Ohhhh, sweet lord!” the passion crazed sister professes feeling a hot mouth capture a pink erect nipple, “That’s gotta be the best tongue in the world!”Eric’s hips shoves forward. A brother’s cock pushes deep into a sister’s expanded sheath. Her titillating twat was pounded the to the bottom.”Ohhhhh, Gawd!” Sara hisses, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!””You’re a great fuck, s*s,” Eric states hoarsely, “A fabulous pussy!””She’s all pussy, Son!” Ruby hotly urges, “Fuck her hard! Fuck her deep, baby!””I love your cock, Eric!” Sara squeals arching hips back for him to go deeper, “I love the idea my brother is fuckin’ me!” “Sara, honey,” Ruby instructs, “Keep your legs high on his back.” She lovingly reminds, “You want to feel all of your brother’s cock inside you.””Make me cum, Eric,” the pretty blonde wails adjusting a set of slender legs, “Make me cum ’til I’m dry!!””I’m gonna make you cum ’til ya can’t!” Eric growls, “Then I’ll make ya cum blood!” Their sexual lust had taken over. Ruby was so proud of what she was witnessing. A finger found a wet cunt. It was obvious that her daughter’s newly found crazed passions had surpassed the soreness of loosing her cherry. Sara was in a sexual hazed fantasy long desired. The girl’s body twists and contorts to her brother’s plungings. “She’s for your use, Eric!” Ruby pants, “She’s you’re special pussy, son!””Gawd, mother!” Eric wails feeling a powerful climax rising, “She’s as good of a fuck as you!””Are’ya proud mother?” Sara groans also was ready to cum, “Are’ya proud of how good I can tak’a dick?”The taboo lovers pick up the pace. The sister’s legs open again allowing the brother to drive deeper. A large ball sac slapped loudly against a young ass.”Yes, my c***dren,” the masturbating Ruby urges, “Fuck each other! Keep your legs high, Sara! Ram deep, Eric!” She squeals feeling a self-provoke climax rising, “Fuck each other hard, my c***dren!””Yes! Now!” Sara yells aimlessly, “I’m ready to cum! Fuck me! Fuck your little sister!” she screams into the room.”Yes I am ready too, s*s!” Eric quickens the strokes. “I’m ready to cum!” “Do it!” Sara commands. “Yessssssssss!” I’m cummmmmmmin’!” Eric shouts. “Yessssssss! I’m cummin’ tooo!” Sara shouts back. “Ommmmmmiiiiiiiigawd!” Ruby screams, “Your so beautiful, my c***dren! Youuuuuuuuuuuuur so hot!”They both twists and humps as he exploded into the awaiting cunt. Her juices came flooding back. They were climaxing together. brother and sister committing the ultimate act of taboo. Both collapsed. The forbidden lovers kissed and pecked. They smile at the other. The i****tuous duo was in love. Ruby fell across Eric’s back. She kissed his neck. Her hand brushes a young titty of Sara.”You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to see that.” She hugs him passionately. “I’m so happy Sara could give up her first piece of ass to you.” Ruby kissing his neck states, “She’ll be a your special whore.” “Yes, my studly brother,” Sara hotly agrees, “I’ll be your special whore.” They then kissed deeply. On breaking she announces looking at Ruby, “I’m my mother’s whore for now an’ forever as well.”The bahis şirketleri statement had Ruby set back. This was far beyond any fantasy the lusting mother ever had! Her c***dren embraced i****t willingly and fervently. It was more than ever wished for!Suddenly the sex-driven parent had an even kinkier idea. It was now time to see how far the two loving offsprings would go. She smiled at the sweat cover teenagers as the thought grew.”You know it isn’t a full act of i****t until you get it up the ass, baby,” she says to Sara.”You want me to fuck my sister’s ass?” Eric gleefully remarks, “She’s gotta fine ass!” “Buttfuckin’ is wonderful.” Ruby leaned over and says to Sara, “There’s been a few nights your father’s cock has left me with a sore butthole.”The pretty blonde teenager looked over at her mother and then her brother. A broad smile came to the angelic face. Sara turned over onto a flat stomach. She reaches behind and grabs the fine ass cheeks. A pink anus was offered. A pair of sexy legs slightly widens to enhance the offer.”Fuck me, brother,” she groans arching a small ass, “Fuck your sister up the ass.” With an inviting wiggle she adds lustfully, “Butt fuck me lik’a whore!” Eric needed no more encouragement. He mounts Sara. A stiff cock positioned to penetrate the alluring asshole. Eric moves fingers under her and found wetness. He drew the stream back to a warm ass crack. Holding a leaking cunt open Eric massaged a pink anus with his sibling’s juices. She rocks back and forth with the pleasure-making digit’s movements. Eric fingered both the tender clit and wet pussy. He was ready to penetrate his sister again.”Of all that’s holy,” she cries out, “You’re fingers was makin’ me sooooo wet!”Ruby couldn’t believe how easily her c***dren had taken to sex. They were willing to do anything for pleasure. They were two hot erotic souls. She couldn’t be happier at this discovery.Eric placed kisses with little nips along the small back. Sara shuddered with her brother’s touches. Searching fingers probed deeper. With knees weakening, the sexy blond teenager fell forwards. “Sweet jezzus!” Sara groans in a hiss, “You’re got me so hot.” “I’m gonna mak’ya explode with cum, s*s,” Eric huskily predicts.Ruby watches as the meticulous finger movement repeated. The sex-controlled daughter’s moans grew in intensity. Her son positioned behind the forebidden ass.Eric placed the round bulb of his cock on the virgin hole. A pair of firm hips suddenly pressed in. The brother half way in the tight hole.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screams out loudly feeling the head opened her up.”Relax Sara, just let it happen,” Ruby softly promises, “Just like your cunny, it will adapt.” “I know, momma,” Sara says behind clinched teeth, “I’m okay.” She pushed back on the invading rod saying, “Eric, honey, I can handle it.” She groans, “Just butt fuck me, my handsome brother.” A pair of nervous hands clinched the rug as her bother goes in deeper. Sara whimpered as Eric’s next thrust goes up to the root. His balls rested next to a wet cunt.Ruby was amazes at her daughter’s abilities. Sara was a sex machine! She was making her mother proud.”Oh Fuck!” Sara cries, “Oh sweet fuck!” She shouts, “Please, my lovin’ brother, go deep!” Again, Ruby hand returned to a wet cunt. She played with an engorged clit as her c***dren played out the erotic game. All the years of encouraging them to be close and never accepted anyone between them has paid off. Her son and daughter were comfortable at ravishing each other’s body sexuality.Eric had his hands on her hips. He pulls Sara closer. A searching hand slowly reached under feel the breasts hanging and swaying freely. His fingers found a wet pussy. An oversensitive clit was rubbed with a thumb as Eric thrust into her once again. “Oh mother,” Sara wails, “It’s feelin’ so good! Please keep pumpin’ baby!””Yes, Eric!” the self-pleasuring Ruby adds, “Fuck your little sister deeper!”The sex-hazed blond pushes back against her brother’s motion. There was a desire to have more of the taboo fuck stick in her. The petite body began to shake as pleasure waves rippled.”Shoot your cum on her, baby!” the masturbating Ruby pants, “I wanna see your sister covered in your sperm!” The gyrating mother groans loudly, “Let her hot body shine with your juices, son!””Yes! Yes! Yesssssss!” Sara squeals in agreement, “Coat me in your wonderful sperm, brother!”The hard dick was pulled from the tight anus suddenly. A pronounce ‘pop’ was sounded as it left the tense sphincter. An excited finger continued to massage an engorged clit.”Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Sara wails into the room, “Omi! Omigod! I’m cummmmmmmmin’!” “Watch Momma!” Eric screams, “Watch as I cover you’re little girl in cum!”Eric’s cock exploded onto the small lower back and ass. White strings leaped onto the sweaty surface. She sat back up on all fours to make sure the streams of cum landed on skin.This was the first time Ruby had ever actually seen Eric’s sperm. Before she had either swallowed it or it was deposited in her pulsating cunt. It looked so tasty!”Oh my that’s kinky!” Sara remarks feeling her mother’s tongue.Eric sat back on lower legs. He observed Ruby licking the hot sperm off his sister’s back. Sara was still on all fours and panting heavily. It was the two most loved women in his young life in a very erotic position. The question begged to be asks. “Momma,” he asks in a labored voice, “Are you an’ Sara gonna make love?””Yes momma,” Sara also asks huskily, “Are’ya gonna teach more to my sweet cunny?’Finishing the task, Ruby sat back. She looked at both offsprings. They were sweaty, naked and extremely hot! The sexy mother was turned on by the adventurous attitudes of her k**s. Sara had rolled onto her back. The slender legs were spread open. Two fingers had spread a set of glistening pink pussy lips for show.”Would’ya like me to do that to you?” Ruby asks. “Oh yes, mother,” Sara answers softly, removing the fingers from the wet pussy, “I would.” The pretty blond daughter was trembling with anticipation. Her curvy legs open waiting for their mother’s fingers. Ruby placed a gentle hand over the sparsely haired muff.”Ohh. Ahhhhhh!” Sara moans as Ruby’s fingers gently worked their way between the young moist labia. “Oh Mom, that feels so good,” the hot daughter gasps opening willing legs wider. Eric’s cock hardened while staring at the forbidden acts of the two female relatives. He could see Sara’s clit throbbed as their mother softly teased it between the pleasure making digits. Ruby rubbed her daughter’s clit tenderly. Occasionally a long finger dipped into the warm cunt.The turned on mother then picked up Sara’s hand. It was guided towards a mature smooth pussy. She immediately rubbed the wet cunt. “Oh Baby!” Ruby sighs feeling her daughter’s fingers explore, “Oh Baby! Oh, that’s nice.” Ruby turned to Sara. She leaned over into a kiss. Their fingers worked in unison on each other’s clits. The kiss became a deep French one as passions mounted quickly. The pleasuring making digits sped up the probing. The two forbidden tongues dance a tango.Sara’s body began to tremble. A set of firm hips gyrates to the mother’s fingers. The daughter sped up her own massaging.”Oooooooooooh!” Ruby moans softly into her daughter’s mouth.”Ahhhhhhhh!” Sara groans as a hard climax is felt rising.The women’s fingers drove relentlessly onwards. The two lovers were working to make the other cum first. It was a game of sexual domination.Eric found a steel hard rod ready to be jacked off. The lusting teen watches them make love. He was amazes how beautiful a vision it was. “Oooooooh Mother,” Sara moans louder breaking the kiss, “I’m gonna cum.”The young girl’s body began to tremble. The mother’s fingers works faster. Sara started shaking violently. A trim back arches into the pleasure making digits. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” the hot daughter did a suppressed scream of pleasure.Ruby’s body now trembles. Her head lashes from side to side. A rotating pelvis swiveled to the daughter’s active fingertips. She taunts and flexes rapidly.”Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!” A squeal of pleasure emits. “Omigod, Mom!” Sara announces in a pant, “I’m cummmmmin’! I’m really cummin’!” “Yes, Baby, yes!” Ruby responds, falling back onto the bed, “I’m also cummin’! You’re makin’ you mother’s leak lik’a an old faucet!” Then both women, on backs, were humping and contorting to the other’s fingers. They twists and vibrates as a joint climax rose. Then they both froze as the final waves of thrills capture the sexy bodies.Sounds of heavy breathing filled the room as wave after wave of orgasmic sensation crashed over them. Their fingers still teases dedicatedly each other’s clits. Finally both women went flaccid. It was over. Eric was enthralled at the sight of his mother and sister’s gorgeous sweat covered bodies laying there basking in the afterglow of the taboo love making session. He strokes himself slowly as their hands fell away from each other’s pussies. “I’ve gotta taste your pussy, mother,” Sara admits, “I wanna taste the cunt that brought me into this world,” the hot teenager confesses, “I want ya tastin’ my cunny.”Without waiting an answer, Sara switches around so she was facing the taboo cunt. The lusting daughter pulls her parent’s sweaty on top. Impassioned erotic desires were rising. The nerve-tingling sensations coursing through her young body was stronger than ever experienced. Two arms wrapped roughly around Ruby’s lower back.The sex-hazed teenager was a hot bitch in heat. Legs went high around her mother’s upper back. The hot daughter rammed the forbidden cunt onto a willing mouth. Sara’s tongue went deep into Ruby’s cunt. His sister was buried deep into his mother’s honey pot. Her head was so deep that Eric couldn’t tell where her lips started and the cunt’s began. She was totality, totality enjoying her parent’s pussy. Ruby was a woman possessed. She licks and sucks on Sara’s cunt. Her fingers rubs and pinches the clit as a hot tongue went deep into the wet and willing pussy. It tasted even better with Eric’s juices in it.”Ohhhhhh God!” the girl’s muffled voice moans continuing to lap on the glistening pink skin.”Oh my sweet lil’ girl,” Ruby groans, “you’ve got the finest pussy I’ve ever made love to,” lustfully she instructs, “Open up so I can go deeper into your love hole.” “You do the same, momma,” Sara responds, “You spread those legs, please.”Both women open legs wider. Their bodies mesh as one. Hot mouths stays on the cunts as the licking furiously continued. Both were ready to cum.They licked faster as climaxes rose. The faster the tongue action: the faster the asses humped up and down in fanatical motion. They were lost in lesbian love. Eric began to jack off watching this erotic show. The two women closest in his life, the mother and the sister, where making love. They where in the state of uninhibited sexual hunger. The contrast of the two made everything even more exotic! The blonde, younger girl and the dark haired older woman eating each other out was a vision of sexual lust. Every boy would want to witness such a sight. “Ohhhhhh! Ayeeeeeeeeeee!” Ruby wails.”Ahhhhhh!” Sara moans.They rubbed pelvises into the other woman’s face. They were grinding wet cunts into the other woman’s mouth. The hot love fluids were ready to erupt. Eric continued to masturbate. Their bodies had a sheet of sweat covering them. Muscles were tight and tense. The two gorgeous females performing the ultimate act of family love. They were about to climax.”Yes! Yes! Yes!” Sara’s barely audible voice announces, “I’m cumming!””Ohhhhhh my god!” Ruby’s voice wails, ‘I’m cumming, too!”The sounds of the tongues licking and sucking the wet pussies echoed throughout the room. Sexy female bodies twists and contorts to capture all the bliss of the moment. They rolled onto sides as legs wrapped around the other’s back. Both women where held in place as the cunt eating demanded the passions of the other. The lustfilled bodies gyrates and twists more rapidly as the pleasure waves rippled stronger with each arrival. Finally the climaxes erupts. “Iiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Sara wails, “Oooooooooooommiii!””Yesssssssss!” Ruby screams, “Oh god yes! I’m cummin’! Im cummmin’ hard!”The room continued filled with squeals of delight. Legs tighten as muscles tense with the climaxes. Both sweat-covered bodies twists and contorts to the waves of pleasure. Sara’s juices flowed in torrents. Rudy had never felt such a wet cunt before! The warm fluid cascaded over the mother’s mouth and down her daughter’s ass.Ruby pulled away from Sara’s maddening tongue. Her little girl didn’t seem to want to quit. The mother thought a sexual Frankenstein had been created. They laid panting and breathing deeply. Ruby reversed herself so they were facing each other. She looked deeply into her daughter’s blue eyes.”Damn, girl,” she remarks breathlessly, “I thought you were gonna suck my cunt inside out!””I just wanted to taste as much of you as possible,” Sara confesses, “Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop.””You’ve got a wicked tongue, girl,” she applauds with a grin.Sara pulls Ruby into her arms. They French kissed deeply. The two fondle the other’s body with roving hands.”I love you, baby,” Ruby proclaims kissing a young neck and ear. “I love you, too, Momma,” Sara moans nibbling on a mature ear, “You’ve a marvelous teacher.” “That’s because I love two so much,” a proud Ruby says, “I’ve only wanted to see you c***dren receive the best.” The two women engaged into another deep kiss. The kiss deepen into a passionate French style. Two nervous tongues played a game of tag. Eric was still jacking off. He was ready to cum over these two. Suddenly, Ruby grabbed his hand and halted the action. “No!” She states, “I don’t want ya cum on me!” She sat up explaining, “I want ya in me!””I can do that,” Eric readily agrees still holding the hard cock.Ruby turned over and sat up on knees and elbows, saying, “As I’ve said before,” she presented a rounded hard ass. “you know it ain’t a complete act of i****t until you butt fuck.””You’re gonna love this momma,” Sara remarks, “Eric gotta fine cock for butt fuckin’!” She leans over and says to Ruby, “Now it’s your turn to be fucked up the ass raw.”Ruby reached behind and grabbed the fine ass cheeks. A pink anus was offers. The sexy legs slightly wider.”Fuck me, son,” she bags, “Fuck your mother up the ass.” With an inviting ass wiggle she adds lustfully, “Butt fuck me like you did your hottie sister.” Eric needed no more encouragement. He mounted the taboo ass and positioned a stiff cock to penetrate the alluring anus. The head was placed at the opening. “Remember, baby,” she instructs, “To go deep in your momma’s ass, you need to keep a higher angle.””I will, mom.” Eric promise while shoving the shaft in, “Now prepare for the best ass fuckin’ you’re ever had!””Ohhhhhh, shit!” Ruby reacts, “It feels so gooood!”Eric was up to the balls in his mother’s ass. It was warm, tight and wonderful. He humps like a dog in heat.Sara kisses Ruby and says, “You two are so hot!” She adds, “You’re such a slut!” Nibbling on Ruby’s ear and neck she says happily, “I’m so proud of you. You’re a wonderful mother!””I’m very proud of you, dear,” Ruby moans enjoying the cock. “Mom,” Eric says pumping hard, “you’re ass is so firm. So good!” He impelled deeper into the willing orifice. “Faster!” Ruby implores, “Faster! Make your momma cum!””That’s exactly what I’ll do!” he shouts hotly.The rhythms are increased. A teenage cock shoves as deep as possible. The feel is was just too good to believe. The son regretted not butt-fucking this ass last year.”The two people I love the most,” Sara moans, “are fuckin’ each other!” She was fingering a wet cunt. “It’s the most breathtakin’ sight I’ve ever seen!” She cheers on, “Go, my dear brother. Fuck our momma’s ass!” Her fingering motions increased, “Then fuck that hot cunt!” She promoted lustfully, “An’ eat that cunt!” Spreading legs wider, Sara adds with abandoned lust, “Just fuck the hell outta our slut momma!””That’s he’s doing!” Ruby chirps in, “He’s givin’ me the best ass fuckin’ I’ve ever had!” She announces, “I’m gonna cum!” She orders Sara, “Feel my cunt! Feel how wet it is!”Sara placed her other hand on Ruby’s wet pussy. A young finger begin to masturbate the clit while still bringing herself to a climax. They both begin groaning in unison. They were in a lustful haze of excitement.”I’m cumming!” Eric yells. Ruby hunches back into the plunging rod. She wanted ever ounce of her son’s cum up her bowels. “Ahhhhhh!” he screams from the delightful sensation. Eric fired what seems to be a gallon of cum up his mother’s ass. Her anus sphincter tensed around the hard shaft. It was so tight he couldn’t move. It was the closest hole he had ever had a cock in! “Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” he shouts, “I’m fillin’ my mom’s ass with cum!” Shoving wildly the sex-hazed teenager wails, “Oooooooo sweeeeeet jezzzzus!””Omigod!” Ruby squeals, “I’m cummin from all my holes!” Between Sara’s finger and Eric’s cock, the lusting mother had a multi-climax. She twists and contorts in pure pleasure as the hot fluids gushed. Pussy juices dripped onto the sheets from the i****tuous love tunnel. “I’m such’a whore!” Sara groans, bringing herself to a climax, “I’m a whore to my mother an’ brother!”Her hips rose and fell with the motion of the fingers. Another climax had captured her young body today. The sexy teenager was covered with a sheen of sweat and juices.Eric pops out of the mature ass and collapses between the two women. He kissed Ruby and then Sara. Ruby leans across him and gives Sara a deep kiss. “You’re not done yet, son,” the hot mother pants, “I’m wantin’ ya inside me one more time.The still erect Eric wasted no time. The lusting teenager wanted more of his mother as well. He shot up on knees between a set of curvy legs. Ruby moans again, knowing what was about to happen next. Her legs were back up. They were placed on the young muscular chest together.”This way you will fuck me even deeper, son,” she coos hotly.Eric grinned. Suddenly, her pussy was filled with young cock. Immediately hitting the back. The hard tool rammed repeatedly and savagely.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ruby moans loudly. “Go for it, baby! Pound your momma’s cunny hard!” she groans in breathless intervals. “I’ve gotta be part of this,” Sara says leaning into them.Ruby watched as her daughter placed a finger on an engorged clit. A slender digit began to rub it wildly. Her legs opened widen so both of the teenagers could have at a wet, vibrating cunt.”Oh god mom you’re so fuckin’ hot,” Eric whispers hotly pumping hard.”You’re a so gorgeous an’ sexy,” Sara groans furiously rubbing the taboo clit faster.Ruby smiled a mother’s smile. Her k**s were bringing her to the point of exhaustion. They were making all of the long desire taboo wishes come true. This was the greatest day of her life. Watching Sara masturbate his mother brought Eric over the edge. Ruby could feel the young cock vibrating with boiling sperm. He was going to cum inside her again. Her pussy gripped the invading cock as a powerful pair of orgasms rose.Eric began pumping her harder, faster and deeper. Ruby’s body was rocking on the floor. A pair of mature tits jiggles from the force. Dark nipples were like tiny bullets. The faster Eric fucked her, the faster Sara rubbed. They were jointly making a strong cum rise. They were loving their parent together. Ruby was teary eyed with happiness.”Oh fuck mom!” he breathlessly groans, “I’m gonna cum! Make me fuckin’ cum in ya, mom!””Yes, mother,” Sara adds still working the reddening clit, “Have Eric fill ya up with cum!”Ruby’s eyes glazed over in sexual hazed. A pair of curvy legs held wide as a daughter’s finger and son’s cock pleasures. A mature pussy walls tightened around her son’s bulging cock.”Oh my babies!” she yells, “I’m gonna cummmmm!” The climax was so hard, she actually squirted sticky sweet juices all over Eric’s cock and Sara’s finger. Ruby had never experience such a powerful orgasm. She was panting like a dog in heat.Suddenly, Eric gripped her hips tightly. A young hard cock thrust deeply one more time. She feels ropes of warm, thick cum exploding into her pulsating cunt. “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” the lusting teenager screams, “I’m fillin’ ya pussy with my cum!” He grunts, “Momma! I’m takin’ a piece o’ your ass!””Yes! Eric!” the turned on Sara supported, “Drench our momma’s cunny with your wonderful juices.” Her c***dren’s words were just to erotic. Ruby felt another hard orgasm peak. Her body involuntarily tense.”Yes! Yessssss! Yesssssssssssss!” she screeches behind clinched teeth. Eric’s cock jerked furiously inside his mother’s pussy. Ruby’s cunt contracted around her son’s cock. Sara’s pussy leaked at the sight of her brother and mother cumming. Eric collapses to Ruby’s right. Sara crawls up next to her mother on the left. Suddenly both capture a nipple in hot young mouths.”Yes, my c***dren,” Ruby sighs enjoy the anxious tongues, “Suck on my titties like you did as babies.” She strokes their heads cooing, “I’ve always protected you then an’ I shall now.” With a soft voice she coos, “It’s your mother’s wish that you never forget who loves you more than anyone ever will.”

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