A new black lover

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A new black loverI’m an ordinary woman, who desires nothing more than an ordinary wish, to be loved exactly as I wish until I am completely satisfied. I have had my share of “Wham, Bam, thank you, Ma’am”. Or moments where my mouth said “It’s OK honey, I love you”, but my mind would scream “Take that weenie out of me”. So, is it wrong to want to experience everything a white woman’s pussy wet and her knees buckle in orgasmic pleasures? So after few years of unsatisfying sex I decided to cut off my hubby until he would get me a stud that would make my eyes roll. With eagerness of an Eagle Scout my hubby went to work of finding me a stud. He put an ad on craigslist and looked on Yahoo groups such as “The Crew”. By showing me his photos I got my heart smitten on a 25yr old black guy named Mike. He had a muscular physique and his skin was as black velvet, and his uncircumcised penis looked magnificent. Through his emails he seemed to be a gentleman with looks that were a dead ringer for Taye Diggs. In short my husband picked a Black Adonis to make my wishes a reality. For our first meeting, I did not want to go to bars or restaurants; I wanted it to be in our house with no outside witnesses. My hubby on the other hand checked his references as to schools, workplaces and met him one on one. After all we wanted the real article and not a pretender.To prepare myself for the moment I took a sweet long bath and shaved my pubes really, really close. As I lay submerged in perfumed bubbles my thoughts went to my meeting a total stranger and allowing myself to experience sex that many would consider taboo. The idea of having a black cock in me, made my pussy ache and my nipples hard.At appointed hour, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it,” my husband said and then opened the door. My heart stopped when I saw him enter our house with a bottle of champagne in his hands. He turned toward me as his eyes just pierced me. His gaze was penetrating, but warm and I found myself smiling. He confidently walked toward me, handed the bottle to my husband, reached forward and took my hand and to my surprise kissed it. As his eyes moved back to my face, “Your husband did not warn me on how beautiful you are”, I blushed like a teenage girl and answered meekly, “Thank you”. My husband handed us glass of champagne and I finished mine quickly which he immediately replenished. Mike’s large frame towered over me; his grip had tightened and placed butterfly kisses on my cheeks, followed by illegal bahis my eyes and the tip of my nose. His mannerism oozed the confidence of a real man. I inhaled deeply and opened my mouth waiting to accept his deep kiss, but he did not kiss me. Still holding my hand, he pulled me closer making my breasts brush against his chest. Then placing his lips close to my ear he whispered “Your husband told me that you are a Black Cock Virgin, is that true?” to which I sheepishly replied “Yes”. My own lust was reaching a level where only true fucking would satisfy me. Mike had sensed my state sexual awakening and in mildly domineering voice said “I’m gonna make you beg for my Black Cock, your pussy will be ruined and you’ll never be able to look at another white dude again”. To which I replied “Promises, Promises”.My hubby intervened and said “Honey, why don’t you slip into something more erogenous” as entered the bedroom. I excused myself and in the bathroom I changed into my “fuck me” lingerie. It was a red sexy open front babydoll with a nice thong. A dark ruby colored wedding garter on my right thigh added a touch of naughty. Standing in red high heels, I looked perfect for ravishing.I entered the bedroom and sashayed provocatively around the room showing off my sexy self. Then I stood with my legs spread looking straight into Mike’s eyes I was mauling my tits and fingering my pussy. “Isn’t she gorgeous?” my hubby asked and motioned for me to sit in a chair. As I sat down, he pushed my legs open and kneeling before me, with his teeth peeled off the garter and handed it to Mike and said “She’s yours, fuck her hard and fill her with your seed”. My deepest fantasies were about to start as Mike came closer to me and I came face to face with a splendid black cock as that monster touched my face. I reached out and slid my fingers around its base unable to make contact because of the sheer size of this cock. Precum dripped steadily from its tip each time the long foreskin each time I peeled it back. He was ready to fuck. “Open your mouth and suck my black cock,” he told me. He put his hands in my hair and onto the back of my head, pulling my head toward his cock. I opened my mouth and took the head in. I tongued on the underside of his cockhead, going from side to side. Using my hands as if it was my pussy I started stroking it. In the dim light I noticed the diamonds of my wedding ring shine making the whole scene absolutely wicked. After few minutes of face youwin güvenilir mi fucking he pulled out of my mouth. As I caught my breath and relaxed the muscles in my mouth and throat he placed his hands under me and lifted me as if I was a weightless feather. Mike gently held me against his body. I could feel the well-muscled shape of his chest and thighs as his arms pressed me into him. I felt so sexually alive! My nipples were hard; my pussy was wet with desire for this man! I looked up at him and pulled his head down to kiss him deeply. My tongue was seeking his, lusting for him. I had never felt this way. Our kiss broke and he looked at me. I heard my voice say, “Please”. Mike asked “Please what?” I hesitated and said “Please, take me”. He carried me to the bed, laying me on my back and I opened my thighs to welcome my black lover. He took off my shoes; thong and I helped him take off my babydoll. He started kissing my thigh inching himself toward my pussy. In a magical way he kissed my clit and this was exactly what I needed. I could feel the tip of his tongue moving on my hard little clit. With his tongue he sucked my clitoris, like a baby would suck a nipple, and I could feel his tongue at the same time. He continued to assault my clit with his lips and tongue. He kept the pressure on and I felt myself losing it. Each trembler of orgasm took more out of me. Pleasure so high it hurt. I tried to push his head away, he resisted, forcing me to cum. I screamed, losing my breath as my body rose off the bed into his face. “Oh, God, oh God, oh God,” was all I said before descending into a hazy fog of wracking, continual, unbearable pleasure. My Adonis did not stop but trailed his tongue up to my bellybutton, stomach into my cleavage suckling my nipples. He propped himself on one elbow and put his cock at the entrance to my pussy and playfully slid it up and down the opening of my slit. Mike smiled at my hubby and said, “I am going to make your little white wife my bride now”, when I leave here night, she’s going be a black man’s woman.” Then he looked at me and said, “Tell hubby who you belong to now, tell him you want this big black cock inside you”. “Oh honey I want his big black cock in me”. I was so ready. Gradually he started easing his monster into me. I felt little shocks coursing through my body. I spread my arms out wide on the bed, and totally gave up my body to the Black GOD and his magnificent member. His cock perabet stretched me wider than I remember any other, and as he continued to slowly pump in and out, he got deeper and deeper into my body until he bottomed out. Then he fucked me with a slow intensity, going all the way in, and then pulling out until just his head was in. In and out. I felt totally filled! My cunt was being treated to a fantastic experience, and I was cumming over and over. He picked up the pace and I grabbed onto his hard ass, pulling him in on every thrust. Although it was a huge cock, by then I could accommodate all of him, and I put my legs up in the air, supported by his arms. OMG! Did he ever go deep inside me then! The guy had stamina as well. He must have fucked me for at least half hour straight before he pulled out and rolled me onto my belly. He straddled me and slipped his cock in me again. It was delicious and I grabbed the sheets as he pounded me hard into the mattress. By this time I must have cum at least a half a dozen times and I certainly wasn’t finished yet. As long as he was fucking me I was going to keep cumming!He pulled out of me he laid on his back told me to ride him. He didn’t have to tell me twice. His Jet Black fuckpole was very hard and pointed toward my eager cunt. With one hand I spread my lips and with the other I aimed his monster to my now gaping hole. In he slid and down I went, totally impaled on his huge tube of meat. My pussy clamped that black dick; my lips were being pulled out and tucked back in with each thrust. I shrieked my pleasure and soon I got myself in proper position with my hands on his muscular chest I began to fuck him in earnest. He lay fairly still and allowed me to ride him at my own pace. I was cumming and screaming and uttering profanities and indecencies. After a while he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down to his chest. He put his knees up and planted his heels down on the bed as he began to furiously to pump in and out of my cunt. I knew that after close to a hour of straight fucking he was going to cum in me! He started to unload; I could feel his cock pulsing load after load into me as he held me close. I couldn’t help but cum with him, stimulated as I was, knowing that he was shooting his sperm as deep into me as any man had before. We lay in a sweaty heap, recovering from our sexual session. He continued rocking me slowly till his cock deflated and he pulled out. He stood up, span me around to face my husband and spread my legs open. I could see the gaping hole he left behind and the semen that was mixed with my fluids flowed freely out of me. “After tonight,” Mike said “she’ll never go back to a small white dick” and continued “Honey, you have been officially black bred”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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