A New Guinea Pig

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Big Dick

Chapter 1 – Trapped

Jill Summers still felt a little dizzy after having been on the regular girls’ night out with her co-workers. Though it had been a rather long and funny evening, she had only drunk her usual two Margaritas, and she shrugged off the hangover feeling as symptoms of “getting older”. Not that she had any reason to use the word “old”.

With her 30 years she was in good shape, alternating between jogging and biking as a workout every day. She had her blond hair cut above her shoulders, with tiny streaks of red and brown. Some of her friends used to tell her it made her look boyish, but it was quite practical this way, and it made her definitely look two or three years younger.

And although Jill was overall quite pleased with her own body, and being five feet six wasn’t a model height, she was slim and muscular. The only thing she envied other women for were breast sizes, hers being only just big enough for B cups. Not that it mattered to her very much, but she had often noticed the appreciating stares the guys sent to bigger sized females.

Gulping down the remainders of the fifth cup of coffee, Jill rose from the breakfast table to get ready for her appointment. Trying to shake the last of the dizziness from her head she fetched the car keys and her purse. A look to the clock made her jump. She had only fifteen minutes left, which meant that she had to really hurry to get to the doctor in time. Cursing whoever had scheduled the yearly medical for her at nine o’clock on a Saturday, ironically also the Saturday that heralded her first week of holidays since she had started work at the company, she left the flat and entered her car.


Luckily she got to the doctor’s office in time. The company, who required every employee to undergo a yearly examination, took it quite seriously if one tried to circumvent it. The firm Jill worked for, TouchMe Medical Appliances, manufactured all sort of medical equipment, and had therefore – understandingly – rather rigid rules on hygiene. And though Jill, as a telephone sales agent, would probably never have a reason to set foot into the production halls, the rules also applied to her, as her boss, Mrs. Parker, had pointed out to her in the job interview nine months ago.

Approaching the reception she met a friendly looking young girl of about eighteen, with shoulder length dark brown hair and big green eyes, which immediately focused on Jill at her entry.

“Hi, you must be Ms. Summers. The doctor is already waiting for you in room D, that’s all the way down if you turn left.”

Jill hastily greeted back and went to meet the doctor.

The room she entered look rather impressive. Everything, furniture and equipment, appeared to be quite new. Nothing like the examination rooms she was used to from her private visits to doctors. The interior was shiny, modern looking, with a lot of chromed steel and blueish smoked glass. She instantly recognized a number of expensive appliances from her company.

“Good morning, Dr. Weaver.”

“Ah, good morning, Ms. Summers. I’m glad you could make it today. We are closed over the next week, so we had a little trouble fitting in all the appointments on normal workdays. So I’ll try to do my best and be as quick as possible. It should only be some routine checks, after all.”

The physician, a woman of about fourtyfive, gave her an assuring nod and gestured her to sit on the examination table. Jill noticed the slender figure the doctor had, and if it weren’t for the few streaks of silver in the red hair that fell in slight waves to the middle of the doctor’s back in a loose pony tail, she could very well have passed as ten years gaziantep escort younger. First thing Jill had to sign an agreement form allowing that the results of the examination were to be disclosed to the company. After that, the doctor took a few blood samples and carried them into another room before she announced the boring part of the examination to begin. The went through a number of paper sheets, Dr. Weaver questioning her the usual thing like whether she’d had any child’s diseases, broken bones and the like.

They were just finished with the questionnaire when the girl from the reception stuck her head in and asked to speak the doctor for a minute. Dr. Weaver told Jill to strip down naked in the meantime and to lie down on the examination chair for the practical part.

Jill stood for a few seconds. This was her first examination for the company, so she didn’t know what needed to be checked. Yet she wasn’t used to stripping down in front of strangers, and she had even had a few talk-only visits with her gynecologist before she felt sure enough to undress in front of him. She calmed herself with the fact that Dr. Weaver was a woman, and reminding herself that she had showered together with other girls at school after sports she quickly slipped out of her clothing and arranged them on a nearby chair, before hopping onto the examination table.

As she lay on the table, Jill got more conscious of her nakedness. The air was cool to the bare skin, and after a minute she felt her nipples grow hard. With no clock to look at it seemed like an hour until the doctor came back, wearing a stern expression.

“Ms. Summers, we have a little problem that we need to talk about.”

Jill was startled. She didn’t have a clue what the woman referred to, but judging from the sharp words it must be something serious. “What do you mean?”

“Did you really tell me everything about your, ehm, history?”

The doctor’s dark brown eyes pierced hers now. Trying to make her mind up, Jill suddenly became aware of how awkward the whole situation was, her naked being interrogated by the physician. She felt her face blushing furiously.

“Sorry, Dr. Weaver, I don’t know what you’re referring to.”

“Then let me try to help you.” The doctor moved close to the table, which somehow made this situation really intimidating. “Didn’t you, maybe accidentally, slip in the wrong answer to the questions about drug experiences?”

“Drugs?!” Jill almost shouted. “But I’ve never taken drugs in my life!”

“The tests we made tell something different.”

Jill had to put her hands onto the table to stop them from trembling. How could this be? She knew that drug abuse would be a major offense against the working contract, so she would be immediately fired if word about that got to her boss.

“But I haven’t taken any drugs, I swear! Someone must have put them into my drinks yesterday!”

The doctor only sent her a cold smile. “I see, but you don’t think I’ve heard that explanation before, do you?”

Jill was desperate. How could she convince the doctor that this was a mistake, that she had never actively taken drugs? She needed to, as she was dependent on her job. What her employer didn’t know was that she had to pay a monthly fine due to a car accident she had had six month ago, with just a little too much to drink. Loosing her job meant no money to pay the fine, which in turn meant that she had to go to jail.

“But maybe there was an error with the test?” She asked expectingly.

“I’m sorry, no error. We did it twice, with two different samples and two different machines, and we got exactly the same results.”

“But hatay escort I can’t loose my job! Please, you can’t report this!”

“I can’t?” The doctor was angry now, running her hand through her mane of red hair. “I’d rather say I can’t not report this. Can you imagine what happened if word got out I’m betraying my customers?”

“Please, Dr. Weaver, please don’t report it.” Jill was sobbing now. “Please. I’ll do whatever you want, but please don’t report me.”

“I’m sorry, but – wait, did you say whatever I want?”

“Yes, anything! Anything, if you don’t tell my boss!”

“Does that anything really mean ‘anything’, Ms. Summers?” A sly smile was now playing around the doctor’s mouth, but Jill was too eager to jump on this chance to notice it through her tear filled eyes.

“Anything you want. Really anything!”

“Then I might have an idea.” Jill let out a sigh of relief, but was instantly brought back by the doctor who had gripped her right arm firmly. “But before you relax, what I’ll request of you won’t be easy, nor will it be painless. It’s your choice.”

With this words, Dr. Weavers other hand had traveled to Jill’s left breast, first squeezing it hard, then forcefully pinching her nipple. Jill gasped at the sudden pain, but it brought her some ideas of what Dr. Weaver might have in mind with her. But having to sexually please an older woman would most probably be worlds better than spending two years in prison. And if rumors were true, she might get raped in prison just as well.

“I’ll do it, whatever you ask of me.”

“Like I said, it’s your choice, but I’m happy you agreed. But to get to see if you are serious, I’ll have to do a few tests. Turn over and get on your hands and knees.”

Jill immediately complied, and while she heard the doctor rummaging through some drawers she didn’t dare to turn her head. A weired sensation ran through her body that made her head spin. She still couldn’t believe what was happening here. An hour ago she had just been a normal woman, with a job, a nice rented flat, and the only thing troubling her if she would get a pay rise in the next time. Now she was to be the lesbian plaything for this doctor, fifteen years older than her. Fresh tears trickled down her face.


Something cold and wet pressed between her ass cheeks, and Jill jumped.

“Now, now.” Came the voice of the doctor. “Nothing to worry about. We’ll just see that you are nice and clean.”

Jill recognized the thing as a gloved finger with some kind of lubricant on it. The finger pressed harder against her rear opening, and she felt like she was about to shit. She had never been penetrated there, and it embarrassed her completely. Trying to focus on what was at stake, she managed not to pull away while the finger thrust into her rear and probed around, feeling foreign, cool and slick.

A little later the finger was withdrawn and replaced by something bigger, and she instinctively flinched as it probed her anus.

“Relax, or it will hurt.”

Jill tried her best, and soon something big slid into her anus, stretching her painfully. She let out a loud gasp, but in a blink the pain receded as the thing shoved into her seemed to become thinner again. What remained was a feeling of fullness.

“I’m about to give you an enema now. I’ve inserted a butt plug with a valve so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in.” The doctor informed her.

She felt a bit of tugging on the butt plug and suddenly a warmth spread from her inside. As the enema rushed into her, Jill felt her legs tremble slightly in reaction to the unknown sensation. The doctor told her not to move until ordered hatay escort otherwise and left the room.

Jill didn’t hear the door click closed and assumed that it had been left open. Trying not to think of the receptionist walking by she closed her eyes and focused on her own breathing.

The first two minutes went by without anything extraordinary apart from the still spreading warmth, but after that Jill felt a growing urge to empty herself. The warmth was more and more replaced by a steadily rising pressure from the inside. After about five minutes, which felt like an eternity to the young woman, her bowels started to growl, and she experienced the beginnings of light cramps. Ten minutes into the ordeal, the cramps got really heavy. A hot point seemed to run through her stomach in waves, and she begged in her mind for the doctor to come back and relieve her.

But it took another ten minutes until she heard footsteps approaching, and by this time she lying on her side in a fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably.

“Now, don’t cry, Ms. Summers, you can get rid of it shortly.” Hearing the voice and feeling a stroking hand on her thigh she was startled back into reality. Standing next to her was not the doctor, but the young assistant. Jill had never before in her life felt so humiliated. She wanted to scream loudly, but between the cramps she only managed a soft whimper.

“You have just a few things to do, then we are finished,” the girl assured her with soothing voice. “First of all, you have to sit up on your knees on the table.”

Jill struggled to get up, only thinking of the moment she could get rid of the pain. The girl had to help her, as her legs were shaking badly now. Once sitting upright on her legs, she was told to spread her knees apart as far as she could. After that, she was told to rub and pinch her nipples. Complying, she noticed that – in spite of the pain she was in – they instantly got erect and were very sensitive now, even sensitiver as usual. And caressing and pinching them helped her take her mind from the pain in her stomach.

Next she was ordered to move one hand to her pussy, first to rub it, then to stick a finger inside and finger fuck herself. She again did as ordered, and with her eyes closed once more she had only the sensations from that or the pain to focus on, leaving her hardly a choice. Fingering herself aroused her, and though it added to her humiliation, she couldn’t stop it. Soon she was humping her finger desperately, only trying to intensify this ecstatic feeling that was so much better than the burning in her bowels.

With a gurgling breath she came hard, her juices running freely over her hand. Her body was covered in sweat from head to toe, and her hand firmly pressed onto her crotch. But as the last waves of the orgasm receded, the pain was back, and stronger than before. She had to do her best to keep from toppling over.

The girl told Jill to get back on her hands and knees, and soon after some nestling with the butt plug Jill felt the pressure slowly lessen. She was still shaking every now and then when her body tried in vain to get rid of the foreign liquid all at once. After another ten minutes the assistant declared her sufficiently emptied and removed the butt plug with a quick pull that Jill didn’t mind anymore now.

“My, that looks funny,” the assistant told her with a broad grin, “you’ll have to wait a minute till your sphincter will close again. You’re gaping open so wide, I could drop a table tennis ball inside you without hassle.” Fresh tears of shame began to cover Jill’s face.

A bit later she was helped from the examination table. She didn’t really recall dressing and driving home, nor could she really bear to think about what had conspired at the doctor’s. Her mind was in a strange state of automatic drive, and she didn’t even recall taking the small package that was now lying next to her on the passenger seat.

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